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MAY 2019


The FTD® Spring Morning™ Bouquet | S2T


Higher Order Values to Highlight

Mother's Day Dear Valued FTD Florist Partner, Hello everyone! I know you’re getting ready for Mother’s Day and we are as well. I hope you’ve had an opportunity to review our plans aimed at streamlining and simplifying fulfillment, helping you maximize your sales and sending more orders FTD! It’s business as usual at FTD, and we continue to listen, drive positive change and invest in new services and technologies to help you. We’re not going anywhere, so let’s review a few things we’re working on. Our focus on continuing to create a mutually beneficial partnership with you remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are looking forward to a strong Mother’s Day with higher average order values climbing well into the mid-$70s—a 7% increase compared to last year. And with consumer satisfaction scores rising on florist-filled products, we're drop shipping less and planning to increase the number of florist orders.

FTD is expecting a very strong Mother’s Day holiday period. Our orders will deliver average order values climbing well into the mid$70s—a 7% increase compared to last year, which is putting more profit in your pocket. With consumer satisfaction scores rising on floristfilled products, we’re drop shipping less and planning to drive even more than ever before. To help you simplify the fulfillment of FTD orders, only the Mother’s Day best sellers, the Birthday Brights™ Bouquet (BD2) and select Sympathy will be available for delivery starting on May 6 through May 12.

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The FTD® Sweet Spring™ Bouquet | S3

Starting on May 1, all of our florists were transitioned to the new Unlimited Coverage Plan. This exciting plan is an opportunity for you to no longer let your budget limit your opportunity for orders. With the elimination of the paper Membership Directory, the fixed monthly advertising costs are also eliminated. You tell us which ZIP codes you cover for FREE and pay $4.99 per order filled – all of which you can control. This is a big change for you and us, so please reach out if you have questions or concerns. We are also looking forward to our new florist websites launching this summer! This project has been in development since last year and the product is outstanding. A group of florists are finishing up beta testing now and when it is ready, we will launch broadly to all florists. The website will adapt to the type of device (mobile, table, PC) your customer uses to buy flowers from your shop, and it will be secure to protect your customers and you, plus much more! The Florist Advisory Council continues to be one way we are seeking feedback from florists as we strive to create a mutually beneficial partnership with you. If you’re interested in participating more in our surveys or focus groups, please reach out to us. You can learn more about the Council in the Florist Spotlight article on page 5. Your team at FTD looks forward to a great Mother’s Day and partnering with you today and well into the future SIncerely,

Executive Vice President Florist Division

Delivering an Exceptional Experience The final step to providing an exceptional customer experience is the delivery of a floral arrangement. FTD makes it easy to send a delivery confirmation with tools that give your delivery driver the ability to notify the customer that their FTD. com order was delivered real-time.

Unlimited Coverage Plan Starts May 1st FTD Florists will no longer pay for monthly directory advertising with the elimination of the paper Membership directory, which means that there are no longer monthly fees for towns and ZIP codes, facility listings, special listings, red ink or a directory subscription! We’ve completely re-imagined how you advertise for orders with the FTD Unlimited Coverage Plan. Starting on May 1, FTD is transitioning all florists to this plan. Florists can list all of the towns and ZIP codes where you want to deliver at no charge. This plan will no longer let your budget limit your opportunity for orders. With this results-based plan, you pay only $4.99 (USD and CAD) per order filled and eliminating the fixed monthly fees.



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Delivery Confirmation Tools The text delivery service is compatible with orders received through FTD Mercury Point of Sale and Mercury Cloud and can be used on any cell phone with texting capability. FTD Mercury X3 users have access to the FTD Mercury Mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) or Android devices. The mobile app enables point of sale users to keep up with the FTD Mercury Dashboard when on the go.

Learn more at delivery/tools.htm.



On the World's Stage


Australian named FTD World Cup Champion For flower lovers around the world, all eyes were on FTD World Cup 2019 hosted in March at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The three-day competition brought 23 of the top floral designers from around the globe under one roof. After completing six rounds of design tasks, Australia’s Bart Hassam took home the title of World Cup Champion, alongside first runner-up Natalia Zhizhko from Russia and second runner-up Tamás Mezöffy from Hungary. “This has been a really wonderful experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me,” declared Hassam during his acceptance speech. “I know that it is a rare opportunity [to compete in a World Cup] for anyone from any country, and I am thankful.”

FTD World Cup is held approximately every four to six years. This is the first time the three-day floral design competition was held in the United States since 1985.






All of the competitors’ floral creations remained on display in the Central Feature of the Philadelphia Flower Show for 10 days to be viewed by the show’s 250,000 visitors. “FTD was honored to have hosted such a prestigious international design competition and welcoming the floral community from around the world to the United States,” said Tom Moeller, FTD Executive Vice President, Florist. “It was an exciting competition and the talent in one room was incredible. It was a shining moment for FTD.”

For videos and more photos showcasing FTD World Cup, visit A. Australia’s Bart Hassam was named FTD World Cup Champion at a gala event. B. Tamás Mezöffy from Hungary competed on stage during the Final design task, Influence of Geometric Form. He placed third overall. C. Pirjo Koppi from Finland and her first prepared design, Harmony in Architecture. Koppi was a semi-finalist in the competition. D. 2002 Interflora World Cup Champion Per Benjamin from Sweden and local Philadelphia news reporter Alicia Vitarelli were the enthusiastic commentators for the competition. E. The World Cup competition was the main attraction at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show. F. Friends and family from around the world came to Philadelphia to cheer on their favorite competitor. A group from Spain supported competitor Lina Roig. G. Vincenzo Antonuccio from Italy is a second generation World Cup competitor. His father competed in the competition in Tokyo in 1989. H. Japan’s competitor Kazuhiro Sugimoto was a semi-finalist in the competition. J. Germany’s Stephan Triebe was one of five finalists in the competition. K. The third prepared design, Table for Two, created by Kelvin Lee from Chinese Taipei. L. Myeon Oh from Korea works on his hand-tied bouquet for the second prepared design task, Strength of Color. M. Natalia Zhizhko from Russia works on her first Surprise Package task. She placed second overall in the competition.













A. Margaret Fleegal from Twinbrook Floral Design in Chantilly, VA, receives a Top 100 Sender plaque from FTD Regional Vice President Jim Weedon (right). B. Ernest and Judy Wilson (center and right) from Ellijay Florist & Gifts in Ellijay, GA met up with FTD Regional Vice President Wendy McGoff at FTD World Cup in Philadelphia in March. The Wilsons won an all-expenses paid trip to the competition from FTD. C. A floral stylist adjusts a winter-themed sympathy wreath in the FTD Design Studio where the team is working on the new FTD Sympathy Floral Selections Guide available in Fall 2019. D. Everyone “Likes” a Parade Sweepstakes winner Samantha Welzbacher from The Flower Basket in San Antonio, TX, and her family enjoyed an all-expenses paid trip to the Rose Parade in January. E. FTD Vice President of National Accounts Ed Cronin (left) lobbied on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. as a part of SAF’s Congressional Action Days in March. F. The Flower Shop is a new training center at FTD Headquarters for employees to put themselves in our florists’ shoes to test new technology and products and services.

Your New eCommerce Solution – Coming Soon! With a commitment to innovation and marketing know-how, FTD is listening to your eCommerce needs. We’re excited to announce that new florist websites are coming this summer. Your floral expertise, paired with FTD’s technology, will redefine the floral website experience and grow your business. Let FTD be your new eCommerce solution coming in June 2019.





“Creating a mutually beneficial relationship” is the motto behind the Florist Advisory Council established by FTD last year. The purpose of the council is to energize and engage a diverse group of FTD Member Florists and to establish a trusted partnership between florists and FTD. Each member contributes their own unique knowledge, experience and expertise. The feedback from the council will help to effectively guide FTD in making ongoing improvements in florist and consumer experiences and building strong member relationships. The council members engage with FTD in a variety of ways including surveys, phone calls or in-person visits.

Who makes up the Council? The Advisory Council is made up of a diverse group of florists from across the U.S. and Canada. Members represent shops of all sizes and their personal backgrounds vary, as well. Some come from family-run florists and were born and raised in the industry. Others studied horticulture, earning a higher education degree. The council represents business owners, managers and designers, each bringing their own perspectives to the table. FTD spent some time talking with Florist Advisory Council members Eileen Looby Weber of Lake Forest Flowers in Lake Forest, IL and Kym Erickson of Soderberg’s Floral & Gift in Minneapolis, MN to learn more about their experience.

Kym Soderberg | Soderberg's Floral & Gift

As an FTD Member, why did you decide to participate in the Florist Advisory Council?

What has been the most effective way to work together?

Eileen: I enjoy collaborating with others for the betterment of our industry as a whole. In order to be successful, one must always be open to learning and change.

Eileen: I find the most effective way for the council to communicate is in person. We can point out examples of our discussions or points of interest during store visits and in-person meetings. Seeing the action in a flower shop can be extremely effective, especially since it’s difficult to put facial expressions and emotions into words.

Kym: I believe it’s helpful to have an open dialogue to discover what’s possible to make a successful florist delivery, along with ways to make the partnership between wire service and order takers both successful and profitable. What has your experience been with the council? Eileen: I enjoy working with people, so it’s been a pleasure sharing my business experiences in person and through surveys. Kym: I’ve been involved in surveys and do feel that FTD is listening.

Kym: Although surveys are important, I would like to see more face-to-face meetings with FTD and other council members. Therefore, we could better explain where we are personally coming from and how we can become better partners. What has happened as a result of the council’s input? Have you seen any improvements?

What types of topics are discussed?

Eileen: Yes, we were able to consolidate product offering at the holidays.

Eileen: Consumer buying habits and trends, employee hiring and searching, social media advertising, overall business growth challenges, and dealing with competition, to name a few.

Kym: I look forward to the possible changes and improvements regarding fresh flower procurement.

Kym: I’ve been participating in surveys relating to container selection and fresh flower procurement. Eileen Weber | Lake Forest Flowers

If you’re interested in learning more about joining the Florist Advisory Council, contact


FTD Boot Camp is worth every penny! It is fun and informative, and every presentation and hands-on design session teaches you something you didn’t know you didn’t know. I loved the mix of business and design. Very rarely do we have the opportunity to be trained on both by such accomplished professionals. – Andrea Mountain, Community Florist New Port Richey, FL

CELEBRATING VALENTINE'S DAY QUALITY Valentine’s Day 2019 was a great success thanks to the filling florists that delivered an exceptional quality experience. FTD wants to thank the shops that achieved an excellent Quality Rating of 98% or higher during the month of February. To view the list of these high quality shops, visit

Continuing Education IS KEY TO EXCELLENCE FTD is committed to providing member florists with access to worldrenowned business and design experts to help you increase your sales and profits and deliver an exceptional consumer experience. FTD Boot Camp, a three-day hands-on workshop Presented by Ann Jordan AIFD and Pete Samek AIFD August 5-7 and October 7-9 FTD Headquarters, Downers Grove, IL FTD Webinar Series How to Get a Flood of New Customers for Little or No Money – FREE Presented by Susan Negen, WhizBang! Training May 21 at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT Profitability Starts with Educated Buying – FREE Presented by Randy Wooten AIFD, Delorice’s Florist July 23 at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT Quality Matters – Improving Customer Satisfaction – FREE Presented by Keith Harbison AIFD, FTD Senior Manager of Quality Assurance September 17 at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT

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Hiring for Results – FREE Presented by Glenna Hecht, Humanistic Consulting November 12 at 4 pm ET/ 1 pm PT Missed a Webinar? All webinars are recorded and available for viewing at

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