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2013 fall & winter gift guide


Season’s Greetings from Al At this time of year, our pace slows and we reflect on the harvest. We talk about the year gone by and the year to come as we enjoy the company of family and friends and eat good food baked in our farm kitchen. I invite you to experience the flavors of summer captured in our spreadable fruits and pastries. Try some of our cookies if you don’t have time to bake yourself...or my personal seasonal favorite: fruitcake! It’s loaded with dried fruit, nuts, and enough rum to make you smile. It’s our wish at Frog Hollow Farm that your year was full of health, happiness and delicious food. Happy Holidays,


TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 Best-selling 6 Gift Sets 9 Gift Baskets 10 Fresh Fruit 12 Pastries 15 Summer Programs 16 Ideas under $40 19 Ordering information



on this page:

Harvest Trio

As featured on the Martha Stewart Show, Our three best-selling flavors in a single set. 4

$25 for the set or $29 in gift box

Conserve Collection

Peach & Apricot Set

Pears & Cheese

Six conserve flavors from our farm kitchen. In August 2011, Cooking Light magazine loved our farm’s peach conserve for being big on taste and low on sugar. Fall in love with our entire line of chunky, whole-fruit goodness.

Our two most popular conserves in a single, affordable gift set. Share a taste of our tangy, sweet apricots and our famous peaches to be enjoyed at any time of the year. Often chosen as a hostess gift, the pair of 8.6oz jars nestle together in our handsome, gold-stamped gift box.

A half dozen juicy Warren pears and a wedge of Bellwether Farms’ Carmody artisan cheese packed together in our sturdy mailer. So simple, so satisfying. The rich milk flavor of the Carmody enhances the sweet vanilla notes in the Warren, our very favorite pear.

$58 in gift box

or for $90 enjoy our Kitchen Collection of 10 jars incl. chutneys and marmalades

$23 in gift box

$38 5


Petite Gift Set

Essential Gift Set

Ultimate Gift Set

With the rich taste of perfectly picked fruit in our unsulfured dried fruit and our delightfully chunky conserves, this simple but varied gift set is a great choice for any occasion. Enjoy our apricot and nectarine-plum flavors, along with a seasonal choice including favorites like strawberry-cherry.

Send an elegant gift box packed with Frog Hollow Farm essentials including the satisfying crunch of real homemade granola. We’ve also included a second bag of sun-dried fruit in comparison to our petite gift set and swapped out the pear sauce for a bottle of our estate extra virgin olive oil.

Built to fill out any foodie’s pantry, this tiered gift set gathers together the very best of our farm’s dried goods. Packed in two of our gold-stamped gift boxes is an assortment of sun-dried fruit, a hefty 500ml bottle of olive oil, plus some sweets and four jars of our spreadable fruits.

$49 in gift box

$69 in gift box

$89 in gift box

Pantry Sampler Set

Warren Pear Gift Box



ou reap what you sow, the saying goes. We take it to heart.

Our newest packaging line reflects our farm’s values better than ever, with handsome 100% recycled gift boxes and recycled content shipping boxes made in a solar facility.

Not sure what your favorite foodie loves most? Give an edible sampler gift with a select jar of our whole-fruit conserves, a jar of tangy bright marmalade, and a jar of spiced chutney alongside a bottle of our estate-grown organic olive oil.

Featured in Oprah’s 2011 “O List” of favorite things to give as holiday gifts, our Warren pears are all dressed up in a beautiful gold-stamped gift box and ready to impress. Juicy, silky, and like no other pear you’ve eaten, our Warren pears are an exceptional edible gift.

$55 in gift box

$58 in gift box (shipping incl.)

We’re committed to making the best choices as to what goes on the outside of our products to reflect the same healthy, ecologically sound choices we’ve made for what goes into them.




acked with

organic goodies from Frog Hollow Farm and other local artisan products, the Pair Affair box is special to Farmer Al. Each pairing is perfectly matched by the tasting team at Frog Hollow to complement the sweetness of our Warren pears. From the soft, creamy flavor of the cheese to the deliciously chunky and moist pear ginger cake, the buttery texture of our Warren pears comes alive with every bite. The tea from the Red Blossom Tea company is a new craft white tea while the coffee from Alta Organic Coffee & Tea Company. This smooth and mildly spicy Ethiopian blend works to accentuate the sweetness of the Warren pear. 8


Market Basket

Pantry Basket

Organic Olive Oil Trinity

Get a mix of healthy treats in an elegant, re-usable gift basket. Enjoy the six flavors of our best selling conserve collection along with three one pound bags of our sun-dried fruit. Competitively priced, this basket brings the gift of good health to its recipient.

Fill your shelves with our sweet and tangy marmalades plus our two most talked about conserve flavors: peach and apricot. While admiring our whole-fruit goodness cooked up with only a touch of sugar, snack on bags of unsulfured, sun-dried fruit or dig in to a one pound tin of assorted cookies.



Packed in our signature Frog Hollow Farm gift box, this trinity of 350ml olive oil bottles serves as a unique and distinguished gift. Vivid and peppery, our 100% organic olive oil is made in the Tuscan style using greener olives that don’t yield as much oil, but they create an oil that’s richer in healthboosting antioxidant properties.



Organic Mixed Fruit Box


ee us seven days a week at the San Francisco Ferry Building. Visit our Cafe for a stop in a true urban farm stand, or swing by Saturday to meet Farmer Al outside at our stand in the famous Farmers’ Market.


The sampler features two to three seasonally-ripe fruit varieties that are available at the time of your order. Fall and winter selections may include apples, pears, a wide variety of citrus, creamy delicious avocados, and even passion-fruit or cherimoyas.


Cornucopia of California

Weekly Farm Box

Fall/Winter Care Package

A taste of California once a month for 3 mos, 6 mos, or a full year. Our summer stone fruit harvest includes cherries, apricots, peaches, pluots, and nectarines. In fall and winter, we see European and Asian pears, apples, pomegranates, persimmons, avocados, and a wide variety of amazing citrus.

Some varieties are here and gone, and once a month can leave you missing out on some of the very best we have to offer. The weekly farm box runs year-round, so you’ll never be without a supply of the best fresh organic fruit around.

A Frog Hollow Care Package is a suitable gift for any occasion. We pair 3 pounds of mixed organic fruit with great snacks and pantry items. Our Fall Care Packge features a tin of fresh, baked-to-order cookies, a jar each of our chunky apricot & plum blueberry conserve, an 8oz bag of organic mixed dried fruit of your choice.

starting at $145 (shipping incl.)

starting at $160 (shipping incl.)





et cozy and let us do all the work in the kitchen. Our pastries and baked goods, are made just yards away from the orchard in our professional on-site Farm Kitchen.

on this page:

Pear Ginger Cake

This moist pear and ginger cake blends the sweet, buttery texture of Warren pears with the warm, mildly spicy undertone of ginger with a hint of cinnamon. 12 $43

Seasonal Fruit Galette

Our elegant fruit tarts are made with seasonally available fruits. Pictured is our Apple Galette with thinly sliced organic apples arranged above a layer of applesauce. Hand-crafted to highlight the true taste of fruit, our Cherry, Apple, or Pear galettes are always in demand during the holidays at our Ferry Building cafe. Serves 8-10.

$40 (ships frozen)

Fruit Cake

Holiday Crostada

Tartlet Sampler

Our rum-soaked fruit cake will knock your socks off. People make light of fruit cakes until they try ours. Discover a new classic with this moist, walnutstudded cake packed full of our own delicious dried peaches and cherries.

Experience all the best things warm and good about the holiday season. Organic Warren pears, apples, candied orange peel and currants fill a double crusted flaky pastry shell. Made with only the best ingredients, our favorite holiday dessert ships frozen so all you have to do is pop it in the oven and remember to set a timer.

Individual sized tarlets are gorgeous, no-mess dessert servings. With this sampler set featuring three each of our blueberry, risotto, apple, and cherry tartlets (a total of 12 pastries) your guests will enjoy the perfect close to any meal.

$25 in tin

$40 (ships frozen)

$75 (ships frozen) 13



e’ve been around since the 70s and growing organic since 1989. Our trees yield a limited crop in fall & winter months, while the majority of our fruit ripens from May to September. Our summer programs grew in popularity after a feature in the NY Times described them as “the perfect gift for those who get too much at Christmas...summer fruit that arrives months after the holiday.”


Summer Sampler Gift Cert.

Peachy Picks Gift Cert.

Pick of the Week Gift Cert.

This unique program is centered around our favorite varieties of each fruit crop. A shipment is sent when the best of each type of fruit we grow is ready, with one box each of cherries, apricots, nectarines, peaches, pluots, and pears. Six total shipments.

Our “starter” peach program delights peach lovers everywhere. A handsome certificate entitles the bearer to a select variety of our peaches in the coming harvest. Information about what to expect and when we ship is included. Eight total shipments.

$309 for 6 pack, $378 for 12 pack shipping included

$344 for 6 pack, $472 for 12 pack shipping included

Our VIP program of weekly shipments of Frog Holow Farm fruit begins with the first cherries of spring harvest. Built around what’s tasting best with variety in mind, this premium program showcases two to three fruit types/varieties per week. Sixteen weekly shipments.

$824 for 6 pack, $1008 for 12 pack shipping included




Warren Pears

all us at 888-779-4511 to chat with us about customizing any of our gift sets. We’re very flexible and can swap one item for another, adjust for food allergies, or include special cards or promotional items. Like the flower on this page, we know some things crop up out of nowhere, whether inspiration for your Frog Hollow dream collection or a handful of additional clients to fit into a gift budget. We’d love to work with you to find what best suits your needs.


Our beautiful, juicy Warren pears are a joy to receive. In the Nov. 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living, our Warren pears were touted as a great hostess gift. While you can get an assortment of smaller Warrens packed in a gift box as seen on page 7, they really don’t need the trimmings to be a memorable gift for the holidays.

$28 for 6 pack, $38 for 12 pack

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sun-dried Sweetness Set

Quartet Gift Set

A simple yet elegant and useful gift, a bottle of olive oil is cherished by any chef or foodie. Our estate grown mix of olives are hand-picked and coldpressed into a lively extra virgin oil in the Tuscan style.

Three bags of dried fruit made the oldfashioned way--sliced and laid out in the sun. With no added sugar or preservatives, and bursting with all the sweetness of our legendary fruit, this will delight more than just the healthconscious.

A great hostess gift or something to show your clients you appreciate them, this set includes a bag of our chunky, wholesome granola and a half pound of sun-dried fruit. Rounding out the set are two jars of our naturally low in sugar whole fruit conserves.

$29 in gift box

$35 in gift box

$25 for 500ml or $20 for 375ml



agic at Frog Hollow Farm occurs year-round. Fall and winter each bring their own special wizardry. By mid-October, most of the trees are shedding their leaves in preparation for a winter sleep that will bring buds in the spring. As holiday season rolls around, chill mornings blanket the ground with a gentle mist that twines through the orchard, following the dips in the dirt roads. Pears are the king of fresh fruit all the way through to the end of the year, and in the farm kitchen, our cooks busily prepare delicious whole fruit conserves and pastries to make good use of all that our fertile land has given us. This gift guide was created to help you find the right match for your friends, relatives, and customers. We’re certain our farm has something for just about everyone, whether it’s the classic match of pears and artisan cheese, a bag of crunchy wholesome granola, or a subscription to one of our beloved summer fruit programs. Take a peek and if something catches your eye that would be even better with a tweak or two, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accomodate. If you would like to place an order or have any questions, visit us online at or call us at 888-779-4511



Below, find a partial list of our available items for customized sets or individual product orders.

For customizations, multiple orders, or corporate gift-giving, please call us to see how we can help you.

Spreadables - $9 each or 3 for $25 Apricot conserve Peach conserve Cherry conserve Nectarine conserve Nectarine-Plum conserve Plum-Blueberry conserve Apricot-Cherry conserve Peach Chutney Asian Pear Chutney Meyer Lemon Marmalade Navel Orange Marmalade

Fresh Fruit

Cookies - 1lb tin for $25

Fresh Fruit Programs

Granola - 8oz for $6, 1lb for $10 Fruit Cake Tin - $25 Olive Oil - 375ml for $20, 500ml for $25 PB&J Sandwich Cookie Cherry Chocolate & Walnut Cookie Tin Jam Thumbprint Cookie Tin Assorted Cookie Tin

Dried Fruit - 8oz for $8, 1lb for $15 Peaches Apricots Nectarines Santa Rosa Plums Flavor King Pluots

Other Dried Goods

Frozen Pastries

Tarlets - 6 for $40, 12 for $70 Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, or Sweet Risotto Galettes - 1 for $40, 2 for $70 Apple, Cherry, or Pear Frangipane

Buttons - 12 for $40, 24 for $65 Cherry, Pear Frangipane, or Sweet Risotto

Seasonal Fruit Sampler - $38 Warren Pears - $28-38 Bosc Pears - $24-34 Weekly Farm Box - $160-1440 Mixed fruit, ships weekly or bi-weekly. Cornucopia of California - $145-675 Mixed fruit, ships once per month. Peachy Picks - $344-472 8 peach deliveries, begins June-July

Gotta Have my Peaches - $516-708 12 weekly peach deliveries, begins June

Pick of the Crop - $515-630 10 mixed fruit deliveries, begins May-June Pick of the Week - $824-1008 16 mixed fruit deliveries, begins May

Order online at or call us at 888-779-4511.

Arrangement in gift boxes or baskets may require a packaging fee depending upon items selected for customization. 19

www.f rogho l l o m po box 2110, brentwood, ca 94513 888-779-4511


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