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eople are becoming more interested in pursuing

the key is to investigate relatively

sustainable logistics practices. Besides being good for the

minor technological upgrades that

planet’s future, green logistics efforts can help companies

could make big differences over time.

keep costs down and reduce resource usage. Technology in logistics can help decision-makers meet goals. Here are some fascinating

One possibility is to investigate packaging

ways to depend on it.

improvements, such as a water-activated adhesive made of at least 50% recycled fibres. Tests indicated

Achieving green logistics through artificial intelligence

the a ssociated benef its span beyond improving

Artificial intelligence (AI) has many real-world applications that

21% more productivity than a tape gun and

support the logistics sector. Some of them, such as driverless

standard adhesive. Other solutions

vehicles, are still in the early stages. However, others are


substantially more developed and widely used.

pack aging or padded

sustainability. Water-activated tape contributed to




Some companies use AI during load planning. That approach helps

companies can reuse

them get the most products possible on each vehicle. Managers

once customers send

that only send a truck out once it’s full are employing green logistics

them back.

strategies because they’re unnecessarily wasting resources. Digitised


AI can help logistics leaders improve demand forecasts, ensuring

platforms can also

products are in the right places at the right times. That’s a

support green logistics

sustainable logistics option because it reduces the likelihood of

because they allow

companies having too many products on hand without enough

companies to reduce

customers to buy them. One study confirmed that AI-assisted


demand planning resulted in a 50% drop in the product volume

and ink . Sw itching to a

affected by extreme errors.

co m p u te r i se d se tu p fro m



physical paperwork also reduces Audi even uses an AI tool to track whether its suppliers are

issues stemming from documents

meeting their sustainability obligations. It works by monitoring

getting lost or damaged.

news mentions in dozens of languages that could indicate a company is not meeting minimum sustainability standards. Audi

The process improvements to enhance

representatives can intervene before matters get out of hand and

sustainability could extend to driver-

are harder to mitigate.

monitoring systems, too. Certain road behaviours can keep everyone safe while

Finding process improvements for more sustainable logistics

reducing fuel usage and emissions.

People are often uncertain about which changes will help them

Suppose a company initiates a new strategy

make the most progress with sustainable logistics. Getting the

to minimise idling during parcel deliveries. Using

results they want isn’t always about spending tremendous amounts

technology in logistics is useful for ensuring employees

of money or installing the newest technology in logistics. Often,

follow the new protocol.


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