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The Dark Element “The Dark Element”

Sweet & Lynch “Unified”

Jeff Scott Soto “Retribution”

Babylon A.D. “Revelation Highway”

Pink Cream 69 “Headstrong”

Primal Fear “Best of Fear”

Operation: Mindcrime “The New Reality”

Pretty Boy Floyd “Public Enemies”

Jono “Life”

Melodic Rock Fanzine The official Frontiers Music s.r.l. magazine Year #13 - Nr. 5 / Issue #82

Editor-in-chief: Elio Bordi Concept, Graphics & Design: Elio Bordi Writers: Bruce E.J. Atkinson, Duncan Jamieson, Barry McMinn, Vitale Nocerino, Rob “Ezy” Bone, Primo Bonali, Fabiana Spinelli, Carlos Martin Schwab.

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Eisley / Goldy “Blood, Guts and Games”

Down ‘n’ Outz “The Further Live Adventure of”

Down ‘n’ Outz “New Generation”

Raintimes “Raintimes”

Down ‘n’ Outz “The Further Adventure of”

Bruce Atkinson: First, if we may —I realise that “Revolution Saints” was born from a dream of Serafino’s… One that certainly has put you all together in a super group situation, but one that creates such magic! Before getting involved with Frontiers’ did you ever think of working with everyone in this combination before? Deen Castronovo: Nope, even though we're great friends, the first record was the first time and I enjoyed so much to play and write music all together. It is so natural and It ispires me a lot. They are all great guys and amazing musicians and it is nothing that the best mood and contest each player would like to be. I’m really lucky to be part of Revolution Saints. Alessandro Del Vecchio: I gotta say also that Serafino had this big dream about working with Deen and showcase his vocal talent for years and we just didn’t wanna do a record with Deen but create a team around him that could lift his voice, drumming and music to the highest level. BA: When we see and hear the group, there is such a musical pedigree and one that is very forceful — is this somewhat difficult in developing the material? DC: The material was already written for the first and second record, we just had more input this time and more time to put our touch on the songs. ADV: As a producer I always feel that the band “thing” situation is always easier. Especially with musicians like this to develop any kind of arrangement or part is such an easy task. Also because with this high caliber musicianship comes also a lot of creativity so it’s a like being in a luna park and go like “ok, can we try this? Can we try that? let’s move this part here… let’s make a longer section there…” BA: Such massive talent with everyone… How do you capture all this musical magic? DC: We have great chemistry outside of music so it came so easy to play all together and make

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music. We just bring our instruments and let the music do the talkin’. It’ so special and I love it. ADV: I think first of all, you need the right songs to channel the talent and musicality. As one of the songwriters on the album I gotta be honest, it’s not the easiest task. This time I just didn’t sat down and wrote the whole album. We all wanted more of a band feel so Doug ended up being one of the key writers for the album with me and I gotta say that this shows easily just at first listen. Also Deen could put his touch on the lyrics fixing them here and there so that could sound right “in his mouth”. BA: I see that “Light In The Dark” was recorded in several studios from various locales, did this process create any difficulties? DC: None as Doug, myself and Alessandro did drum tracks and vocals in Italy so no difficulties. We spent a lot of time together in Italy and we ejoyed the place and the good vibes we have. Italy is so special and it ispires me so much. Then we played at the Frontiers Rock Festival and it was another day I will always remember sice it was the first show ever we played! Special! ADV: It was mainly recorded and worked in my studio in italy, but we had, due to everyone’s schedule, to finish some parts when Doug and Jack weren’t in Italy anymore. This hasn’t been a record were somebody just records his parts and it’s good at first take. We evolved the songs and worked them out several times so the process was way longer than we thought we needed. Sometimes with Doug in Japan, Jack in Washington and myself in Italy it was kinda of a 24 hours affair but all has been smooth and easy. BA: Actually, this second effort is quite a huge release-material wise. The deluxe edition contains a bonus DVD, let us in on why you decided to include some live material… DC: That was the labels decision, we all thought

it'd be cool to capture our first performance live at the Frontiers Rock Festival 2016 and release it. You will listen how magic it was. ADV: I think it’s a bonus for the fans. Not all of them could see the band live at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, so we decided we could have done something cool for those who couldn’t be with us that night. BA: Now, with all of you so busy with your other groups — are you still planning on taking Revolution Saints out on the road? DC: Schedules permitting, yes. This is something we are talking about, but as you can image, all three of us have also different other committments, so we need to plan everything perfectly. ADV: If the stars and schedules align, yes. That’s our definitive goal and task for the band. BA: Back to the record, your first go-round was a great success, and this new one sounds like it will go beyond the first! Do you all contribute to the songs, or are they primarily written by Mr. Del Vecchio? DC: Basic demos were done by Alessandro, but we all had much more input this time around. As I said, I really enjoyed to put my touch on the songs and I think everything came out rally great. ADV: As I said before, this time it wasn’t just me. There’s a lot of me but there’s a lot of Doug and Deen and Jack worked on the lyrics of Light In The Dark with me and Deen. Obviously you have a grand working relationship with one another, and one, I would think, presents unique opportunities for you all in the creative department… DC: This record was more focused and not so rushed. We all had time to really analyze what was being recorded this time. ADV: It’s a very emotional and creative environment with these guys. And having them all in the same room and work all together on these songs has been amazing.

Bruce Atkinson:May we begin with the question… How did you all meet, and is there any meaning behind the name “Metalite”? Edwin Premberg: We´re very excited! Me and Emma met at a boatcruise here in Stockholm were Emma worked as a showartist. Robert Ö. (Guitar) and I played together a long time ago in a 80´s metal coverband. He was looking for a new band and I´m ask him to join us. Robert M. (bass) and Lea was headhunted through mutual friends and we got a perfect match. The name Metalite just popped up when I was planning the new modern sound for the first song. Well, its metal and I wanted the sound to be ”l33t” or ”1337” (Which means ”Elite” in the online language ”Leet” used in BBS and nowadays Online Gaming.) That formed the bandname Metalite. BA: When forming the group, what were your main musical ambitions? EP: I wanted to create a different style in metal which needed a different line-up to make it sound the way I wanted. The main goal was to write modern, rememberable and catchy melodies but still with the power of metal. BA: May I ask, who are your influences?

EP: Through the years I have listened to a lot of different music but always it has been the genres that holds the ememberable melodies. I wanted to combine this music genres to one and bring you this new modern metal style as a whole package. My biggest metal influences when I wrote the ”Heroes In Time”-album was Amaranthe, Battle Beast, Dynazty, Sabaton etc. BA: Emma and Edwin are the main songwriters; however do the other members contribute to the writing or arranging? EP: I have written all the music and the lyrics for ”Heroes In Time” and Emma the vocal arrangement. As we started out as a project me and Emma have done all the work with the album. The rest of the members joined later on. There will sure be a change on that matter for the next album, I hope. BA: Let’s talk about your debut, “Heroes In Time”. Who is the producer of the record, and why did you decide to work with him? EP: In fact I produced the album with help from the danish super-engineer Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Volbeat, Epica etc) who steered the levels in the mixing/mastering part. I wanted to get the modern touch and Jacob was really the right guy for this job. I´m asked

him to help me, sent him Afterlife, and he said yes for the whole album. BA: You have also invited a couple of guest musicians to help out… please talk about that experience… EP: We needed some shredding solo guitars and for that moment we didn’t have a lead guitarist. Emma introduced me to Jakob Svensson who plays with the Melodic Rockers Wigelius and he wanted to help me with a couple of songs. I also ask Fraser Edwards which is one of the guitarist in the scottish powermetal band Ascension to do some work for Metalite. The results was absolutely stunning, from both of them and I´m really thankful for all of their help. BA: Being that we are talking about your debut recording, may I ask what your hopes are for “Heroes In Time”? EP: It’s our debut album and you never know how people going to react when they hear our songs. The sound of this album is catchy and very melodic and especially with Emmas fantastic voice it stands out of the crowd. The feedback and the reactions so far has been really great so I hope that it will turn out well and generate live gigs all over the world. We really want to get out and play.

Duncan Jamieson: You’re the heart of Steelheart with the other bands members coming and going. Tell us about the band you’ve got around you now. Miljenko Matijevic: To be completely honest the band is formulating now as I write this. We shall see what life has in store for SteelHeart. The new change is because both Uros and Rev had new borns and they want to stay more with them at this time. I truly respect that. However, I am very excited for the future! DJ: The last album was 2008’s ‘Good 2B Alive’. What have you been up to in between? MM: So much has happened since then. As we all know sometimes life gets in the way and you have to flow with it. However I have also been always working on new material as well as housing the world. I also joined “The Doors” Robby Krueger and Ray Manzerak for tow tours, I spent a lot of time in Asia working, writing songs for TV / Film, appearances on reality shows, TV performances, live festivals and more. Never a dull moment for sure. DJ: Where did the album title “Through Worlds of Stardust” come from? MM: Well that just came to me one day from thin air. It is a powerful statement! I truly feel I have traveled through many worlds with my art and I feel we re all just star dust. To me it represents my voyage through my life and

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my music. DJ: There’s a real diverse set of songs. How long did the writing process take? MM: This was an intense album for sure. There were literally songs from the past and new songs written while recording the album. Hence the “Through Worlds Of Stardust". I time traveled on this writing process. It was all conformed within the 8 months with basically no breaks except the few days for Christmas. It was a crazy ride but I am happy with the out come. It’s pure, honest and full of energy. DJ: Your performance at Rockingham last year received mixed reviews. What do you recall of the experience? MM: I’m not sure what that means as I didn’t have the chance to read the reviews. We had to cut some songs as Rev could not make the show and Marten Anderson filled in. So with regret we couldn’t do some of the other SteelHeart songs. DJ: You’ve had mixed fortunes, combining your appearance on the scene when the tide was starting to change with the emergence of grunge, then your unfortunate accident on stage in ’92. What do you remember of those days when you decided it was the end of the road for Steelheart? MM: I remember that life was changing things for everyone. I had no choice, howev-

er I knew it was time for change however I wasn’t ready to be hit in the head by a lighting rig. My accident was crucial and those times were very challanging for me. It took a lot of time and energy to focus and recover to be able to come back to this world. However It has showed me more love, wisdom, strength and understanding. Personaly, I feel I’ve just begun again. DJ: Being one of the voices behind the music on “Steel Dragon” must have been an interesting phase for you. How did that come about? MM: I received a phone call from producer Tom Werman who I worked with on my second album “Tangled In Reins”. In a nut shell, he told me about the project and asked me if I would be interested in coming in to the studio and audition. Funny, I was on my way back to LA the next day from Connecticut. I accepted the invitation and was in the studio the next day at 2pm. Sang my ass off till 4 and they asked me to join the project the next morning. The energy felt right and I knew when I left I was the man for the project. DJ: What have you got planned for Steelheart now? MM: This all is in the hands of life, the press and my fans. I mean this from the bottom of my heart! They will determine the future of Steelheart.

Duncan Jamieson: This is a great melodic rock album! Kee Marcello: Thank you! Yes, we’re very pleased with the result, and very happy about the almost overwhelming reviews so far! DJ:m How come the pair of you hooked up? KM: Well, I think I can speak for both me and Tommy when I say that over the years we’ve both, separately, been approached numerous times by different people wanting us to participate in projects with other famous musicians, but nothing has felt 100%, until this landed on the table. DJ: How did the songs come together for the recording? KM: When I do projects like this, I typically listen through the demos and make notes of which are the ”must” riffs, those that are ”tied in” with the compositions themselves. After that I start from scratch, and I always aim to create something unique. Tommy has explained to me that if something is to stay on the recording, it needs to grab him

straight away. He needs to hear the connection of his voice expressing those lyrics. If it makes his heart sing, and he wants to sing it, then he is sure to be able to make the feeling come across for the audience. I can relate to that a lot! DJ: How did you record it? KM: In our separate studios, like so often with today’s recordings. But it also has a very practical purpose: Tommy lives in Germany, Me and Ken Sandin in Sweden, and Marco Di Salvia and Alessandro del Vecchio in Italy. Once all the parts were recorded, it was then skillfully mixed by Alessandro. DJ: You’ve both recorded solo albums recently too. How different was this collaboration to your solo efforts? KM: You kinda get into a different frame of mind when you’re doing a joint venture like this - it’s hard to explain, but it’s like a dialogue instead of a monologue. DJ: You seem to be really busy on different sides, music with your solo band as well, horses, and TV... KM: I have to tell you that the most impor-

tant for me right now is the music. That is what I want to focus on. The horse racing thing although I am a certified horse rider, it’s a long way from having a license and being a professional. The competition is fierce, and it is really tough. It is just my hobby because it gets me away from everything and is something completely different. Plus, my love of animals, that is something that I enjoy doing to cleanse my brain so to speak and my soul. I love it. The TV personality thing I have been doing that just because it’s fun. It’s been quite strange. It comes from me being a celebrity in Sweden. I don’t see that as a career. It’s just been a coincidence that I have just being doing a couple of things. I definitely prefer standing on stage than being on TV. DJ: Are the pair of you likely to tour? KM: There’s nothing planned as we speak, but who knows what the future brings? Why not?! DJ: Do you think we’ll see more collaboration between the two of you? KM: I believe anything else would be misconduct on our behalves!

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Duncan Jamieson: How did you guys get together? Toby Jepson: The band came into being after Frontiers approached me with the offer to make a record, so I immediately wanted it to be a band project rather than any kind of solo effort. The guys in the band had never played together, but I hand picked them because I had a feeling that it was going to work! I've know Nic Wastell - bass - for nearly 30 years and we had always threatened to work together and he was instrumental in the project actually coming to fruition, just a great guy and a big motivator for me. Sam is a young player I had met producing his band the year or so before and we got on great so I asked and he agreed! Phil, I had seen play with Joe Elliot and loved his style and so he was the only guy I called for the drum stool. Dave Kemp is the only member that I have worked with before and we have a great working relationship so it was an easy choice. We got together in early 2016, and from the first rehearsal it was obvious it was working! Very exciting actually, and it wasn't long before we were heading into the studio to record what ended up as the debut album 'Ghosts of Yet to Come'. DJ: How would you say this band differs from those you’ve been in the past? TJ: I had actually decided to call a halt to my 'artist' days for a time around about the end of my stint in Dio's Disciples, mainly because I had been a kind of hired hand singing with

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various bands over a period of about 8 or so years - GUN, Fastway included - and although those experiences were wonderful, I had grown tired of singing other people's songs and felt I wasn't really advancing myself as an artist etc, so I had sort of done a deal with myself to stop live work in general until I could find a situation where I could author new work and genuinely have a serious approach to it. It weirdly does compare to my years in the Little Angels, in as much as this band feels like a first band! It's like a kind of rebirth really, I feel reignited and excited about making new music and taking it out there on the road. My passion has returned and it could be like turning the flock back the way I feel at the present time. The guys in the band feel like my buddies and we are all in this together for good or bad. The big difference I guess is that we all have older, wiser heads on our shoulders and as such can relax a little into the process and enjoy the ride. There is also no mad desire to prove ourselves and that comes with experience, as well as a lucid understanding that we need to exist on the merit of the music and have no sense of entitlement, it needs to be real and asset based. DJ: There’s a person angle to many of the songs. Which ones in particular strike a chord with you? TJ: Each song has a very personal meaning to me, the whole record has a narrative that connects that is to with my personal view and interpretations of where we are as a world

community and the mistakes I believe we are making. It's actually a pretty serious protest record really, wrapped up in rock n roll clothing. I thinks the song that defines the record is title track 'Ghost of Yet to Come' - it is the central message of the record: I believe that we, as communities all over the world, specifically in the developed wealthy 1st world, have become somewhat detached from reality where we view everything through a screen, make our judgements based on how many of our FB friends agree with our status, rather than seeking the facts and making a human judgement call. We jump to conclusion, attack from behind a keyboard, say anything, no matter how ill judged and informed, and somehow it has become acceptable to behave terribly towards often the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in our societies. We dismiss clear fact in favour of what we want to hear and sadly many find it easy to have no sympathy with others in terrible situations. DJ: What’s next? TJ: Obviously the album is out on the 15th September and so we will be flat out promoting it and seeing how and where the reactions by the fans will take us! Very exciting and all to play for! we are about to tour with UK band Inglorious and also a few shows with UFO over here and then it will be into Europe early next year and hopefully the festivals across the board next summer. We also have plans to begin headline touring into clubs probably in the spring.

Bruce Atkinson: How did the four of you meet? Claus Lessmann: Actually the whole thing about Phantom 5 was the idea of Serafino. As far as I can remember, he gave Michael a call at the time around Christmas 2015 and asked him if he could bring together some kind of a german melodic “all star band”. He also already had in mind, who should be doing what in this Band. So Michael called everybody and we all thought that this would be a very good idea and more than worth a try. Especially for me it was the best thing that could happen to me after the more than painful split from Bonfire. I also was very happy to work with my good old friend Michael again after more than 20 years. BA: Now, we can look forward to your second release, which sounds great by the way! Did you envision something different for “Play To Win”? CL: No, not really… We just tried to do what we can do best… Writing some good, rocking, melodic rock songs. Sure there was a little pressure on us, because the reviews of our first album were so good, but we tried to ignore this fact and let it come and feel natural again. BA: With such a powerful partnership with Michael Voss, you seem to be able to explore musical plateaus that possibly you would not have in the past… CL: I think you are absolutely right Bruce. Michael is such a wonderful and super talented person and it was so much fun to work with him. We always had the feeling that we are doing the right thing during the writing

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and the recording sessions. He is like a guiding light during a production. He is always focused on every little beat and note… What can I say… He is just fantastic. But also Robby and Axel are fantastic musicians. Especially Robby is a super talented “Riff God” and it is always very thrilling and exiting to listen and work on his guitar riffs. And Axel is “Mr. Beat” to me… Always tight, straight and with enormous feeling and power… My deepest respect to you boys! BA: The music we hear on “Play To Win” is so rich, how did you record? It sounds like you recorded pretty much live off the floor… CL: We always tried concentrate on one song after the other, so we never lost the feeling for the song we were working on at that time. I think this is very important. Sometimes bands record all the rhythm-guitars first, then do all the basses etc… You know what I mean… It’s like working on an assembly line. I don’t like working like this. You get too far away from the original feeling of the song. Sometimes you also leave some things in the song, which are not perfect, but the feeling or the performance is great. It is like a puzzle, when all things and parts come together, because that is the place where they belong to. It is really exciting, to see things grow in a song and finally in a whole album. BA: You reach into some pretty heavy subjects in the songs…would you talk a little about “Child Soldiers”? CL: I always thought, that Rock music is not only about the typical clichés like “Sex,

Drugs and… You know what I mean”. So I always try and tried to put some more aspects of life into the lyrics. Michael also likes this way of writing lyrics. Sometimes it’s a real challenge. It is still a big problem today, when children are misused for any kind of ideology. They are just too young to realize what they are doing and for what reasons they are doing things, that kids would never ever do, without being misused and mistreated. And very often it happens, that there is no way back anymore… This is all so sad. We thought it would be a good thing to write about this problem and make ourselves think about this whole thing a little bit more. BA: Your debut was recorded and released last year, and now we have your second in just over a year! Both are full of inspired song writing…so who is the main songwriter in the group? CL: Most of the songs are written by Robby, Michael and me, but the most important thing for us is, that everybody is giving his input to the songs to make it sound like Phantom 5 and I really think that you can hear and feel this. BA: Being that you are signed with Frontiers, the opportunities must be awesome… Both in reaching a worldwide audience, and developing your music to stellar heights… CL: We are very happy to be in the Frontiers family, because everyboby in this company speaks and understands the language of Rock’n’Roll and it’s lifestyle…So thumbs up for Frontiers and Rock!!!

Barry McMinn: As a big fan of the band, this is a much anticipated debut release, so how long have you been working on the new album? Sam Millar: We only really started focusing on writing the full album in around April 2016 and then by summer we’d done demo’s of all the tracks and started recording it in the studio in September 2016. It was all mastered and finished in March 2017. We just can’t wait to get it out there now! BM: For such a young band you seem to have maturity beyond your years when it comes to song writing, where do you draw your song ideas from? Mick McCullagh: We have a broad musical vocabulary and have all learned to hone our craft. We all write. We are lucky in that respect. Never short of ideas BM: The album is purely new material, how important was it to start from a blank canvas with the new album and not to include previous material that people already know? SM: I think we needed to test ourselves to see if we had it in us to write a full album. We’ve always had the luxury of testing out new material at shows and seeing how it’s received and going

backwards and forward to tweak it, but I think we’re at a point now where we know what works and what doesn’t. BM: How did the songs come together, did you sit down and purposely write for the album, or was it gradual building process of songs and ideas over a period of time? MM: We let things breathe and came back to certain tracks with fresh ears to make sure we were all definitely happy so i suppose a bit of both. BM: The album was produced by yourselves and Justin Richards, was he an obvious choice as you’ve worked Justin on the bands EP in 2015? SM: Yeah, we didn’t want to go back to square one and start working with someone else when we’re so comfortable working with Justin and he knows our playing and sounds so well it just makes the process flow so much easier. It would be stupid to have used anyone else for our first album if you ask me. BM: The album delivers some great anthemic rock songs but tell us the story behind the epic ‘Yours’. MM: It was very much a collaborative writing process and it shows. It's a song we are very

much proud of. Sam and our friend James Thorley had the genius idea of adding horrifying string and choir sections. BM: What drives such a young band to produce this great hard rock sound when this style of music is associated with an older crowd? SM: We always try to bring as many different influences to the table as possible but ultimately we’re all huge fans of classic rock bands and I’m glad that comes across. Hopefully we can bring a bit more of a modern spin on it. BM: The band are taking to the road this Autumn with shows in the UK, are looking to expand your touring beyond the UK in 2018? SM: There’s nothing planning but we’re going to do everything in our power to tour this album as much as possible and break into as many new areas as we can. BM: I know it’s still early in the bands career, but where would you like to see yourselves in 5 years’ time? MM: Of course we want to be successful and thrive, but what is more more important is that we continue to write and perform music we love. An Aston Martin and a big house would be nice though.

Barry McMinn: This new album ‘Love Is Coming’ really rocks in my opinion and takes up where ‘Underneath’ left off, but how would you describe the new album? Robin Beck: I would say it certainly rocks in a different way. Though it wasn't deliberately meant to sound like a sequel to 'Underneath,' I can totally see how listeners would draw such a parallel. My music imitates my life. Everything I put out into the world, artistically speaking, comes from a raw and personal place that I don't normally wear on my sleeve. I tell my story through my music and it's such a pleasure to look back and see how each of my albums progressively represent a different and more matured phase of my life! BM: The album sees you working with Clif Magness again and James, was this a nobrainer for the new album, to work with the same guys again? RB: I couldn't of asked for a better partner in crime and music when it comes to my husband,

James Christian. Working with him always sparks new artistic flare in my work and of course including him on this album was very important to me. I mean, why *not* use such a musical marvel when I'm lucky enough to have James right here at my fingertips?! Meeting Clif, however, truly felt like I had struck gold. I can't believe it took so many years for us to come into each other's lives! It's an honor to have been approached by such a renowned musician such as Clif and obviously, I jumped at the opportunity to work with him. I really don't think 'Love is Coming' would of been as big of a HIT as it is without his help. They're both kings of rock! BM: You’ve really taken the bull by the horns and produced a very eclectic mix of styles for this album, how important was this to you? RB: Variety is key! As much as I live for the iconic sounds of the 80's, I realize how our world of music is changing and growing, and

that we artists must morph with it. While choosing the songs for this album, I wanted to make sure that it not only appeal to fans who have followed me from the beginning, but also tickle the ear of new listeners as well as the new generation. I love the sound of my new album, and it's truly amazing how we were able to take the vision I had in my head and make it into music! I feel indebted to Clif Magness for that. BM: This album takes you back under the Frontiers Music srl wing for the first time since ‘Livin' on a Dream’. What made you return to Frontiers for this album? RB: Honestly, I've got Serafino Perugino to thank for that. He originally brought me back out from my hiatus after having my daughter, Olivia. His keen ear and intuition has kept the best of the best at his fingertips. We've remained close friends all these years and by George he's done it again! Spark, bite, and a great negotiator… who wouldn't want to work with that?!

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Revolution Saints “Light in the Dark” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - The music contained on this release is about three cuts above the rest… who would have thought Doug’s sniper guitar styling’s would be so seamlessly combined to the bass work of Mr. Blades and the vocal stylings of Deen

not to mention his drumming technique! Each song is epic in nature, and the vocals of both Deen and Jack bring harmony and melody to each foray! Teamed up again with Alessandro Del Vecchio, who is behind the recording board here as he was on the group’s debut. No doubt his songwrit-

ing talents were also used, along with Jack, Deen, and Doug! This is a formidable force! The dynamics of the music we experience is completely off the scale!“I Wouldn’t Change A Thing” is a fine example of this! As I write this final copy of my Review… I just had a thought with such a

pedigree of musical talent that these three have, and coupled with the talents of Mr. Del Vecchio, one may think-and jadedly so-that “…oh, I’ll pass, it most likely is just formula rock!”. Well if one thinks that, they are totally wrong! “Light In The Dark” is absolutely new and highly creative music.

There is not a dead track on this record! We hear absolutely different sides to each of the musicians, and we hear new musical explorations and all of it done with heart! You couldn’t ask for much more… Other than maybe and hopefully a third release! Bruce Atkinson (96 / 100)

L.A. Guns “The Missing Peace” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - Raw and wild. And a big, brilliant coming back. This is the fastest way to resume our feelings about “The Missing Peace”, new unexpected record of L.A. Guns, the

one and only line-up with Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns, along with Johnny Martin, Michael Grant and Shane Fitzgibbon. The band’s own scarred history is a distant memory, everything here seems to be in the right place:

cohesion, excitement, energy, all elements that you can find in spades in this new album. With a genuine and whirlwind record, L.A. Guns seem to have find a finely-tuned balance with the heralded predecessor “Waking The

Dead”, drawing a thin line between past, present and future of the band. There’s a glimpse into the past with songs like “A Drop Of Bleach” and “Sticky Fingers”, but this sneak peak at the band’s classic albums is perfectly amal-

gamate to a more modern sound, like we can hear in “Speed” or in “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Here you will find all the attitude of these bad boys of rock and roll, for an epic, killer album. Fabiana Spinelli (90 / 100)

Hell in the Club “See You On The Dark Side” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Elvenking’s Davide Moras and Secret Sphere’s Andrea Borrato manage to deliver the fourth instalment of melodic metal that manages to sound nothing like their other bands. What this does

share with those bands is some of Elvenking’s bombast and a willingness to try lots of musical ideas out, bringing fresh life and a progressive approach to melodic rock and metal. There are big hitting euro melidc metal hooks on ‘We Are On Fire’ and the

H.E.A.T sounding ‘The Phantom Punch’. Their roots as a party band can be heard on ‘Houston, We’ve Got No Money’ , ‘Showtime’and ‘Bite Of The Tongue’ when they give the likes of Danger Danger and Slaughter a run for their money. Andrea Piccardi’s

plays his guitar with power, variety and panache.Every track has something going for it, with arrangements you don’t expect. The energetic ‘I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker’ even manages a big band, black tie jazz interlude. Even lyrically they offer some a little dif-

ferent from your normal cut and paste melodic rock lyrics. With a bigger record label behind them now, this could be their time.Heavy, super melodic and full of invention; any discerning melodic rocker needs to join the club. Duncan Jamieson (92 / 100)

Steelheart “Through Worlds of Stardust” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) The only original member of the US band, who gave us a brace of classic albums at the beginning of the 90s, Matijevic returns with the group’s first album in eight years. It’s a record that may

split opinion. Matijevic mixes the classic hard rocking Steelheart sound with a touch of more modern rock and a fair sprinkling of ballads. It’s a game of two halves; The first half contains the rockier material. Matijevic channels his inner Robert Plant on the very

Zeppelin-esque ‘Stream Line Savings’ ‘Come Inside’ and ‘My Word’ bump ‘n’ grind like Alter Bridge or modern Alice In Chains. ‘You Got Me Twisted’ builds nicely with a hook that sinks in and is prime single fodder. ‘‘My Dirty Girl’ has lyrics that seem throwback (all

high stiletto heels etc.) but it rocks and is arguably the most catchy track of the lot. Then the album throws out a clutch of slower numbers. This is risky on a rock album but if you invest your time into them then you can’t help but be impressed by Matijevic’s vocal prowess

and ‘’My Freedom’ does slowly ramp up. Those wanting the debut and ‘Tangled In Reigns’ part II won’t get that but what you will get is a confident album with strong performances that offers an update of the Steelheart sound. Duncan Jamieson (90 / 100)

Kee of Hearts “S/t” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) This teams Tommy Heart , singer with German aor band Fair Warning, and erstwhile Europe guitarist Kee Marcello. Dodgy band name aside this is an enjoyable slice of euro flavoured melodic

rock. Yep,this project might not be trying to push any envelopes but there are some classy tunes here. After an average start with ‘The Storm’ and ‘A New Dimension’, itt picks up with ‘Crimson Dawn’ this one starts with some fine soloing from

Marcello and is the first song with a big chorus which is a feature of the rest of the record and there isn’t a duff track after that. Heart sings, well… his heart out on everything. Unmistakably German but he’s got a good, strong voice and

there are some beefy choruses such as ‘Bridge To Heaven’, ‘Edge Of Paradise’, ‘Invincible’, and ‘S.O.S’. Some guitarists base their style on their riffs but it’s Marcello’s soloing that helps you pick him out in a crowd. He has a very

clean, melodic and technical sound that sits nicely in these tracks although I would have happily have heard him solo for longer. Assured, solid melodic rock that does both men’s talents justice. Duncan Jamieson (90 / 100)

Wayward Sons “Ghost of Yet to Come” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) -Toby Jepson, best known for Being in the UK’s version of Bon Jovi, Little Angels and his stint in Gun and Fastway is back with an all new proposition. This is

an all grown up Jepson with angsty lyrics from a man htting middle age with a mighty, tough riffing band behind him. It’s great to hear Jepson getting his issues of his chest, letting rip with some gutsy performances here. It also

sounds like a band effort and not a Jepson solo record. .Sam Wood’s spiky guitar and the in your face rhtym section as much a part of the Wayward Sons’ sound as Jepson’s vocals.The wake-up call of ‘Alive’, the hard rocking ‘I

Don’t Wanna Go’ and the school bashing ‘Small Talk’ stand out in a ten song set (no place for filler). Tougher than many might expect; with classic rock and grungy riffs fused with a punky attitude but Jepson’s way with a

melodic hook makes each song accessible.Guaranteed to go down well live, WS are a band who appeal to anyone who likes some hard rock with a score to settle. Duncan Jamieson (90 / 100)

Dirty Thrills “Heavy Living” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - Fronted by the son of ex-Moody Blues singer Nicky James, Louis James Dirty Thrills bring hard rock mixed with a heavily packed blues

Tyketto “Live From Milan” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - A kind of magic. That’s all we can say about that night in Milan with Tyketto! The band, with founding members Danny Vaughn and drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny, along with Chris

Phantom 5 “Play to Win” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - The team that brought us ‘Phantom 5’ just over a year ago… are back Michael Voss and Claus Lessmann have put together another straight forward hard rock collection. “Play To Win” is the group’s second effort and rounded

punch. The London based UK rockers take what they do very seriously, with a sound that sounds familiar but with a modern vein running alongside that classic 70’s Hard Rock sound. Mixing Bad

Green, Chris Childs and Ten keyboardist Ged Rylands, co-headlined “Day 1” of Frontiers Rock Festival IV 2017 and they really gave a brilliant performance, blessed by playing “Don’t Come Easy” in its entirety, plus more tracks from recent

out with drummer extraordinaire Axel Kruse, Robert Boebel on guitars and keys… and of course Michael himself taking on the bass duties as well as producing gives all of us a second chance in hearing excellent molten Hard Rock that simply soars through the speakers! The

Company and Led Zep with that hard hitting groove of Queens of the Stoneage and their like. The album is full of full on groove monsters like ‘Go Slow’ and ‘Lawman, but they also bring some

releases. Fancy packaging for this CD/DVD, great production and attention played to every details, “Live From Milan 2017” is a gift not only for adoring fans, but it’s an amazing way for all to hear and see an extraordinary live show. Tyketto with their

vocals of Claus Lessmann remind me of a young Vincent Furnier, (Alice Cooper)! Nasty in nature-but full of texture, richness and emotion. “Play To Win” is the perfect concert set! An album full of energy, high octane performances from one and all. Hard Rock to the n’th

bluesy funk with the excellent ‘Hanging Around’ and for a pure slice of great blues, then ‘Lonely Soul’ is for you. For the fans of Deep Purple check out ‘Rabbit Hole’, this one has that

performance of this classic album from back to front, really gave it everything to the audience in Milan and this record fairly reports the magic atmosphere of that night. Danny Vaughn vocals are simply perfect and in the enchantment of the degree and one that just drives straight to the heart! Each song and performance on this disc will sit deep in the memory of all listeners. The members of “Phantom 5” seem to be re-energised after each performance. The title cut itself is full of strength, continually building

early Purple feel about it. All in all a great slab of classic Hard Rock with a modern bite. If you’re into the likes of Rival Sons and Inglorious, then this is one for you. Barry McMinn (88 / 100)

moment, “Forever Young” seems to be prophetic and it feels like time has stood still in 1991. A musthave record to keep in mind an exciting memory or to dive deep into a thrilling performance. Fabiana Spinelli (90 / 100) throughout its melodic yet hardened course. I guess I could say the same for every song on this second effort! There is no weak numbers here! Hard rock and oh! so rhythmic, certainly “Play To Win” is going to turn heads the world over! Bruce Atkinson (91 / 100)

Robin Beck “Love is Coming” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - 2017 sees Robin Beck return to Frontiers Music s.r.l. for her new album ‘Love is Coming’, and what a way to reunite with the label. For me this takes up where the wonderful ‘Underneath’

left off, featuring a gritty and wide ranging array of tracks, that simply is what we’ve come to expect from the last few releases and as the saying goes, “Of it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. And that what she’s done this time around, the rocks songs rock and the ballads

Bigfoot “S/t” (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) - You know you’re seeing something special when you see a band play live and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and rock along to the tunes. This happened to me on the 20th July 2014, when a

young band who had just been together a few weeks blew me away with their energy and professionalism. Now a mere three years later, that band Bigfoot are about to unleash their much anticipated debut release simply entitled ‘Bigfoot’. This is a

Midnite City “S/t” (Aor Heaven) - This sees present Tigertalz and former Teenage Basket Company Rob Wylde singer deliver a surprisingly strong aor record. If the cartoon metal of ‘Talz puts you off, don’t let it because this is a classy

set of melodic rock tunes. Backed by guys who know exactly what their doing such as Pete Newdeck(Eden’s Curse), James Martin (Vega) on keyboards guitarist and mixed by Harry Hess, these songs will make you think you’ve

Kadavar “Rough Times” (Nuclear Blast) - “Rough Times” is the fourth full lenght album of the German trio Kadavar, a powerful and original album, full of good ideas and brilliant attitude. With their explosive live experi-

pull at the heart strings, while the more contemporary tracks just add a little spice to the mix. For the rockers, then check out the title track ‘Love is Coming’, ‘On the Brightside’ and ‘Girl Live Me’. For all the ballad lovers then ‘In These Eyes’ and ‘If You

great debut from the lads from Wigan. A great mix of hard rocking and melody rich songs that will just rock you world. Right from the opener ‘Karma’ you can tell the boys have really put their hearts and souls into this album. This album not only rocks, it

Only Knew’ will melt the coldest of hearts. But if you like a touch of Country fuelled funk then ‘Me Just Being Me’ will rock your world. Whereas ‘Lost’ is the perfect radio single. When an album is this good, words sometimes aren’t enough and only by

also rolls. Take the stunning ‘Forever Alone’ if this had been released in the 80’s it would a huge hit. The excellent ‘Prisoner of War’ shows the bands hard edged bluesy side, whereas the likes of ‘The Fear’ and ‘Freak Show’ are pure Hard Rocking all the way,

listening to the album are you able to fully appreciate what the artist has achieved. So Robin has it right on the money. This is one of the finest Robin Beck albums I’ve ever heard and she doesn’t do bad albums. Barry McMinn (95 / 100)

but for a real taste of what this band has to offer, then the 8 minute plus closer ‘Yours’. This song has it all. This song swoops and soars and is just a joy to listen to. Definitely one of my favorite albums to be released this year so far. Barry McMinn (95 / 100)

ences, Kadavar built quite a reputation between contemporary rock fans and they confirm to be one of the best rock band today with an immediate and direct album. Their nofrills approach to everything they do is well

explained with songs like “Into The Wormehole” and “Words Of Evil”, but they surely go deep into feelings and different moods with tunes like “Skeleton Blues” and “Vampires”. Hard rock with a vintange sound, solid songs structure and

a little bit of stoner, this is the recipe for a great result and Kadavar are working hard to make it to the top. The work done by new bassist Simon Bouteloup is absolutely remarkable: with his great personality and his bohemian touch,

Simon changed the band attitude, in an extremely positeive way. “Rough Times” is a confirmation, but at the same time is one more step over the line and you must have courage to do it: well done, Kadavar! Fabiana Spinelli (85 / 100)

Within Silence “Return From The Shadows” (Ulterium Records) - “Return From The Shadows” exudes a confidence promised in the group’s debut. Nine excelling performances that display an ever expanding spectrum of the Melodic Metal style these five play from. The first three

tracks, “We Are The Ones”, “Heroes Must Return”, and “Children Of Light” are fully energised, fantastical lyrics sung with richness and strength. Musically, each of these tracks soar and drive home the masterful performances that can leave one breathless! “Return From The

Shadows” was mixed & mastered by Roland Grapow awho lent his enormous talent in production. Upon first listen, you realize that “Within Silence” are five very talented musicians and they have a lot to say and play! “In The Darkness”, as the title suggests, is a somewhat darker

excursion… emotive and powerful. With heavy riffs and strong emotions wrapped in symphonic signatures, this performance is a stand-out. “Within Silence” has delivered a high class second effort. One that strengthens their original compositions, allowing them to elevate their on-stage

performances. The group shows us different sides of their collective talents as well. “Return From The Shadows” is a very serious Work of music. One that is deep flowing, aggressive and yet melodic. “Within Silence” are here to stay! Bruce Atkinson (92 / 100)

Newman “Aerial” (Aor Heaven) - 11th studio album for singer/songwriter Steve Newman's band, and another one to look for: great melodic Hard-Rock sound, packed with big AOR-hooks, nice

melodies, great keyboards and insane harmony vocals, in the vein of early Harem Scarem, TNT and Unruly Child. The previous album, "The Elegance Machine", really conquered me,

and exactly the same thing is happening with this new work; "Aerial" features 12 tracks that return to the huge chorus's, maintaining the high quality production values that have been prevalent over the last

albums. But this record, above all, is all about the songs, you could say it's an unashamed AOR/Melodic Rock record and follows that rule across all 12 songs to give the lis-

tener a very consistent album. As cherry on the pie, the mastering was taken care of by none other than Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) at "H Bomb Mastering". A solid release.Primo Bonali (89 / 100)

OZ “Terminal State” (AFM Records) Finnish Heavy Metal cult-band OZ is back. Five years after the restart of its career with the successful ”Burning Leather” release, the band delivers the brand

Code-Red “Incendiary” (AOR HEaven) - Renowned singer and song-writer, Ulrick Lonnqvist never thought of himself as being a solo artist. In fact, being part of a musical team was when he was most comfortable. However, a strong suggestion from an equally

Threshold “Legends of the Shires” (Nuclear Blast) - It been three years since we’ve had a new studio album from Prog Metal giants Threshold, now in 2017 the wait is over as the band are back with

new studio-album, the first containing all new songs since 1991! "Terminal State" is a great album, Heavy Metal to the bone played with passion and heart, made by killer guitar-riffs, thunderous

well known musician and producer, Daniel Flores, has made way for Ulrick to fashion a new music team ‘Code Red’! Comprised of Ulrick and songwriters/musicians Morgan Jensen and Michael Palace, the three joined up with guitarist Oscar Bromvall and

“Legends of the Shires”. Once again we have a change in lead singer, as back into the fold comes Glynn Morgan, who makes his return after last being heard on the bands 1994 “Pyschedelicatessen”

unearthed a lost classic from the late 80s rather than something just dreamed up now. New boy Miles Meakin mixes muscular riffs with glorious melodic solos. He’s got a real feel for this genre.Wylde delivers the nostalgia of Saturday

drums and epic vocals courtesy of Vince Kojvula. Led by founding member and drummer Mark Ruffneck, OZ keep on playing their traditional Metal style, stronger than ever and with no space for mod-

keyboardist Kasper Dahlqvist and set about creating and recording “Incendiary”, ‘Code Red’s debut. Ulrick’s voice is a deep and textured affair with silky undertones. Kaspar’s keyboards just add that extra sprinkle of magicwith Michael’s bass and

album. This new opus is a double album, that showcases perfectly just what this band are all about. Big grandiose tracks full of that glorious Threshold sound that we’ve been accustomed to over the past 25

nights, partying with your friends and making out in the backseat for the first time. Like a mix of, Heartland, Shy, Strangeways and a less cheesy Poison, it consistently knocks out tunes like ‘Summer Of Our Lives’, ‘Nothing’s Like

ern sound or tricks. OZ doesn’t fail to impress with thirteen cracking and fresh, traditional Metal tracks of immensely high quality. Even though Ruffneck is the last remaining member left from the

Daniel Flores marches in on drums, (in addition to his production talents). “Incendiary” is a collection of ten superb songs piloted by Ulrick and with everyone making contributions that help in putting an unique signature to the overall sound. “Code Red” hopeful-

years. This is a multi-layered concept album the spans 83 minutes of prog metal at its more complex, but those 83 minutes seem to fly by, as you’re whisked along on some cosmic rainbow of sound. Songs of note

Losing You’ and ‘One Step Away’ that make you pine for those halycon days of the late 80s. Lovers of vintage aor and melodic rock should jump on Greyhound bus and head to Midnite City. Duncan Jamieson (90 / 100)

original line-up, OZ are as strong as ever and continue to haunt you with the relentless, uncompromising sound they are known for! Metal heart: there's no other way! Primo Bonali (85 / 100)

ly will become the vehicle that will encourage Ulrick Lonnqvist to continue in his love of writing and performing melodic rock songs, and performing them himself! For a simple, yet beautiful Recorded Work, pick-up up ‘Code Red’-“Incendiary”. Bruce Atkinson (92/ 100)

include ‘Small Dark Lines, the excellent “Trust the Process” and the epic “Lost in Translation”. All in all a must for the fans. Let’s hope Glynn sticks around for the next album. Barry McMinn (89 / 100)

Nocturnal Rites “Phoenix” (AFM Records) - After 10 years of silence and changes in its line-up, the Swedish Power Metal by Nocturnal Rites arrives with an album

that, due to certain characteristics, breaks with the classic mold of the “Phoenix”. The band’s new album, holds all Nocturnal Rites trademarks; from the characteristic voice of vocalist

Tales From the Porn “H.M.M.V” (Steelheart Records) - Put together by brazilian guitar-player Andy Sun (along with Bento Mello on bass, Bruno Marx on guitars, Ed Avian on drums and Igor Codoi on keys and bk vocals), this band proud-

ly features world known TUFF singer Stevie Rachelle, who sang on all the songs and wrote part of the melodies and the lyrics. This band and this album were especially born for one and only mission: reproduce the Street/Sleazy/Glam

Metalite “Heroes In Time” (Ulterium Records) - I always get excited when I see a new musical unit rising on the horizon! “Metalite” is exactly one of those rising lights, a five piece taking off from Sweden along with a sparkling new female voice in

Power Quest “Sixth Dimension” (Ulterium Records) - Everyone who grew up listening to Helloween knows that the Power Metal fathers put the rod so high that everything that came after in that subgenre can be tedious and

Martina Edoff “We Will Align” (Aor Heaven) Following the self-titled album of 2014 and "Unity" of 2015, here it comes "We Will Align", third work for the Swedish Rock singer

Jonny Lindkvist to the Nocturnal Rites harmonies and melodies. Songs like the the opener “Heart Black As Coal”, with huge and powerfull riffs, “We Waste Away”, really

close to the classic Nocturnal Rites style, the melodic and fast “The Poisonous Seed” and “What’s Killing Me” are the best episodes of the album. “Phoenix” is a so nice form the

beginning ‘till the end and it shows the band is still here and ready to give us the best they can. Welcome back Nocturnal Rites! Carlos Martin Schwab (90 / 100)

Emma Bensing! The group’s debut, “Heroes In Time” is bright, upbeat, and it sonically soars! Founded by guitarist Edwin Premberg and Emma, this duo had a mutual musical vision. Wanting to compose melodic progressive music that would resonate in the

hearts of many, the two set out to form a group. Working with producer Jacob Hansen and enlisting like minded musicians like second guitarist Robert Ornesved, drummer Lea Larsson and Robert Majd on bass, “Metalite” was given life! “Heroes In Time” is

a very impressive debut. A collection of original and epic sounding songs that will excite! Eleven fast paced creations that certainly display high talent. Combining this talent in a melodious ocean of expression ensuring a high degree of musicality! Each

track, including the title cut just further cements the talents and efforts made by all five members. Truly a band, “Metalite” will prove to be a shinning light, fresh and bright, rising in the musical sky! Bruce Atkinson (91 / 100)

not so fresh on many occasions, being a female vocalist one of the main things that broke that mold for good. If you're a fan of epic Power Metal bands, this is something you should listen to, the album present a good sound and nice song-

writing and producition. Yes, this “Sixth Dimension” album is not somithing that bring us new sonorities or original elements, but who cares! The album is mastered by Jens Bogren (Dragonforce, Symphony X, Arch Enemy) and the art-

work is created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth and more); it includes guest appearances by Anette Olzon (ex. Nightwish), Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis, ex. Power Quest) and Lars

Rettkowitz (Freedom Call). If you are searching for something new or original music, then you can skip this release, but, as said, if you are an Heavy / Power Metal lover, this is a good album for you. Carlos Martin Schwab (70 / 100)

Martina Edoff. With the help of her former coproducer and co-writer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T), as well as Jonas Törnqvist, Erik Mårtensson, Benny Jansson and also Billy Sheehan, Martina

Rock sound of the '80s, with the same signature style made of loud guitars, big reverb, delays and anthemic choirs, with all lyrics referring to fast life, sex, parties, alcohol and horror movies. Inspired by such mega-acts as Motley Crue, Skid Row,

recorded 10 great HardRock tunes characterized by epic majestic vocals, catchy melodies and some pompous arrangements that might recall bands like Eclipse (especially!),

Poison, Shotgun Messiah and Tuff themselves, this is the band's debut and it’s a totally 80's-driven album, with a sound exploring the harder and edgier stuff from that era; an album that all Hair Metal / Street Rock fans will play and love to

Whitesnake, Saraya, Witness and Royal Hunt. Powerful, melodic and exciting, the album has been built around Martina's powerful voice and the result is absolutely brilliant.

the bone. The european version (released in 500 copies) adds to the menu one exclusive bonus-track. So, grab it while it's hot, play it LOUD and start your journey BACK TO THE ‘80s! Rob "Ezy" Bone (92 / 100)

Mixed by Tobias Lindell, "We Will Align" features a crystal clear production that makes the album a must-buy item for all Melodic Rock female-fronted fans. Primo Bonali (90 / 100)

Carlos Martin Schwab: Why so many years withouth new music? Any changes in your music and/or your sound between “Blood Alliance” (2011) and this album? Steve Williams: Well I had to stop PQ in 2013 because I had run out of money. I was in debt with all the money I invested in the band so I had to stop before I really got into serious money problems. There was a real possibility of losing my house so things had to be carefully considered. Throughout the years I’ve been the primary finance provider for the band so I had to make a very tough decision back then. Before returning with PQ I spent 3 years playing with Eden’s Curse and recorded a studio and live album with those guys. It was a good time and it was interesting being back in the ranks so to speak rather than being the band leader and having all the responsibilities that brings. The new album has much more keyboards again and has more of the classic PQ feel. In some ways I’ve gone back to the Neverworld/Magic Never Dies vibe and added a more modern production style. Our original vocalist Alessio Garavello produced and mixed the record and I think he’s done a fantastic job at Rogue Studios in London. This time I also wrote 3 songs on guitar so that adds a slightly different vibe but it is still PQ. These songs being Face the Raven, Starlight City and Revolution Fighters. CMS: What is your target in the songwriting? Power Quest sound seems to be epic Power Metal. And what about the influences of bands in your music and, more specifically,from Iron Maiden and Helloween? SW: I want to write songs that are uplifting but also have a message for people as well. Lyrics are as important as the music for me but maybe

for a lot of people these are not so important. A lot of PQ songs are written from my own personal experiences in life over almost 46 years walking this earth now. I think when people talk about epic power metal though they tend to be referring to the whole swords and sorcery element. Of course we have some songs in this style but nowadays not so much so and even the songs that do appear to be in that vein often have a double meaning if you listen closely. I feel this is the most consistent record we have every done and I'm very proud of the new songs. As a band we have been talking about which of the new songs would be in the live set but it’s quite a dilemma as every single song was chosen by someone. I think that reaffirms the statement that the record is very consistent and solid. Personally my influences run from Maiden and Helloween through Van Halen, Asia, Marillion and also bands like Freedom Call too. Within the band we also have fans of things like Skid Row, Metallica, Shinedown so we are quite an eclectic bunch of guys really.Freedom Call too. CMS: How the recent band lineup impacts in the sound and the music of Power Quest? SW: People often have commented about all the lineup changes in the band over the years but more often than not they don’t actually understand the reasons as to why this has been the case. Maybe people think I’m some crazy dictator who just likes to fire people? Hahaha! I can assure you that is about as far from the truth as it is possible to be and anyone who really knows me on a personal level will tell you the same thing. I’ve been fortunate to have some amazing people in the band over the years and the likes of Alessio, Andrea, Francesco and Steve for example are to this

day some of my best friends in the whole world. The new line up is one of the strongest I have ever had. Ash provides amazing and versatile vocals and has given me a great range to work with when writing these new songs. The whole band vibe is like a bunch of mates hanging out after school or something like that. So much fun and genuine enjoyment of each others company. Rich Smith (Drums) and Paul Finnie (Bass) joined the band back in 2009 originally so it’s awesome to have that rhythm section back and locking things down for us once again. New guitarists Glyndwr Williams and Andy Kopczyk have also breathed new life into things as well. Fantastic guys and fantastic musicians who really get along great as well which isn’t always the case with guitarists lol! All the guys in the band are also fans and were for many years before joining the band so it really helps us when writing and especially when playing live shows. The energy is incredible nowadays. CMS: How was to work with Anette Olzon? SW: When I wrote the title track with Richard West from Threshold I thought we needed a female vocal and Anette was my first choice. I was very happy that she loved the song and wanted to be a part of it. She was amazing to work with. CMS: Are you planning to present this album on tour soon? What can we expect from Power Quest in concert? SW: After recent shows at Sabaton Open Air in Sweden, Evoken Festival in Japan and PPUSA in Atlanta we go out with Dragonforce for 11 shows in the UK and then we follow.that up with 4 headline shows. A PQ show is high energy, lots of fun, big melodies and harmonies and we aim to make people smile and have an amazing uplifting experience.

MRF | 15

Carlos Martin Schwab: Why so many years without new music? What are the changes in your music and/or your sound between “The 8th Sin” (2007) and this album? Nils Eriksson: We’ve been doing records back to back since our debut in 1995. When we stopped touring for “The 8th Sin”, I was having my second kid and Fredrik was had his first on the way, so we simply decided that we wouldn’t make any longterm plans, like we always did in the past. You know, back in the day, we could start writing a new album the day after our last show and just sit at the writing studio for days on end to work on songs. We used to spend pretty much every night writing in the past. This got harder with changed family responsibilities, obviously. Around this time, back in 2008 or so when we stopped touring for “The 8th Sin”, our guitar player at the time also decided to leave the band, so we were stuck without a lead guitarist. However, Fredrik and I didn’t stop writing songs and eventually we got a complete line-up and started preparing to record. In 2012, though, Chris, our new guitar player, joined Sabaton and we again were without a permanent lead guitarist. We continued writing songs, but it wasn’t until Per joined the band in 2015 that we found the missing piece of the puzzle. So, life in combination with no deadline and some turns on the way made this

16 | MRF

record take seemingly forever to finish! Feels great to be back, finally! CMS: Some parts of the songs became unpredictable, and that is a very interesting characteristic. What about your songwriting? And what about the influences of another bands in your music and, more specifically, from Iron Maiden and Helloween? NE: I can’t really say that we’re influenced by any specific band. We just write songs that we like and go from there. Both Fredrik and I love music and I guess it’s inevitable to be influenced by what you’re hearing around you, but if someone asked me to point out a influence, it would be hard. Fredrik is more into heavier music while I’m way softer, haha… I think we complement each other as songwriters, so when we mix both our melodic “languages” and ideas, what comes out is Nocturnal Rites with all of our trademark traits. Usually, a song starts with a basic idea that we just build on until we have a sketch and a rough skeleton. Then we try out vocal ideas, sometimes with me behind the mic. It’s sort of a “trial by fire” test – if a melody comes across great with me on vocals, it’s going to sound awesome with Jonny. CMS: The guitar solos are always “in your face". Do you record guitars thru amp or thru processor? NE: Per used a Randall 667 amp with a

Torpedo loadbox/cabsim from Two Notes Audio Engineering. The only pedal he used was a MXR phaser. Reverb and delay was added in the mixing process. I think the “in your face” tone comes from the player as well, so the secret is in the fingers! CMS: The vocal melodies in the choruses are simple, melodic and catchy. Is the melody the most important think you take care when you compose and write music? NE: For vocal-driven music, the vocal melody is obviously a very big element of the song. It carries the tune forward and is constantly i the forefront. So, yes, we always spend a lot of time honing in vocal melodies to make sure they fit Jonny’s voice and the overall feel of the song. Sometimes, we try out several different approaches before we’re happy, but I personally love the entire process of recording and writing vocal parts. They can make or break a song. CMS: Are you planning to present this album on tour soon? What can we expect from Nocturnal Rites in concert? NE: Yes, we are laying out our touring plans now. We’ll be hitting the road early spring and we’ll be focusing on Europe then, followed by the festival season and then we’ll head overseas and to Asia in the fall of 2018. I am confident we’ll have a blast. I can personally not wait to take this album to the stage. It’s been so long, we haven’t played live for years.

Martin Stark: How did the new album come into being? And was there a key song that probably started the whole process? Steve Newman: I started writing probably eighteen month ago. It was clear from the beginning that it would be more of a classic AOR sound while the “Elegance Machine“ touched new grounds sound-wise, being way more progressive. Actually I was asked to submit a couple of songs for Frontiers Records some of which ended up on the Cry Of Dawn-Album. Some weren’t accepted but I’m not the type of musician who keeps songs for an upcoming album. So I wrote some fifteen songs and picked the best which plus the two or three rejected. They ended up becoming the twelve on „Aerial“. It’s all about the choruses, the melodies this time. Take “I Am Your Man“, which is pretty commercial as well. This song was actually intended to be used by the band Far Cry because Pete Fry loves that song and I think it will appear on their new album as well. MS: Two songs are sung by Mark ThompsonSmith?

SN: I felt the need to add a new flavor to the sound but it’s only background vocals sang by him. He’s a very talented and nice guy from the area. I just felt the need to add a little bit of a different flavor this time. MS: “Aerial“, the title again corresponds perfectly with the artwork. SN: That’s something I always try to accomplish, like with the futuristic “Elegance Machine“ last time and this time it’s basically the track “Vertigo (Leap Of Faith)“ or even “High Tonight (Aerial)“ which somehow convey the theme of the album. You know flying or falling in love always includes the risk of falling down. MS: “Always Strangers“ would be perfect for a movie soundtrack like “Top Gun“ in the eighties…it literally explodes in the course of the song… SN: Wow, I take that as a compliment and know exactly what you mean. This piece has got a slightly different arrangement and actually two choruses. The songs explodes literally when the solo takes over. MS: “Still Bleeding“…a pretty poppy but

highly melodic track… What is that song about? SN: It’s about dealing with a broken relationship obviously. The song is very straight on the spot, not that complicated like some of the tracks we used on the previous albums. Probably sooner or later everybody comes to the point in life where such experiences are made. MS: Today as we speak, it is Jimi Jamison’s birthday… Did you by chance ever meet him? Or have a connection to the Survivor music? SN: Actually, yes! Of course I embrace the music of that band although I discovered them before Jimi was part of the band. And a couple of years ago we played Firefest, the same billing Jimi was on. I was introduced to him and we had a short nice little chat but there where many other people trying to get his attention which was fine to me. But the next day we eventually met at a cafe downtown and he came up to me, remembered my name and we did have a very warm and pleasant talk. We did suffer way too many losses recently.

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Fabiana Spinelli: Hi Danny and welcome to MRF! Fans all over the world were waiting for a Tyketto’s live album and finally “Live From Milan 2017” is here! What’s the first memory that comes into your mind, about that amazing night at Frontiers Rock Festival IV in Milan? Danny Vaughn: Really, the first thing I think of is the night before we played. It was an acoustic night that featured several artists including Steelheart, Revolution Saints and Jim Peterik. Of course, we couldn’t help but find a way to squeeze Tyketto into the action! We were so inspired and impressed be everyone’s acoustic performances that we managed to get up and play a couple of songs ourselves. What was wonderful about it was that the members of Frontiers Records were in the audience along with the fans just enjoying the music. There was a special vibe in the air that night and it let us know just how good the rest of the weekend was going to be. And it was a very, very good weekend! FS: What about your feelings about playing “Don’t Come Easy” in its entirety to an adoring audience just singing all the words? DV: I think the video will show our answer to this one. You can see the smiles on our faces all night long. When you are a performer on stage the moments pass so fast. Before you know it, the show is over. So you try to stop and take notice for just a minute. “Look how far we’ve come”. 25 years after it’s release there are still people all over the world that know “Don’t Come Easy” for the special album that it is. That is an amazingly lucky thing and all of the guys in the band were swept up in the enthusiasm and the singing of the crowd. FS; “Forever young”: a beautiful song but also a prophetic one because your voice seems to stay perfect all over the years. Do you have a secret recipe or some good advices to give to young musicians? DV: It’s different for everyone but in my case I can only say that you only get one body so you must treat it with as much respect as you possibly can. The same way you would take care of your car. If you don’t maintain it, if you put bad fuel in it, then you will find yourselves walking. I have been careful over the years not to mistreat my body too much. I think it is paying me back with longevity. Also, I think it’s important to keep a young mind. For that I watch Bugs Bunny cartoons. FS: What’s the best and the worst thing about recording a live show? DV: The worst thing is the pressure of knowing that the performance you give, for better or for worse, will be what is presented on the DVD. Everyone in the band felt the added pressure and that makes it harder to be spontaneous. You are always trying to out think yourself on stage. The best thing is always the audience! FS: After that great record, what can we expect from Tyketto’s future? A new album? DV: I certainly hope so! The songs haven’t been written yet but we are so happy with the success of “Reach”. The fans have really accepted the new line up and the new songs. So this tour we will be playing quite a few from the new album. It’s wonderful that our fans are just as excited about the music we make now as they are about our classic songs.

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Duncan Jamieson:You’re with Frontiers for this album. How did that happen? Dave: Well first of all I have to say it has been a big achievement for us. We’ve been willing to sign with Frontiers for years. We’ve always thought it could have been the right place for a band like ours. I’m not saying this in a “self-celebrating” way, but we’ve always thought it could be a great opportunity for us and the right label that could really take care of HITC and bring it to the next level. I think that they were watching us and seeing how our band would develop album after album. After the third one “Shadow of the Monster” they asked us to present them a couple of songs, so we did – one was what became the new single “We are on fire” – and that lead us to sign the contract! DJ: Each song has lots of ideas. You ‘re hard to pigeon hole, in a good way, as you have elements of lots of different rock and metal genres running through your work.

Tell me about how you write the songs? D: We are mainly driven by our influences and by the fact that we are widely open minded. We listen to any kind of music and absorb anything that’s good and stimulating. I think that this reflects a lot on how we write music where melodies and personality are the main ingredients. And anyway there are a lot of bands out there and in times like these, where rock is not the mainstream genre anymore, it is very hard to say something new or something that stands out of the crowd. We just work hard on the search of our own sound, which I think is pretty much defined today. DJ: You’re now on your fourth album. How would you say you’ve developed over that time? D: I think we strengthened the distinctiveness of our sound. We began this ride with the only will to have fun as a band, and this still happens but with time we have been defining

our personality and we’ve been making a hard work around the arrangements and the care for the production, the quality of the songs and of every aspect. In the end we always commit very seriously to what we do – we work hard and we really want this band to be as good as we can. At least until we enjoy ourselves doing it! DJ: How does Hell In The Club fit in with other commitments such as Elvenking? D: Fortunately the amount and the timing of the relative commitments are on our side. It is just a matter of organization and of priorities. We are well aware of what we’re doing and the importance of being able to keep a balance. So far so good! DJ: What plans do you have in terms of touring? D: We are planning a short European tour after the release of the album and are looking for opportunities. We will announce the dates in the imminent future!

Barry McMinn: If ever there was an apt title for an album ‘Heavy Livin’ is it, so tell us a little about Dirty Thrills. Louis James: Dirty Thrills, an exciting and charismatic bluesy-rock quartet, straight out of the London grind. The band formed after a successful drunken jam night in a quiet village pub in Wiltshire, and what started out as an inconspicuous session, quickly birthed an ambitious group with the drive and determination to take the rock scene back to its glory days. And we are ready for it ! BM: Over the past few years the Heavy Blues style has become more prominent on the scene again, so what is it about this style of rock that drives the band? LJ: Its all about energy and sex appeal for us, whats more groovy and sexy that rock n roll? On the stage you can really let loose, and always feel a sense of freedom with what you are playing. Space to adlib and play around with the music is always fun. BM: There’s a very nice nod to classic 70’s Hard Rock, how important was it to stick to the

roots of the genre but still keeping it fresh? LJ: I dont feel we ever try to stick at any one style as such, we do have classic rock influences for sure, but keeping it as organic as possible is what we do well, and Listening back to the album ourselves, there are many other little tips of the hat towards many other genres. This is what keeps it fresh, the music doesnt always go where you think its going to go, keeps you on your toes, and most importantly... Toe tapping! BM: How long have you been working on the album? LJ: We have a great writing chemistry, Songs don’t take that long to form for us, That doesn’t mean what comes out is always good! So what you hear on the album is what we consider the cream of the crop. All in all, From pen to paper, and fingers on strings, it was written in around 3-4 months. BM: Did you have a complete album before signing to Frontiers Music srl, or was the album the next chapter? LJ: We had the album ready to go! we like to work quick and are very hands on when it comes to the music and the business side of things. This album

was what got us noticed and we are thrilled to be part of the Frontiers Family. BM: The band are just one of many UK bands signed to Frontiers Music srl, how important is it for the band to be associated with a label with such a phenomenal roster of bands? LJ: Oh it’s huge for us, To get signed by a label is one of the goals every band has on their list, but to be signed by a label like frontiers, and with a killer roster like that! Come on ! thats pretty damn cool! BM: Let’s talk video, what was thinking behind the video for ‘Lawman’, were you going for the Urban Spaghetti Western theme? LJ: HA! it wasn’t our first thought. We had to alter the video slightly as the songs true nature was proving to be a little difficult and complicated to capture, so we sat down all together with the director and came up with a slightly more tongue in cheek version. It’s a bit of fun without losing its seriousness too much.

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Fabiana Spinelli: Hi guys and welcome to MRF! First of all, ‘Rough Times’ is out and it really seems to be a step over the line: sounds more mature, complex and stronger than ever. What about your feelings on the creative process of the album? Tiger: Thanks for having me. Yeah, “Rough Times” was attempt to push some boundaries. Musically, lyrically and also regarding the creative process. The record contains a lot of emotional struggle which I think makes it powerful. It´s very cathartic. All the songs are different, but they all are under the same roof, they have a connection to the album title. Talking about roofs, we´re also under a new roof. We built our own recording studio just before writing and recording “Rough Times”. It was rough. Over two months of hard work. It was a little difficult to switch to being creative again. It took some time until we were back in focus and ideas started coming. In the end, once all the creative work was done, we just blasted out the songs on tape like never before. We just played three takes and used the best. I love to work like that. FS: We’re definitively living rough times, do you think that music and musicians can still make the difference with their art and words? T: We can bring people together regardless of

20 | MRF

their political or cultural home. This is quite something. If we all do our little share we can make the world a little better, that´s what I believe. That´s probably not enough to change the finance and bank system in this world, but that´s another story. FS: Your trio seems to be a perfect entity, 100 per cent concentrated on success. Is there a recipe for such a great chemistry? T: I guess it´s very important to be passionate. And hard working. We love what we do and it is really important to do everything as good as we can. You need to get out of the basement and play shows, play all the time, that´s also important. We started touring very early and I believe that´s a big part of who we are today. I can´t think of our music without the live aspect. FS: “Rough Times” is still a hard rock piece, but with a still of heavy garage in it. Is the arrival of Simon “Dragon” Bouteloup changing something in the band’s attitude? T: It changed a lot when Simon joined the band. It was really different in the beginning and we had to adjust for sometime. And I think we got better since then. It has been four years since he joined. It´s an undergoing change that has happened since then. Even with our old songs. We kind of still play the

same notes, but all these songs are like a winding snake, the shape is not changing, but winding and adjusting to the surface. Mammut´s bass playing was rather slow paced in an old-school-bluesy manner. Simon accelerated, he is bursting of power and out of control. I guess he plays a hundred more notes at the same time! Haha. But the garage aspect was always in our music. Lupus comes from that neighbourhood as well. We have tried to bring it up a tad more on this record. We feel more at home in the “Garage" than in the “Stoner” section. FS: Your live activity is remarkable, are you going to tour Europe and America with ‘Rough Times’? What do you love the most about being on tour? T: We are planning a whole world tour again. The European and extended european part is scheduled, we are also going back to South America and will be going to North America soon too. Not all the parts are scheduled yet. We are still trying to get to Japan and South East Asia and South Africa, but that hasn´t worked out yet. What do I love most? I love to perform. I like to go on stage and I like being on the road, too. I like to keep moving and see all parts of the world. That´s probably the best thing about it. Doing what you love and getting to know the world.

Duncan Jamieson: You’ve come up with a classic Aor and Melodic Rock sound.This seems like an album that’s been going round your head for some time? Rob Wylde: Yes, very much so. To be honest with you, I've been wanting to do a full on Melodic Rock/ AOR/ Hair Metal album for years but I've always been so busy with other projects that I just never had the time to give it the attention and commitment it needed. However, when my previous band of the past 13 years (Teenage Casket Company) split at the end of last year, I knew that I finally had the time to put my all into this. Whatever band or bands I'm involved with, I always put in 110% at all times and with Tigertailz not being overly busy, I knew I could put every last bit energy into making Midnite City happen and hopefully make it a success! DJ: How did this project develop? RW: I'd basically written the entire album on my own before anybody else was involved. There was no band. So my basic idea was to record 3 of the songs to album quality standard and try and get a record deal in place first, then form a band around it afterwards. Although initially it was all my thing, I wasn't really interested in doing a solo album or becoming a 'solo' artist. I love the camaraderie of being in a band, a gang etc so that's why I went with the working title of Midnite City as apposed to Rob Wylde. I'd known of Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse/ Newman) for a while as we'd often bump into each other at shows and we both played together in Issa's solo band at Rockingham 2015 and got along great. I'd also heard a lot of great things about his production so I approached him at the end of last year about working with me on the 3 songs and in late January we got to work. I sang, played guitars and bass whilst Pete played drums, sang backing vocals and produced, mixed and engineered the whole thing. I

also roped in my life long friend and old band mate in Vega, James Martin to play some keyboards on the tracks and a hotshot new guitarist called Miles Meakin, whom I'd found online, to play the guitar solos. Once the tracks were done, they were sent to Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) in Canada who mastered them, then I started to shop the songs around for a month or so and the response was great. In total I got 4 offers on the plate for Midnite City and ended up signing on the dotted line with AOR Heaven in March 2017. With a deal in place, Pete jumped on-board as full time drummer, as did Miles and then I brought in keyboardist Shawn Charvette. From there we got to work on recording the album. DJ: You’ve got Pete Newdeck on board. How important was he to the making of the record? RW: He was extremely important. Although I wrote all the songs on the album, the finished product was without a doubt a team effort. Pete is a real perfectionist when it comes to his music just like me, which I love. He also really pushed to get the best out of me every day in the studio like every truly great producer does. Pete also came up with some great ideas guitar wise and performed some really lush Def Leppard style harmonies throughout the album. As a team, Pete and I work very well together. He get's me, I get him. It just clicks! He respected my songs and knew how to get the best out of them so that they could be represented in the best possible way and what a job he did! I should also say that Miles and Shawn both turned in epic performances as well and added their own texture and personality to the songs. In the end, a real team effort. DJ: Were you ever tempted to pitch this kind of material in Tigertailz? RW: No. As of right now there's no plans for any new Tigertailz material. If anything, we're still

trying to push the last album 'Blast' on which I wrote 3 songs. I will be more than happy to contribute on future releases (and I'm sure there will be) but at the time of writing, there was nothing planned so the songs I wrote were always destined for Midnite City. DJ: What are the chances of you touring? RW: We plan on getting out on the road as much as we can. We have an album release show on October 20th at the Tap N' Tumbler in Nottingham which is part of the Rockingham weekend, so a ready made audience for us right there! We then have a show opening for Heat in Wolverhampton on November 17th and a show in Stoke on November 18th and are currently booking up a ton of stuff for next year. We're mainly looking at festivals and good support slots, as we want to get in front of as many people as possible. We're confirmed for the Hard Rock Hell AOR festival in March, also MRF5 in Chicago USA in May and we're headlining the Seven Sins festival in Swansea next July as well.There's also at least another three or four festivals in addition that are already in the bag that we're not allowed to mention at the minute but they'll be announced soon too. 2018 is going to be a busy year for us! DJ: How do you balance Tigertalz and Midnite City? RW: Very easily as Tigertailz really doesn't play that often. The general consensus in the band is that less is more. We'd prefer to play less shows, but when we do play, we play the real big stuff like the Kiss cruise in America which we played back in 2014, and the big festivals in Europe like Bang Your Head, for example, where we can get out in front of literally thousands of people. Tigertailz is such an over the top, larger than life, BIG sounding band that playing small venues just doesn't really work. So there is more than enough time to make both bands work.

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Fabiana Spinelli: ...and they lived happily ever after! Welcome to MRF, with a big, great and so much waited come back. Your fans keep their fingers crossed for years, waiting for “The Missing Peace”, now it’s here and what can you tell us about it? Tracii Guns: I think we all waited long enough ahah. L.A. Guns fans will be very pleased the familiar sound they want from us. New songs! Great Songs! FS: There’s a great strength and intensity inside this record, does the long diatribe between Phil and Tracii was just converted in pure energy? What’s left of last ten years? TG: Well I think that it proves the strength of our chemistry. It is an very unique sound we make together. We have a very nice relationship. Our writing process is very smooth. It was very natural feeling getting back together I don’t think either one of us was nervous about getting back together but we also didn’t know how good it would actually feel emotionally and musically. I think very early on before we spoke about a full reunion that we both knew that we were going to do it. FS: How nuch time did you spend to write and record this new album?

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TG: It took 9 months to write and record the album. I am mostly a Music writer so it’s something I never stop doing in between LA guns albums and so there’s there’s never pressured to write is only pressure to finish writing by the deadline which we had by frontier‘s records which we missed that deadline. But the process was very easy I had many pieces of music written over the past 12 years specifically for LA guns and me and Phil and a guy name Mitch Davis wrote most of the songs together is a great collaboration. Michael Grant brought into completed songs one has a knife to a gun fight the other is the devil made me do it. Johnny Martin brought in this the music for babies got a fever and Mitch Davis wrote the lyrics for that song. The song writing for this album is seamless and very pleasurable. FS: You have your own personal style of playing guitar and writing songs. What kind of amplifiers are you currently using? Did you try to get close to old LA Guns sound or did it just came naturally? TG: I use mostly Bugera 1960 amplifiers with Mooer preamp pedals and effects. I think at this point the style is engraved in stone. My ears and body gravitate toward certain sounds

that I am most comfortable playing with. It starts with basic PAF or low output single coil pickups and then picking certain fuzz pedals. FS: L.A. Guns have always been a killing machine on stage, with totally devoted fans... how much important is this special feeling you’ve ever had with your audience? TG: We have always set the standards high for our live performance. It may be because we are addicted to the adrenaline rush . Sometimes our audience stays in a trance state for most of the live show until the end where they let it all out. We have a unique bond with our audience for sure ! FS: We all saw the chemistry between band members on stage, especially during the Frontiers Rock Festival IV, in Milan. Do you remember something in particular about that night? TG: We had jet lag and were nervous hahahaha! FS: “The Missing Peace” is more epic than ever: is there one song, according to you, that perfectly fits the spirit of the whole album? TG: I think “The Missing Peace” and “Gave It All Away” will be the defining tracks in the end!

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