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Just like the Finnish Education system itself, the program was an experiential, phenomenonbased, and cross-curricular undertaking.

providing a continuum of services,” says Judith

and beyond. Many of the participants are already

Dauman, Director Strategic Support and Innova-

working on ways to incorporate more opportunities

tion at Aurora Public Schools in Colorado.

and spaces for students to move, play, and socialize

As the Finnish education system is rooted in the values and culture of the Finnish society, the pro-

throughout the school day as afforded by the Finnish school day schedule.

gram shed some light onto these cultural and societal

“Our summer school program will pilot a

elements that contribute to its education system. The

learning-through-play Kindergarten class with

U.S. school leaders experienced nature school at the

a strong outdoor classroom component inspired

Nuuksio National Park in Espoo, tried the napakelkka

by the connection the Finns have to the outdoors.

carousel sled on the frozen sea, relaxed in the sauna

Conversations will continue at all levels about the

and even swam in the Baltic Sea. Heureka Science

role of homework as it relates not only to academic

Center was featured in the program as an example of

achievement, but to the work-life balance for all

new and diverse learning environments that play an

students. These initiatives move our programming

important role in the Finnish curriculum.

towards a healthier and happier learning experience and honor the whole child instead of the cur-

The Impact Continues to Grow

rent compliance-based wellness programming,”

While the program was brief, impact will continue

says Mary Anne Butler, Assistant Superintendent

to grow as the participants share the takeaways

at Stonington Public Schools.

with wider audiences in their school, home state

Joy of Creating Finland has been a longstanding leader in education. As a Fulbright Finland Inter-Country Travel Grant recipient, I gained a better understanding why. Loralie Heagy 2018–2019 Fulbright Finland Inter-Country Travel Grant Music teacher, non-profit director and teacher trainer Juneau, Alaska. Loralie came to Finland from the University of Strathclyde, UK where she is a Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching grantee. (Loralie top right in the photo.) Fulbright Finland Inter-Country Travel Grant www.fulbright.fi/ inter-country


hat makes the Fulbright Finland

teachers and pupils to take a creative approach

Inter-Country Travel Grant unique

to music and create their own compositions. The

is that school teachers are also eligi-

Finnish expression “ihan oma juttu” refers to the joy

ble to apply, not just scholars. Terhi Mölsä, Chief

that children can experience when creating their

Executive Officer of Fulbright Finland Founda-

own music. I was honored to attend the training as

tion, shared the reasoning behind their decision:

a member of the Musical Futures’ team and present

they value having teacher voice, viewpoint and

the Musical Futures approach to music-making in

expertise at the table when discussing solutions to

the school classroom.

today’s global challenges. This reason speaks to the

Thank you Fulbright Finland Foundation and

cross-disciplinary, holistic and innovative spirit of

the INTO Team for making my trip to Helsinki such

the Finnish education community.

a memorable and educational one. The time spent

During my five days in Helsinki, I had the oppor-

at the Fulbright Finland Foundation office talking

tunity to attend “Future Songwriting” training by

about educational issues is testimony to how sup-

INTO SCHOOL. The Creative Europe program of the

portive, involved and interested the entire Fulbright

European Commission selected Future Songwriting

Finland team is in forming lasting international

in July 2018 as the only major collaborative project

relationships with its grant recipients. I look forward

under Finnish management. Future Songwriting is

to connecting with the Fulbright Finland Alumni in

based on the INTO SCHOOL concept, developed in

Alaska now that I’m officially an alum!

Finland called Ihan Oma Juttu (my own thing). The main goal of the project is to make composing an integral part of music education, inspire

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