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culture shock

7. Letter from the Editor

28. When Stars Fall Aligned 21. Polish it off!

8. Meet the Staff! 22. Therapy Session; 11.Directors Picks Sweat it Out. 12. Behind the Scenes 23. Tease Me Baby! 16. Health & Beauty 24. Expert Picks: 18. Unbeweavable! Kanvas 19. Nealth Hut; Beauty’s Switching up your Winter Must- snack choices Haves! never tasted so good. 34. Fashion 36. Keeping up with the Konsumers 37. Color Your World

Let the stars be your guide for beauty this season. Take your look to celestial levels by mixing retro-glam with modern elements to shoot it into cosmic scopes.

38. Lay it On Me

40. Accessory Trends

39. The Art of the Find 42. Trendy Travelista; Join the mile high fashion club. 43. Insider Picks: Cole Couture’s Fall Fundamentals.

46. Fashion Trends This season’s collections run the gamut from 70s throwback to futuristic metallics and from daring jewel tones to the simplicity of menswear.

54. Heart Of Darkness

50. Going All Out

52. You Look Like You’re From London.

65. Culture 66. Hail to the Ale 68. EuroTrip 69. Shed Your Baggage 70. Fall Music/ Movie Preview

Gothic inspiried romance haunts at Terror of Tallahassee. The horror, the horror.

72. Haute Dog 73. In Good Spirits 74. Men’s 76. Crisp and Casual 78. Camera Shy 80. In Layman’s Terms

71. Hoop There it is.

82. Dia de los Muertos

With bright colors and bold accessories, the Day of the Dead is more alive than you’d think.

94. Local 96. Taste Tallahassee 98. Meals on Wheels 100. Insider Closet 108. You Got Clutched

104. Shop Local

Fall Fashion Week Sunday November 6 - 10

Sun: 5K Race! 9am signup, 10am race starts at Sandals Mon: “Get Fit for Fall Fashion Week” 5-7pm on Landis Green Tues: Traveling Trunk Show! 5-8pm Wed: “Mixing with Mocktails” member mixer Strozier Cafe from 6-8pm Thurs: “There’s No Place Like Tallahassee” Fashion Show! 7pm

presented by

Collegiate Merchandising Association & Fashion Inc.


Ashley Wilso

Letter from the


I find it fitting that my last issue of CLUTCH (Cue tears! Violin music!) coincides with our celebration of Tallahassee culture. Spending the past three years at Florida State and through my work with CLUTCH, I’ve come to discover all that Tallahassee has to offer beyond campus: tempting eateries, exciting nightlife, boutiques to please every shopper’s delight and an endless array of local artists. As always, the production of CLUTCH was dependant upon the generosity of the community lending its clothing, services and talent. Additionally, the content of this issue spotlights the area’s cultural offerings. Features like “Meals on Wheels,” “Haute Dogs” and “Taste Tallahassee” serve as a guide to satisfying your cravings—locally, of course. We also seek advice (fashion, beauty, beer–you name it) from community experts and delve into the lives of local celebrities. We recognize, however, that a cultured lifestyle may carry you beyond the borders of Tallahassee. For this reason, we’ve also crafted articles to prepare you for your travels: packing tips, destination suggestions and international style inspiration. While exploring these local landmarks has been a thrill, some of my dearest Tallahassee memories were made in the production of CLUTCH, including spells of late-night editing delirium. I’m honored to have been a part of such an ambitious project with the best team I could ask for. I look forward to following the bright future of CLUTCH and its team!



Many Thanks, Ashley Wilson


meet the

Jana Kirn


Colleen Herrera

Dave Panton Brittany Bou-Sliman Emeri Lewkowicz

Karen Aplin Colleen Mitchell

Alanna Lewis Katalina Mitchell



Beauty Bookings Photography



Kate DeRespino Lindsay Shores

Arielle Krupitsky

Danielle Sanchez

Ashley Frey

Redmond Elizabeth p Katie Sap

Brittany Najmy






Public Relations


Quarter Moon Imports

Savvy shoppers check in regularly at Quarter Moon! Nestled in a 1940’s stone cottage in the Cottages at Lake Ella, Quarter Moon specializes in clothing with a bohemian flair. You will find a hand picked selection of fashion forward clothing at prices that are right for any budget. Browse Quarter Moon’s dazzling selection of jewelry and accessories. Great gifts and home décor too! There is so much packed into this boutique and new merchandise arrives every day. Check their facebook page for daily updates!

1641 N. Monroe In the Cottages at Lake Ella. 10

www.quartermoonimports.com 850-222-2254 promotion



Directors’ picks: Tallahassee Favorites

Elizabeth, Fashion: “Shopping at AvantGarb and other favorite vintage boutiques”

Emeri, Bookings: “Taking a break from studying to go paddleboarding at the Rez”

Colleen, Managing: “Eating outside at my favorite local restaurants”

Katie, Fashion: “Eating a delicious dinner at 101 with the girls and, of course, having a Bellini or two”

Danielle, Content: “Catching up with friends and getting work done at Black Dog Café” Colleen, Photography: “Going to Railroad Square Art Park stores, like The Other Side Vintage, and fun events, like First Fridays”

Arielle, Accounts: “Heading over to Lake Ella for a coffee at Black Dog Café and shopping at Quarter Moon” Katalina, Advertising: “Chillin’ with my friends in Historic Frenchtown”

Kate, Art: “Always making time for Paradigm... the happiest of all my hours”

Alanna, Advertising: “Breaking it down every Tuesday night on the top deck of AJ Sports Bar”

Jana, Styling: “Having fun with laser lights and PBR at the engine room”

Karen, Photography: “Lounging on my front porch with my pooch”

Lindsay, Art: “Hanging out with Jana at the engine room”

Brittany, Bookings: “Hitting up Midtown for shopping, eating or just a cup of coffee”

Ashley, Editor-in-Chief: “Living within a comfortable walking distance from Hiro’s, Momo’s and other easy-access noms”

Ashley, Menswear: “Going to Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery and scarfing down a pumpkin cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting”

Brittany, Public Relations: “Ordering Tomahawk Victory Fries—the true meaning of #winning”

Dave, Beauty: “Having Sunday brunch downtown at Andrew’s Capital Grill & Bar”




Can’t get enough

CLUTCH? Check out our blog at fsuclutch.wordpress.com to stay up-to-date between issues or visit us at: facebook.com/clutchmag @fsuclutchmag

ENVYous locks Crisace Hair Extensions at Envy Salon & Spa

by Katalina Mitchell

Want sexier, fuller hair in minutes? Envy Salon & Spa now offers Crisace Hair Extensions. These reusable extensions give the appearance of new color, length, and volume without the worry of commitment or damage. They can be applied either temporarily or semi-permanently.

For a natural look, Envy’s certified stylists can match the extensions to your current hair color.

926 N. Monroe St.

For a bolder statement, Envy also carries Crisace’s Fantasy Color Line, including red, pink, blue, green, and purple extensions.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call: 850.877.8070. promotion


UnbeWeaveable Detangling the mysteries of hair extensions by Dave Panton

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy fine hair,” a debonair prince yells to an ethereal captive, hidden high in her towered prison. Lonely for so long, the naïve girl throws down her flowing locks and the prince proceeds to climb up… and, well, the rest is history. This Brothers Grimm fairytale, in agreement with Willow Smith, demonstrates a woman’s eternal desire to whip her hair back and forth. But the question remains: how? Ladies, the answer is this: Weave. Without the proper education, things can get a little hairy. However, with some general knowledge, it is clear how simple taking your hair to great lengths can be. At the root of understanding extensions is the quality of their construction, which is in direct correlation to how the hair will perform. As a man-made fiber, synthetic hair extensions are at the primary level of hair extensions. The biggest concern with synthetic hair is the low versatility found within: No heat can be applied to synthetic hair, making curling, straightening and restyling nearly impossible. Also, the synthetic nature of the extension makes it difficult to blend. It moves differently, produces a different sheen and frequently becomes matted. For these reasons, it is used mainly for braiding. Human hair extensions are constructed of, as the name suggests, actual human hair. The cuticle layer of the hair defines the quality of this extension. This outermost lay-


er produces shine and provides protection. It is constructed of scales that look much like the roof of a house. The more compact and smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, the more shine and better quality. After choosing the appropriate fiber content of your hair extension, you must decide your method of attachment. Hair extensions can be sectioned into two categories: weft hair and keratin-tipped hair. Wefts are single strands of hair that have been sewn into a track, making a strip of hair. Weft is the most known form of extensions and can be used in a variety of situations, the most permanent being a sew-in. The natural hair is braided into a cornrow and then the weft of hair is sewn in with a needle and thread. This needs to be rebalanced, or unbraided, frequently. Keratin-tipped hair extensions are clumps of hair that have a keratin protein bead at the top that is bonded to a tiny section of the natural hair with a specialized heating tool. This provides a very natural hair extension with movement and unlimited styling options, and is nearly undetectable to the untrained eye. As we braid all the loose ends together, it is simple to see how hair extensions can pump up the volume in your life. Next time you’re having your Britney moment, don’t get your coifs all a muss; your options are truly unbeweaveable.

Hut Nealth H N Switching Up Your Snack Choices Never Tasted So Good by Corinne Bowden

Frozen Grapes

Throw a bag of grapes in the freezer for a sweet and refreshing pop! 1 cup is less than 100 calories and is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant.

Quaker Crispy Minis

With an average of about 10 calories per mini cake and sweet flavors such as Kettle Corn, Apple Cinnamon and Caramel Corn, feel free to snack on!

Fat Free Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with Calcium

One single serving package contains only 50 calories and 0 grams of fat!

Dove Dark Chocolate Squares

This treat is only 42 calories and 3 grams of fat per square. Full of cancerwarding antioxidants and proven to boost cardiovascular health, this treat is a healthful choice in moderation.

Pop Secret 100 Calorie Kettle Corn

The name says it all! With only 100 calories in each perfectly portioned single serving bag, you don’t have to feel guilty about polishing it off.

Root Beer Float

An unexpected item on the list! Combine diet root beer with 1/4 cup of light vanilla ice cream for a seemingly sinful treat.

Probiotic Low Fat Jala Bars

Found in the frozen novelty section of your local grocery store, these yummy yogurt bars help to maintain sound digestive health. Bonus: They don’t contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


by Valerie Martinez

In recent seasons, wellpolished nails have become as much of a statement-maker as the latest handbags or shoes. As we look to the runway shows and beauty giants’ collections for the latest and greatest in fingernail fashion, this fall is no different.

Au Naturale:

Nude nails are still being seen at major fashion shows, so if you haven’t yet picked up a flesh-toned polish, now is your chance! Essie offers a variety of buff shades and the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure collection has a polish to match any skin tone.

Rich Metallics:

Looking for a little more sparkle? Let your tips shine with a coat of liquid metal. Revlon’s fall collection will have you drooling over gorgeous gold and shimmering gunmetal shades. Chanel’s green-to-gold shade shifter, “Peridot,” is perfect for the changing seasons, while their tarnished silver sparkler, “Graphite,” is sure to complete any holiday party ensemble.

Dusty Chic:

Muted shades are surprisingly bold this season. OPI’s “Touring America” Fall 2011 collection includes fall must-haves like olive green, grey and navy that compliment utilitarian styles. To add an edgy touch to ladylike looks, Essie’s lineup offers warmer shades like deep rust, light khaki and taupe.

Works of Art:

Perfect for when monotone polish just isn’t enough, nail art has become wildly popular. Sophisticated and subtle, updated French and moon manicures were seen all over the fall runway. If you really want your nails to make a statement, the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips are an easy way to get over-the-top nail art in a flash. 21

by Dave Panton photography by Colleen Mitchell

Leave the bulk to your wardrobe this winter—Just because the temperature is dipping and the layers are adding doesn’t give reason to let yourself go. With global warming and Tallahassee’s erratic weather patterns, it will be scorching once again in the blink of an eye. As the season changes, switch up your workout, too! Get ripped and ready for swimsuit season while you can still hide under your puffer jackets. Rather than spending mundane afternoons slaving to the treadmill, try the hot craze that will really get you sweating. Try Sweat Therapy Fitness. Sweat Therapy Fitness is a studio that takes


Want a booty like Jennifer Lopez or the abs of Giselle Bundchen? Celebrities are praising this suspensionbased workout. The intensity of this workout is determined by foot position, eliminating dumbbells and the intimidation factor.

Getting a celebrity workout on a college budget. With various packages and student discounts, Sweat Therapy is the perfect complement to the traditional gym membership. You’re not working unless you’re Sweating! 22

you off endless hours of cardio and strength training and combines them into a diverse workout that proves to be fun and effective. The dynamic programs Sweat offers are focused on building strength and shedding pounds. Inspired by celebrity fitness, Sweat has taken the ultimate workout from L.A. to Tallahassee. Sweat offers a multitude of classes; however their most popular is called the Triple Play, combining the three most popular classes into an hour and a half of shedding fall’s forbidden pounds. In a recent interview with Sweat, they break down how the Triple Play can give you a preview of what Sweat Therapy has to offer.

Real Ryder

Think spin class on steroids. Real Ryder Bikes differ from stationary bikes with their ability to turn. This provides for a full body workout with a 20% increase over stationary bikes in calories burned, with a sneak attack on the core provided by the ability to turn.


Feel the rush with this full body workout, exerting 84% of the muscle mass. Using actual water, rather than a cable and fan, this simulates actual resistance of water. Endorsed by Olympic athletes, this will be sure to keep everything tight and right.

by Dave Panton photography by Colleen Mitchell

Feeling a little dull, lifeless and limp lately? If there is a single theme that is spotted on every magazine page, in nearly every designer’s campaign this season, it’s all about some tease! Pumping up the volume in your hair is sure to keep your nights scorching, even as we fall into brisk climates. Adding a little lift is simple to do, but to keep your look vampy vixen rather than a rat’s nest, let the following tips guide you. First, some surprising news: the dirtier your hair, the better. Hair that has skipped a few shampoos will have more grit and grip. (If your hair is freshly shampooed, spritz some hairspray at your root.) First, section your hair in a horseshoe parting at the parietal ridge, or where your head starts to round out, in laymen’s terms. This section is where you will tease: Acquire the necessary tools. A teasing brush works best, but any toothed item works, as well: brush, comb, fork (in dire situations. Take a small subsection, about 1” x 3”, and over-direct the hair forward. With the section past a 90° angle, begin teasing. Starting in the back of the subsection, tease in a c-shaped motion and backcomb the hair three times. Then move to the front of the subsection and lock the tease; push the tease down to compact it closer to the root, giving supreme lift. Repeat as many times as necessary, then move on to the next section. A key tip to remember: the bigger, the better. Also, don’t worry if it looks a little nesty at this point; you’ll take care of that next. After finishing the entire horseshoe section, it’s time to smooth things out. Using your brush, gently smooth out the top layer and adjust the height. Go out and get to teasing… guys that is.


Insider Picks

Kanvas Beauty’s Winter Must-haves by Danielle Sanchez

photography by Colleen Mitchell

During the scorching Florida summer, stepping outside without brightly polished nails, a pack of oil blotters and sunscreen (SPF infinity) was unheard of. This winter season, beauty trends are headed toward the dark

side while our skin is begging for hydration. For exciting beauty trends and the most hydrating skin products, we turned to the local expertise of skin specialist Lisa Mergel and her Kanvas Beauty staff.

What is the biggest nail color trend for this season? Shimmery blue slates, gray-purples and graphites: Zoya Cynthia – a very dark slate blue Zoya Petra – a muted gray-purple Zoya Tao – a shimmery graphite

What is your favorite face cleanser for the fall and winter seasons?

What is your favorite mask for the fall and winter seasons?

What is your favorite moisturizer for the fall and winter seasons?

FarmHouse Fresh Pajama Paste Soothing Yogurt Mask: “This mask is not only a super hydrator, but also helps to reduce redness and minimize the appearance of large pores.”

Rhonda Allison Ultra Hydrating Cream: “This rich moisturizer helps bind water to the skin, leaving it well-hydrated and silky smooth.”

Rhonda Allison Pumpkin Cleanser with Lactic Acid: “This daily all-purpose cleanser has a wonderful pumpkin scent and removes surface dirt while protecting against free radicals.”

What is the biggest lip color trend for this season?

What is the biggest eye shadow trend for this season?

Nudes for smoky eyes and red for the classic, sophisticated look: Julie Hewett Edie Lipstick Lipstick Queen Saint Red Lipstick

Smoky metallic or simple matte lid with a dark liner solely on the top lid (Lots of lashes are a must this season!): Julie Hewett Gel Eyeliner Eve Pearl Metallic Eye Palettes Julie Hewett Make Your Own Eye Palette Vincent Longo Concerto Shimmer Eyeshadow


Aesthetic & Laser Services by

A PAT H wAy T O w E L L N E S S

Student Discounts Available Becoming You is the only Aesthetic center in North Florida that offers the Hydrafacial.

1401 Centerville Road, Suite 705 Tallahassee, Florida 32308 | (850) 294-5710 www.BecomingYouOnline.com

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on facebook to find current specials and events.


means you are now closer to quality care for women at North Florida Women’s Care. Our trusted staff specializes in Gynecology and makes your yearly visit easy. We are conveniently located at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and offer free wi-fi during your visit. Call today to make your appointment!


Meet the Board Certified Staff

Robert Ashmore, MD

A.J. Brickler, III, MD

Vikki McKinnie, MD

Arthur Clements, MD, Ph.D

David O’Bryan, MD

David Dixon, DO

Shannon Price, MD

Andrea Friall, MD

Alex Franz, MD

Lori Rosenberg, MD

Christopher Sundstrom, MD

Kenneth McAlpine, MD

Terrie Tullos, ARNP-C


The Care You Deserve and The Trust You Expect

NFWC offers yearly routine exams as well as the following services: - Pap Smears - Birth Control / Contraception - Pelvic Pain

- Family Planning - Gardasil / HPV Vaccinations - Menstrual Dysfunction

Online Patient Services provides access to: - Request Appointments - Request Medication Refills - Review Medical Information - Online Payments - Educational Programs and much more!


- STD Screening - Safe Sex Counseling - Endometriosis Management

Free Wi-Fi

Visit us online at www.NFLWC.com

1401 Centerville Road, Suite 202 | Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Virgo The feminine Virgo represents change between seasons, from summer to fall. The soft Virgo bears tremendous passion, but tends to be na誰ve and shy. Soft, glamour waves, pinned half-up with volume in the crown, convey her feminine way, while a deep smolder under the eye expresses her passion. 28

Let the stars be your guide for beauty this season. Take your look to celestial levels by mixing retro-glam with modern elements to shoot it into cosmic scopes. photographed by Marcus Duval

Libra Steadily seeking balance, the Libra is strong-willed and bold. With a charming nature, the Libra entices the masses through her honesty and trustworthiness. A textured side chignon, balanced by delicate waves on the opposite side, looks stellar paired with her bold eyes, taking inspiration from the sun falling into the night sky. 29

Scorpio The Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with. This fierce sign is mysterious and magnetic, sensual and passionate. Glamour waves and extreme volume emulate her passion, luring her love with a bold, pungent lip and creating mystery with spider lashes. 30

Sagittarius The pleasant and friendly Sagittarius is independent and craves freedom. This vivacious sign is full of life, seen through her metallic, smoky eye with a pop of teal. Her deep, sleek side part with glamour waves is befriended by soft braids, capturing her spirited and bubbly personality. Beauty Director: Dave Panton. Models: Francia Yang, Amanda Andary, Ashley Smoot, Kaitlin Wakefield. Make-up: Siteria Gregory. Hair: B Kauffman and Sarah Ann McClure at Haute Headz.


519 W. Gaines Street


Find your fashion.


1447 Thomasville Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32303. (850) 224-0414 www.hauteheadzsalon.com Hours: Mon 9am-6pm, Tues-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 11am-5pm


Cout ure

fa s h


Jason Wu for Target

As the dust just barely settled from the Missoni for Target frenzy, Target quickly announced that they are collaborating with Jason Wu to create a limited edition collection. His concept is to bring consumers clothing that is convertible from day to night. You can expect to see romantic lace, bright floral and feline-inspired prints in women’s clothing and accessories. Mark your calendar for the arrival of affordable femme, February 2012!

H&M Conscious Collection Fall 2011 Swedish retailer, H&M is known for providing fast-fashion to consumers at a reasonable price. Not only are they aware of current trends in fashion, but they also follow trends in green living in their Conscious Collection. The line consists entirely of garments made with organic cotton, as well as recycled wool and organic hemp fibers. The line was inspired by Swedish folklore, with rich floral patterns and ladylike dresses. Eco-friendly and wallet-friendly, what could be better?

Karl Lagerfeld to Produce Perfume

Karl Lagerfeld is most famously known for being Creative Director of Chanel. Many individuals adore his designs, follow his unique style and look forward to the newest innovation up his sleeve. Finally, you can smell like him! His next venture is a namesake fragrance. KarlĂŠidoscope features floral tones, with a mix of violet and freesia. Aside from the bold aroma, Karl Lagerfeld very cleverly packaged the perfume as a working kaleidoscope! You can find this one-of-a-kind scent exclusively at Sephora.


by Elizabeth Redmond

by Kelsey Bell

With the potential to influence an emotion, envelope a concept, and convey an idea, color is—in one word—powerful. The capacity to completely alter a look in everything from a runway collection to an interior-decorating concept is compelling and useful for all levels of product interaction, all the way from the designers to the consumers who purchase and pair pieces together. This season Pantone, the world’s color development innovators, has unveiled the newest additions to the catalog of alreadyestablished colors. Pantone has released 175 new colors that encompass all areas of the color spectrum, making for a distinct array of choices. In accordance with the trending colors for this season, the most dominant color additions can be found in such hues as green, purple, brown, and orange. Pantone consistently uses unique differentiating names when identifying

the colors. The names of the new 175 are certainly no exception to this standard. The orange family welcomes new additions toting names such as “Tangerine Tango,” “Cinnamon Stick,” and “Marmalade.” The brown hues being welcomed are elemental of an intense dark brown, some fittingly named “Ganache” and “Chocolate Torte.” The green family—a jewel tone family very important for this season—embraces a slightly larger set of additions than most, given the rising status of the color set. The newest green colors are branded with names such as “Jolly Green,” “Belgian Block,” and “Climbing Ivy.” All colors in the spectrum, especially the ones identified above, have unique names and deeprooted developed color, making the recent additions welcomed by all segments of the color spectrum. Pantone’s color development is one of the many innovations rocking the fashion industry and all related aspects of creative culture.


by Jana Kirn photography by Karen Aplin

1st layer: Leggings and maroon long sleeve fitted tee

1st layer: black tights and black fitted long sleeve tee

2nd layer: long sleeved blue ombre sweater

2nd layer: Corduroy shorts and cropped leopard sweater

3rd layer: Multi striped sweater

3rd layer: grey cocoon sweater

Finish with: Thigh high socks underneath tall boots 38

Finish with: socks underneath boots and a black scarf

It’s that time of year when the thought of stepping outside is so painful that we wish our clothes were insulated with heaters. Now is the best time to pile on the layers and use some of those summertime staples usually pushed to the back of our closets. Tights, leggings, fitted long sleeve tees, and sweaters are the key players in this layer game. Layer free-flowing and oversized garments on top of tight-fitting pieces. (Wearing a fitted garment as a bottom layer is a simple way to maintain your body heat!) Try to get creative with your layering. Summer’s cute cut-off shorts can still be worn over tights and a loose tank can be thrown over a long sleeve shirt. Layering allows you to incorporate multiple colors and textures in one outfit. Having sleeves poke out of sweaters and socks stick out of boots creates an interesting tiered effect. Small pops of colors are all you need to make your outfit more fun (and a pair of socks keeps your wallet thick and your toes toasty.) Here are two layered looks for fall that will help you get through Tallahassee’s temperatures.

Knit Sweater, October Sky $59 Spriggs; Faded Blue Shirt, Young, Fabulous, & Broke, $122 Spriggs Accessories; Black Pants, Sanctuary Clothing, $88 Dillard’s; Ring, $19 Spriggs Accessories; Cross Necklace, $25 Spriggs Accessories; Black Knee High Boot, $80 Narcissus Mix; Braided Bracelet White, $ 8 BluHeaven Boutique; Braided Bracelet Black, $8 BluHeaven Boutique; Grey socks, stylist’s own. Black Boots, GC Shoes, $66 Narcissus Mix; Corduroy Shorts, Gianni Bini $78 Dillard’s; Grey Sweater, Gianni Bini $98 Dillard’s; Leopard Crop, French Connection, $98 Cole Couture; Black Undershirt, Karlie $34 Cole Couture; Ivory Leg Warmers, Way Out West; Belt, Cowboy Belt, $38 Cole Couture; Tights, stylist’s own. Model: Madeline Smith

Most people have heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” However, many of us struggle with this concept because one of the primary issues concerning the goal of the ever-growing closet is money. Alternative resources for shopping like Goodwill, Etsy, eBay and thrift stores are the perfect solutions. There is no doubt that many of us have been offered these ideas before, but how many of us have actually tried it?

by Colleen Mitchell photography by Karen Aplin

The following tips will put you well on your way to mastering the art of the find: Only explore these sites and stores if you are feeling patient. You have to be willing to spend a lot of time looking. It’s likely that you will come across a dozen misses before finding that one hit.

Tailoring is always an option. Don’t veto a piece just because it’s not a perfect fit. Many items can be transformed (inexpensively!) with simple tailoring.

Do Not be deterred by sizes. Many sizes labeled years ago are not consistent with today’s sizes. Most of the sizes were actually much smaller, so you will typically wear a bigger size in vintage or thrifted clothing.

Get friendly with your washing machine. Many people are hesitant to wear preowned clothing due its unknown origin. Goodwill and other thrift stores inspect their clothing before putting it out for sale, but throwing your buy in the wash before wear wouldn’t hurt either.

Black dress eBay store: meat-market $20

Teal top

eBay store: twitchvintage $13

Tassel necklace Goodwill $3


thrift store: Civvies in Savannah, GA $5

Jean shorts

Etsy store: FieldsofWheat $8


Accessory photography by Karen Aplin


Party Animal

Everyone and their kittens have taken to the leopard print trend. Explore the animal kingdom in python accessories; naturally, we recommend a clutch.

Feminine Forces

Cleopatra, Wonder Woman, Xena the Warrior Princess—You know them for their zeal and power, but have you ever noticed the likeness of their jewelry? Make your own statement with these clean-cut plated accessories. 40

Shady Lady

Where in the world in Carmen Sandiego? Hat shopping, of course. Take a cue from this mysterious globe-trotter in a wide-brimmed hat.

Falling in loaf

Take the classic penny loafer to new heights. Tassels add boyish charm to your school uniform.

looking well rounded If you’re tired of your Wayfarers, switch them out for some circular sunnies. After all, they were John Lennon’s favorite accessory. (Second only to Yoko Ono.)

Floppy Hat, $35, Avant Garb; Black Pump, Kate Spade, $350, Narcissus; Black Clogs, Jeffrey Campbell, $135, Narcissus; Gold cuff, Susan Shaw, $36, Cole Couture; Sunglasses with taupe giraffe-esque details, $12, Avant Garb; Sunglasses with silver cut-out, $12, Avant Garb; Python Clutch, Brighton, $120, Narcissus; Teal Snake Skin Clutch, Urban Expressions, $47, Narcissus; Rectangle ring, $19, Spriggs Accessories.


Trendy Travelista

by Katie Sapp photography by Karen Aplin

join the (mile) high-fashion club

Whether traveling on a short jet set or a long red-eye flight, there is always an outfit both trendy and comfortable to throw together before take-off. When looking to dress comfortably on a flight, resorting to sweatpants is a mistake made far too often. There are plenty of ways to incorporate comfort in style, leaving no reason to dress inappropriately at the airport. One of the most comfortable garments a girl can own is a maxi dress. You could even take advantage of the new maxi skirt trend by pairing one with a soft cotton v-neck and a pretty cardigan. Finish it off with some great accessories and a pair of flat boots and you’re ready to go—chic and cozy.


Dressing it up in the airport can also be done effortlessly. Start the look off with a great pair of stretchy skinnies. If you’re feeling daring, try them in a bold color. On top, an oversized poncho over a fitted tee adds flow and ease to your look. Ultimately, the key to this outfit lies in the shoes. When looking for comfort in a heel, go for the wedge. They’re stylish, easy to walk in and virtually pain-free. Put together this trendy get-up and you’ll be ready to start your vacation once the plane lands. Keep these tips in mind before take off and you will surely be a hit!

White Poncho, Karlie, $78 Cole Couture; Pants, JBrand $154 Cole Couture; Striped Shirt, Ella Moss $72 Cole Couture; Watch, Geneva Platnium, $45 Narcissus; Bangles, $14 BluHeaven Boutique; Shoes and Elephant Necklace, Stylist’s own.Blue Maxi Skirt, French Connection, $88 Cole Couture; Garnet Long Sleeve Shirt, Michael Stars, $52 Cole Couture; Knit Sweater, Kensie, $88 Dillard’s; Braided Belt, Cowboy Belt, $68 Cole Couture; Ring, $19 Spriggs Accessories Store; Gold Cuff, $18 Spriggs; Stylist’s own shoes, Models: Alyssa Vuelma, Katelin Schnorr

By Brittany Bou-Sliman photography by Annie Elizabeth

Look no further than CLUTCH and Cole Couture to amp up your fall wardrobe. Carrie McNeil, Cole Couture owner and buyer, suggests her favorite in-store pieces incorporating this season’s trends. Get ready for the temperature change by mixing and matching these trends or pairing with staple pieces. Bell Bottoms Citizens of Humanity Angie Basic Super Flare $188, JBrand $192 (far left) Faux Fur Vest Ella Moss Animal Prints French Connection Leopard Print Crop (top left,) Veronica M. Diamond back Dress $98 (top right) Cat Eye Sunglasses Ray Ban $129 Tie Neck Blouses Veronica M. $52 Colored Denim JBrand Skinny Leg $142



With the Spriggs

Q. What sets Spriggs apart from other boutiques? A. We stay true to our roots, we don’t jump around trying to be everything to everybody. We’re your everyday casual, yet chic. Price point and customer service are equally important as the collections themselves. Q. How did Spriggs get it’s start? A. A shopping problem! I decided to turn a serious fault into a livelihood. I’m a sucker for dresses, a great white tee shirt and cocktail rings, an obsession you’ll see play out at all of our stores. I work really hard to find beautiful things that don’t cost a fortune. You can wear a 16 dollar tee shirt, with a 25 dollar necklace and look like a million bucks. I try to create collections that are relevant to the current trends without going overboard. Q. What brands are you stocking? A. We don’t label chase ever, we have a few that we proudly stock like Young Fabulous & Broke, Lucky Brand apparel-footwear-handbags and accessories, LA made tees and dresses, but honestly we sell more smaller design house dresses under 59 bucks than anything. We get new shipments every Thursday and Friday, so our girls knows she can find new goodies weekly. Style really is how you wear your garments, not how much you spend on them. Q. Any specific trends we’ll spot this season at Spriggs? A. There really is, loving the wide leg pants, feminine silky blouses, the colorful ethnic inspired ponchos, leather bags and boots, and ballet flats. I love that the 70’s is inspiring so many designers. Lucky Brand does the whole laid back bohemian luxe better than anybody for the price point. Their woven’s and knit sweaters, leathers and accessories are simply delicious this season, very cool detailing.


LUXE 6800 Thomasville Rd 850-894-263 1433 Market Street 850-765-0630 105 S. Broad Street 229-236-0117 www.spriggslaidbackluxe.com promotion


Ch ip


wn Thro

Rus ty




Wo nd erful objects for you r home and soul


us ty

2030-5 Thomasville Rd. (850) 727 483 4

New. locally owned sho p o n the fring es of Midtown. Please come visit & g et in spired a bout you r home & per so nal s tyle!


In the 21st century, innovation doesn’t end with tech toys. For fall fashion, channel your inner Zenon, wearing head-to-toe metallics.


BCBGeneration t-shirt, $58, BCBG; BCBGeneration pant, $98, BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA belt, $48, BCBG; Bracelet, earrings and shoes, stylist’s own. Karlie shirt, $68, Cole Couture; Sanctuary Clothing sweater, $149, Dillards; David Khan pants, $160, Narcissus; Geneva Platinum watch, $45, Narcissus; Disc ring, $19, Spriggs Accessories; Shoes, stylist’s own. Vince Camuto sweater, $150, Dillards; Disco dress, $10, Avant Garb; GC Shoes boots, $66, Narcissus Mix; Urban Expressions clutch, $48, Spriggs Accessories; Metallic necklace, $29, Spriggs Accessories; Tights, stylist’s own.

This season’s collections run the gamut from 70s throwback to futuristic metallics and from daring jewel tones to the simplicity of menswear. photography by Karen Aplin

Muted grey and basic blacks are (art) history. Bold jewel tones will turn your wardrobe into a masterpiece. Explore the style spectrum with monochromatic color; pick your favorite hue and wear it in different shades.

BCBG MAXAZRIA dress, $178, BCBG; Urban Expressions snakeskin clutch, $47, Narcissus; Geometric necklace, $8, Cole Couture; Braided bracelet, $8, BluHeaven; Boots, Spriggs Accessories; Watch and tights, stylist’s own. BCBG MAXAZRIA short, $139, BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA blouse, $218, BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA jacket, $228, BCBG; Tights, shoes and jewelry, stylist’s own. BCBG MAXAZRIA turtleneck, $ 68, BCBG; 5th Culture blouse, $52, Spriggs Accessories; Gold chain necklace, $29, Avant Garb; Boots, Spriggs Accessories; BCBG MAXAZRIA belt, $48, BCBG; Pants and ring, stylist’s own.


Join the boys’ club. For ladies, seek menswear inspiration in suit separates, heeled loafers and soft button-down blouses. A neutral color palette and pareddown tailoring allow for feminine make-up and bold accessories.


Chelsea & Violet jacket, $118, Dillards; Michael Kors blouse, $99.50, Dillards; Lucky Brand necklace, $ 39, Spriggs Accessories; Trina Turk pant, $240, Narcissus; Geneva Platinum watch, $45, Narcissus; Street Level handbag, $65, Narcissus Mix; Shoes, stylist’s own. Black Halo pant, $240, Narcissus; Bracelet, $28, Narcissus; Scarf, $15, Avant Garb; Willow & Clay jacket, $98, Dillards; Handbag, Cole Couture; Kate Spade shoes, $350, Narcissus; Watch and shirt, stylist’s own. Waverly Grey blouse, $170, Narcissus; CHAIKEN and CAPONE pant, $238, Narcissus; Black Bowtie, Avant Garb; Vintage scarf, $12, Avant Garb; Glasses, $10, Avant Garb; Silver Stacked Bracelets, $126, Narcissus; Silver chained linked bracelet, $20, Narcissus Mix; Bag and shoes, stylist’s own.

Send your inner dancing queen to Studio 54, adding disco flare into your wardrobe. Incorporate the 70s trend into your routine with a fur vest or wide-leg jeans.

Vince Camuto blouse, $99, Dillards; Vince Camuto vest, $175, Dillards; BCBGeneration pant, $128, BCBG; Chique Totes handbag,Way Out West; Jeweled ring, $19, Spriggs Accessories; Shoes, stylist’s own. Vintage blouse, $12, Olde Fields; Sanctuary Clothing jacket, $159, Dillard’s; Willow & Clay vest, $79, Dillard’s; James Jeans pant, $172, Narcissus; Geometric Necklace, $8, Cole Couture; Metallic ring, $19 Spriggs Accessories; Sunglasses, $12, Avant Garb; Belt and necklace, stylist own. Gianni Bini dress, $118, Dillards; Cowboy Belt, $68, Cole Couture; ADA Handbags belt, $60, Narcissus; Black Beaded Ring, $15, Cole Couture; Brown Bangle with gold jewels, $15, Narcissus Mix; Brown ribbed bangle, $15, Narcissus Mix; Tights, vest and black beaded bracelet, stylist’s own. Fashion Directors: Katie Sapp and Elizabeth Redmond. Models: Lauren Schwartzmen, Lisa Ryan, Blake Newton, Jourdan Fuentes. Hair: Envy Salon & Spa. Makeup: Kanvas Beauty.


Going All Out

making the most of your Tallahassee nightwear by Molly McKenna and Ashley Wilson photos by Karen Aplin

Nightclubs are dark and crowded, yes, but the critical flash of the Nightlife Unleashed cameras is always just around the corner. You have enough to worry about when partying (Who’s going? Where’s Doug? What do we do with this tiger?) so CLUTCH has compiled a guide to bear some of this burden. Here, we provide inspiration for fitting into the distinct look of three Tallahassee favorites:

the engine room


Rule #1 at this Railroad Ave. venue is no heels. Luckily, this will allow you to dance comfortably at visiting artist shows or weekly dance party, Menace Beach. Top off your flats with casual cut-offs and a lightweight blouse (feel free to go sheer.)

If you’re in the mood for a two-step (and really, when aren’t you?) go country in a bright dress and cowboy boots. If you want to ride the mechanical bull, plan ahead—wear shorts, instead.


Gather up the gals for ladies’ night every Friday. There’s sure to be a crowd, so you’ll want to stand out in your party pants (or shorts.)

Engine Room: Blazer, French Connection, $128 Cole Couture; Vintage Shorts, Memphis, $15 Olde Fields; Brown Bracelet with Jewels, $15 Narcissus Mix; Brown Bracelet, $15 Narcissus Mix; Shirt and shoes, Stylist’s own. 20/20: Black Sequin Shorts, Sugar Lips, $55 BluHeaven Boutique; Ivory Button Down, BCBGeneration, $94 Cole Couture; Necklace, $8 Cole Couture; Bandeau, $36 Cole Couture; Black Bracelet, $21 Spriggs Accessories Store; Shoes, Stylist’s own. Stetson’s: Nisha Dress, Tolani, $118 Cole Couture; Leather Braid Bracelet, $14 Avant Garb; Black Bead Bangles, $30 Narcissus; Ring, $ 19 Spriggs Accessories Store; Bracelet, $10 Spriggs Accessories Store; Cowboy Boots, Stylist’s own. Models: Alyssa Vuelma, Amy McGrath


Narcissus With three locations, let Narcissus become your new home for everything chic, sophisticated, and stylish. The main location on Market Street is the definitive home of fashion in Tallahassee—offering Tory Burch shoes, dresses, and denim from all of your favorite brands like Hudson, James Jeans, and DL1961. The newest addtion to Narcissus’s denim selction, DL1961, with their innovative 4 way stretch, are sure to become the jeans you can’t wait to wear—offered in color and high waist, flare, and skinny styles. In addition to the original location, be sure check out Narcissus Mix at Midtown for a modern mix of clothing, shoes, and accessories. They’re now carrying

Narcissus Mix at Midtown 1122 Thomasville Road (By Mid-Town Filling Station) 850.210.0010 Narcissus 1410 Market Street 850.668.4807 Pink Narcissus 1350 Market Street 850.597.8201 promotion

Armcandy jewelry, a favorite of all the staffers. These boho-chic bracelets come in a variety of colors and the more, the better! At only $30, these make a great gift for others (and for yourself!). This midtown location can even become your favorite new Happy Hour spot. They offer new specials and deals every Friday afternoon. Check out their Facebook page (facebook.com/narcissusmix) for all of the latest stylish steals each week. Don’t forget about their newest location, Pink Narcissus, the first and only Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store in Tallahassee. This eclectic collection of Narcissus stores makes up a haven for every stylista.

by Stacey Lamb


Functional & Fun

The Grey Fox

Your family connection to

Heart of


Gothic-inspired romance haunts at Terror of Tallahassee. The horror, the horror. photographed by Marcus Duval

On Christianni: 213 by Michelle Kim Dress, $109, Cole Couture; Charlie Horse boots, $159.95, Way Out West; BCBG MAXAZRIA belt, $48, BCBG belt, $20, Avant Garb, Disc ring, $19, Spriggs Accessories; Claire Varnedoe Designs ring, $34, Cole Couture; Tights, Stylist’s Own. On Katie: Marineblue dress, $39.99 Olde Fields; BCBGeneration, $78, BCBG; Dolce Vita jacket, $135, Narcissus; Vince Camuto skirt, $89, Dillards; Clutch, $48, Cole Couture; Bangle set, $14, BluHeaven; Ring, shoes, scarf and tights stylist’s own.

Yag top, $29.99, Olde Fields; Cowboy Belt, $38, Cole Couture; Tulle coat, Cole Couture; 3-D Belt co. belt, $40, Way Out West; BCBG MAXAZRIA romper, $148, BCBG; necklaces and tights, stylist’s own.

Milly dress, $395, Narcissus; Karlie shirt, $78, Cole Couture; Susan Shaw bracelet, $36, Cole Couture; Powder River Outfitters vest, $89.95, Way Out West; Cross necklace, $18 Avant Garb; Layered necklace, $35, BluHeaven; Tights, scarf and shoes, stylist’s own.

On Katie: Vintage Saks 5th Ave. dress, $32, Avant Garb; BCBG MAXAZRIA fur vest, $348, BCBG; Vintage scarf, $12, Avant Garb; Rosary necklace, $38, Way Out West; Ruby rosary, $16, Avant Garb; Bamboo cross necklace, $18 Avant Garb; Bracelet and Shoes, stylist’s own. On Teah: BCBG MAXAZRIA maxi skirt, $88, BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA sweater, $258, BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA belt, $88, BCBG; Red woven scarf, $16, Cole Couture; Jewelry, plaid scarf and shoes, stylist’s own.

On Casey: Dress, Spriggs, $78; Michael Stars t-shirt, $52, Cole Couture; Clutch, $65, Narcissus; ADA Handbags belt, $60, Narcissus; Belt, $20, Avant Garb, Coral cowboy, $269.95, Way Out West; Bracelet, cuff and hat, stylist’s own. On Katie: Ryu halter dress, $79.95, Way Out West; Iron Horse, cuff, Way Out West; Beaded bracelet, $28, Spriggs Accessories; BCBGeneration dress, $88, BCBG, Garnet and gold bangle, $10, BluHeaven; Shoes and tights, stylist’s own. On Teah: BCBGeneration sweater, $138 BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA belt, $48, BCBG; BCBG MAXAZRIA jacket, $398, BCBG; ark & co. dress, $80, Narcissus Mix; Street Level bag, $70, Narcissus; scarf, $15 Avant Garb; necklaces, stylist’s own.

On Katie: Ring, $28, BCBG; La Mer watch, $98, Narcissus; BCBG MAXAZRIA pants, $138, Narcissus; Loula Belle bangles, $25, Way Out West; GC Shoes boots, $80, Narcissus Mix; Blue Note dress, $27.99, Olde Fields; Byron Lars tank, $176, Narcissus; Necklace, $36, Spriggs; Socks and hat, stylist’s own.On Teah: Cuff, $18, Spriggs; Betsey Johnson skirt, $69, Narcissus Mix; Pants, $49, Spriggs; Waverly Grey top, $170, Narcissus; Claire Varnedoe Designs necklace, $34, Cole Couture; BCBG MAXAZRIA blazer, $298, BCBG;Shoes, stylist’s own. On Christianni: BCBG MAXAZRIA legging, $118, BCBG; Sanctuary Clothing jacket, $159, Dillards; Willow & Clay blazer, $98, Dillards; Tulle cardigan, $54, Cole Couture; belt, $12, Avant Garb; Mustard Crop, $38, Spriggs;Belt, $12 Avant Garb; shoes, stylists own. On Casey: Vince Camuto top, $79, Dillards; Skirt, Waverly Grey skirt, $160 Narcissus; Twisted Hearts vest, $190, Narcissus; BCBG MAXAZRIA blouse, $168, BCBG; Revolver necklace, $14, Avant Garb; Anchor Necklace, $15, Avant Garb; Hat, bracelet, tights and shoes, stylist’s own.

Photography Directors: Karen Aplin and Colleen Mitchell. Styling Director: Jana Kirn. Models: Christiani Pitts, Kathryn Wahl, Teah Cardeliac, Casey Hazard. Hair: Hair on Earth. Make-up: Siteria Gregory. Location: Terror of Tallahassee.

by Katalina Mitchell photography by Karen Aplin


For the beer novice, choosing an ale or lager can seem pretty intimidating. There are hundreds of styles available and sometimes finding the right one can be a challenge. Here’s a simple guide with advice from our local experts at The Mid-Town Filling Station, Alexa Barket and Aubrey Young, that may help you find the right brew. Cheers! LAgers are the most common type of beer, made from malted barley and yeast that ferments at the top of the barrel. Three popular types are pale, pilsner, and dark. PALE Pale is the most popular style of lager, known for its mild hop taste and heavy carbonation. Examples: Stella Artois, Miller High Life, Busch Light Suggested Food Pairing: Try pairing a pale lager with spicy foods, fish, or lobster. DARK As the title suggests, this lager tends to be extra dark in color. In flavoring, they are a 50/50 blend of hop intensity and bitterness. Examples: Michelob Dark, Beck’s Dark Suggested Food Pairing: Hearty foods, like barbecued or smoked meats, go best with dark lagers. PILSNER Pilsner is the oldest type of lager. It is typically a transparent, gold color and is known for its hearty hops flavoring. Examples: Dos Equis, Pilsner Urquell Suggested Food Pairing: Best served with lighter foods like chicken, salad and salmon.


ALES ferment over a short time frame and at a warmer temperature than lagers. This process makes for a fruity, smoother tasting beer. PALE Pale ales can be recognized by their bronze or copper coloring and their distinct, hoppy bite. Examples: Michelob Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Suggested Food Pairing: Great with a variety of foods, especially burgers. BROWN This ale is popular for its mixture of nutty, sweet, and slight hoppy tastes. It is a creamy ale with a low alcohol content. Examples: Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale Suggested Food Pairing: Roasted pork or smoked sausage are a perfect match for this ale. PORTER Porters are light and smooth in taste, with high alcohol content. Examples: Sierra Nevada Porter, Fuller’s London Porter Suggested Food Pairing: Terrific with roasted or smoked meats and blackened fish. STOUT Stouts are known for their dark, sometimes even opaque, color and rich, roasted flavor. They can be either robust and dry or sweet. Examples: Guinness Extra Stout, Beamish Stout Suggested Food Pairing: Classic with raw oysters.

From college students to business professionals, new visitors to regulars, The Mid-Town Filling Station has served all types of customers. When confused about what beer will work best for you, Aubrey’s advice is simple: ask your local bartender. “Any bartender should ask what type of beer the patron is usually fond of, then, based on its ingredients, recommend beers with similar qualities.” Alexa agrees, “When a patron is looking for a brew recommendation, they typically have some idea as to what flavors and tastes they prefer. However, they don’t know how or why a beer tastes that particular way. A local bartender is the perfect resource for the knowledge that will bridge that gap.” * for those of age, of course


Traveling to different countries while taking classes that immerse you in a cultural lifestyle‌ What could be better? Many students wonder what tips and guidelines to follow for where to go and what to do with such little time abroad. Here are some helpful hints: If you love outdoor activities: Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales. One of the most scenic and breathtaking environments in the United Kingdom. The landscape offers paths for walking and jogging, while the water offers coasterring, kayaking and surfing.

Fancy yourself the artsy type? Florence, Italy. The city of Florence is filled with museums and beautiful architecture from the Ponte Veccio to the Uffizi to the Statue of David. Each piazza’s center has its own meaningful past, promoting a historical 36 atmosphere.


by Arielle Krupitsky

If you know how to party: Ibiza, Spain. Ibiza is internationally known as one of the capitals for partying and nightlife. The night is always young. If you know how to party: Ibiza, Spain. Ibiza is internationally known as one of the capitals for partying and nightlife. The night is always young.

If extreme sports are your thing: Interlaken, Switzerland. The city of Interlaken offers paragliding, canyoning, and bungee jumping. These are just a few of the extreme sports Switzerland offers all year round. Anyone who loves an adrenaline rush will love Interlaken and all it has to offer.

Packing: the most stressful part of any vacation and the step that nearly makes you want to skip the trip altogether. It’s time to make packing the simplest aspect of any getaway. There are two types of packers. There’s the minimalist, who can fit a two-week vacation into a carry-on bag. We envy this person because she is the one who flies through the airport, doesn’t check her baggage and isn’t waiting

at the luggage carousel for what seems like an eternity. The second type of packer, found in most of us, is the person who compresses her whole life into five bags for a three day vacation and is lingering at the luggage carousel with a rolling cart, yet is still the one who seems to neglect the obvious (shoes, hairbrush, etc.) The objective of packing is to be prepared for all situations, while keeping

by Ashlin Cook

it light for travel. The key to maximizing the space in your bag is strategy. Always save your socks and underwear for last because you can always slip them into compact spaces at the end. Also, be conscious of things that are provided for you at your hotel. If they provide a blow dryer, leave yours at home. Always aim to leave some extra space in case you go shopping, which (let’s face it) is inevitable.

Here is a checklist for successful packing for your getaway: 1 blazer 3 t - sh i r t s

3 eveni ng t o p s

2 pa i rs of j e an s 2 pa i rs o f f l at s 1 pa i r o f h e e l s much-needed vacay

1 d re ss 1 c ard i g an

1 n i c e b l o u se

1 l i g h t we i g h t sat c h e l 1 p ai r o f sn e ake r s 2 sc ar ve s jewelry

underwear toiletries


bathing suits


c ove r u p s


pair of sunglasses

3 tank tops

2 pairs of flip-flops 1

pair of embellished sandals

all trip must-haves

tropical getaway


by lindsay shores

Listen Up: Days 10/18 While perfecting the art of nostalgia, Days presents the charming sounds of reverb-y beach pop that will keep the summer alive.


Mylo Xyloto 10/24 The boys from Britain are back with an album-long love story that has a lot more to do with Rihanna than you’d expect.

10/28 Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson team up yet again in this 1950’s adventure complete with women, the Caribbean, and of course, rum.

Take Care 11/15 Considering he went from playing a paraplegic teen to being a sultry hip hop artist, it’s safe to assume anything Drake does will be something to love.


Watch out:

El Camino 12/6 The Black Keys follow up their incredibly successful Brothers with El Camino, a back-to-basics album, announced via a used car sales commercial and a beat up van.

A classic “boy meets girl, girl gets deported” love story.

11/9 Leonardo DiCaprio is in this film, so it really can do no wrong.

11/23 Jason Segal, Amy Adams, and Kermit the Frog—need we say more?

by Lauren Young photography by Jana Kirn

If you want to get in shape while having fun (not to mention, impressing your friends,) then hooping is for you! Even though the hula-hoop first gained popularity back in the late 1950’s, today’s hoop is much more than a childhood toy. Modern hoopers use heavier and larger diameter hoops and explore rotations beyond their hips. They’ve learned to

twirl with their fingers, arms, neck, chest, waist, thighs and even feet. Health enthusiasts now recognize hooping as a fun, practical outlet to full body fitness and wellness. The contemporary hooping movement is trendy amongst jam band festivals and, with the recent introduction of LED light hoops, the electronica and rave scene. Interested in joining the hooping culture? Luckily, making your own hoop is quick, creative and, most importantly, cheap! The best material to make a hoop with is 3/4” or 1” polyethylene piping. It can be found at irrigation supply stores as well as some Home Depot or Lowe’s stores. Using a PVC cutter, slice the pipe depending on your height (average guys 13’, gals 11’6”). Next, connect the two pipe ends with a plastic size-matching connector (sold at pipe stores) and soak the ends in hot water to help loosen them. After they’re connected, it’s time to get your creativity on by candycane striping colorful electrical tape around the hoop to your fancy. Voilà! —A beautiful hoop ready to start practicing tricks!


Haute Dog

by Caitlin McConnell photography by Kate DeRespino

the utensil-free trend

Hot diggity dog! The hot dogs served up in Tallahassee restaurants aren’t anything like the little frankfurters that Mom and Dad used to feed us. These hot dogs are gourmet masterpieces.

there is a style of hot dog for everyone. Dog Et Al has a variety of actual hot dogs, from typical beef hotdogs to foot longs, Italian sausages and Bratwurst. You pick your toppings and enjoy.

Voodoo Dog, located in the All Saints District, has an array of delicious choices sure to fix any hot dog lover’s craving. Their signature dish is the “Voodoo Dog,” a hot dog wrapped in bacon, deep-fried and served with your choice of topping. Another popular menu item is the delicious and decadently dressed “Hari Kari,” a baconwrapped hot dog covered in teriyaki sauce and topped with pineapple and chives. (UM, yes please!) Along with its menu and cult classic décor, Voodoo Dog is sure to put a spell on you.

The most convenient of hot dog eateries is right here on FSU’s campus. Serving as a home away from home, Mom & Pop’s has been a Florida State tradition for years now. Earning the name “Mom & Pop” from the students they serve, the Woodson family never fails to deliver the best service and, not to mention, hotdogs. Stop by any of the three lunchbox-shaped stands on campus to get your fix of a warm smile and good comfort food.

For your inner Latin lover’s appetite, Super Perros is your hot dog joint of choice. With a Columbian twist, the super-dog choices are sure to send your taste buds into a tizzy. Their “Super Perro” is piled high with mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, bacon, shredded potato chips and topped with sauces. If you’re feeling really hambriento (hungry) then go for the “Mix Twin.” This bad boy is made up of two hotdogs served in one bun and comes stacked with shredded grilled chicken and potato chips, mozzarella and a frenzy of sauces. …And cue mouthwatering. For a Tallahassee staple, Dog Et Al is the classic hotdog diner capable of curing any case of nostalgia. With 10,230 different ways to fix a hot dog (yes, they really did the math—a different hotdog every day for 28 years and 3 days,)


The variety at each of these restaurants is sure to keep you drooling, so grab your fellow addicts and go fetch some good dogs!

In Good

Spirits by: Kate DeRespino & Ashley Wilson

Mix Up This Delicious DIY While pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate are winter beverage staples, they’re less than perfect for nighttime fall festivities. This homemade recipe has a rich, apple pie flavor that will complement your seasonal baked goodies and holiday feasts. For those of age, add a dash of vodka for a sweet, festive cocktail! Ingredients 1 gallon of Apple Juice 1 gallon of Apple Cider 4 cups of Sugar 7-8 Cinnamon Sticks 2-3 Cups of Everclear Vodka Directions 1) Bring to a boil apple juice, apple cider, sugar and cinnamon sticks in a large pot 2) Let cool completely 3) Stir in Everclear vodka and enjoy!

This recipe is no family secret; spread the love! For birthdays and upcoming holidays, fill up and decorate empty wine bottles for a DIY treat that won’t be re-gifted.


Crisp and casual by Ryan Milejczak photography by Karen Aplin

Stay Trendy, My Friends Colder weather is on its way here to Florida and that means it’s time to change up our wardrobes. Unfortunately, the Floridian winter isn’t as cut-and-dry as it is for our friends further up north. Instead of constant snowdays, the Florida winter can go from sunshine to overcast in what feels like a moment. Since the temperature can change drastically over just a few hours, planning an outfit gets to be a bit difficult. Thankfully, there are some great potential additions to our closets that can make this indecisive weather easier to bear. Chief among these is the simple cardigan. Open it, close it, put it on, take it off: The cardigan is ready to change just as quickly as the temperature—Not to mention it looks great! Try one in cotton when things are just starting to cool down, then grab one in wool (or a wool blend) when things really get chilly. Whether they’re four pockets or five, fine wale or wide—A pair of corduroy pants is another important item in a winter wardrobe. They will keep you safe from the chilly winter breeze, yet stay comfortable when Tallahassee decides it wants to warm things up. Even better, they’re usually available in a manner of great colors, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. A layer that few men take advantage of is the shirt jacket. It offers many of the same advantages of a cardigan, but with a more rugged workwear look. The best part is that you can use a shirt you already own. Put on that heavy denim workshirt or your favorite heavy flannel over a tee to keep it casual. You could even wear it over a shirt and tie for a refinedbut-rugged look that will keep you warm and toasty. With these few simple essentials, getting through the confusing Floridian winter in comfort is a breeze. Not to mention, they make great additions to any man’s closet. These staples are sure to never go out of style, so go ahead and enjoy the forthcoming winter.



CameraShy? Stay Photogenic by Wearing These Classic Accessories with a Modern Edge by Katalina Mitchell photography by Karen Aplin

Hue Adjustment: Pair your oxfords with bold-colored socks to add an unexpected pop of color to your outfit.

Pixilated Patterns: A plaid tie is a subtle, yet tasteful way to add personality to your ensemble. 78

Wrist Exposure: To accentuate your favorite watch this fall, layer it with leather or cord bracelets.

wired in Gearing Up for Fall by Jena LaMendola

This year, companies have released the most innovative technologies seen in years. 3D movies can now be watched from the comfort of your own couch and computer monitors with touch screen capabilities have officially hit stores. Here are the newest and most essential gadgets that every guy should get his hands on: Nike Sport + GPS watch: This high tech sports watch may look like your typical touch screen time mechanism, but there is nothing typical about it. Nike has equipped its new watch with a TomTom powered GPS to track your running time, pace, distance, mapped route, heart rate and total calories burned.

Windows Phone: Not only has Windows created a smart phone with your favorite features like e-mail, calendar, internet, games, apps, etc., but Windows also makes it extra appealing to men by offering you access to your Xbox LIVE account on the go! Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega: These new wireless headphones offer both crystal clear sound and compatibility for top tech devices like the PS3, Xbox 360, Mac and PC. The detachable microphone allows for the perfect headset from the latest Call of Duty game to music on your iPod.


by Ashley Frey

Whether the outside temperature is 70 degrees or 7, layering pieces are a must for cool autumn weather. Leather jackets, plaid button downs, and cardigans serve as essential items this fall. Mix and match these


photography by Karen Aplin

closet staples in a variety of textures and colors for an eclectic ensemble. Rock a single stand-out piece for the warmer days and a few cohesive items when the temperature drops.


Dia de Los


With bright colors and bold access ories,

ect. the Day of the Dead is mor e alive tha n you’d exp photographed by Daniel Shippey

On Joao: Vertical khaki shirt, $79.50, Dillard’s; Levi’s 501 pant, $49.99, Dillard’s; ELY Cattleman plaid shirt, $27.99, Olde Fields Clothing Co.; Shoes, stylist’s own. On Bo: Toddland pants, $55.99, Olde Fields Clothing Co.; Mark Ecko shirt, $59.50, Dillard’s; Wrangler vintage jacket, $15, Olde Fields Clothing Co.; Shoes and pocket square, stylist’s own. On Ryan: Panhandle Slim shirt, $10, Olde Fields Clothing Co.; Toddland pants, $55.99, Olde Fields Clothing Co.; Vintage bow tie, $12, Avant Garb; Shoes and belt, stylist’s own.

On Joao: Vertical khaki shirt, $79.50, Dillard’s; Levi’s 501 pant, $49.99, Dillard’s; Scarf, $14, Avant Garb; Thomas Dean shirt, $110, Dillard’s; O’Neill, $44.50, Dillard’s; J Shoes boot, $199.95, Way Out West.

Affliction t-shirt, $68, Buckle; Levi’s 511 pants, $44.99, Dillard’s, Vintage Italie shirt, $98, Dillard’s; J Shoes boot, $199.95, Way Out West, Vintage Fall Tie, $8, Avant Garb; Sombrero, $15, Avant Garb.

On Bo: CHOR shirt, $29.99, Dillard’s; Cypress Links cardigan, $49.50, Dillard’s; Levi 511 pant, $39.99, Dillard’s; Vintage Printed Tie, $12, Avant Garb; District 3 shoes, $59.95, Buckle. On Joao: Hugo Boss pant, $145, Dillard’s; Robert Graham shirt, $198, Nic’s Toggery; J Shoes boots, $199.95, Way Out West; Polo Ralph Lauren cardigan, $89.50, Dillard’s.

Carrot & Gibbs bow tie, $65, Nic’s Toggery; Resistol shirt, $54.95, Way Out West; O’Neill pants, $44.50, Dillard’s; Mark Dingman belt, $95, Nic’s Toggery; Shoes, stylist’s own.

Levi’s 511 pant, $39.99, Dillard’s; Alternative vest, $39, Spriggs; Alternative vest, $29, Spriggs; J Shoes boots, $199.95, Way Out West; Rikka scarf, Spriggs.

On Ryan: Black Corduroy Pants, Calvin Klein, Dillard’s, $69.50; Jean Jacket, Levi’s, Dillard’s, $64.99; Red Button Up, CHOR, Dillard’s, $29.99; Red Bowtie, Avant Garb, $10; shoes, stylist’s own. On Andrew: Plaid shirt, Report Collection Black Label, Nic’s Toggery, $98; Pants, Perry Ellis, Dillard’s, $69.95; Shoes, District 3, Buckle, $69.95; Belt, Martin Dingman, Nic’s Toggery, $95; Jacket and scarf, stylist’s own.

On Bo: Vintage Tie, Avant Garb, $8; Boots, J Shoes, Way Out West, $179.95; Pants, Levi 511, Dillard’s $39.99; Button Up Shirt, Perry Ellis Premium, Dillard’s, $89.50; Black Sweater, Peter Millar, Nic’s Toggery, $165; Belt, Way Out West. On Andrew: Plaid Button Up, Report Collection Black Label, Nic’s Toggery, $98; Pants, Perry Ellis, Dillard’s, $69.95; Shoes, District 3, Buckle, $69.95; Belt, Martin Dingman, Nic’s Toggery, $95; Jacket and scarf, stylist’s own. On Joao: Shirt, Mark Ecko Dillard’s, $79.50; Scarf , RIKKA, Spriggs, $32; Belt, Polo Ralph Lauren Dillard’s, $60; Pants, Calvin Klein Dillard’s, $49.50; Cardigan, Polo Ralph Lauren Dillard’s $89.50 Shoes, J Shoes, Way Out West, $179.95. On Ryan: Printed Button Up, Dillard’s, Mark Ecko,$79.50; Acid Wash Pants, Dillard’s, Levi 501’s, $49.99; Leather Jacket, Buckle, BKE, $89.95; Shoes, Buckle, District 3, $69.95; Scarf, stylist’s own.

Menswear director: Ashley Frey. Models: Ryan Quigley, Bo Durham, Andrew Spalding, Joao Gonzalez. Hair: Dave at Haute Headz. Makeup: Siteria Gregory. Location: Way Out West.

by Katalina Mitchell

Canopy Road Café TOF: American/ Southern FD: Sweet Potato Pancakes * ^ $$


Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen TOF: Cajun / Seafood FD: Banana’s Foster French Toast * ^ $$$

Sweet Pea Café TOF: Vegan FD: Buffalo Fried Tofu Sandwich * ^ $$

TOF: Type of Food FD: Favorite Dish

Big Easy Snowballs TOF: Snowballs FD: ½ Cherry ½ Margarita Snowball *^$

^ Vegetarian-Friendly


* Outdoor dining

$$: $5 - $10

~ Free Wi-Fi

$$$: $10 - $15

Mr. Roboto’s Tokyo Grill TOF: Asian Fusion FD: General Tso’s Tofu * ^ $$$

Up to $5

The Crepevine TOF: Dessert FD: The Gilberto *^~$


Meals on Wheels An Intimate Portrait of Food Trucks by Ashley Frey

Over the past couple of years, food trucks have become a nationwide phenomenon and a true foodie’s love interest. Flooding the streets of New York City, Los Angeles and D.C., these meals on wheels are not your average hot-dog-from-a-cart food vendors. Gracing the menus of big-city food trucks are items such as BBQ pulled pork waffles, chicken and Thai basil dumplings, pumpkin cheesecake and even a brownie topped with bacon Nutella spread. The creative possibilities are endless and seem to have made a pit stop right here in Tallahassee. Food trucks make serving unique dishes a priority and will overcome the multiple obstacles to do just that. Not only does cooking in confined spaces provide a hindrance to the chefs, but, according to the owners of Cravings Truck, keeping the truck well-stocked also proves to be an issue. The owners of Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery conquer this concern by pre-baking all cup98

cakes prior to boarding their truck. However, this is not so easy for other food trucks because most food is made to order. The owners of MoBi mention that keeping food trucks at a certain temperature, maintaining electricity and avoiding any accusation of being called a “Roach Coach” are some other hardships of food truck owners. Though many of these wandering restaurants have a loosely based weekly schedule, much of the intrigue of these food trucks is tracking them down by using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These merchants are eager to please customers around the city and refuse to stay in one place for too long. Tracking favorite food vendors has become a necessity to catching up to these culinary nomads and satisfying our food cravings. For citizens in the Tallahassee area, an easier way to find these trucks is at Cuzzy’s Key West Seafood Shack every Thursday when a variety of food trucks

gather for an event bluntly, though rightfully, named Food Truck Thursday. Family and friends gather on the corner of Tharpe Street for live music and meals from their desired food trucks. The first Food Truck Thursday was held on March 31, 2011 and persists as a local foodie fantasy, bringing a strong turnout every time. Just remember, rather than heading towards the drive-thru when hungry and on-the-go, check your Twitter and Facebook feeds for a delightfully satisfying meal instead.

Trucks like Capital Cuban Café, Cravings Truck, Lasang Pinoy, Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery, Street Chefs and MoBi (short for “mobile bistro”) run this neighborhood, serving a range of cuisines including Cuban, Filipino, and traditional Southern food. Some menu favorites include: •Red velvet waffles from Cravings Truck •BBQ pork taco topped with macaroni and cheese from MoBi •Chocolate and peanut butter cupcake from Lucy and Leo’s.


Many have seen the fanciful inside of one-of-a-kind local vintage haven, AvantGarb, but what about the extensive personal collection of the owner? CLUTCH was given an exclusive look at the timeless treasury of Heather Wade’s wardrobe. What do you think people should wear more of? Hats! Which musical artists impress you style-wise, and why? The Velvet Underground, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The B-52’s, Brian Eno, and David Bowie—all theatrical and over-the-top. I gravitate towards people who do things that no one else has done. Why are vintage clothes magical?

They’re timeless and so much work went into each piece. I wish all my pieces could speak to me and tell me their stories.


Do you pick items for your store based on what you would wear, or do you think more about your customer? Both. It’s my duty and pleasure to think about my customer. I’m there to give them what they want, but at the same time have fun and buy things that I love, too. It’s a weird little balance. What do you think constitutes “good style?” I think that happens when people know themselves very well and when they know what they like. You may see something you love on a mannequin, but it may not look the same on you, but to know how to put it all together on your body means you know yourself and your style.

by Jessica Militare photography by Ashley Wilson

Where do you find unique pieces for yourself in town?

I go to The Other Side for little tchotchkes. That’s one of my favorite places to go and find myself a goody.

Do you like to buy expensive things or would you rather thrift for affordable treasures?

I’m a thrifter at heart. My mother brought me up that way; going to flea markets and thrift stores and finding good stuff for cheap! I never had the money to spend on expensive things, so that appealed to me.

Describe your style in three words. Eccentric, classic, feminine [points to jewels].


B e n

D a n n e r

Ben Danner is a Tallahassee native who produces and DJs dance music under the name “Team Jaguar” with his two partners in crime, Chris Manley and Colin Johnson. The three are signed to SEX CULT records, Top Billin’ and G.Rex music. You can catch Danner weekly at the engine room DJing at the infamous Menace Beach party, dropping unique mixes from every shade of the dance

photography by Karen Aplin

music spectrum, with his non-discriminatory touch. Danner and his crew also tour the Southeast—all over Florida and up the East Coast—playing alongside acts such as Skrillex, Diplo, Benny Benassi, Claude Von Stroke and many more. CLUTCH was given the opportunity to rifle through his belongings—check out what Ben Danner’s packin’:


photography by Annie Elizabeth

Hours of operation? Mon.-Sat. 11am-7pm Describe your store in one sentence. BluHeaven is a unique, feminine and affordable boutique that is a haven for women of all ages. What is your favorite piece in the store right now? Since I love the Seminoles, my current favorite is our three-way garnet dress. It’s a super cute dress that you can wear three different styles. It’s only $59, so everyone loves it! If your store was a song, what song would it be? A Jimmy Buffet song; his music is so laid back and that is how our store feels. If you could dress any celebrity in pieces from your store, who would it be? Jennifer Aniston. Like our customer, she has such an effortless beauty and looks absolutely fabulous no matter where she is. Find BluHeaven: www.bluheavenboutique.com


Hours of operation? 11am-7pm, seven days a week. Describe your store in one sentence. Olde Fields is where fashion, art and music all come together at the corner of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue. If any fictional (TV, film, literature) character were to shop in your store, who would it be? I think Dom from The Fast and the Furious franchise would get into a street race on Gaines. The only problem is that those guys still use Google maps and aren’t aware of all the new construction and road changes in the area. Trying to edge out his competition, Dom hits the NOS and comes flying towards the Railroad intersection where

Jimmy Two Sandwiches (a guy who is always double fisting pastrami sandwiches) is trying to cross the road. Dom slams on the brakes and drifts around Jimmy, leaving him unharmed but kicking up lots of dirt on his clothes. Being the nice guy that he is, Dom offers to buy Jimmy a new outfit; he buys him a pair of Lira Jeans and an Owl print v-neck. Jimmy goes home happy and Dom from the Fast and the Furious shops at Olde Fields. What brands does your store carry? Our primary focus when picking out new styles and clothing is the uniqueness and quality of the individual piece. By keeping the focus on the piece it allows us to discover up and coming

brands and designers while keeping our prices down. Some of the brands we carry include Jack by BB Dakota, Toddland and Cheap Monday, as well as our own line of Olde Fields clothing that continues to grow. When your customer isn’t in your store, where is he/she? Honestly, probably getting lunch at Voodoo Dog or going out for drinks at the Filling Station; or maybe they’re just at home checking Facebook and watching Law and Order reruns. Wherever they are, we know they’re dressed well. Find Olde Fields: www.oldefieldsclothing. com 105

Hours of operation? Mon.-Fri. 10am-6pm and Sat. 10:00am5pm. Describe your store in one sentence. Sweet Patina is a locally owned shop filled with vintage and new “gotta have it” items to fill your home and feed your soul. What makes your store special? Sweet Patina is special because our items are unique and displayed beautifully. Our customer service is top notch and we have a created an inspiring and fun atmosphere! How did it begin? We opened less than a year ago when we


saw a niche for great looking home goods, both vintage and new. What brands does your shop stock? Our top brands include India Rose and Kharma Living linens, Vagabond Vintage house wares, Tokyomilk and Simpatico scents, Dash and Albert rugs and totes and, of course, one-of-a-kind vintage treasures. What is the most unique piece in your store right now? Probably a large cabinet unit from an old house in Georgia—really tall with chippy, peely paint! Find Sweet Patina:

Hours of operation? Mon.-Sat. 10am and Sun. 12-6pm. Describe your store in one sentence. A welcoming and energetic boutique and shoe store that has a fit for everyone, all at reasonable prices! What brands does your store carry? Jeffery Campbell, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, Matiko, Minnetonka, and more! If any fictional (TV, film, literature) character were to shop in your store, who would it be? Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane, from Almost Famous. She had spunk and stayed true to her style. If your store were a song, what song would it be? “Set Fire To The Rain (Thomas Gold remix)” by Adele. Find Henri Girl:


You Got




Avant Garb Vintage 522 W. Gaines Street (850) 514-4272

Kanvas Beauty 1123 Thomasville Road (850) 224-7467

BluHeaven Boutique 1125 N. Adams Street 850-597-8709

Cole Couture 1240 Thomasville Rd # 102 (850) 553-3327 BCBG at Dillard’s 1500 Apalachee Parkway (850) 656-3925 Buckle 1500 Apalachee Parkway (850) 877-2500 Dillard’s 1500 Apalachee Parkway (850) 878-1922 Narcissus 1410 Market Street # C3 (850) 668-4807 Olde Fields Clothing Co. 519 W. Gaines Street (850) 425-2785

Spriggs & Spriggs Accessory Store 6800 Thomasville Rd # 104 (850) 894-2630 Nic’s Toggery 212 S. Monroe Street (850) 222-0687 Way Out West 1212 North Monroe Street (850) 727-8460

Thank you:


Siteria Gregory, Makeup Artist SitiART Professional Makeup Artistry www.sitiart.com siteria@sitiart.com Hair: (850) 364-1232 Envy Salon & Spa Lili Stander 926 N. Monroe Street MAC Cosmetics (850) 877-8070 1500 Apalachee Parkway Hair on Earth (850) 325-2800 741 N. Monroe Street (850) 681-7733


Daniel Shippey http://danielshippey.com/ daniel@danielshippey.com (229) 326-1676

Marcus Duval inhousefotografie.com inhousefotografie@yahoo.com (850) 519-5604

Haute Headz 1447 Thomasville Road (850) 224-0414

Location: Terror of Tallahassee 826 W. Gaines Street (850) 513-9190

Annie Elizabeth http://www.annieelizabeth.com annielizzzz@gmail.com (850) 274 – 0967 Daniel Schleith Styling Dks08@fsu.edu Assistants: (321) 693 – 7684 Carlos Kempff, Natalie Natasha Salman Buchanan (239) 565-5610 Bookings Assistants: Brittany Turner, Chelsea Wolkove, Allison Bouis, Caitlin Garber

Beauty Assistants: Cali Baker, Kaitlyn Hoeflich Photography Assistants: Jessica Howells

Heather Wade, Holly Kanagy, Carrie McNeil, Heather Speas, Kim Postma, Bethany Wilday, Allen D. Gustason, Denise McCullough, Kyli Ringman, Julie Downs, Bridget Moats, David and LeeAnn Spriggs, Amanda Russell, Victor Gavalas, Jim Schalow, Jeremy Matlow, Wanda Brown, Ann Langston.

from denim to lace and everything in between

PERSONALIZE combine sensuality & practicality - let your style do the talking

minutes from campus SHOP ONLINE SOON! colecouture.com • 1240 Thomasville Road • 850-553-3327

TREND ALERT shop for charity let your feet do the giving - one for one


10% OFF


DON’T BE SHY bold & beautiful colors paired with statement jewels

15% OFF




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Check out our Fall issue of CLUTCH magazine where we dive into local Tally culture and sweet new trends for the fall season!


Check out our Fall issue of CLUTCH magazine where we dive into local Tally culture and sweet new trends for the fall season!

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