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To the Fulbright Community – current design, creating content for your employees will be as easy as ever. Make sure you use the Fulbrighters, alumni, colleagues, partners and space wisely by using pictures and captions. friends: We are so happy to share the 2019 edition of our annual newsletter which highlights the great strides that our Fulbrighters achieved this year in their In creating this newsletter, and it'll be helpful to research, teaching professional keep in mind that the focus should be on the development in the United States and employees more than anything. While it's an Morocco. Our Fulbrighters continued to pave opportunity for employees to hear from their the higher-ups, way towards increased mutual it's also a chance to create. understanding and friendship between our two countries by sharing their cultures and traditions, their ideas and conversation in order to build lasting collaborations. As in years past, our grantees spanned the breadth of our great countries: from Tetouan to Agadir and from New York to Los Angeles and all places in between and covered rich and diverse topics such as meteorites, renewable energy, poetry, environmentalism and financial economics. Our Fulbright alumni also continued to shine in 2019. They successfully defended dissertations, created new teaching initiatives, conducted novel research and were appointed to high level governmental and academic positions. In May, the U.S. Department of State launched Fulbright’s new brand identity complete with a new, modern logo. The Commission was able to create new material and prepare for a new website to be introduced in 2020. And finally, the dedicated staff at MACECE continued to serve our community each and every day, ensuring the best program management for our grantees to prosper. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our alumni community connections in 2020 and to welcoming our new Fulbrighters in the next academic year.

REBECCA B. GEFFNER Executive Director


Highlights from Moroccan grantees Amani Khalloud Wichita State University "We were told that as part of our pre-academic program we would be invited to the home of an American family for dinner. I prepared a Moroccan souvenir to offer which is a set for a Moroccan traditional bath. Our host mom for the evening set the bar very high with a very memorable dinner. We had Fulbright students from 10 nationalities gathered around a delicious American meal. It was my first-time trying Gazpacho and the discussion was very enriching. I felt at home in this very friendly and funny atmosphere."

Abdelmonaim Ait Hammou Nazareth College "I felt honored to be invited to share my perspectives on the Moroccan Educational System with a group of experts in American Education. Being in the field of education, it was enriching for the audience to learn about the Moroccan Educational system and what I hope to do in the future as a practitioner in higher education. Being a Fulbright student has been a worthwhile learning experience for me and I will be forever grateful for being part of this great cluster of change-makers.�

Malak Souissi University of New Haven ''If you ever want a life-changing experience, you're probably reading the right post and certainly on the right path. The U.S. Fulbright experience is very enriching. I had the opportunity to live every second of it and it taught me several valuable lessons in a fast-moving world, lessons which I shall use for both my self-improvement and my country's on-going growth.''


Highlights from Moroccan grantees Mohamed Bassou, Skidmore College “I think that the very idea of being a Fulbrighter has remarkably influenced my research perspectives in the domain of humor studies. My experience at Skidmore College, though it was short, has undoubtedly allowed me to broaden my horizons in how the subject of humor should be approached. It was a crosscultural experience that permitted me to explore stand-up comedy in a country that is commonly recognized as the birthplace of this art. The activities that I undertook revolved basically around library research, exploring plenty of scholarly works on humor and laughter, and attending live comedy routines in theaters and comedy clubs. The latter was of paramount importance in the sense that it allowed me to carry out a comparative analysis of stand-up comedy between the U.S. and Morocco. Finally, I must say that I am extremely grateful I have had the opportunity to be part of this unique program.''

Anas Sibari University of Central Florida Congratulations to Fulbright Alumnus, Anas Sibari for defending his Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of Sciences of Mohammed VÂ University of Rabat. Anas spent 12 months of research at the University of Central Florida through the Fulbright Joint-Supervision Program where he advanced his research in Materials Science.


Fulbright Study Grantees 2019 Cohort

Ikram Atmane, Stevens Institute of Technology, MS, Ocean Engineering

Hanae Hmimid, University of Central Florida, MA, Digital Communications

Ayoub Tailoussane, Tulane University, MA, Business Law

Adam Khdach, University of Virginia, MS, Urban Planning

Sokaina El Bekri, University of Texas-El Paso, MS, Financial Economics

Amani Khalloud, Wichita State University, MS, Supply Chain Management

Rababe Saadaoui, Arizona State University, MS, Architecture

Yassine Manane, University of Minnesota, MS, Computer Science

Aymane Eddahmani, Yale University, MS, Sustainable Energy Systems

Rim Dahhou, Utah State University, MS, Computer Science

Abdelmounim Ait Hammou, Nazareth College, MA, Education 4

Fulbright JS Grantees 2019 Cohort

Yasmine Bezzaz, Wafae Bouallala, Human Resources Architecture, University Management, of Colorado, Boulder Harvard University

Taha Shisseh, Geology, The University of New Mexico

Ibrahim Rahhal, Kawtar Lakrad, Computer Science, Medical Physics, Carnegie Mellon University Duke University

Meriem Bousselham, Agriculture, Fayetteville State University

Meysoune Jabrane, Physics, University of Central Florida

Chafik Graiguer, Philosophy, Vanderbilt University

Houda Bouderraoui, Hajar El Ahanidi, Sara Abidar, Neurology, Electrical Engineering, Medical Biotechnology, The University of University of North Dakota Dartmouth College Arizona

Abdessamad Belgada, Chemistry, Yale University

Chaimaa Guerwane, Environmental Sciences, Northern Arizona University

Hanae Daha Belghiti, Biotechnology, The George Washington 5 University

Fatima Zahra Benaddi, Othmane Cherqi, Physics, Colorado Computer Science, School of Mines The University of Arizona

Highlights from U.S. Fulbrighters

Roger Onofre, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida "Before arriving to Morocco as a Fulbrighter, I had thought of some projects that the community could benefit from. I soon realized that it would be quite difficult, or that similar ideas were already in place, so I began thinking of new ideas. I asked some of my more vocal and organized students to join me at a nearby garden to read to children. There are many programs that offer similar objectives, but my idea is to bring it to them. After a long day of work or lack of transportation, parents do not want to spend their time driving, or riding around town looking for something to do. So many choose to take a family trip to the nearby beach or garden instead. My students then suggested a site where many families gather, and we showed up. When the children and parents saw our set-up, they gathered out of curiosity and we made an announcement. Parents and children loved that we were reading to them, asking them questions, singing and dancing with them, and my students expressed how grateful they were for an opportunity like this. We even had a group of mothers (pictured) participate by answering questions and redirecting the children. We also talked to them about mannerism, littering, politeness, and being responsible."

ETA in-service workshop The Fulbright Commission and The Ecole Normale SupĂŠrieure of Rabat organized a workshop where American ETAs and Moroccan teacher alumni Fulbrighters shared their teaching experiences with future teachers at the school. They also talked about their Fulbright application process and tips on what makes a solid application.


Interviewed by: Sarah Robyn

The Earth has Three Colors: A celebration of Moroccan ceramics David Packer was born in England and has lived in the United States since 1983, including Miami and New York. He graduated from Florida State University, Tallahassee, with an MFA, in 1994. Highlights of his substantial exhibition record include Exit Art and the Garth Clark Gallery, both in New York City, as well as Navta Schultz Gallery, Chicago. He has participated in international shows in Morocco, France and Japan. As a curator, his work has been included three times in the Spring Break Art Fair. He has also been in residence at Yaddo, the Kohler Arts/Industry program, all in the United States, as well as AIR Vallauris in France. David maintains a studio in Long Island City, New York.

As an artist, what made you decide to apply for Fulbright not once but twice? I have worked with ceramics my whole adult life, as an artist, as a teacher and as a writer. In 2010, applying for my first Fulbright, I wanted to find a country that would allow me to explore my passions for clay and discovered Morocco. Back then I knew what everyone knows, namely that Morocco, and actually Fez, is famous for the blue and white glazed vessels that have become true symbols of even Morocco the country. As anyone knows who has had an award such as a Fulbright, an award that allows for an extended time in a country, what you plan and what happens once there can be two very different things. Happily for me, what I found was better that I imagined: Morocco has an extremely diverse ceramic culture, with many different types of production and intent. The reason for this is of course obvious: Morocco is at the crossroads of three different geographical spaces, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, as well as two different oceans, all of which have brought and bring an enormous diversity of different influences, religions, people, and culture to this country. Between 2011 and my second Fulbright in 2019, I wrote an illustrated book about Moroccan ceramics, The Earth has Three Colors, taking this idea of diversity and making it a central thesis of the book. I had wanted to come back to Morocco on a Fulbright as such an award opens up access to more opportunities for research and connection than as an individual. It should be noted, as part of the book research that I had actually been back to Morocco between 2011 and 2019 four additional times, so to date I have visited the country six times, seven if you count a reckless trip at the age of 18!


SEPT. 2020, ISSUE 7

What have you found different from your first grant and the second? Every time that I visit Morocco, it becomes easier to connect with people. Morocco is a country that takes personal connection very seriously and my continued presence there makes it easier to share, learn and expand. A relevant aside concerns how rapidly the country is developing: my personal favorite is the new train stations, especially Casa Voyageurs, where in addition to a new space age section, they had the vision to leave the old, beautiful Art Deco buildings. And of course all these new stations are connected by a high-speed rail link that shames many first world countries. I also like what has not changed in Morocco, the snowcapped High Atlas Mountains and the villages and oases of the desert.

What is something you hope people take away from your work and new publication? What I want people to appreciate and what I have learnt is that Morocco has such a deep and rich tradition of ceramic activity, an artisanal life that continues to be strong in the present moment. However, contemporary life often exerts negative pressure on traditional livelihoods and these things do not exist in a vacuum. Both Moroccans and visitors alike need to express their love and support, not with lip service and platitudes, but in concrete, fiscal ways. Once these skills and techniques are gone, they are gone.

What is something you have taken back with you after your Fulbright? For me, it is a funny thing but my work in Morocco and my involvement with all the people that I know is ongoing, even though I have finished and published my book. I will probably not write another one, but there is always more to learn and more people to meet. It never fails but every time that I am leaving someone will say: have you met this one over here or seen that workshop over there? You know this shop has some amazing ceramics, on and on and on!



Alumni Achievements Driss Ouaouicha Congratulations to Fulbright alumnus Dr. Driss Ouaouicha for being appointed as the Minister Delegate of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Professor Ouaouicha's two Fulbright grants took him to the University of Texas at Austin for a Study Grant in 1982, and again for a Post-doctoral research grant in 1992. We wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

Amine Bensaid Congratulations to Moroccan-American Fulbright Commission board member, Dr. Amine Bensaid for being appointed as President of Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. Professor Bensaid is also a Fulbright alumnus who did Post-Doctoral research at Carnegie Mellon University in 1999.

Rachid Salghi Congratulations to Fulbright alumnus Dr. Rachid Salghi for receiving the award of Best Researcher in Chemistry during ''Research Excellence Day''. The event was organized by the National Center for scientific and technical Research, the Ministry of Education, and Web of Science Group. Rachid Salghi is a Professor at the National School of Applied Sciences of Agadir. His Fulbright grant took him to Texas Tech University for Post-Doc research in 2015. 10

Msamen and Atay! How do Moroccan Fulbrighters in the U.S. overcome homesickness? Well, there is no better than a Berrad of tea and plate of Msammen! Pictures of Zahra Ketoun and Abdelmounim Ait Hammou, who are pursuing their MA in Rochester, New York.

Fulbright Association visit to MACECE

The Global Fulbright Association visited the MoroccanAmerican Commission in Rabat. Moroccan Fulbright Alumni shared their experiences in the U.S with the members of the association. Everybody enjoyed Moroccan cookies, tea, and nice conversations. The Fulbright spirit was shared among all those present.


Fulbright Teachers

Sofyan Essarraoui, FLTA grantee at Bennett College, Greensboro in North Carolina, was selected to meet ECA’s Assistant Secretary Marie Royce who met with distinguished and committed FLTAs who have been active in their campuses and communities.

Abderrahim Er-Regragi, FLTA at the University of Georgia, Athens, took part in the International Education Week 2019 to present Morocco and Arabic language and culture.

Here are our 2019 Fulbright DAIs Kamal El Chaoui El Ghor and Hicham Mahda while presenting about Morocco during Teachers Interactive Cultural Open House event at the School of Education in Syracuse University.

Our 2019 U.S. Fulbright DA, Julie Fouhy, was very active during her program in Morocco and managed to connect with many Moroccan teachers including Fulbright DAI and FLTA alumni. She also had different meetings with inspectors and educational experts. 12

Sarra Safhi, FLTA , Ramapo College of New Jersey "I have been very honored to have been selected among 20 alumni Fulbrighters to attend the IIE Centennial Gala. I was invited to represent almost 400 FLTAs who are currently in the United States and had the chance to talk to senior officials from the U.S. department of State about what we do as FLTAs. Attending this event made me reflect a lot on myself, my life and my stay here. I can only be deeply indebted to whoever selected me over this huge number of FLTAs to take a part in this. All the other attendees were alumni. I was the only one who's a current Fulbrighter."

Yassin Essaid

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscribers. p. 04

Our TCLP Yassin Essaid delivered an outreach activity about Morocco and Arabic language at the lower school in Cleveland in Ohio. Yassin is teaching Arabic at the International High School in Cleveland. 13

Highlights from Humphreys Highlights from Humphreys

Mina Lalaoui Kamal Environmental Assessment & Management Specialist Wilaya of the Region Marrakech-Safi The latest news from Oddball Imaging Studio

Mina Lalaoui Kamal is a 2018-2019 Fulbright Humphrey Alumna from the University of California Davis, specialized in climate change, environmental policy and natural resources.

She graduated from Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocco with a Higher Studies Diploma of Sciences in Molecular Biology and Plant Genetic Engineering. She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Assessment and Management from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom and an Inter-University Diploma in Plant Biotechnology from the University of Paris XI, France. Ms. Lalaoui was recently certified in negotiation and conflict resolution from the U.S. Institute of International Education and in project management, women’s leadership and strategic planning from the American Management Association. Ms. Lalaoui has been working for the Moroccan government for 20 years in the fields of environmental management and sustainable development. Prior to attending the Humphrey program in 2018, she was both head of the Environment department and the Regional Committee for the Environmental Impact Assessment in the Wilaya of the Region Marrakech-Safi. Currently, she is working in the cabinet of the Wali of the Region Marrakech-Safi as an Environmental Assessment and Management Specialist. Ms. Lalaoui participated in over 20 International training programs, specifically in solid waste management, Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, water management, wastewater management, renewable energy, climate change, air quality monitoring and electric mobility. She has therefore contributed to elaborating and monitoring numerous national, regional and local programs and projects to improve the management of water, wastewater, solid waste, and air quality. 14

Highlights from Humphreys Mohamed Naciri Mohamed Naciri has been a financial judge at the Regional Court of Audit in Tangier, Morocco, since 2011. He focuses on audits and evaluations of public entities, giving recommendations on how they can improve their public services for the people of Morocco. He has also been an Auditor at the Court of Audit in Rabat. He holds a Master’s degree in Management and is a doctoral candidate of Economics in Morocco. During his Fellowship year at the Humphrey School, he studied best practices in public policy evaluation and the effectiveness of activities in government agencies, to promote good governance and accountability process in his country. Moahmed Naciri is a 2018-2019 Humphrey alumnus from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Marwane El Alaoui . Marwane El Alaoui is a 2019-2020 Humphrey Fellow at the University of Boston. He serves as a Magistrate in the Court of Accounts; the Supreme Audit Institution in Morocco that provides exhaustive administrative and financial auditing to Moroccan government institutions. Marwane’s responsibilities include performing audit of government bodies, judging accounts, and controlling tax returns released by public officials. During his Fellowship year, he would like to learn more about the banking structure and regulations, financial crisis measures, compliance programs, etc. He hopes to develop his leadership skills and gain expertise in the fields of finance, auditing, and banking in the next five years. Furthermore, he plans to use his skills and knowledge to serve Morocco and contribute to the development of the next generations of auditors and public administrative managers in general. Marwane also holds a PhD in Management Sciences with a focus on Finance from Mohammed V University of Rabat and has published many articles in scientific journals. 15

Sharing knowledge across communities

Toward a peaceful world


With a renewed commitment to our core mission of forging lasting connections, advancing knowledge across communities, and helping people and nations work together toward common goals through international educational & cultural exchange, Fulbright unveiled the refreshed visual & narrative identity. Our new look is optimized to connect Fulbright’s global network of passionate and accomplished students, scholars, teachers, artists, and professionals. One connection at a time, Fulbright brings people together and moves nations towards a more peaceful world.

Building mutual understanding

The Fulbright Program’s greatest strength is in the network it creates a community for collaboration that lasts long after an individual Fulbrighter’s program ends. Fulbright is a prestigious program, but its mission is what motivates people of all walks of life to apply.

Fulbright Student Researcher, Austin Bodetti, Rabat


The Fulbright Caravan is a traveling training initiative to 9 cities around Morocco that was launched in early 2019 where American and Moroccan Fulbright alumni lead personal and professional development workshops for underserved students at public universities. It aims at investing in the skills accumulated by the Moroccan Fulbright Alumni in the U.S. and the current U.S. grantees in Morocco and paying the investment forward with local capacity building and outreach activities.

Watch the caravan videos The alumni work on transferring the impact and knowledge to university students, and at the same time promoting the Fulbright program within Moroccan universities and widen the pool for Fulbright scholarships as well as build the Fulbright brand in regions underrepresented in Fulbright applications.


Fulbrighter is a new and exclusive online networking platform specifically designed for Fulbright alumni and grantees. It is a space where you can connect, network and engage with the global community of Fulbrighters. As well as keeping up to date with your Commission’s news and activities, you can: - Create your own profile and connect with Fulbrighters from around the world - Discover the dynamic research and practice going on around the world - Build networks of like-minded thinkers, practitioners and professionals - Offer support to new grantees and established Fulbrighters - Share your news, events and best practice - Collaborate on projects and ideas to enrich understanding of our complex, changing world.

Find out more about Fulbrighter and join the platform by visiting: https://fulbrighternetwork.com. The Fulbrighter App can also be downloaded from the Google Play and App stores.


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