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Alyssa Spencer

intense Girls U12 final as 11-year-old Vaihiti Inso and Oaka Wong delivered 9s and 8s with Vaihiti’s powerful backhand ultimately winning the heat. The Boys U12 finalists were separated by less than a point with Carlsbad’s Chase Niemann unleashing a series of committed turns on the outside, opening the heat with an 8.17 then backing it up with an 8.67.

National Coach Brett Simpson.

“The groms were surfing far beyond their years. The railwork in the U12 finals looked like a QS heat at times,” said USA Surfing Junior

The Boys U14 came down to a buzzer-beater set wave that San Clemente’s Hayden Rodgers took full advantage of, just edging out

Luana Silva

In the Girls U14, Betty Lou Sakura Johnson took advantage of a welloverhead wave to deliver her signature front-side blowtail and carved it down to finish with a lip-smashing final turn for a perfect 10. She backed it up with a 9.97, throwing away an impressive 9.17.

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