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CAREY’S CORNER {transformation tuesday}

TRANSFORMATIVE FASHION Carey Peña | CONTRIBUTING WRITER How do you radically transform your life, become stronger (not just physically), healthier, more relaxed and happier? How do you shed the baggage and streamline? It all sounds pretty good.

continues to evolve and help others do the same.

That’s why we felt we had to create our new podcast, Transformation Tuesday. There is so much to learn from experts in various fields about how to transform and grow in ways that benefit us all.

During our interview, we talked about transforming the way we think about ourselves. She outlined 10 steps to radically transform your thoughts, beginning by saying, “You cannot measure future success with past action” and rounding out the list with, “Give a damn about your life and measure it by something other than yourself.”

One of our first guests, Tracey Martin, is a sustainable lifestyle leader, designer, author — and, in general, a woman who

Martin’s mission, in her words, is to grow people and create abundance to do good in the world. Having been in the

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