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Recycle your capsules

Why Aluminium? We chose aluminium as the packaging material for our capsules because it protects the coffee and aromas in our Nespresso Grand Crus. Aluminium is produced from bauxite - a natural element in the ground - and can be recycled infinitely without losing any of its qualities. Recycling aluminium uses only 5%* of the energy it takes to extract it from the ground. * Source: EAA (European Aluminium Association) “Nespresso and IUCN are looking at the entire aluminium lifecycle, from bauxite mining with its biodiversity implications, through to post consumer recycling and reuse. Nespresso has shown strong leadership in coffee sustainability over recent years. IUCN looks forward to partnering with Nespresso to lead aluminium on a more sustainable path in the future.” Juan Marco Alvarez, IUCN’s Director of Economics and Environmental Governance.

IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the largest global environmental organisation.

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The Cycle of the Nespresso Capsule

1. A protective capsule After they have been ground, Grands Crus coffees are packaged in a capsule made of aluminium, a material that can be recycled infinitely. By facilitating the recovery of used capsules, we aim to preserve natural resources while reducing the production of waste.

2. Deployment of used capsule collection In France, Nespresso is developing its own collection network for used capsules with the support of the FĂŠdĂŠration des Entreprises du Recyclage. Nespresso shops will be the first link in the chain. [To be updated by the markets]

3. Separation of aluminium from coffee grounds All components of the Nespresso capsule are recyclable: not only the aluminium, but also the coffee grounds. These two components are separated before being processed. After separation, coffee grounds can be upgraded in a number of ways. They can be used for example as a natural fertiliser for agriculture or as an environmentallyfriendly energy source for domestic heating.

4. Remelting of aluminium: a source of energy saving To be recycled, aluminium is simply re-melted. This process, which requires very little energy, results in no loss of weight or quality and can be repeated indefinitely.

Using our collection points Nespresso is doing its best to increase the number of collecting points. In France, you can collect in boutiques but also in Kiala and déchetteries. To find your closest collecting point please visit www. and choose ‘Recycling Your Capsules’ from the Capsules section. To make it easier for you to store and transport used capsules, we have developed this canister.

Order a canister at: Capacity: 100 used capsules

Ecolaboration program These recycling initiatives are part of our Ecolaboration™ programme. Ecolaboration™ is a platform for partnership with the many business partners, stakeholders and innovators who contribute to the continuous improvement of the sustainability of the Nespresso value chain. It sets out our commitments to sustainable development, covering coffee sourcing, capsule recycling and machine design and usage. You can learn more about our partners and programmes at

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Nespresso Recycle Brochure  

Nespresso Recycle Brochure