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PEDAL BIN design by Bønnelycke mdd

Pedal bins are vital in modern interior design, and a highly visible feature in every bathroom, kitchen and office. Our lifestyle requires high standards of hygiene and functionality, and if you add ‘elegant design’ to the equation, the answer is The FROST Pedal Bin. Asking Bønnelycke mdd to design the new pedal bin and include it in the deep FROST product range was an obvious step for us to take. The FROST Pedal Bin has strong roots in Danish design traditions, encapsulating the spirit of our time, and at the same time, it blends perfectly into any contemporary interior. The FROST Pedal Bin is your possibility to choose excellence.















PEDAL BIN 250 Stainless steel Height: 253 mm Diameter: Ø230 mm Projection: 300 mm

Black / brushed: N3001-BB

Black / polished: N3001-PB

Black / copper: N3001-CB

Black / gold: N3001-GB

Black / black: N3001-B

White / brushed: N3001-BW

White / polished: N3001-PW

White / copper: N3001-CW

White / gold: N3001-GW

White / white: N3001-W

Black / brushed: N3002-BB

Black / polished: N3002-PB

Black / copper: N3002-CB

Black / gold: N3002-GB

Black / black: N3002-B

White / brushed: N3002-BW

White / polished: N3002-PW

White / copper: N3002-CW

White / gold: N3002-GW

White / white: N3002-W

PEDAL BIN 350 Stainless steel Height: 363 mm Diameter: Ø230 mm Projection: 300 mm

PEDAL BIN 550 Stainless steel Height: 539 mm Diameter: Ø230 mm Projection: 300 mm

Black / brushed: N3003-BB

Black / polished: N3003-PB

Black / copper: N3003-CB

Black / gold: N3003-GB

Black / black: N3003-B

White / brushed: N3003-BW

White / polished: N3003-PW

White / copper: N3003-CW

White / gold: N3003-GW

White / white: N3003-W



CLASSIC BLACK WHERE BEAUTY AND POWER MEET ELEGANCE Products shown in the FROST Classic Black finish are selections from the Nova2 and Quadra series, and both collections designed by Bønnelycke mdd.

BØNNELYCKE MDD Bønnelycke mdd was established in 1988. Driven by an unsuppressable urge to work constructively and innovatively, Henrik Bønnelycke started his career with the design of lamps, furniture and interior decorating. Quickly, he became known as an unconventional architect with no whims and fancies. “It could be fun” and “of course it can be done” - are phrases often used in his company. This has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of projects and designs - spectacle frame design, racing boats, lighting, furniture and buildings to name a few - several of them award winning and patented designs. At Bønnelycke mdd they do not design for the sake of it. They believe that design does not hold any values per se. To Bønnelycke, the value of a design emerges when a product has relevance and when it is purchased, used and appreciated - this is why they design. WWW.FROST.DK



Graphic design: Bønnelycke mdd

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