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Friulchem S.p.A. is a private chemical-pharmaceutical company dealing with research, development and production of pharmaceutical products with more than 40 years of experience. K5 Lipogel is a lightly perfumed, hydroquinone-free formulation, having an effective whitening action on the brown skin spots due to excessive sun exposure, age, oral contraceptives, use of photosensitizing products, freckles and pigmentation around scars caused by acne or surgical intervention. K5 Lipogel does not undergo microbiological contamination because it is made of 99% of lipidic ingredients that do not offer a proper culture media for microbial growth. Epicutaneous patch tests (15 minutes and 24 hours) have showed good tolerability of K5. K5 Lipogel is currently notified as a cosmetic product in Italy and it can be immediately sold all over Europe.