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Lions for a Day: the LHS Experience

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devilish deals

trying on the tradition

A new store opens up downtown that caters to a ghostly crowd.


Reporters Allison Harwood and Miranda Davis see how life is on the other side of 15th Street.


lunch lady loecker Ryan Loecker takes on another challenge: spending a day as a cafeteria lady


s in Town l u o gh

The New




october 13, 2011

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_collegeproblem: Mean Girls

by kim messineo

hipstermermaid: I judge

taught me more math than this professor. #thelimitdoesnotexist #collegeproblems

certain foreign languages by how closely it resembles dialogue from The Sims.

disneywords: Let me get this

RealChuckie: someone tweeted

straight. You know her. She knows you. But she wants to eat him. And everybody's okay with this? –Timon #disneywords

#youmightbeghettoif u bring food from outside into the movies. no YOU might be stupid if you pay 6.99 for a bag of skittles

Top Ten

Creative costumes for Halloween this year

10. Lil Wayne 9. Greek Scholar 8. Dalmation 7. Lady Gaga 6. Mike Colvin 5. Miss America 4. Spongebob 3. Kim Kardashian 2. Chuckie 1. William and Kate

A new Halloween store creeps into the Lawrence downtown area


dine-in, delivery or carry-out

On the Cover

Shot of the archway leading into the Lawrence High School football stadium. One side has the message above, and the other reads "Lawrence High School."

Glowing skeletons, scary clowns, bloody vampires and numerous pretty little princesses. Enter what used to be a wellknown bookstore in Lawrence, and this is some of what one can find. This year, there is a new store in town. At the corner of 7th and New Hampshire, where Borders used to be located, Halloween Express has opened up shop. This specialty store has everything from costumes and masks to spooky decorations to scare the neighbors. “I would much rather there be another bookstore [where Borders was],” said junior Alexandra Wendt, an avid Borders customer. The new store is part of a franchise, with other Halloween Expresses located nearby in Kansas City, Olathe and Overland Park (http://www.halloweenexpress. com/). When the building went up for sale, owners decided to open a store in Lawrence for more business. Owners are taking advantage of the space they have leased and plan to use the majority of what used to be the Borders bookstore. Near the front, people can find costumes for kids, including the pretty princesses and comic book characters. In the center of the store there is a wide range of masks and wigs for any costume. Then deeper within the store, people can find adult costumes,

along with a variety of decorations to create a haunted scene. Employees are eager to help shoppers with what they need to find. Assistant manager David Hassinger claims Halloween is his favorite holiday. “I got too old for Christmas and believing in Santa Claus," Hassinger said. "With Halloween I could still dress up and have fun. It’s the chance to cut loose and be goofy.” On most days when customers go into the store to find what they need for the upcoming holiday, it shouldn’t be too hard to find help. “Most of the time, employees will be in costume,” Hassinger said. “My favorite would have to be the gorilla suit.” Halloween Express isn’t the only place to see employees dressed in costume to make the job more fun. There are three other stores here in Lawrence to find the best costume for Halloween. Fun and Games is one of the other stores in town, not too far from where Halloween Express is located. It is not exactly welcoming to this franchise store taking residence in its town. “It hurts our business a lot,” owner Kyle Billings said. “It’s unfortunate that [Lawrence] let them come. There are three other local stores.”

Looking for a good deal on costumes? Halloween Express is working with the Battered Women’s Shelter to gather old clothes to be donated. Bring in an old costume and get 20% off a new one. Bring in a bag of old clothes and get 20% off entire purchase. Includes decorations.

photo by miranda davis

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by kyle freese

An incredible beginning to the season leaves the Lady Firebird Gymnastics Team to pursue the state championship

With the addition of new coach Danielle Hayes to the Free State and Lawrence High School gymnastics teams, the gymnasts have transitioned smoothly into their season. Following some standout leaders, the girls hope to have a successful season. So far they have one second place and three first place finishes, but they still have a lot ahead of them. Every year, the Free State and Lawrence High gymnastics squads team up and overcome the rivalry to practice as a team. LHS gymnasts come to Free State every day after school. “We aren’t really rivals against each other because we practice together,” junior Annie Soderberg said. “So we’re closer with them.” On Sept. 24, Free State hosted its first home meet and placed in the top three in all events. “The home meet ran smoothly,” junior Catherine Norwood said. “Coach Danny did really well making it run smoothly, which is impressive for running everything and serving as the

only coach for two teams.” Free State had gone undefeated (3-0) before its meet on Sept. 29, much because of the success of junior Jackie Zaitz. She placed first in two out of four meets by scoring more points all around than any other competitor. Zaitz has been competing in gymnastics for about 14 years. She puts in the same 10 hours a week as the rest of the team, but Zaitz competes exceptionally well. “People look up to Annie and I,” junior Jackie Zaitz said. “When other gymnasts have questions they can come to us and we’ll help them. The other gymnasts are doing really well. Most of them haven’t done gymnastics before and they’re really improving.” On Sept. 29, the gymnastics team lost a meet by a fraction of a point. Free State had already beaten the teams there, but the competitors were out to beat Free State. “It was one of our off days,” Zaitz said. “The other teams’ goal was to beat us. I fell on bars, which is always my best event.” The next Monday at the All-Around Invitational at Lawrence High, Zaitz bounced back and placed first on the bars and fourth all around. Free State freshman Grace Bartle placed third all around. The team has a positive outlook on the rest of the season, and is set on winning State. “I think we have a good chance,” Soderberg said. “We have already competed against every team in the state and beat them already.” The girls’ next meet is the Sunflower League next Wednesday, Oct. 20, at Olathe Northwest High School.

731 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS • 785.843.4191 Hours: Mon.-Fri 9 am - 7 pm • Thursdays 9 am - 8:30 pm Saturdays 9 am - 6 pm • Sundays Noon - 5 pm

All Free State students, faculty & staff • Receive 35% off all adidas footwear • Receive 40% off all adidas apparel, bags, socks and accessories. Must present your student, faculty, or staff ID at time of purchase.

photo by danielle stringer

Freshmen Haley Johnson completes her bar routine at the Free State invatational.



Setting up for State

october 13, 2011


october 13, 2011

A Day in the Life of a

Chesty Lion

Allison’s Take:

Miranda’s Take:

Every Harwood who has ever lived in Lawrence has gone to Lawrence High School. I grew up going to my cousins’ LHS choir concerts and baseball games. My dad’s cousin is the cheer coach. I had learned the alma mater before I had even hit junior high. Just call me the green and silver sheep of my family. I love my school. I yell my head off at every LHS vs. Free State game and mock the word “tradition” as much as the next Firebird. That being said, I jumped at the chance to spend the day at LHS. I’ve always been curious about this idea of being a “Lion” that my family is constantly talking about. And I have to admit I was impressed.

While Allison grew up understanding the storied tradition of LHS, I didn’t. I knew there was another high school in town, but it didn’t affect my life. LHS always seemed like a black and red blur of tradition “over there.” I grew up on this side of 15th Street, along with all of my friends. I grew up watching my brother play Free State baseball and listening to Firebird football on the radio. I never thought LHS had anything to offer me. It wasn’t that it was a bad place; I had just never really considered it because I was so excited to go to Free State. Despite all of this, I took the chance to go there, because I was curious about how the “other half” lived. What I found could not have surprised me more. I had an incredible day there, and it changed my perspective. Knowing how LHS really is made me realize I could have been just as happy there. Make no mistake, I like going to Free State, but LHS made quite the first impression.


PERFORMING ARTS Student Tickets: $10 ($1 service fee will apply)

2011-12 Season Highlights The National Acrobats of China Martial arts, gripping illusions & high-flying acrobatics

Friday, Oct 21 – 7:30pm Join us for the China Festival at 6:30pm in the lobby!

The Intergalactic Nemesis Live-action graphic novel

Atmosphere Senior boys, you might want to close the paper. It’s no secret that the girl to boy ratio in the senior class at Free State is lopsided. The official count is 224 females and 145 males according to Free State registrar Teresa Arevalo. It was honestly strange seeing an equal ratio of boys to girls in LHS classes. According to LHS registrar Diannia Affalter, there are 189 females and 215 males in the senior class. Having guys our own age took some getting used to. Not that we’re complaining. LHS is also an incredibly chill environment. The student body president came up and shook our hands. Everyone seemed very relaxed and friendly. Complete strangers would offer us help finding classes without being prompted. There was a definite sense of unity throughout the school.

Teachers and Classes While we acknowledge we were only there for a day and only got a small sample of what school is like on the other side of 15th Street, we were impressed by the learning environment. Students seemed engaged and as though they genuinely respected and liked their teachers. All of the teachers we both had were excellent. Teachers seemed relaxed and that they trusted their students. The control in the classroom was maintained without excessive discipline. When the classes would get unruly, teachers would calmly call for their students’ attention and it was given. The teachers also didn’t speak down to their students. It felt more like an educational conversation than a typical teacher-student interaction.

Saturday, Oct 29 – 7:30pm

Hallways and Layout We have never seen so many people so

Join us for a fun costume contest! Registration begins at 6pm in the lobby.

congested in one place. Ever. Due to the addition of the freshmen, the main hallways are packed. E2, otherwise known as the mini rotunda, is one of the most crowded areas during passing periods. E2 has four hallways and two staircases feeding into it. We felt like we were going to be trampled. While Free State has four main hallways that are parallel, LHS is a labyrinth in comparison.We have both been in LHS for various events, and still had no idea how to get around.There are multiple hallways of varying sizes. Finally, after a few hours of wandering we started to get a general feel for the layout. We made discoveries like staircases that lead to nowhere and the auto shop.


Tradition Now before anyone starts twitching because we’re talking about the T word, it’s really not that bad. It’s easy to see why LHS has so much school spirit. Their trophy cases are full of state championships. They have the first boy’s basketball state championship. There are lions of every shape and size everywhere. Posters with the words “tradition,” “roar” and “lions” cover the walls. It creates a sense of community which is awesome. We were both jealous of the amount of school spirit from the time we walked through the doors. Everyone seemed proud of their school. Looking around was like seeing a sea of red and black.

After our day at LHS we returned to being proud Firebirds, but we have to say that it really was a great day to be a





october 13, 2011




october 13, 2011

More exams create more stress, not better scores by katie guyot

Time for a pop quiz. But don’t worry--this is one score that won’t show up on your college applications. (Circle the correct options.) 1. The (SAT/ACT) is taken on the East and West Coasts, while the (SAT/ACT) is taken in the Midwest. 2. There is an (SAT Subject Test/AP test) about U.S. history. 3. The (PSAT/NMSQT/SAT/ACT/SAT) Subject Tests/AP tests) is/are generally taken during junior year. The correct answer: all of the above. This copious amount of testing would look stressful even if spread out over four years of high school. In one, it’s downright petrifying. For the sake of the students for whom the tests were originally created, one three-syllable SAT word says it all: consolidate.

illustration by ian patterson

As it stands, students are expected to study for and score well on so many standardized tests that simply keeping the dates straight requires what the College Board calls “develop[ing] a detailed testing plan.” Many of these exams (see question three) overlap, but aside from the ACT and SAT, one cannot be substituted for another. Most colleges--KU included--now accept both the ACT and the SAT to fulfill application requirements. It would make sense, then, for students to take only one or the other. It would make even more sense to combine the best of both tests to create a Frankenstein-esque ACT-SAT exam. Unfortunately, the ACT and SAT are run by two different organizations, and students are often encouraged to try their hands at both to discover which better represents their knowledge. And, hey, two good scores would earn brownie points from admissions officers. In theory. In reality, college admission relies on more than just a scale of 600 to 2400 or 1 to 36. According to The National Center for Fair and Open Testing, almost 850 schools across the country are SAT and ACT optional. While it is true that many other schools take standardized testing into account, it is far from the most important factor of students’ college applications. That award normally goes to the rigor of the their high school transcripts, as well as to their involvement in extracurriculars and in the community. If these components are given priority, then it’s difficult to see where studying for eight extra exams will fit into one’s schedule. It’s also tricky to fit those exams into one’s budget. Though it is possible to obtain fee waivers, many students will end up paying for the PSAT/NMSQT,

either the ACT or the SAT (if not both), one AP test for every AP class they enroll in and about two SAT Subject Tests--not to mention prep books for each of those exams. Students can only hope that their scores secure coveted financial aid, like the PSAT/NMSQT’s National Merit Scholarships. Parents’ checkbooks would be spared emaciation if only the tests were not so numerous. If, for example, the SAT and ACT were friends rather than rivals. If, for another example, students need not take both the AP and SAT Subject Test versions of the same topic to receive AP and SAT Subject Test credit. If, for a final example, the PSAT and the SAT were not entirely separate entities. College entrance exams, once carefully contained within the confines of the SAT alone, have gorged on education like bacteria on meat. A certain amount of bacteria can be a good thing. Humans could not survive without bacteria in their intestines. But when students can’t look in their refrigerators without feeling ill, it must be time to pull the plug on the plague. In this case, that means cutting back on the evermultiplying standardized tests that consistently clog students’ agendas. The Cost of Jane Doe’s College Entrance Exams (not including administrative costs) PSAT/NMSQT: $14 SAT: $49 ACT with writing: $49.50 AP European History: $87 AP Literature and Composition: $87 AP Statistics: $87 SAT Subject Test Registration $22 SAT Subject Test: $11 SAT Subject Test: $22 (Language with Listening) __________________________________ Total: $428.50

Birds Word Q: What are your plans for Halloween?

Tad Bray Tad Bray freshman

“I’m going to dress up like an alien and scare little kids.”

sophomore John Ross

“I think I’m hanging out with some people, and we’re going to watch [scary] movies.”

junior Kelsey Howard “Last year I was Snookie and this year I think I’m going to be Britney Spears because people tell me I look like her all the time.”

Let us know!

senior Raven Graves

“My best friend and I are dressing as Batman and Cat Woman. Guess which one I’m gonna be?”

Have any ideas? Go to or mention us on twitter with your suggestions!

teacher Steve Grant

“That’s a secret. I can’t even tell you who I’m going to reveal that to. It’s a secret.

t'Ryan #3: Ryan


Top: Ryan serving food during lunch with cafeteria staff.

Shortly after we finished cooking and eating our lunch, around 11, it was time to get ready for the students. I was given the duty of serving the pizza, which was rumored to be one of the more fast-paced jobs. Throughout the three lunches, we served around 30 or 40 pizzas. While it may seem as though serving pizza would be a rather simple task, I was constantly scrambling to keep up. My favorite part about working in the cafeteria was seeing the confused looks from my peers, who had no idea why I was serving them food. Once the students left, I felt extremely relieved. Working in the cafeteria was much more intense than my cashier job at Dillons. Before this experience, I was under the impression that most of the cafeteria food was pulled out of the freezer and placed in the oven minutes beforehand. Being a “lunch lady” for a day showed me that the cafeteria employees work a lot harder and put a lot more time into cooking the food than they are often given credit for.

Letter to the Editor

hances are, if you had pizza or Alfredo for lunch on Sept. 27, it was made with love by yours truly. Aside from a couple burns on my hands, the day went rather smoothly considering the fact that I rarely ever cook. Starting at 8 a.m., Kathy Hanna and the rest of the cafeteria workers got me started on lunch. Thankfully, I was able to wear a Santa hat instead of an actual hair net. Right off the bat, Hanna insisted on showing me that the lasagna, along with most other dishes, was made by hand. This came as a surprise to me, as I figured most of the food in the cafeteria was pre-made and frozen. Throughout the day, I was constantly moving around. I went from cooking the Alfredo to making the potato wedges to preparing the pizza. Regardless of who was helping me cook, everyone in the cafeteria was friendly and fun to work with. Although I was quite busy preparing the food, I had a feeling that the real challenge would be serving the students. Every time I told one of the workers I was going to help serve, I received a surprised look, almost as if to say, “Good luck, buddy.”


One of the rudest things someone can do is put words in another person’s mouth and assume that their opinion is a definite way.You cannot, in any way, say that the senior class does not want the freshmen to be a part of Free State. The reality of it is, they are here, they aren’t leaving, why would you let it ruin your senior year? Yes, of course, they can be immature and loud sometimes, but we were just like them when we were freshmen, and quite frankly, many of us upperclassmen are continuing to be just as immature as the freshmen. If you are going to mope around the whole school year because 350 more students are a part of the amazing school we all attend, then we feel sorry for you. Sure, the lunch line is longer, the traffic is heavier and the hallways are more crowded, but rather than allowing these minute discrepancies to completely annihilate each day of your senior year, why not embrace the opportunity to be a mature senior and make the freshmen feel the sense of belonging that we all so graciously received when we were sophomores? Some of them are just as scared, annoyed, and upset by the changes as several of the seniors are. Rather than having the privileges of being the oldest class

at their junior highs, they are now being treated, by people like you, with utter disrespect and intolerance. The freshmen, whether you want not believe it or not, are in fact, people. This means that they deserve the +same respect and warm smile just as every other person in this facility does. We, as seniors, should be jumping at the chance to be role models for the first freshmen class in Free State’s history. Being the “forgotten senior class” does not have to be our reputation. We could be remembered as the class that changed the student life at Free State. We believe that high school can be a great experience, and being seniors during this change, we all owe it to the classes below us to enforce a positive attitude and way of thinking to ripple through the hallways. We’re seniors; we set the tone. Treating all of the underclassmen with respect will only benefit everybody involved and potentially make or break someone’s entire view of their high school experience. So stop being rude, mean and disrespectful towards the underclassmen in the parking lot, the hallways, at lunch, at sporting events and any other time that you come in contact with them.You were a freshmen once, remember how it felt. Respectively, Callie Brabender and Audrey Lamborn

Reminder: If you want to send in a letter to the editor, you must include your name and address

ian's inspiration: "Dairy Different"

by ian patterson



Cafeteria Worker

october 13, 2011

lawrence guide: Halloween Edition


by sam boatright

Haunted Houses in KC

Worlds of Fun No Halloween adventure guide would be complete if it didn’t include the Halloween Haunts at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. Although the park is seemingly despooked during the day, by nightfall (8 p.m. exactly) the park turns into a creepy, haunted fear zone-- imagine a super freaky version of the amusement park in “Zombieland.” With nine different “haunts”-- areas of different nightmarish themes-- the park is set up to scare even the least jumpy of people. From crazy clowns to fog-filled old London to blood-sucking vampires, Worlds of Fun has thought of it all for those craving a fright-filled night. The park is divided into scare zones, haunts/mazes, shows, and family fun. The haunts double as mazes and they will definitely be the most frightening. Because only small groups are allowed into each haunt at a time, the lines will seem to be a little long, but it’s worth the wait. Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunts are open on weekends from Sept. 17 to Oct. 30, including certain weekdays as Halloween draws nearer. Tickets are about $45, but you can save up to $15 if you purchase the tickets in advance. Parking tickets must also be purchased if you’re not being dropped off. Although the tickets are a little steep in price, the varied Halloween Haunts are bound to spook any visitor.

Guaranteeing a spookifying, frightening and terrifying time, Kansas City’s The Beast and The Edge of Hell hold a spot in the Top Ten Haunted Houses in the U.S. and for good reason. Known for its unique “open format” design (not always having to wade through a line while inside), America’s largest haunted house, The Beast, petrifies guests with many different atmospheres including the pitch black Werewolf Forest and the four-story exit slide. The Beast’s walk through takes about 40 minutes, and only has a halfway and an end exit, so be ready to fight the fright phobias after entering. Known as the Grandaddy of haunted houses in Kansas City, The Edge of Hell set the bar for haunted houses after its opening in 1972. With gargantuan snakes and a three-story slide, the godfather of haunted houses shows off its new scary scenes every year, bound to give you a new experience every visit. The Edge of Hell is designed out of an old five-story warehouse and the walk through takes about 30 minutes. The only way to leave once inside is the mega slide at the end, sending you directly into the arms of the Devil. Both haunted houses are prized and known around the world for their spook-tactics, so going to one or both would be the perfect way to start off your Halloween adventures. The attractions are open a few days out of the week until Oct. 31, and make sure to buy tickets online.


Revenge of the Nerds Halloween Ball 10/29/11 @ Bottleneck


Cant/Blood Orange @ The Bottleneck

785-842-6284 4920 Legends Dr. Lawrence

October 22

Pains of Being Pure at Heart/Twin Sister @ The Bottleneck

October 14

October 13

Halloween is somewhat of a special event in Lawrence. This year’s grandiose Halloween event is at the Bottleneck and features a “Revenge of the Nerds” theme. The awesomely nerdy theme goes great with dressing up, and for those who have seen the movie know that there is a variety of wonderful, geektastic costumes to wear. If you don’t want to dress up like a character from “Revenge of the Nerds,” any '80s chic will do great.The event includes a live show by the local band Ultimate Fakebook, a band that has become a Lawrence staple. Other bands on the bill are The ACB’s, Podstar, The Touchdowns, and Pyromaniac-- an 80’s hair metal tribute band. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the event starts at 6 p.m. The entire event is free and all-ages.

Das Racist @ The Granada

October 22

lawrence guide


october 13, 2011

Midnight Movie Madness: Rocky Horror Picture Show at Liberty Hall ($8)

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