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FIU BFA Spring 2009 April 17th - May 10th

wake FIU BFA Spring 2009 April 17th - May 10th

Catalog Design Johana Maldonado Cover Photographers Cristina Molina & Jose Valdivia

Director’s Foreword BFA EXHIBITION 2009

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum Florida International University 10975 S.W. 17th Street Miami, FL 33199

The students in this BFA exhibition continue to share

Museum Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: noon - 5 pm Monday: Closed

caliber. The innovative and multi-media approach

t: 305.348.2890 f: 305.348.2762

to the traditional ways of making art is evident in

e:artinfo@fiu.edu thefrost.fiu.edu

the excitement of the new Frost Art Museum and the many opportunities that come with presenting their work in a space with other exhibitions of the highest to art that is characteristic of so much contemporary art and that expresses the interests of students today in technology, installations, and unusual approaches this intriguing exhibition. All the works are reflections of the world today, through the eyes of the next generation of artists.

Carol Damian Director and Chief Curator The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum

Anthony Arriola

Monuments  c-print

photography supakina@yahoo.com Here are forgotten tree stumps, destroyed grass turfs, and faulty plant installations. I am not simply making portraits of disuse, but I am questioning mankind’s need for dominance and control over his surroundings.

S antiago Castillo

Souvenirs mixed media

drawing santiago.castillo@me.com Each drawing depicts a place to which I have been. These slanted, edited memories are reconstructed on the abstracted two-dimensional surface with brush and line. The travel log now relives in a coded, patterned and redirected attempt to describe the feeling of being here and there – facts and fabrications collide. The reality of the places or events I’ve experienced is long gone. All that is left is what my memory retained – not as it has been portrayed in atlases or fancy postcards found at souvenir shops – as my own brain chooses to remember it. Inks and paint – suspended in polyurethane-covered layers of paper – act as a means to resurrect these lost realities.

W illiam Faust

Field of Vision charcoal on paper

drawing biljan7@aol.com Utilizing large scale for my idealized landscape drawings brings a sense of energy to a fictional yet ancient place. Rhythmic crops and dark angry skies reflect internal tempests. Landscapes are works of the mind - a response of the senses.   With all the places I’ve been and images I’ve seen, it is these “mental landscapes” that remain. Using charcoal on paper invokes an internal authority to draw without perjury or propaganda, and reveals a way of navigating the landscape. Subtle changes in the mark making process express the variation in our shared experiences and histories, and awaken embedded memories.

Izlia Fernandez

Little House stop motion animation

drawing izlia@izliafernandez.com “The stars twinkled in their reflection on the rippling water. There he stood, the lone house on stilts. What was it looking for? What was it dreaming about?� A house is not just a house. It is a collective location meant to keep our things, both real and ephemeral. The physicality of large format drawing helps me to act out a familial narrative of lost youth and rite of passage. This small playhouse acts as a character, portraying a trek through faraway forests, going in with expectations, but leaving with unexpected transformations. When lost playthings are no longer our most prized possessions, they become relics of a distant person from another time.

Fear and Sadness Began to Burn Inside acrylic/india ink on paper

Whitney Irvine

Polaroidish c-print

photography wirvi001@fiu.edu This body of work contains certain images that have been altered by process. The images started as Polaroid’s taken with expired film on a Polaroid Spectra camera then later re-shot with a 35mm camera. They were then enlarged into C-Prints. Because of the process and time the images have been altered and changed - the colors have been distorted and the depth of field has been flattened. This work is about questioning the process of photography and the enjoyment of an analog medium that is becoming extinct.

C assandra Martinez video coolcass77@yahoo.com The dynamics of how human relationships work has always been of interest to me. It is a challenge to comprehend how people are able to form tight relationships between one another considering different genders, age groups, and races. The interviewing method makes it easier for me to communicate with my subjects on a more personal level, facilitating an accurate analysis of each individual’s mindset and character through the words they express and by the stances that they decide to take, whether consciously or subconsciously. Video plays back a life time of finely tuned movements, postures and tonality which aids in the process of understanding how people’s motives betray intentions. Here, my subjects are middle aged Cubans who like to expound on their gender roles where the men are men and women are women.

Can’t Live With Them Can’t Live With Out Them video still

Jonathan Mendelson sculpture/installation jmend027@fiu.edu

Palm Trees on Rocket Fuel mixed media installation

I paint super-mutant radioactive cave paintings. I am spray painting with photons. When the viewer is immersed in the piece, they are bombarded by these self illuminating light waves as well. My cities seek to change the power of sublime to include human technology as a force of nature.

C ristina Molina

Silky Smooth Hair Relaxer 

video cmoli006@fiu.edu

production still Use this product, and you can be beautiful too! There, glowing from a television screen or shining on a billboard lies the declaration of happiness and glamour. Images in advertising, personal narratives and true stories are the Muse for these stop action videos. The slapstick humor of a Keystone Cop silent movie and the dark comedy of Film Noir come together in these works to make a comment on the over exaggerated vanity of women. These morality plays start out with a promising outcome, but end in total disaster.

Johanna Monserratte

Mojada acrylic/watercolor on plaster

drawing jmons001@fiu.edu Lines etched into a basin-like form allude to sonic moments where condensation thickens, and drops slide down a plastic curtain. This is a place where I can hear myself. The chromed plumbing and sweaty porcelain are exaggerated mirrors that invite an unconventional self portrait.

Daniel Ortiz

Cloudburst acrylic/oil on canvas

painting dgo1783@gmail.com Whether it is the epic representation of the bipartisan rivalry of American politics, or the deliverance of innocent hostages through the sacrifice of terrorist lives. The intent of my work is to present ideological conflicts as ample as the canvases they are painted on.

Gridlock acrylic/oil on canvas

S terling Rook

Play and the Changing Paintings

sculpture hadesone84@hotmail.com

mixed media I remember when I was a kid, playing in my backyard with the hose, watching the water stream through the grass and the weeds. I remember thinking that the water looked like a flood in a jungle. I made these paintings-toys to create that sense of play we all used to have.

Jessica Shoemaker

Namshe (series) ink/characoal

drawing jshoemaker001@yahoo.com Figures emerge through layers of melting color and faded atmosphere, struggling between emerging and becoming submerged in internal realms. Stemming from the suicide of a loved one I began questioning the concept of the soul and incorporating the transcendence of visionary art, and the analysis of consciousness in expressionism and symbolism. Each drawing is a personal glimpse similar to the passing visions in my meditation and the artwork becomes a vehicle for an internal journey. This journey explores the idea of the soul leading to an excavation of identity represented by implied figures amidst ambiguous layers.

Jose Valdivia

The Pencil of Figments

photography valdiviaography@comcast.net Photographing the landscape placed me on the edge between tranquility and fear. The solitary aspect of nature, as well as its overpowering presence, and the mystery of what lies within lead me to pursue the vast amount of trees I would frequently see while driving. I Placed dirt, sand, rocks and roots on the surface of the printing paper bringing its contents closer to reality in contradiction of its abstraction. The black is the space to explore and seek without limitation. As the light is the constant destination in the photograph. In essence the landscape is the opening to exploration of uncharted territory within myself.

gelatin silver print, toned with wine/coffee, resin coated

L eila Walker

Microcosm of a Paradigm mixed media

sculpture littlewing21@hotmail.com Four encrusted figures are engaged in different states of a life dilemma. One frozen in witness of its own demise, towers over the chain of events, both ostracized and entrapped within its own turmoil. Another attempts to heal the wounds and as a third watches from a distance wondering whether to intervene. The fourth has its back to the entire grouping not wanting to engage. Wrapped in plaster, wire and bandage-like gauze, the surface provides a legend of the implied damaged state, pushing against a contradiction of mending, healing, and alienation.

This show was curated by

The School of Art & Art History

Juan Martinez William Burke Tori Arpad-Cotta Pip Brant R.F. Buckley Kathy Dambach Carol Damian Eduardo del Valle Annette B. Fromm Mirta G贸mez Daniel Guernsey Clive King Jacek Kolasinski Bill Maguire Mette Tommerup Constantino Torres Barbara Watts

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Miriam Machado

Special thanks to the Graham Center Art Gallery coordinated by Christopher Rodriguez for donating money for this catalog, and the Serenity Center for Therapeutic Services. The Frost Art Museum receives ongoing support from the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, the Mayor and the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners; the State of Florida Department of State, the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts; the Steven & Dorothea Green Endowment; Funding Arts Network; Dade Community Foundation; CitiPrivate Bank; Target; and the Members & Friends of The Frost Art Museum.

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P ip Brant associate professor of drawing/painting Seems like when students huddle in their respective classes, the ideas imbedded in their work takes on linking themes. I find this not unlike couples who live together and take on the same illnesses. Within this family of 14 students are, themes of apocalyptic, urban utopias from the past and the future. Also linked to the theme of the sublime, is the romantic fantasy of the everlasting sleep, the kind of beauty that exists in seeing a fresh bird corpse. Others seek to reconnect with past utopias, with unlikely playthings involving dirt or products that promise beauty, but only deliver Snow White’s slumber. I invite you to don a lacy white shirt and return to a time when an alabaster carving served as a portrait for a queen’s yearling son’s fat thigh. Wake.

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Wake - BFA Spring 2009  

The BFA students at FIUs School of Art & Art History present a series of works produced during their tenure at FIU. Curated by Professor Pip...

Wake - BFA Spring 2009  

The BFA students at FIUs School of Art & Art History present a series of works produced during their tenure at FIU. Curated by Professor Pip...

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