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They were such weird creatures. We knew about them, But ignored their existence because of their many trifles. However, a day, the day, did come from the long wait A wait that should have never ended. The wait to meet these known but new creatures. We just didn’t know nor could have predicted their strange behaviors. Our communication was clear, but their intent was not. We read their language as best as we could, Yet their façade was too great even for our eyes. We offered peace and accepted the gift. We asked for an offer and given nothing. As time passed, the wall of their lies crumpled, Torn and eroded away like the pressure we gave was wind and water. Their fear ignited the flame of ignorance and hate. The unknowing gave way to the collapse of good judgment, As if it were never there before our approach. It then all began, When things fell apart. To bring themselves up and above us, As if it were our true place, they dragged us to the bottom. To establish their freedom on us, They incarnated themselves and us within walls. To obtain smiling white peace, They brought us wailing toxic war. Only their truth can be reviled, Because they are easier to spot in the oceans of their lies. In order to build, to maintain their existence We, the original, must first be destroyed. They protect their overly precious life, By committing hateful and righteous murder. They believe more in the unexplainable beings in the sky and clouds, 108

2017 Freshwater Literary Journal  
2017 Freshwater Literary Journal  

Professional literary journal produced at Asnuntuck Community College