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Pupils from all backgrounds are welcomed and treated equally well. Pupils’ personal development and welfare are outstanding. OFSTED 2019



HEADTEACHER’S WELCOME I AM VERY HONOURED TO BE THE HEADTEACHER OF ROOKS HEATH SCHOOL AND EVERY DAY I AM EXCITED TO LEAD THIS SCHOOL FORWARD. ROOKS HEATH HAS BEEN SERVED BY A TEAM OF STAFF WHO ARE DEDICATED TO THE EDUCATION OF GENERATIONS OF STUDENTS, AND WHO ENSURE THAT EVERY CHILD’S NEEDS ARE MET. THERE IS AN EQUAL FOCUS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE WHOLE CHILD, ALONGSIDE ENSURING THAT THEY FULFIL THEIR ACADEMIC POTENTIAL. Students at Rooks Heath make excellent progress and achieve good examination results in both GCSE and vocational qualifications. I believe it is my responsibility to ensure the continued success of Rooks Heath. I am passionate about having a culture of high aspiration at and beyond the school. As a parent of a child at Rooks Heath School, you can rest assured that your child will be at a school that encourages excellent attendance, punctuality, and attitudes to learning and behaviour. It is highly important to me that every student gains a taste of academic and personal success throughout their time at Rooks Heath no matter their starting point. The families that join us have the same passion and commitment to the seven-year journey with us, and we work together to guarantee this. Once students have their education, no-one can take this away from them. We believe that every member of the Rooks Heath community should ‘strive to be their best’. As a

parent myself, one of my mantras is that ‘education is your passport to the future’ and we want students to be able to stand against their peers locally, nationally, and even internationally. Many of our school leavers’ destinations include top universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College. Whatever your reasons are for reading this prospectus; a parent applying for a secondary school place, a prospective applicant or simply an enquiring visitor, I hope you get a flavour of what the school is about. I invite you to come and visit the school and experience the welcoming, vibrant, positive, and student-focused ethos of Rooks Heath for yourself.

Miriam Manderson BA (Hons) PGCE NPQH Headteacher


OUR VISION & MISSION AT ROOKS HEATH SCHOOL, WE CREATE THE CONDITIONS FOR EVERY STUDENT TO STRIVE TO BE THEIR BEST. ROOKS HEATH HAS A LONG AND SUCCESSFUL TRADITION OF PROVIDING A CARING AND POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT TO SUPPORT EACH STUDENT IN ACHIEVING THEIR INDIVIDUAL GOALS. Students come to Rooks Heath from a variety of backgrounds and quickly become part of the Rooks Heath family. We benefit from a rich ethnic and culturally diverse population and we are highly effective in promoting equal opportunities. As an Academy we maximise the opportunity to develop an inspiring and challenging curriculum and work closely with other Secondary Schools to develop an excellent educational experience for young people within Harrow and beyond. At Rooks Heath School, we aim: • To develop our students to have a spirit of curiosity with teaching strategies that ensure they have equal access to an enriched curriculum. • To provide exceptional pastoral care which will lead to every student having a sense of pride and belonging from the KS2 transition year through to Post-16.

• To inspire the entire community to have a lifelong love of learning. • To deliver a curriculum that is always broad, balanced, and accessible to all, including enriching extra-curricular experiences that prepare our students for life beyond Rooks Heath School. • To nurture individuals who contribute positively to their community and society at large, drawing on the wide experiences and backgrounds of students and staff. • To ensure that all our students and staff possess the digital and academic literacy required to survive and thrive in a 21st century world. The quality of education will be underpinned by lessons that will be delivered skilfully to ensure achievement for all. Every second of learning will count and contribute to the development of independent learners.


Our Year 7 child has settled in well. He is doing well socially & academically. The quality & variety of canteen food are also very good. Communication between school & home is excellent. PARENT QUOTE


We are a school where all adults and students effectively communicate and collaborate to wholeheartedly meet the needs of every child.



OUR VALUES LOOKING AFTER OUR STUDENTS IS FUNDAMENTAL. TO FULFIL OUR MISSION, WE WORK, STUDY AND COLLABORATE WITHIN THE VALUES THAT UNDERPIN OUR ‘ON TRACK’ ETHOS; T - TEAMWORK, R - RESILIENCE, A - ACHIEVEMENT, C - CREATIVITY AND K - KINDNESS. We place great value on developing high quality and positive relationships with the students and their families. Rooks Heath’s Behaviour for Learning Policy is built on our On TRACK values. Students are able to receive a number of awards for any activities that represent these values. Teamwork - we are a school where adults and students effectively communicate and collaborate to wholeheartedly meet the needs of every child. Resilience - we work together to ensure that students exhibit the resilience required to become socially competent and confident individuals who can stand against their peers with their contribution in any global context. Achievement - we strive hard to achieve our very best in all that we do, and we celebrate all achievements. We allow our students to fulfil their academic and personal purpose. Creativity - we harness the talent and aspirations of every student and staff member so that our community is skilled at problem-solving, developing ideas and being of service to future generations. Kindness - we pride ourselves on being a school that fosters relationships in an atmosphere built upon empathy, mutual respect, dignity, equity, and fairness.

We have the highest expectations for behaviour and respect for others in and out of school. Heads of Year, supported by a dedicated team of Form Tutors, support students to help maintain aspects of life required in and out of school life. Additional support can be found in our Student Support Hub which caters to a select group of students with various emotional needs, with the aim to get all students back ‘On TRACK’ for learning. Our students go on to become successful adults because Rooks Heath School is a truly inclusive school. Our extensive Careers provision means that all students see the purpose of school and education for life beyond Rooks Heath. The world of work values individuals of good character alongside academic excellence. We want every child to engage in learning which develops the character of young people today into the adults we need them to be for the future. Communication with parents is vital and we recognise the importance of close, supportive links between home and school for the benefit of the child. Regular contact between teachers and parents is made possible through a variety of parent-contact events, our website and electronic communication. Every student has a Link Book and parents can log into the SIMS Parent App’, to monitor attendance, reporting and homework online by using a secure login. We expect all our parents to keep in touch with the information we share and to contact us with queries, concerns, and good news.



Curriculum Choices:

In Years 7 and 8, our aim is to provide a broad, balanced, and ambitious education in accordance with the National Curriculum. Attention is given in all subjects to the development of literacy, numeracy, and computing skills. In Year 8 the students can select to study a second language or can benefit from additional support. Most students study two languages and can select from French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Latin.

We expect our students to take responsibility for their learning throughout their time with us and we ask them to make choices about their education every year. This means that by the time they choose their qualification subjects they are able to do so confidently. Detailed data about each student is used to provide quality advice and guidance, ensuring that every student follows a challenging and achievable programme of study. In Years 9, 10 and 11 students can choose from a range of subjects which match their levels of ability and interest. We offer more than 30 GCSE and vocational courses leading to an everwidening range of A Level and Level 3 vocational qualifications in our Sixth Form.

Year 9 In Year 9 our students continue with the core curriculum and undertake Bridging Courses in subjects of their choosing. The Bridging Courses are designed to equip students with the skills required for the qualification courses that they begin in Year 10. Years 10 and 11 The Upper School curriculum has a common core with a broad range of subject options that the students can select to study. This includes GCSE subjects and BTEC subjects, so that there is a pathway to success for all.

Students’ academic achievements take place within a stimulating and caring environment, which enables them to develop their individual talents and skills to the full. Teaching staff are encouraged to plan and develop creative schemes of learning to keep students engaged with each topic. Curriculum content is chosen carefully with a view to developing our students’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural awareness. We pride ourselves on our diversity ensuring empathy, tolerance and equality is threaded throughout our curriculum in line with our values to develop good character alongside academic success.


We work together to ensure that students exhibit the resilience required to become socially competent and confident individuals who can stand against their peers with their contribution in any global context.



HIGH QUALITY TEACHING & LEARNING AT ROOKS HEATH SCHOOL WE AIM TO CREATE A LEARNING ENVIRONMENT THAT SUPPORTS RISK-TAKING AND INNOVATION, STRETCHING STUDENT UNDERSTANDING AND ENSURING THAT LESSONS ARE INTERESTING AND INSPIRING. Our teachers engage in regular professional development, keeping up with the latest research into what effective practice helps children learn. We are honoured to have a teacher receive the Oxford University Inspirational Teachers Award amongst our staff. Teachers work and train collaboratively with other schools in Harrow and take part in many professional development programmes provided by the Harrow Collegiate Teaching Schools Alliance. Some of our staff are subject leaders within Harrow. Our teaching and learning programmes enable teachers to develop their individual strengths and talents and bring this to every classroom. Our staff are encouraged to plan together, developing schemes of learning that keep students engaged both in school and from home.

We have a well-developed and innovative online learning platform using Microsoft 365 for shared learning which allows students to emerge as independent learners. Our remote learning system allows students and teachers to communicate effectively, which means no child is ever unable to access teacher expertise. Leaders across the school understand the importance of teaching and learning and Ofsted noted that “They ensure that teaching is good and that pupils make good progress”. Teachers set clear objectives and monitor students’ attainment and progress thoroughly. Students are aware of their learning targets and know what they need to do to improve as teachers, assess how well they are learning in lessons and give appropriate feedback. At Rooks Heath, everyone has the chance to succeed.

Leaders and managers… ensure that teaching is good and that pupils make progress. Expectations are high. Teaching is good, leading to pupils achieving good outcomes in their work and examinations. OFSTED 2019


INDIVIDUALISED PROVISION FROM THE END OF KEY STAGE 2 TRANSITION RIGHT THROUGH TO THE END OF KEY STAGE 5, WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY SECOND OF LEARNING COUNTS. WE ENGAGE THE WHOLE SCHOOL COMMUNITY IN TAILORED ACTIVITIES THAT ALLOW EVERY INDIVIDUAL TO ‘STRIVE TO BE THEIR BEST’. Progress is carefully monitored for every student to ensure that each one reaches their full potential. Students identified as showing promise in any area are identified as ‘Most Able’ and their learning is extended and enriched to maximise their ability. We have a dedicated SENDCo, coordinating a team of highly skilled Teaching Assistants and SEND specialists who work with our students to ensure that they receive the support they need to progress. Every curriculum area provides a range of materials, teaching and learning activities which enable all students to fully participate in lessons. Rooks Heath School benefits from a dedicated area which caters for students with individual needs known as our Student Support Hub. Students here, receive specialised support where the curriculum is adapted to support them to overcome particular barriers to learning. Many students also benefit from our Inclusion Department, which provides students with help, guidance, and emotional support when necessary. Students arriving at Rooks Heath with little or no English attend daily Additional English classes whilst following a normal timetable with their peers.

Their language skills are quickly improved. We are proud of the achievements that these students make at GCSE and A Level. For students who like to take an active part in the leadership of the school, we have an embedded programme of developing tomorrow’s leaders with our prefect and Student Council programmes. Transition: Rooks Heath has a very effective transition process to ensure that students feel confident when they join us in Year 7. We run various transition events throughout the year, in both primary schools and at Rooks Heath. We have a dedicated Transition Team who take care of your child from the end of Year 6 through to when they have joined and settled in at the school. We have excellent relationships with local primary schools, helping to ensure that students feel comfortable in their new environment as they progress into secondary education. Students have the opportunity to get to know key members of staff and begin to make new friends with our early transition activities.

We strive hard to achieve our very best in all that we do, and we celebrate all achievements. We allow our students to fulfil their academic and personal purpose.



We harness the talent and aspirations of every student and staff member so that our community is skilled at problem-solving, developing ideas and being of service to future generations.



DEVELOPING THE WHOLE CHILD STRIVING TO BE YOUR BEST INCLUDES MAKING THE MOST OF THE OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP ACADEMICALLY, AS WELL AS SOCIALLY AND PHYSICALLY. Our extra-curricular provision is a real strength as we believe this apportions balance in our students’ lives. The ‘Choice’ Programme is a central part of Rooks Heath School, offering students a variety of activities that take place outside normal lesson times. Each week we provide a wide range of activities in which students can participate. We provide a variety of activities before school, at lunchtime and after school. Many departments offer revision sessions during the holidays as students approach their exams, and students are encouraged to stay after hours to receive extra help to complete their coursework. Out-of-hours activities include: • • • • • •

Book Club Basketball Chess Club Fundraising Debating Society Music Groups including: Choir, String Ensemble and guitar group • Competitive team-games between Tutor Groups, and against other schools in Harrow and nationally There is a Breakfast Club which is held from 7.30 am – 8.30 am daily and offers a free and healthy breakfast, the use of ICT, library facilities and teacher support.

Fundraising plays an integral part of Rooks Heath School. It brings students together and teaches the value of philanthropy and generosity. In recent years, we have raised thousands of pounds for charities such as Children in Need and Sport Relief. Off-Site Activities: At Rooks Heath we aim to offer students frequent opportunities to extend their studies and take part in visits to a variety of venues to enhance the curriculum. This expands student horizons and gives them a chance to experience learning outside the school, as well as promoting good moral values and fellowship in the wider community. Off-site activities make pleasant changes to classroombased activities and stimulate the development of the whole student. We are very proud of the fact that we run such a diverse mixture of activities and we find that students are very enthusiastic to take part. Activities can vary widely from a trip to the local shops, to a day at the Natural History Museum; from taking part in a residential field trip to The Isle of Purbeck, to places such as Pompeii in Italy. These opportunities prove to be invaluable and rewarding experiences for our students, which enrich their lives. Students are encouraged to write about their experiences, and these are published in the School newsletter ‘Rooks Heath Life’.


OUTSTANDING PASTORAL CARE AT ROOKS HEATH SCHOOL, WE WANT OUR STUDENTS TO BE THEIR BEST. ROOKS HEATH IS COMMITTED TO SAFEGUARDING AND PROMOTING THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE AND EXPECTS ALL GOVERNORS, STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS TO SHARE THIS COMMITMENT. We provide a caring atmosphere where students feel secure and comfortable as they settle down to focus on learning. Form Tutors look after the day to day needs of students and remain with their Tutor Groups throughout the five years wherever possible, getting to know both students and parents very well. Students build up a trusting and friendly relationship with their Tutor and their peers through activities in registration, assemblies, and inter-form competitions. Each Year Group is led by a Head of Year. They ensure the social and academic well-being of the students in their Year Group, as well as help to maintain good attendance and standards of behaviour. The school community ensures that students are cared for appropriately and safeguarded from harm. Rooks Heath promotes the health, safety, and welfare of all members of the school.

Students may have had a variety of challenging life experiences. As a school, our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment which secures the well-being and very best outcomes for students in our care. All Harrow schools, including Rooks Heath, follow the Harrow Safeguarding Children Board procedures. The school’s Safeguarding & Child Protection and Safer Recruitment policies are available and can be viewed on the school website. Safeguarding is about ensuring that everyone is safe from harm - safe from bullying, safe from people who could abuse, safe from discrimination or harassment, safe from radicalisation, and ensuring that we all feel safe in our environment. If your child is ever concerned about safety or well-being or about a friend, we hope to empower students to talk to someone such as a parent or member of staff.

OUR SIXTH FORM The Sixth Form at Rooks Heath School is an integral part of the school. Students continue to be taught to learn independently, to act responsibly and to demonstrate cooperation and commitment. The opportunity to give, as well as to receive, is fundamental to the community atmosphere of the school. Students have the opportunity to develop a wide range of academic and personal skills within a pleasant and supportive, structured environment. There is a strong sense of partnership between students and staff which contributes to the warm sense of community, encouraging students to thrive. Most of our students choose four A Level subjects to study in Year 12 and will then continue three of these subjects in Year 13. Being a part of the Harrow Post-16 Collegiate allows us to offer a comprehensive range of subjects

that should suit students who meet our minimum entrance requirements. We also offer BTEC National Level 3 (A Level equivalent) in a small range of popular subjects. This helps students who just miss out on our A Level entrance requirements to continue their Post-16 education with us. All students make very good progress, and the school has consistently been in the top 15% nationally for Post-16 performance. We encourage the majority of our Year 13 students to enter Higher Education and we provide an extensive programme of support to assist them in applying to university. Recent destinations for our leavers include Oxford and Cambridge Universities, University of the Arts, Imperial College, Surrey, and other Russell Group Universities.

We pride ourselves on being a school that fosters relationships in an atmosphere built upon empathy, mutual respect, dignity, equity and fairness.


Going to Rooks Heath changed Gwilym’s life. The staff continued to be supportive and gave him belief in himself. I believe he would have been a school refuser if he had not changed school when he did and certainly wouldn’t have passed his A Levels and got into one of the red brick [Cardiff] universities! PARENT, JUNE 2020

Eastcote Lane, South Harrow, HA2 9AH T 020 8422 4675 E

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