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Find car insurance quotes If you have a less than perfect driving record, you might be wondering if there really are insurance policies available for you at affordable rates. Perhaps you've already been denied by several companies. Or maybe you've received an auto insurance quote, but it was extremely high and way out of your budget. You've probably heard or read many ads for auto insurance online stating they can get you the best premium even if you're a high risk driver. These ads do seem promising, but the reality is most car insurance agencies (online or off-line) will charge more if you are a high-risk driver. The good news is some are less than others; you'll just need to find them. There are several qualifying factors that will classify you as a high-risk driver. One is having a shaky driving background with multiple speeding tickets or other traffic violations. Another is a previous DUI or DWI on your driving record. This can affect your car insurance premium tremendously, and may even result in the need to purchase a special type of insurance called SR-22, depending on your state. If you are a young driver under the age of 25, or if you own a

sports car versus a family car, you may be considered high risk. If you've had prior insurance claims due to accidents, this can cause your insurance to be higher. Even your financial credit rating can affect your auto insurance premium. The criteria for determining high risk drivers varies with each insurer, so that's why doing a comparison of auto insurance online will help you find the most affordable rate. And though all car insurance companies may charge more for high-risk insurance, some will be much cheaper than others. Luckily, you can find affordable high-risk car insurance by comparing various companies online at any time - day or night - from your own home computer. How to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Comparing auto insurance quotes is easy using online resources. The key is to find an auto insurance comparison website that provides as accurate auto insurance quotes as possible from as many reputable companies as possible. This saves time when compared to calling around or visiting several local companies. Some sites will offer general quotes, while others may gather more information from you for more precise quotes. When conducting an auto insurance comparison, look for those companies that specialize in highrisk drivers. These usually offer better deals for high-risk car insurance because it's their specialty. The company might also offer opportunities for discounts if you enroll in safe driving courses or if you opt for a higher deductible. Once you narrow your search to a few companies, you'll want to speak with an agent from each company to get an exact quote.

Don't be tempted to go with the cheapest offer, but first compare the policy offerings from each company. Be sure the company offers all the coverage you need. You can also eliminate the types of coverage you don't need to reduce your premium. The basic types of coverage for auto insurance include collision, comprehensive, liability (property damage and bodily injury), uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical payments, and physical damage. When obtaining an auto insurance quote, read all the fine print of what types of coverage and how much coverage is included. For instance, liability with one company might cover $15,000 while another might cover $25,000, even if the quotes are similar. When it comes to liability, more is always better! Create a printout of several policies with quotes to compare on paper. This will help you visually see what each company offers side by side. Then, make your decision based on your needs and budget. Comparing auto insurance quotes online can save you money for many years to come. By keeping your driving record clear and driving safely, your premium may even decrease over time. It's well worth the wait and effort!

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