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ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2014

MARKING CRITERIA Decide on a Team 10 marks

DESCRIPTION ● Evidence of how the team planned to work together and develop their skills

Decide on an Environmental Issue 30 marks

● Evidence of how you decided on the environmental issue ● Evidence of knowledge of the environmental issue (research and investigation) ● Evidence of understanding cause and effect of an environmental issue (i.e. human interaction with the environment) ● Evidence of linking local to global


Decide on a Plan Decide on an Action 30 marks Taking Action 30 marks

● Evidence of project planning ● Evidence of aims and objectives ● Evidence of problem solving/plan reviews

10 10 10

● Evidence of action carried out ● Relevance of action to project aims and objectives

20 10

Awareness Raising 30 marks

● Evidence of awareness raising - within school/youth group - within the wider community - with external organizations ● Evidence of - learner development (environmental knowledge) - learner development (skills and future action)

Personal Development 20 marks


10 5


10 10 10 10 10

EXAMPLES OF EVIDENCE -Copy of your group contract - Copy of your Skills Analysis - Research worksheets (Pg 33 of manual) - List of sources used for research (books, websites, journals, magazines) - Interviews, surveys, audits - Letters from environmental experts that were contacted - Evidence of any guest speakers (photo, letter, film) - Written report of research findings demonstrating an understanding of the issue - Cause and effect worksheet (Pg 35 of manual) - Project planning worksheets (Pg 32 of manual) - Use of planning tools (timelines, deadlines, tasklists) - Outline of aims and objectives - Photos or film of action being carried out - Photos of before and after - Written report of action - How did your project impact on your local community and/or on a global level? - Examples of posters, leaflets or other material used to raise awareness - Photos of awareness raising days/activities - Newspaper clippings - Social media, websites, apps - Teacher/Leader evaluation sheet and participant evaluation sheet (Pg 46 of manual) - Written accounts from group members outlining their personal development as a result of doing the project

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