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With all the great surf we’ve been getting the HI-PER Model has been the perfect board for high-performance surfing on shoulder-high and larger days. A generous amount of bottom curve makes this model loose, forgiving and responsive. The bottom features a shallow single concave with a moderate double concave, and an outline that is lean and trim with a narrower nose and tail. Designed for vertical surfing in and around the pocket, this board flows easily from rail to rail, generating speed with every turn. Available in squash, round, swallow and round-pin tail designs.

Redefining Performance

HIC Surfboards by Kerry Tokoro

Inspired by Josh Moniz, the “Mojo” is a high-performance hybrid design that will keep you surfing fast and dynamic, even in smaller, low-power waves. The bottom rocker is relaxed with an accelerated tail kick, and the single to double concave is noticeably deep. The wide point of the outline is pushed back a bit, creating a narrower nose and a smooth tail curve with very little hip or bump. Ideal for waist to head-high waves, this board gets in and moving quickly. Unlike many hybrids, it drives vertically up the face, into the lip, and beyond. Available in squash, round and swallow tail designs.

The “Striker” is a fuller-outlined hybrid model that allows high-performance surfing on even the smallest of days. The low balanced rocker makes this board fly on the water. A full-nose outline blends into a small bump in the tail, keeping the board up and moving in low power situations. The moderate single to double concave ends in a slight vee running off the tail, allowing the board to easily transition from rail to rail. A must-have board for every summer quiver. Available in squash and swallow tail designs, in 3-fin or 5-fin configurations.


Josh Moniz, Bowls.

Photo: Latronic/Freesurf

HI-PER Model by Kerry Tokoro: 5’10” X 18.75” X 2.33” Ala Moana Center - Street Level 1, Mauka & Level 3, Diamond Head

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