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GIVING IN STYLE {fashion in the philanthropy lane}

THE ART OF FEARLESSLY GIVING BACK A story of good corporate citizenship Tyler Butler | Fashion Writer

From a quaint home in Cave Creek, socialpractice artist Michelle Micalizzi makes art based on inspiration she gleans from the community. She takes handmade wooden easels and transforms them with her broad brushstrokes and colorful creativity. The series that Micalizzi is currently focused on is titled the Art of Fearlessly Giving Back (AoFGB). Through this project, Micalizzi is telling the story of WebPT and showcasing how the Phoenix-based company has helped six charities. To understand how this project came about, we must go back to 2006. That’s when Heidi Jannenga, a sports physical therapist and clinic director, took a hard look at her bottom line and realized that dictation and paper documentation management were two of her practice’s biggest costs. So she enlisted the help of a seasoned technologist, and WebPT was created to solve these issues. Since then, the software platform has helped more than 10,000 other businesses improve patient care and fuel business growth. 32  FRONTDOORS MEDIA | MAY 2018

The story of WebPT’s success is well-known in the Valley. However, the story of their company culture, the values that drive the business and the reason for their selection as the inaugural AoFGB corporate partner are not familiar. The original inspiration for WebPT’s philanthropy came through the company’s connection to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue (DLRR) and the Jannengas’ dog Topper, who was a Labrador himself. “Topper was our company mascot and part of the WebPT team,” said Jannenga. “Everyone loved Topper, so when the opportunity to give back to DLRR arose, everyone on the team wanted to get involved.” The pup served as a catalyst for the company’s philanthropy even after he died. When DLRR created a fundraising opportunity for WebPT’s 2011 holiday party, the furry stuffed Labradors that were sold to support the cause were bought by everyone who attended — showcasing the lasting impact this “mascot” had on WebPT.