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2017 Freshwater Student Writing Contest This year’s contest featured the difficult medium of flash fiction— in this case, short stories of less than 500 words. The contest was open to students at Connecticut’s public state universities and community colleges. We received many terrific entries that managed to do what many writers won’t even attempt: tell a coherent, complete story in a package smaller than most introductory sections to standard length short stories. Many Thanks to the 2017 contest judge, Robin Stratton, and to the Asnuntuck Community College Foundation for helping to fund the prize awards. Judge’s commentary on the winning stories: First Prize ($200): “The Real Monster” by Amee Marcantonio (Southern Connecticut State University) This story spins an excellent narrative that builds suspense and turns on an unexpected twist to bring harsh reality to the standard “monster” tale, elevating the theme by shattering our expectations of safety and danger. The author gives us both very strong writing and a smart sense of justice from an unlikely source. Second Prize ($150): “;” by Victoria Orifice (Asnuntuck Community College) This story might be a mystery or a ghost story—or it might be both at once! But it works in each way to draw the reader into the intrigue with vivid description and a narrator who reveals just enough but never too much. Best of all, the story rewards multiple readings with different levels of meaning. Bonus points for connecting the unconventional title to the last line. Third Prize ($100): “Snow Day” by Polly Martin (Asnuntuck Community College)


2017 Freshwater Literary Journal  

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