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31 October - 3 November Venues across Southside, Birmingham | @eyecandyfest Free to attend Eye Candy is back for its second installment in the Southside area of the city (home of Chinatown and the Gay Village) to brighten up the district with a weekend of art, live drawing, films, installations, workshops and speaker events. Celebrating great art and illustration from the region and way beyond this year’s event sees new commissions springing up on buildings, windows and car park walls from the Arcadian to the back streets. Alongside the installations and painting will be a programme of free events for people to attend. From trying your hand at some live drawing at Le Truc (or grabbing and cocktail and watching someone else do it) to mobile printing workshops where you can make your own art. If you are feeling a little less like joining in then you can purchase some art from over 10 artists at our Bicycle Basket Bazaar or sit back in the beautifully restored Vintage Mobile Cinema, which will be parked up outside the Hippodrome Theatre for the entire weekend, and take in some shorts, animations and documentaries.



Anna Garforth Loft Lounge Car Park Unique inter-disciplinary designer Anna Garforth’s client list is one that many artists would understandably be envious of. For Eye Candy Anna has been commissioned to present a new, large-scale piece of work that will be situated on the side of Wynner House. Billy Is Alex Fireside (Pershore Street) Living between the UK and Germany the curiously named Billy is Alex makes vibrant works that certainly get noticed. Playful and fun Billy is Alex’s pieces adorn walls, shutters and hoardings throughout Europe. For Eye Candy Billy is Alex will present a piece of work on the front of the Fireside building. Jeremyville Billboard (Fireside Car Park between Hurst Street and Pershore Street) Spreading the love of his daily Community Service Announcements we’re delighted to have the wonderful Jeremyville take part again in the second Eye Candy event. This year we’re upscaling the size of his work to Billboard status. Miss Led Venue TBC Often featuring beautiful, sassy portraiture and images of females artist and illustrator Joanna Henly, aka Miss Led, lives and works in East London. “Obsessed with

clean lines, curvature and arresting portraiture” Michelle Turton, Vicky Newman & Louise Brangwin Unity House (Lower Essex / Bromsgrove St) Taking inspiration from the buildings former usage expect to see female characters that tell the story of the building’s varied past from the Victorian ear through to the 1980s. Sam Pierpoint Fireside (Claybrook Street side) Inspired by culture, travel and Mother Nature, Sam’s work encapsulates the beauty and serenity that the natural world offers. Working across different media (including shoes) she’s taking on a wall at Eye Candy to share her beautiful work to passers-by. Stina Jones Banana Leaf (Smallbrook Queensway) Stina Jones is a freelance character illustrator from the West Midlands. Her imagery is as cute and fun as it is a little bit strange. Tankpetrol Fisher & Ludlow (Lower Essex Street) Inspired by women’s portraits, mixed with geometric shapes and animals Tank returns with his stencils in hand for a new piece. MORE ARTISTS are available to see at 05



Richard Kelger*

2/11 12pm-8pm Vintage Mobile Cinema Film, animation & documentary

Art Market

Hippodrome Square

Le Truc

12pm-5pm Bicycle Basket Bazaar


Le Truc

BCU Parkside


Hippodrome Square

Launch Party & Networking RSVP at Sponsored by Red Stripe

Film Screening / Talk

Type Of Event

1/11 12pm-8pm Vintage Mobile Cinema Film, animation & documentary

31/10 6pm-9pm EYE CANDY Launch


Date Time Name



Art is Easy

*For the Richard Keglar talk booking is required. See the website for information

Le Truc

Just turn up

ALL Events are free!

Live Draw event

Le Truc



Live draw event

Hippodrome Sq.

11am-4pm Vintage Mobile Cinema Film, animation & documentary


French Icons

Arcadian / Hippodrome Sq.

2/11 12pm-8pm Culture Cart Live drawing & Workshops

For further information on the programme and for updates visit





Vintage Mobile Cinema Hippodrome Square, Hurst Street 1/11: 12-8pm, 2/11: 12-8pm, 3/11: 11-4pm The beautifully restored 1960‘s Vintage Mobile Cinema comes to Eye Candy to showcase a series of free films, documentaries and animations about art and visual culture. The 22 seat movie theatre is in the sound treated, fully upholstered and climate controlled rear of the vehicle, with carefully tiered seating to ensure everyone gets maximum viewing pleasure. Bicycle Basket Bazaar Le Truc, 2/11 at 12pm-5pm Curator Trevor Pitt has handpicked a unique array of artists, illustrators and designers who will transform each of their bikes into an emporium of

delights – kind of like an art fair meets car boot sale, but more compact and kinder to the environment. Artists include: Jane Anderson, Stewart Easton, Ben Javens, LumberJackJoe, Mini Moderns, Simon Peplow, Claire Scully, Keep and Share, Abject Records and more. The Culture Cart The Arcadian & Hippodrome Square 2/11 at 12pm-8pm The Culture Cart is a pop up art workshop, gallery and space for creative dialogue. Hosted by an English gentleman on a vintage bicycle the hand crafted cart is a workshop on wheels that allows the public to create woodcut prints, bespoke postcards and greeting cards, as well as one off screen printed items. 09



PHOTOREALISM: 50 Years of Hyperrealistic painting

30 November - 30 March 2014 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery | @BM_AG Think you’re gazing at a photograph? No, that’s actually a painting! Take a look at everyday life from a new perspective because the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery are showcasing Europe’s first large scale retrospective dedicated to Photorealism. Developed by US artists during the 1960s, Photorealism is more than a reproduction of mundane scenarios. This new type of painting was a counter to abstract expressionism, which as a movement was inspired by intangible emotion. Like Pop Art, Photorealism



derived its subject matter from consumer goods, transport and technology; in particular the prevalent use of photography in the media. Cars, stores, and signage were all common themes that were depicted on a substantially bigger scale in oil or acrylic. Minimalism was also a major influence, as both movements display a detached, impersonal view of the world. The Photorealistic style could not exist without photography. A common technique was to project the image onto a canvas before painstakingly replicating it. Chuck Close took this one step further and created large scale and incredibly life-like portraits that were formed from a complicated grid system. As a final touch, artists often used an air brush to create a glossy photographic finish. During the 1970’s Photorealism was introduced to Europe, and over the next two decades it would become international. European artists such as Anthony 012

Brunelli and Bertrand Menial turned the focus towards the cityscape. Digital photography would inevitably revitalise the movement and influenced the third generation of Photorealists. Raphella Spence captures cities from above in a helicopter, and then records them pixel by pixel, capturing every tiny detail with razor sharp accuracy. Fellow contemporary Photorealist Peter Maier reconstructs images of cars using a specially made gun and automobile paint, inspired by his years as a vehicle designer. Applied in up to 25 layers, he forms highly polished dimensional works with a deceptively real appearance. In a world where the photograph can capture anything better than the human hand, why is photorealism such an important movement? The development of photography altered the art world forever. It grew into such a wide spread phenomenon that it endangered the value of imagery in art. Realism helped to reclaim the use of imagery, stood up to the abstract expressionists and brought back dignity to truthful representation in painting. SL 013



Various venues across the Midlands | @AITH_ Until December 2013 For the first time, 23 of the region’s best galleries and attractions come together to highlight the wealth of art on our doorstep. There’s no over arching theme, simply some of the biggest names in contemporary and classical art exhibiting in the West Midlands. See everything from masters Rembrandt and Goya at the Barber Institute of Fine Art, Birmingham to key works by Damien Hirst at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, there’s something to appeal to everyone. Led by Birmingham Museums Trust the project aims to make art more accessible, appealing to seasoned arts enthusiasts, newbies and families alike. Venues support each other to promote the quality art exhibitions and events across the region. HW 014


Wolverhampton Art Gallery | @WolvArtGallery Until 16 November One of few women associated with the Pop Art movement; Pauline Boty, has often been overshadowed by her male counterparts despite being a key member of the British art scene. Following her untimely death in 1966, at just 28, much of her work disappeared from public view. This new exhibition brings Boty back to the forefront of Pop Art royalty, featuring over 30 works from private and public collections. Including pieces from Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s own resident Pop Art portfolio. A darling of 1960’s London and student at the Royal College of Art, Boty was known for both her good looks and her paintings. HW


Waterhall, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 5-18 November Inspired by an extraordinary 2,500km journey along India’s sacred Ganges Pearsh’s series of oil paintings capturing his experiences in travelling the Ganges from its source, deep in the Himalayas, to its end at the Bay of Bengal. Together, the 21 canvases capture both the diversity of this great landscape but also the profound religious significance of the river, considered to be the mother of Hinduism.



6-24 November Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square | @LibraryofBham The day the bookcases of the old Birmingham Central library were emptied was judgement day for hundreds of books. Only the pretty, well maintained and neat books were to be taken forward to their new destination; the polished, glossy shelves of the magnificent new library. However, as the library emptied it became a dusty graveyard to the skeletons of damaged and unwanted books, now too frail to perform their literary duties. However, Birmingham artist Susan Kruze heard these lost books’ silent cries for salvation and took them into her care. Each book was securely wrapped in brown paper and string and sent off to the homes of forty artists, illustrators and printmakers across the UK, who were set the task of creating a new spirit for their lost book. Ignorant of what book they received, the artists recorded their responses as they unwrapped their book from its paper cocoon and have since documented the artistic development of their lost book project. Two years later these lost books have returned to Birmingham and have been given a new home in the Library from which they were once rejected. In a world where most regard it sacrilegious to write in a book in pencil, the artists were placed in a rare position; they had been hoisted onto a platform above all the morals of literary etiquette, a place where they were now permitted to transform the book to their heart’s content. Susan Kruze wanted the 016

artists to help her reveal and ultimately celebrate the magic and beauty of books through their artwork. The damaged books, manuscripts, and music scores, some of which were over a century old, have undergone an array of imaginative, artistic reconstructions; they have been torn apart and glued together to be reconstructed into sculptures and paper models. Their pages have been illustrated on, their texts have been added to or sometimes removed entirely, and some have even been given their own voice! Their typefaces have been defiled, their binds have been broken and their pages have been torn, but the books have never looked more alive. By destroying the worn and tattered bodies of books which were never going to live again through the minds of readers, Susan Kruze, with the help of the artists, has given these lost books a new lease of life by creating a way for them to be appreciated and loved by both readers and non-readers. Not only can visitors admire this magnificent array of literary artwork, seeing books in a form that they’ve never seen them in before, but they also have a unique chance to view the archived video recordings of the artists’ two year projects with their lost book, offering a rare insight into artistic practices and thinking. To celebrate the opening of Europe’s largest library as the Library of Lost Books has united with the Library of Birmingham, Newman University and the Typographic Hub at Birmingham City University for a three day conference on Resurrecting the Book in the new Library of Birmingham from 15th to 17th November 2013. Plenary speakers include Professor Sir David Cannadine of Princeton University, Dr David Pearson of City of London Corporation, Professor Johanna Drucker of University of Arts and Professor Nicholas Pickwoad of UCLA. Other confirmed speakers include Professor David Roberts, Linda Carreiro, Sarah Bodman and Dr John Scot-Warren. To find out more about the conference visit CB 017


THE LIBRARY PROJECT WORKSHOP 2-8 December Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square | @LibraryofBham

Everyone seems to be able to publish their own book online easily, but not everyone can create their own book entirely by hand. Be it a story, graphic novel or a baking recipe book, The Library Project gives you the chance to make your fantasy book a reality. These hands-on and interactive workshops will occupy the Pavilion and will teach the art of writing and bookbinding your very own work. Your book will then be shelved and catalogued into a local, miniature library before ultimately becoming part of The Library Project itself, which will carry your creation all around the world to be read and admired by everyone. The Library Project has been brought to Birmingham by Lara Haworth and Lucy Hayhoe, two artists with an ambition of bringing together communities through participatory installations. The Library Project offers a fantastic way for the people of Birmingham to share their own unique library with the world. CB



ASTON HALL BY CANDLELIGHT 1 – 10 November 2013 (Except 4, 5 & 6) Aston Hall, Birmingham Tickets £14 Adults, £12 Concessions, £51 Family

Aston Hall by Candlelight sees the historic Jacobean house lit up by hundreds of candles for one week in November. Guests to the house will experience a trip back in time as they see the grand hall exactly as it would have been back in the 17th century. Costume characters will help bring the event to life as visitors witness the servants of the house preparing for the return of the Holte family from London. As well as seeing the delights of the candlelit hall visitors will also be able to explore the other rooms including Sir Thomas Holte’s grand staterooms and the oak lined Long Gallery. Outside in the grounds there will be entertainers on hand to amuse guests. For those looking for seasonal gift ideas there is also a vintage craft fayre as well as the Aston Hall gift shop which are perfect for finding unique and interesting Christmas gifts. The fayre will also feature seasonal delights such as hot chocolate, hot roast rolls, mince pies and ale perfect for visiting food lovers too.


Aston Hall is one of the most treasured buildings in Birmingham and contains interiors from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors can see how the house and those who lived there through the decades played key roles in English history including the English Civil War. SP



ADRIAN UTLEY’S GUITAR ORCHESTRA PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS PRAM 24 November The Library of Birmingham 0121 245 4455 £15

Earlier this year Portishead’s Adrian Utley re-recorded ‘In C’ by Terry Riley. Widely cited as the most important work in the history of minimalism, Utley is bringing his take on this groundbreaking new work to Birmingham. Adrian Utley has always been a fan of the minimalist approach to playing guitar and this performance is a celebration of his technique, which has been developed from training as a jazz musician to his work as a member of experimental electronic band Portishead. For those that are unfamiliar with ‘In C’, it is considered to be one of the most influential musical works of the 20th century. Composed in 1964, it is made up of 53 musical phrases of varying lengths, which can be repeated as many times as the performer chooses. So, a performance can last minutes or hours. This performance will see Utley’s version of the Riley piece, playing the C note in as many as 50 different ways. With the support of percussionists and organ music, it is likely to be an unforgettable night. A major highlight of the new Library of Birmingham’s Discovery Season, this is an essential night out for fans of experimental music and an interesting and different evening for those that are willing to try something new. TH



TURIN BRAKES 4 November Glee Club | @TheGleeClub

Turin Brakes once declared they would set themselves on fire to go out in ‘a blaze of glory’ if their single Painkiller (Summer Rain) reached the top five. Fortunately they were so surprised when it did make the top five they clean forgot to carry out the deed. This was great news for fans as they have continued to create great songs which they will play at the Glee Club on 4 November. The band broke out from the considerate late nineties indie movement, which included Elbow, with 2001’s Mercury nominated space-folk debut The Optimist LP. They followed that up with the commercially successful Ether Song, giving them a flaming promise and their biggest hit to date: Painkiller (Summer Rain). In the following years Turin Brakes have continued to churn out impressive critically acclaimed albums and even took the unlikely route of writing hits for Take That, Dido and a few others – yeah, we didn’t see that coming either. The precise slide guitars, jangling acoustics and sweet vocals of Turin Brakes’ albums make them perfect for the intimate setting of the Glee Club. With a back catalogue including low-fi space-folk on their debut – check out The Door and Mind Over Money – soaring choruses on Long Distance, catchy pop melodies on Painkiller (Summer Rain) and an indie pump on Stalker Turin Brakes promise an excellent set-list. Before recording their latest album Turin Brakes relearned the songs on The Optimist LP to celebrate its ten year anniversary. As a result their new album We Were Here, released in early October, gives a heartwarming return to Turin Brakes’ original sound. IS 025


BLACK SABBATH 20 December Birmingham LG Arena @thelgarena | @officialsabbath £45-£61

Constantly hailed as musical innovators and recognised as one of the world’s most famous rock bands, Birmingham’s legendary heavy metal pioneers are returning to their spiritual home. The culmination of a celebrated reunion tour that begun at the city’s O2 Academy in May 2012, this performance will feature most of the group’s original incarnation; the distinctive drawl of iconic frontman, Ozzy Osbourne being effortlessly complimented by Tony Iommi’s simple but devastatingly effective guitar work and Geezer Butler’s frenetic, harrowing basslines. This triumvirate, responsible for the creation of albums such as Black Sabbath and Paranoid, whose murky instrumentation and dark lyrics are widely acknowledged to have played a major part in the conception of the heavy metal genre, and thus regarded as scintillating milestones in rock music’s considerable canon, will deliver a show that combines the gems of their classic output with tracks from their latest album, June release, 13. The first long player since 1978’s Never Say Die to feature all of these original members, 13, produced by the renowned Rick Rubin, has won considerable acclaim from critics and fans. Certainly, the album’s lengthy lead single, God Is Dead?, inspired by the philosophical writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and bearing a striking sonic resemblance to the band’s much lauded song, War Pigs, suggests a back to basics approach that appears to be re-instilling these ageing rock gods with the energy and exuberance of their younger days. A night of musical passion and virtuosity beckon so embrace your inner rocker and lose yourself in the bleak atmospheric soundscapes of Birmingham’s foremost musical exports. DO 026





14 November – 22 December, 10am-9pm Victoria Square, New Street, Centenary Square & Chamberlain Square @BirminghamFCM It’s that time of year already. Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market is back and ready to get everyone into the Christmas spirit enabling you to escape to a traditional and unique world of homemade toys and gifts, cheery Christmas carols and beautiful decoration and lights. For twelve years now the German market has bought its magical festive feeling to Birmingham and is now the biggest outdoor market outside of Germany. Here you can buy all kinds of gifts and goodies to put underneath your Christmas tree and it’s completely free to look around. With around 190 stalls to roam around, including the Craft fair, you can make a weekend of it. Open from 10am-9pm you can explore the market for the whole day, smelling or tasting the delights of Frankfurt’s finest foods such as, gingerbread, roasted nuts, baked apples and bratwurst sausages. Try tasting the famous Glühwein which is guaranteed to warm your senses during the winter weather. If you’re looking for a more traditional British festive feel a craft fair is located in Chamberlain Square and continues to Centenary Square and is where Birmingham’s own traders offer their take on Christmassy homemade gifts. The market is what really makes Christmas feel like Christmas. It’s a place to bring the family for a fun day out, to stroll around with a partner, or a place to meet friends and have a German beer perfect. GC 029

LUCY PORTER Northern Soul

9 November mac | @mac_birmingham Returning fresh from a successful Edinburgh Fringe Lucy Porter turns her attention to her routes asking; does geography shape our destiny? Born in Croydon to a Northern Irish dad and a Midlander mum (who met in Africa), Lucy never felt that she belonged down South. She tried moving to Manchester, marrying a Welshman and travelling the world, but she’s still - like the littlest hobo - seeking her spiritual home.



BIRMINGHAM SPEAKS UP! The Birmingham spoken word movement is growing fast and not just for aspiring poets. Riding on a wave of increasingly packed events as well as a history of great poets such as Benjamin Zephaniah, Birmingham is a fantastic place to see live poetry again. For a number of years Zephaniah (anyone spot him on Peaky Blinders?) and Poetry Bites at Kitchen Garden Café, Kings Heath had shown there is a demand for spoken word in Birmingham. So when Apples and Snakes, the Arts Council funded charity supporting spoken poetry and live performance poets, started pulling in international names three years ago for its monthly Hit the Ode event at The Victoria a movement took off. Ben Norris, University of Birmingham Writers Bloc and member of the National Slam Team says: “There are a number of events supporting one another, which is the same feeling you get with the performers. When I was on tour in Bristol and London I noticed that even though Birmingham is not as established it feels like we’re at the start of something quite enormous.” National Storytelling Laureate, Katrice Horsley, lends her support to BeatFreeks and Birmingham and Worcester Poet Laureates are frequently on stage. It’s this support that’s helping a number of young poets in Birmingham gain confidence to perform on a larger scale. In the past year especially, there’s been an explosion in event numbers and quality, as Bohdan Piasecki, West Midlands Co-ordinator of Apples and Snakes explains. “There seems to be a new night every two months, and most are great – adding to the 035

already existing strong event series Birmingham has had for a while. And I’m regularly taken aback by the talent of first-time performers in this city.” Apples and Snakes is currently the only organisation with financial backing to pay performers or team members. Most nights rely on passionate organisers to pull people and performers together. Events like Word Up at Yorks Bakery Café (third Friday every month), Poetry Jam from Beatfreeks at Urban Coffee (first Thursday every month) and Grizzly Pear from University of Birmingham Writers Bloc at Bristol Pear, Selly Oak deliver a diverse offering. Ro Caldwell, Co-organiser Word Up: “Each night has a strong identity and it feels like there’s room for more. Our night has been going for over a year now; it’s a platform for first time performers and there’s no vetting process so anyone can have a go. Lots of people say it’s really supportive and go on to perform at other places. We have ten people booked every time, it’s free and there’s a really warm atmosphere.” The organisers are fantastically enthusiastic, which is pretty handy as there are no marketing budgets so success depends on promotion through social media pages using #wmpoetry, each other and word of mouth. It’s actually pretty cool; the end of each night reads like a roll call for poetry events. 036

That attitude has spilled over to the performers as well. Everyone supports each other, whether they are rookies or veterans. Birmingham’s Spoken Word movement is growing and gaining momentum. With Birmingham’s first Poetry festival just finished and a special Level UP (usually at Hare and Hounds Kings Heath) at the REP another exciting event, Lit Fuse at Mac Birmingham November 8, will show brand new work by emerging UK poets. Birmingham spoken word is booming. Next major event: Lit Fuse, Mac Birmingham @applesWM / 0121 446 3232 £5-£7, 08.11.2013 More information on Hit the Ode: All poetry events across the midlands: IS



THE BBC GOOD FOOD SHOW WINTER 27 November – 1 December 2013 NEC 0121 780 4141 Ticket prices: £23.25 - £116.75

Gravy oozing hot pots and steamed fruity puddings, hearty, chunky vegetable soups and sizzling roasted vegetables. We Brits are the Kings and Queens of winter, we know how to make a hearty meal for cold winter nights - so where better indulge ourselves than in the heart of England? The BBC Good Food Show Winter heads to Birmingham this month and they’re calling all Great British Bake Off lovers and soggy bottom haters: for this year they have their own Great British Bake Off Village just for you! Don’t miss your chance to see The Queen of Puddings, Mary Berry, and the King of Kneading, Paul Hollywood, in a live master class! Or come along to explore the village; an area wholly devoted to lovers of baking - learn new techniques, watch baking demonstrations, and spoil yourself with shiny, new baking goodies to fill your kitchen at home which will be eagerly awaiting your return! John Whaite, winner of The Great British Bake Off 2012, who’s recently celebrated the success of his first book, is now looking forward to expanding his career into cooking in general, particularly Mediterranean food. Thanks to the Bakeoff, John is now doing his dream career. Food really takes up every aspect of John’s life “I can just be dancing to a song in club and suddenly it makes me think of a recipe!” All foodies share John’s passion, and that’s what makes the Good Food show so fantastic: it brings together thousands who all share a passion for feeding, feasting, entertaining and experimenting. Whether you crave creamy cheeses, smooth chocolate or juicy steaks, you won’t go home hungry from this delicious festivity of food! CB 039


Where to find the best cocktails in the city It used to be that cocktails were just for the weekend drinkers, large jugs full of ice and not much alcohol, with risqué names like Sex on the beach. They were chugged by hen parties and teenagers who couldn’t cope with the taste of actual alcohol. In recent years, however, cocktails seem to have been rediscovered; they’ve been taken back to their roots and now it’s easy to get a decent martini in every large city in the UK. In fact, you might even struggle to choose a venue in Birmingham. There are, of course, still plenty of places serving drinks with lots of straws and humorous names, but with just a little but of knowledge it’s easy to know where to go not just for the best cocktail, but also the best price.


Asha’s Edmund House, 12-22 Newhall Street, B3 3LX A contemporary Indian restaurant that also serves a huge range of cocktails and slightly over the top décor that suggests somewhere a lot hotter and less grey. They run happy hour on selected cocktails between 5-7pm daily. Island Bar 14-16 Suffolk Street, B1 1LT The original bar from the Bitters and Twisted crew, which now includes another five venues, Island Bar gets seriously packed on the weekends and evenings. There’s also a Tiki lounge upstairs and regular live music. A downbeat and laidback vibe, Island Bar is a great student destination. Selected cocktails are discounted to £4 Monday and Saturdays between 5-8pm. There are also regular offers on Sundays all night, from 8pm when open. Ginger’s Bar 11 Newhall Street, B3 3NY This fairly new venture from Michelin starred chef Glynn Purnell, the Bistro and cocktail bar have an amazing line of drinks. This is probably the best place to find some really exciting concoctions that represent some of the best in contemporary cocktail mixology. Check out their Liquid Economics menu, which has seasonal cocktails at £4.50 before 8pm every day and on Sundays until 6pm when they close. Prince of Wales 118 Alcester Road, Moseley, B13 8EE If you plan to stray outside the city centre, one of the best places to find a decent cocktail is the Prince 041 of Wales. It looks like your typical old man’s pub,

but they not only have a small but perfectly formed Victorian cocktail bar, but also a Tiki bar in the huge beer garden that serves Zombies that will knock your head off. Get a Bellini or glass of Prosecco for £4 on Friday and Saturday nights, or check out the Moseley Brunch club on Sundays, with a range of cocktails priced between £5-£6 that are the perfect aid to hangover recovery. Jekyll & Hyde 28 Steelhouse Lane, B4 6BJ Another Bitters and Twisted venue, the Jekyll & Hyde also serve a great range of cocktails. The bar downstairs gets quite busy and is often full of a combination of lawyers fresh from the local courts and hipsters fresh from…another bar probably. If you visit make sure you check out the Gin Parlour upstairs for a great atmosphere and some innovative use of Gin. They also have selected cocktails at £4 4-7pm Monday to Fridays.


Some other checking out:



The Victoria 48 John Bright Street, B1 1BN Great music and regular bands and events. Fumo 1 Waterloo Street, B2 5PG Grab some cocktails and Venetian tapas in a luxe bar. Nuvo 11 Brindleyplace, B1 2LP Upmarket, on weekends it can be full of the tantastic brigade. The New Inn 74 Vivian Road, Harborne, B17 0DJ A funky pub with great steaks as well as cocktails. SWJ 043


22 November - 12 December Birmingham Hippodrome | @BRB 0844 338 5000 Ticket prices: £16-£50


A child tiptoes like a ballerina towards a glittering Christmas tree, the guardian of the Christmas presents. Decorated in flittering candles and sugar sprinkled candy canes, the majestic tree enchants little Clara at midnight on Christmas Eve to come and play with her beloved Nutcracker doll. But suddenly Clara finds herself whisked away into the magical world of Christmas where she meets charming toy soldiers, beautiful snow fairies and wicked giant rats. Bravely crossing the snow frosted forests of an enchanted world, Clara strives to rescue her beloved Nutcracker from the mysterious King of Rats; only then can her dream of dancing the night away with her Nutcracker come true, and only then will she blossom into the most beautiful ballerina. Start celebrating this magical season with this dazzling production of one of the most beautiful and captivating classical ballets of all time; Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. Nothing is more spectacular than seeing your childhood Christmas fantasies leap into life in this unparalleled, worldfamous production by Sir Peter Wright, complete with sets and costumes by John Macfarlane, the designer of the Company’s stunning Cinderella production. Allow your family to be charmed this holiday season by the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s breathtaking elegance and wonderment in their performance of this heartwarming Christmas story. CB



VOLUME: Adventures in Book and Print 5-7 December Birmingham Central Library @LibraryofBham 0121 242 4242

With a keynote from multi-million record selling musician Bill Drummond, speaker events with experts in the field of publishing and pioneers of new media in the digital age, Volume celebrates the best in independent publishing. The Art, Book and Print Fair is part of Library of Birmingham’s Discovery Season and brings together numerous organisations and guest speakers who have been there, done that and got themselves so much more than a t-shirt to prove it. 046

From selling millions of records and becoming one of the biggest acts in 1991 with KLF to publishing several successful books, burning one million pounds and placing cryptic adverts in NME, Bill Drummond has done it all. And with a history like that he promises to give Volume a thrilling keynote speech. Elsewhere award-winning designer Morag Myerscough (pictured) will give an insight into her design practice and the Library of Birmingham will continue its fresh approach to learning with an interactive platform on the unused data in our libraries and installations which encourage discovery. Volume also has the traditional bit covered with an opportunity to brush up on copyright law and reduction lino printing. There’s a debate on the challenges facing the publishing industry and how to succeed in the digital age with Alan Maher, former publishing director of Tindal Street Press which nurtured Costa Book Award Winners and bestselling novelists, adding his voice to the debate. IS 047



TRENDWATCH AUTUMN/WINTER 2013/14 MIX IT UP I’m not the biggest fan of Autumn/ Winter fashion. I think that everyone has a favourite season, and I am definitely a Summer girl; every year I mourn the passing of the pretty sun dresses and bright colours. For me, there is usually something just a little bit drab about Winter fashion. However, as I sat in my seat at the Harvey Nichols Birmingham Autumn Winter catwalk show and watched the models strut by in their designer garb, something struck me. Even for a consummate Spring/Summer girl, this season is actually just a little bit exciting, because it’s all about mixing it up. Mixing textures – chunky knits paired with soft leather, bouncy neoprene (yup, scuba fabric is now a valid fashion statement, and here’s the best thing about it – it’s super supportive. Think of it like integrated Spanx) with sharp and spiky jewellery, fuzzy, furry cardigans with industrial, shredded denim. Contrasting patterns – the brave amongst us can go head to toe mixing animal print with geometrics, tribals with cartoon prints, spots and stripes, winter florals and tartans.

Clashing colours – colour blocking just refuses to disappear, and this winter sees bright cobalt blue paired with red, lipstick pink with burnt orange, violet and neon green. Unexpected pairings – day, night, luxe, sportswear : the different sections of your wardrobe all want to play together this Autumn/Winter. A neon sweatshirt paired with a sequin pencil skirt, casual cashmere teamed with your best party frock, somehow, all of a sudden it just works. Of course, going all out with mixing it up can feel a little scary at first – we are essentially taking all of the old ‘rules’ of dressing and throwing them out the window, but there is something a little exciting about that. For those just wishing to dip their toes into the water with this one, I suggest sticking to one of these trends at a time – contrasting textures, patterns and colours all at the same time is probably one best left to only the GaGas amongst us. The most accessible, and trend that I think we’ll see the most of this season is probably the mixing of textures – everyone should be able to throw on a soft grey knit and leather skirt or jeans and feel pretty fabulous. EJP 049




2013 is a landmark year for Amsterdam. While it celebrates 400 years of the start of construction of the magnificent canal ring it is also the year that the Rijksmuseum finally reopened following extensive renovations. Packed with cultural milestones and new buildings, as well as the Eye Film Institute and Stedelijk Museum, it has never been a better time to visit, and November is positively brimming with great events. The Tolerant Home / Tickets cost €13 Having visited Amsterdam and walked past the beautiful 18th Century canal houses with their iconic window shutters and stunning views we pondered; what they might look like inside and who is lucky enough to live in them. And now you can find out thanks to an innovative new exhibition called ‘Chambres des Canaux - The Tolerant Home’ which allows artists to take over some of the houses to exhibit their work. From the 1-17 November 20 of the canal-side properties (both private and public) will open their doors to the public who will get the chance to view works by 35 invited international contemporary artists. Mixing the contemporary with heritage the theme for the event is tolerance; a word that runs deep in the veins of the city. EYE Film Institute With a broad programme of festivals, exhibitions and screenings the stunning EYE building opened in 2012 and has since received hundreds of thousands of visitors. With four film auditoriums, viewing pods and a large, versatile exhibition space it is a great way to spend a day. The current exhibition by Peter Forgacs sees the filmmaker and artist delve in to the immense home movie archive of Eye to take us through everyday life in the Netherlands East Indies at the height of the colonial period. Looming Fire runs until 1 December. Even if the current exhibition isn’t to your liking it is worth the visit to take in lunch at the restaurant. With its tiered seating, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and vistas across the water it is a unique place to eat in the city.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design Stedelijk is another show-stopper of a new building in the city with immense space and a fine permanent collection. The current main exhibition is of the works of Kazimir Malevich and the Russian Avant Garde which, with over 500 pieces of work, is one of the largest surveys to explore the artist’s work in many years and brings together significant collections. Westergasfabriek Take a steady stroll along Haarlemmer Houttuinen with its indie boutiques, bars and coffee shops and at the end Westerpark comes in to sight. A few minutes in to the park and Westergasfabriek appears; a sprawling space of buildings that are home to creative tenants, art galleries and events. How to explore: Take a boat tour (from outside Central Station) and discover the canal ring. You will get to relax and see some of the beautiful canal network and buildings in a glass covered boat without fear of being run over by a bike. eat: We ate at D’Vijff Vlieghen (The Five Flies / Spread across numerous floors

and rooms (one with its very own Rembrandt etching) the interior may be traditional but the menu is modern with creative interpretations using typically Dutch ingredients. DRINK: Mata Hari ( Vintage furnishings, a good amount of taxidermy and low-lighting make for a comfy hangout right in the heart of the Red Light district. Avoid the tacky, tourist driven bars and head here for a refreshing De Koninck. shop: The Nine Streets ( A network of cool, independent and quirky boutiques, vintage & homeware stores, bars and eateries. Just off the main shopping area of chain stores but as far removed in style as possible. FLY: We flew to Amsterdam from Birmingham with KLM ( Stay: We stayed at the centrally located Amrath Amsterdam ( An imposing and grand art deco building with beautiful windows and impressive features. The large, spacious ‘Deluxe’ rooms are in an art-nouveau design with high ceilings and large windows includes complementary use of the mini bar and the wireless internet as well as the possibility to indulge yourself at the wellness centre. For more information visit: | @Iamsterdam 051

Friday 1 November EVENT 10.30am Lynne Chapman - Young Readers 2013 Family Fun Day Library of Birmingham FILM 12pm-8pm VINTAGE MOBILE CINEMA / EYE CANDY FESTIVAL Hippodrom Sq MUSIC 12.30pm Friday Lunchtime Concert St. Martin in the Bull Ring WORKSHOP 1.00pm Wirework Mobiles Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

Aston Hall by Candlelight Aston Hall EVENT 6.00pm Fight For The Right - Suf fragette Film Screening Library of Birmingham MUSIC 6.30pm Steve Cradock The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Kevin McCarthy, Ian Moore, Geoff Norcott, Taylor Glenn Glee Club

MUSIC 7.00pm Live Music Friday MUSIC Urban Coffee 6.00pm Kobra And The Company Lotus MUSIC O2 Academy 3 7.00pm John Newman EVENT Rainbow 6.00pm


EVENT 7.30pm Halloween Masquerade Ball Ort Cafe

MUSIC 8.30pm The Chinese Burn Society The Cross

MUSIC 8.00pm Dr Jekyll’s Remedy The Jekyll and Hyde

COMEDY 9.00pm Brendan Riley, Trevor Crook, Bobby Mair, Slim Jongleurs Comedy Club

MUSIC 8.00pm Zouk Bodega Bar MUSIC 8.00pm RISK: Jazz Allnighter Town Hall

MUSIC 9.00pm Things That Go Bounce in The Night Hare & Hounds

MUSIC 9.00pm Hot Club de COMEDY Swing Hallow8.30pm Jeff Innocent, een Special Hare & Hounds Sally-Anne Hayward, Mat MUSIC Reed, Tony 9.00pm Jameson Hellowe’en: Highlight Return of the Breaks MUSIC Suki 10c 8.30pm Casino The Actress & Bishop

Sunday 3 November

Saturday 2 November WORKSHOP 10.00am Handmade Christmas - Knitted Christmas Stocking Guthrie and Ghani ART 12PM-8PM CULTURE CART / EYE CANDY FESTIVAL Arcadian EVENT 12PM-5PM BICYCLE BASKET BAZAAR / EYE CANDY FESTIVAL Le Truc FILM 12pm-8pm VINTAGE MOBILE CINEMA / EYE CANDY FESTIVAL Hippodrom Sq

War Horse Birmingham Hippodrome MUSIC 6.30pm Peter Hook and The Light O2 Academy 2 MUSIC 6.30pm Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Kevin McCarthy, Ian Moore, Geoff Norcott, Tay lor Glenn Glee Club

WORKSHOP 1.00pm Family Workshop Ikon Gallery

MUSIC 7.00pm Bring Me The Horizon O2 Academy 2 MUSIC 7.45pm Maximum Zero, Dakota The Flapper

THEATRE 2.30 & 7.30 pm

MUSIC 8.00pm

Soul Food Soundsystem The Yardbird

FILM 12pm-8pm VINTAGE MOBILE CINEMA / EYE CANDY MUSIC FESTIVAL 8.00pm Rhys Chatham, Hippodrom Sq Charlemagne Palestine ART Library of 12pm-4pm Birmingham EYE CANDY LIVE DRAW EVENTS MUSIC Le Truc 8.00pm Dr Jekyll’s SPOKEN WORD Potion 2.00pm The Jekyll and Cannon Poets Hyde Moseley Exchange MUSIC 9.00pm JuQebox Rose Villa Tavern MUSIC 9.00pm Youngblood Brass Band Hare & Hounds MUSIC 10.00pm Face Rainbow

MUSIC 7.00pm Eddi Reader, Kieran Goss Glee Club MUSIC 7.00pm Bastille O2 Academy 2 MUSIC 7.00pm Killing Fields of Ontario, Wes Dance, Chris Thompson The Yardbird 053

Monday 4 November MUSIC 7.00pm The Toy Dolls O2 Academy 2 MUSIC 7.00pm Turin Brakes Glee Club THEATRE 7.30pm War Horse Birmingham Hippodrome MUSIC 9.00pm Jam Jah Reggae Session The Bulls Head

Tuesday 5 November WORKSHOPS 5.00pm Cannon Hill Lectures mac MUSIC 6.00pm Cover Drive O2 Academy 3 MUSIC 7.00pm Gabrielle Aplin, Jack Savoretti, Emma Crowder The Institute EVENT 7.00pm No Bangs Bonfire Night Avoncroft Museum MUSIC 7.00pm Steve Mason The Institute FILM 7.00pm Movie Night Birmingham LGBT Centre COMEDY 7.00pm Stand Up Com


Wednesday 6 November edy Course EVENT for Beginners 1.00pm Tea Dance The Victoria The Public THEATRE 7.30pm THEATRE War Horse 2 & 7.30pm War Horse Birmingham Birmingham Hippodrome Hippodrome MUSIC 6.00pm VNV Nation The Institute WORKSHOP 6.30pm Learn to Sew: Tote Shopping Bag Guthrie and Ghani MUSIC 7.00pm Follow You Home, Mercians and Recall The Remains The Institute MUSIC 7.00pm Bovine, Antlered Man The Flapper

Thursday 7 November EVENT 6.00pm Aston Hall by Candlelight Aston Hall SPOKEN WORD 6.00pm Artists and Gardeners in Conversation Library of Birmingham MUSIC 6.30pm VeXXen, Someone Said Fire, Chemically Abused O2 Academy 3 COMEDY 7.00pm Dave Fulton, Paul McCaffrey, Jimmy McGhie Glee Club SPOKEN WORD 7.00pm Poetry Jam Urban Coffee Company MUSIC 7.00pm Deap Vally

Friday 8 November O2 Academy 2 THEATRE 7.30pm War Horse Birmingham Hippodrome THEATRE 7.30pm Romeo and Juliet Crescent Theatre MUSIC 7.30pm Son of Dave Hare & Hounds MUSIC 7.30pm Knifeworld and Godsticks Rainbow COMEDY 8.00pm Micky Flanagan The NIA MUSIC 8.00pm Moselele Prince of Wales

MUSIC 12.30pm Friday Lunchtime Concert St. Martin in the Bull Ring THEATRE 2 & 7.30pm War Horse: Only Remembered Birmingham Hippodrome

SPOKEN WORD 7.00pm Apples & Snakes: Lit Fuse mac COMEDY 8.00pm Micky Flanagan The NIA

MUSIC 8.00pm The Book Club, Liberty EVENT Ship, Foes, 6.00pm Aston Hall by Modern Minds Hare & Hounds Candlelight Aston Hall MUSIC 6.30pm Kodaline, Hudson Taylor The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Dave Fulton, Paul McCaffrey, Jimmy McGhie, Paul F Taylor Glee Club


Saturday 9 November THEATRE 2.30 & 7.30pm War Horse Birmingham Hippodrome MUSIC 6.30pm Future Of The Left, Them Wolves The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Dave Fulton, Paul McCaffrey, Jimmy McGhie, Paul F Taylor Glee Club EVENT 7.30pm Punch: Desi Moves 2013 Town Hall COMEDY 8.00pm Jimmy Carr: Gagging Order Symphony Hall COMEDY 8.00pm Micky Flanagan 056

Sunday 10 November The NIA COMEDY 8.00pm Lucy Porter: Northern Soul mac COMEDY 9.00pm Garr Murran, Wayne Deakin, The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue Jongleurs Comedy Club

FILM 2.00pm Sunday Film Club Library of Birmingham MUSIC 7.00pm Jake Bugg O2 Academy 2

Monday 11 November SPOKEN WORD 7.00pm Interactive Book Reading Birmingham LGBT Centre MUSIC 7.00pm Frightened Rabbit The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Michael Legge, Gavin Webster, Taylor Glenn Glee Club FILM 8.00pm Filum Night The Spotted Dog

Tuesday 12 November MUSIC 7.30pm Vampire Weekend, Noah & The Whale The NIA MUSIC 7.30pm Bipolar Sunshine Hare & Hounds COMEDY 8.00pm Mark Thomas Artrix

Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 November November MUSIC 6.30pm Alice in Chains, Ghost O2 Academy 2 COMEDY 6.45pm Tom Stade Glee Club THEATRE 7.00pm RSC Richard II - Live mac MUSIC 7.30pm KT Tunstall Symphony Hall MUSIC 7.30pm Skinny Lister, Dirty Old Folkers Hare & Hounds MUSIC 8.00pm Hugh Cornwell Artrix

WORKSHOP 6.00pm Christmas Wreath Workshop The Custard Factory

lins, Michael Legge, John Moloney Glee Club MUSIC 7.00pm Mutya Keisha Siobhan The Institute

WORKSHOP 6.30pm Learn to Knit: Sock Knitting WORKSHOP Guthrie and Ghani 7.00pm Authentic Gujarati CookWORKSHOP ing Workshop 6.30pm Learn to Sew: Ort Cafe Envelope Cushion Cover MUSIC Guthrie and Ghani 7.15pm Welsh National Opera -MaEVENT ria Stuarda 6.30pm Birmingham Harvesting Hippodrome Stories: Birmingham Food Stories MUSIC 7.30pm Library of Har Mar Birmingham Superstar Hare & Hounds MUSIC 7.00pm Escape MUSIC the Fate & 7.30pm Chiodos Chase and O2 Academy 2 Status The NIA COMEDY 7.00pm Sean Col 057

Friday 15 November MUSIC 5.00pm Dutch Uncles, Frankie and The Heartstrings, Boat to Row, Kins Hare & Hounds

MUSIC 7.30pm Soul II Soul Town Hall

COMEDY 8.30pm Angie McEvoy, Paul Garvey, MUSIC Geoff Nor6.30pm cott, Chris The Assist, McCausland Action Replay, Highlight Hightower, Superficials COMEDY O2 Academy 3 9.00pm Kane Brown, MUSIC Mickey 6.30pm Sharma, Stefano Young Kato Paolini, David The Institute Hadingham Jongleurs Comedy MUSIC Club 6.30pm Revolver, The Exploding Sound Machine, The Mad Geese Rainbow COMEDY 7.00pm Sean Collins, Michael Legge, John Moloney, Sally Ann Hayward Glee Club 058

Saturday 16 November EVENT 9.00am Classic Motor Show 2013 The NEC WORKSHOP 10.00am Handmade Christmas Knit your own Christmas Baubles Guthrie and Ghani COMEDY 7.00pm Sean Collins, Michael Legge, John Moloney, Sally Ann Hayward Glee Club MUSIC 7.00pm Editors O2 Academy 2 MUSIC 7.00pm Spooky Wagons, The Rails, The Lizzies The Actress & Bishop

MUSIC 8.00pm Soulshake The Yardbird COMEDY 8.30pm Angie McEvoy, Paul Garvey, Geoff Norcott, Chris McCausland Highlight COMEDY 9.00pm Kane Brown, Mickey Sharma, David Hadingham Jongleurs Comedy Club

Sunday 17 November

Monday 18 November

Tuesday 19 November

Wednesday 20 November

EVENT 9.00am Classic Motor Show 2013 The NEC

MUSIC 7.00pm Man Without Country O2 Academy 3

WORKSHOP 5.00pm Cannon Hill Lectures mac

EVENT 1.00pm Tea Dance The Public

MUSIC 7.00pm Luke Concannon, Jimmy Davis Glee Club

MUSIC 7.30pm Texas Symphony Hall

MUSIC 7.00pm Scouting for Girls O2 Academy 2

MUSIC 7.00pm The Temperance Movement O2 Academy 2

FILM 7.00pm Movie Night Birmingham LGBT Centre

COMEDY 7.00pm Pedalling for Laughs Glee Club

MUSIC 7.00pm So Solid Crew The Institute

MUSIC 7.00pm We Have The Tonics O2 Academy 3

MUSIC 7.30pm An Evening with Bryan Ferry Symphony Hall MUSIC 7.30pm Stereophonics LG Arena


Thursday 21 November WORKSHOP 6.00pm Home Interiors Make Your Own Lampshade Guthrie and Ghani MUSIC 7.00pm Half Moon Run The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Gavin Webster, Andrew Ryan, Chris McCausland, Elis James Glee Club MUSIC 7.00pm Go Kart Mozart O2 Academy 3 MUSIC 7.00pm Stephen Lynch O2 Academy 2 MUSIC 7.30pm Queens of the Stone Age 060

Friday 22 November The NIA MUSIC 8.00pm Adrian Edmondson & The Bad Shepherds Town Hall MUSIC 8.00pm Moselele Prince of Wales

COMEDY 7.00pm Gavin Webster, Andrew Ryan, Chris McCausland, Elis James Glee Club MUSIC 7.00pm P Money The Institute DANCE 7.30pm The Nutcracker Birmingham Hippodrome COMEDY 8.30pm Richard Morton, John Scott, Sam Harland, Hayley Ellis Highlight COMEDY 9.00pm Luisa Omielan, Daniel Townes, Alex Boardman, Ron Vaudry Jongleurs Comedy Club

MUSIC 9.30pm LTJ Bukem Hare & Hounds

Saturday 23 November EVENT 11.00am Christmas Craft Fayre Weekend Highbury Hall

Evening Cabaret Birmingham LGBT Centre COMEDY 8.00pm Ardal O’Hanlon Symphony Hall

EVENT 11.00am Christmas Fair & Family Day COMEDY The Barber Institute 8.30pm Richard Morton, John DANCE Scott, Sam 2.30pm Harland, HayThe ley Ellis Nutcracker Highlight Birmingham Hippodrome COMEDY 9.00pm MUSIC Luisa Omie7.00pm The Complete lan, Daniel Townes, Alex Stone Roses Boardman, O2 Academy 2 Ron Vaudry Jongleurs Comedy COMEDY Club 7.00pm Gavin WebMUSIC ster, Andrew 9.00pm Ryan, Chris Criminal McCausland, Elis James Records Glee Club Suki 10c

Sunday 24 November

Monday 25 November

EVENT 11.00am Christmas Craft Fayre Weekend Highbury Hall

MUSIC 7.30pm The Monster NME Radar Tour Hare & Hounds

DANCE 1.00pm The Nutcracker Birmingham Hippodrome

MUSIC 8.00pm Shellac, Helen Money Rainbow

COMEDY 2.00pm The Laughing Sole Comedy Club for Kids mac MUSIC 7.30pm Billy Bragg: Tooth & Nail Tour Symphony Hall MUSIC 8.00pm Adrian Utley’s Guitar Orchestra Library of Birmingham

MUSIC 7.30pm Saturday 061

Tuesday 26 November

Wednesday 27 Thursday 28 November November

WORKSHOP 5.00pm Cannon Hill Lectures mac

DANCE 2 & 7.30pm The Nutcracker Birmingham Hippodrome

COMEDY 6.45pm BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2013: Semi-Final Glee Club

MUSIC 6.30pm LGBT History Month: Music Pre-Launch Bramall Music Building

THEATRE 7.30pm A Christmas Carol Birmingham Rep

WORKSHOP 6.30pm Knit Surgery Guthrie and Ghani MUSIC COMEDY 7.00pm MUSIC 7.30pm 7.00pm Steven K Amos Jack Savoretti The Lumineers Palace Theatre The Institute O2 Academy 2 MUSIC COMEDY DANCE 8.00pm 7.00pm 7.30pm Nurvrax Jam: The The John Mor- Andrew O’Neill, Lloyd Nutcracker ris Trio Langford, AnBirmingham The Yardbird drew Stanley, Hippodrome Mike Gunn Glee Club COMEDY 7.00pm James Acaster Glee Club


SPORT 7.30pm Nitro Circus Live The NIA

DANCE 7.30pm The Nutcracker Birmingham Hippodrome MUSIC 7.30pm Parkinsons UK Candlelit Christmas Concert Birmingham Cathedral

Friday 29 November

Saturday 30 November

MUSIC 12.30pm Friday Lunchtime Concert St. Martin in the Bull Ring

THEATRE 2.30pm A Christmas Carol Birmingham Rep

MUSIC 1.00pm Lunchtime Concert: MA Performance Students The Barber Institute DANCE 6.30pm The Nutcracker Birmingham Hippodrome COMEDY 7.00pm Andrew O’Neill, Lloyd Langford, Andrew Stanley, Mike Gunn Glee Club THEATRE 7.30pm A Christmas Carol Birmingham Rep

DANCE 2.30 & 7.30pm The Nutcracker Birmingham Hippodrome EVENT 6.00pm The 2013 Birmingham International Tattoo The NIA

Carol Birmingham Rep COMEDY 8.30pm Markus Birdman, Jonathan Mayor, Dana Alexander Highlight COMEDY 9.00pm Patrick Monahan, John Scott, Mike Gunn, Curtis Walker Jongleurs Comedy Club

MUSIC 6.30pm Crystal Fighters The Institute COMEDY 7.00pm Andrew O’Neill, Lloyd Langford, Andrew Stanley, Mike Gunn Glee Club THEATRE 7.30pm A Christmas 063


WIN TICKETS TO CLOTHES SHOW LIVE 6-10 December NEC Birmingham | @Clothesshow 064


Marking their 25th anniversary, Clothes Show Live 2013 is set to be the hottest ticket on the fashion calendar this year! Over 500 leading fashion and beauty brands, non-stop catwalk shows, gorgeous celebrities, tempting bars, and inspirational fashion demonstrations will all be spread over five exciting days. There’s something for everyone so whatever your style, it’s time to make space in your wardrobe. This fashion festival is not to be missed! Take your seat in the spectacular ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fashion Theatre and watch in awe as more than 40 models and dancers showcase the latest high-street, designer, boutique and couture fashion collections on the world’s largest catwalk. Hosted by fashion icon and designer Henry Holland, you’ll be immersed in the ultimate fashion frenzy. Why not recreate your favourite catwalk styles with the help of our industry experts? Find the tools and techniques to shimmer, shine and gloss with make-overs, style transformations and inspirational trend reports all under one roof. Shop ‘til you drop and discover your perfect party outfit from the top fashion and beauty brands on offer. Keep your eyes peeled for some familiar faces at the show for a chance to get snapped with all your favourite celebs. The star-studded event will also welcome the first ever Take Me Out Live, hosted by the king of dating, Paddy McGuinness. A selection of bachelors will aim to impress a line-up of 30 singles girls all in search of Mr Right, with 10 girls being chosen at the show each day. AREA has teamed up with Clothes Show Live to offer 2 x lucky readers and their ‘plus one’ the chance to attend the year’s most prestigious fashion event, absolutely free! To be in with a chance of winning these fabulous tickets, email with your name and address and date of birth - if you are picked you will receive a FREE pair of tickets. Tickets are valid across all days of the show and are limited to one pair per winner. Deadline for entry is 15/11/13. Bbuy tickets to the show by visiting the website or calling 0844 5811 256. 065

Venue Directory MUSIC VENUES Actress & Bishop 36, Ludgate Hill, B3 1EH 0121 236 7426 BOTANICAL GARDENS 12A Westbourne Road Edgbaston, B15 3TR 0121 454 1860 Bramall Music Building University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, B15 2TT BULLS HEAD 23, St. Marys Row, Moseley, B13 8HW

Institute 78 Digbeth High St, Digbeth The Jam House 3 - 5 St Pauls Square Birmingham, B3 1QU 0121 200 3030

The Victoria 48 John Bright Street, B1 1BN. 0121 633 9439 thevictoriabirmingham. YARDBIRD Paradise Place, Birmingham, B3 3HJ ART VENUES

Jekyll & hyde 28, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham, B4 6BJ KITCHEN GARDEN CAFE 17 York Road, Kings Heath. 0121 443 4725 O2 Academy 08444 772 000 o2academybirmingham.

Barber Institute Univeristy of Birmingham Edgbaston, B15 2TS 0121 414 7333 BM&G Chamberlain Square, B3 3DH CUSTARD FACTORY Gibb Street, B9 4AA

Civic/Wulfrun Hall North Street, WV1 1RQ. 0870 320 7000

The Rainbow 160 High Street Deritend, B12 0LD

The Flapper Kingston Row, B1 2NU. 0121 236 2421

Suki10c 21 Bordesley Street Digbeth, B5 5PJ

The Fox Bar 17 Lower Essex Street, B5 6SN, 0121 622 3213

SUNFLOWER LOUNGE 76, Smallbrook Queens way, Birmingham, B5

EASTSIDE PROJECTS 86 Heath Mill Lane, B9 4AR, 0121 771 1778

Hare & Hounds 106 High Street, B14 7JZ. 0121 444 2081

Town Hall Victoria Square, B3 3DQ 0121 780 3333

Grand Union Fazeley Street Birmingham B5 5RS


The Drum 144 Potters Lane, Aston, B6 4UU, 0121 333 2444

THE HERBERT Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QP 024 7683 2386

The Glee Club The Arcadian, B5 4TD. 0871 472 0400

BIRMINGHAM HIPPODROME Hurst Street 0844 338 5000 birminghamhippodrome. com

HIGHLIGHT 259-262 Broad Street, B1 2HF

CRESCENT THEATRE Sheepcote Street, B16 8AE, 0121 643 5858

The Lighthouse The Chubb Building Fryer Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT 01902 716 055

JONGLEURS 240 Broad Street Broad Street B1 2HG

The Old Joint Stock Pub and Theatre 4 Temple Row West B2 5NY, 0121 200 1892

MAC Cannon Hill Park

AE HARRIS 110 Northwood Street Birmingham, B3 1SZ

Ikon Gallery Oozells Square, B1 2HS 0121 248 0708

The Public New Street, West Bromwich B70 7PG 0121 533 7161 WARWICK ARTS CENTRE University of Warwick Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry CV4 7AL 024 7652 4524 Wolverhampton Art Gallery Lichfield St, WV1 1DU 01902 552055



BLUE ORANGE THEATRE 118 Great Hampton Street Birmingham B18 6AD, 0121 212 2643 HALL GREEN LITTLE THEATRE Pemberley Road, Acocks Green, B27 7RY NEW Alexandra Theatre Station St, Birmingham 0844 847 2302

THE OLD REP Station Street Birmingham, B5 4DY 0121 605 5116 RSC

Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6BB OTHER BODEGA 12 Bennett’s Hill, B2 5 0121 448 4267 ORT CAFE Moseley Road 067

Festival of popular visual culture 31 October - 3 November, 2013 Southside, Birmingham

A weekend of art, live drawing, films, installations, workshops, speaker events & more.

All free. | Follow the festival on twitter at @eyecandyfest #EyeCandy

Area November 2013  

The Area Culture Guide for November 2013 is packed with art, music and features including this year's Eye Candy Festival.

Area November 2013  

The Area Culture Guide for November 2013 is packed with art, music and features including this year's Eye Candy Festival.