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Height: 5’0”  

Weight: 110  lbs  

Vocal Range:  F#-­‐C  

The Music  Man   Footloose   Children  of  Eden   Pippin   FAME!  The  Musical   Godspell   Big  River  

Ensemble/Gracie US  (performed)   Wendy  Jo   Aphra   Fastrada   Ensemble   Vocal  Soloist   Ensemble  

Windwood Theatricals  Nat’l  Tour   Dir.  Bill  Jury   Upstage  Risk   Dir.  Bill  Jury   Upstage  Risk   MVAA   Dir.  Patrick  Mullins  

Music in  Motion   The  Curse  of  the  Dark  Star   Diamond   Boogie  Wonderland   Broadway  Rhythm  and  Rhyme   Looney  Toons:  We  Got  the  Beat!   Brunch  With  Bugs  

Dancer Mistress  of  Murder  

Royal Caribbean  Cruise  Lines   Royal  Caribbean  Cruise  Lines  

Dancer Dancer/Cell  Block  Tango  Soloist   Tweety,  Taz,  Daffy   Host,  Daffy  

Royal Caribbean  Cruise  Lines   Royal  Caribbean  Cruise  Lines   Six  Flags  Over  Georgia   Six  Flags  Over  Georgia  

Ballet: Oklahoma City  University  

Jo  Rowan,  Kay  Sandel,  Nikki  Singer,  Veronica   Wilcox,  Mary  Price-­‐Boday     Kathryn  McBeth,  Ruth  Mitchell  

Oklahoma  City,  OK  

Tap: Oklahoma City  University  

Robert  Reed,  Kari  Shaw,  Patricia  Oplotnik,   Peyton  Royal,  Tiffany  Van  der  Merwe,  Jay   Fagan  

Oklahoma  City,  OK  

Jazz/Hip Hop: Oklahoma City  University  

Kari  Shaw,  Alana  Martin,  Peyton  Royal,  Kelli   Stevens,  Tiffany  Van  der  Merwe   Bubba  Carr,  Casey  Noblett,  Tay  Baker  

Oklahoma  City,  OK  

Musical Theatre

Cruise Ships/Theme Parks

Education and Training  Oklahoma  City  University  -­‐  Bachelor  of  Performing  Arts  in  Dance  

Ruth Mitchell’s  Georgia  Dance   Conservatory  


Voice: Rebecca  Salter  (OKC),  Matthew  Deming  (NYC),  Jen  Waldman  (NYC)  

Atlanta, GA  

Atlanta, GA    

Special Skills

Valid Passport,  Child  Wrangler,  Driver’s  License,  Partnering  Experience,  Costume  Character  Experience  

Lesley Mealor - Resume  

Resume for Lelsley Mealor - actress, singer, dancer, performer in the NYC area.