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Astrid & Veronika I will say that this book explores the relationship between two women, one who has always lived in one place, the other a world traveler, who come from different generations and different perspectives to share their respective losses and their respective guilt. In sharing, they are set free. What touched me so was the way the story was told. I did not find the movement from one time and place to another at all jarring. It seemed fairly seamless to me.

A Body in the Backyard This time murder comes very close to Myrtle. One body in her backyard is bad enough, but when a second appears it's Myrtle's duty to find the killer

A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes Baron's lengthy descriptions of the people, places and diverse cultures in 1938 Palestine are rich additions to the plot. Her background as an archaeologist who has worked in the Middle East lends particular credibility to the scholarly dialogues and details of the excavations. Some historic characters such as Lawrence of Arabia and the influence of American philanthropers, such as John D. Rockefeller, are mentioned, as is background to the reasons behind the struggle for the Middle East. Baron deals with gender by showing that although Lily's blond beauty allows her access in some areas, being young and female limit her in others.

Battle Earth VI I don't know really why but this whole seires has grip me. The battle between human and the aliens, is battle of wills. The books are easy to follow history lines are simple but tell of an epic struggle of will power and how just a few can ruin whole civilizations because they think themselves to to better than everyone else.

Beautiful, Naked & Dead As I was reading Beautiful, Naked & Dead I marked passages that I thought I may want to quote in this review. In looking back at my notes, however, I realized that if I used everything I marked I'd basically be quoting you half the book. Stallings' prose is that tight, engaging, and memorable. In fact, Beautiful, Naked & Dead is the poster child book

for those who love good writing, especially hard-boiled crime writing, to wave as they rage against the publishing machine that gives contracts to people like Snooki while authors who really have the chops and who are paying their dues, authors like Josh Stallings, are somehow left out in the cold.

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Beware This Boy Beware This Boy was a rich, full, satisfying read all 'round on so many levels. Definitely recommended. Read an excerpt of Beware This Boy. Although this is the second book of a trilogy, I was able to enjoy Beware This Boy on its' own. There were allusions to a past case, but it didn't detract from this story. If anything, it only encouraged me to hunt down the first book - Season of Darkness.

Blood and Magick (Deacon Chalk Occult Bounty Hunter Novels) This time Decon Chalk is teamed up with a government agency. Unsure who he can call friend, he relies on his core team to watch his back. Three witches have come to take the power of children, children Decon loves and protects. He will stop at nothing to keep the kids from harm and stop the witches from opening the world up to more evil.

Enchantress James Maxwell has created a convincing fantasy world with all the tensions and conflicts between rival nations and peoples needed to create a world-spanning adventure.

Falling Ashes I couldn't wait for this book to be released after finishing the first two as fast as I could read them. They grab you from the very beginning with their magic and flying fixes. I recommend these books and this author to all who love a fantastic magical journey!

False Friends (A Dan Shepherd Mystery) The ninth book in the bestselling Dan 'Spider' Shepherd series. The most wanted man in the world is dead. Now those loyal to him seek revenge. When Navy Seals track down and kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, it's obvious there was a traitor on the inside.

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Fire with Fire 2105, September: Intelligence Analyst Caine Riordan uncovers a conspiracy on Earth’s Moon a history-changing clandestine project and ends up involuntarily cryocelled for his troubles. Twelve years later, Riordan awakens to a changed world. Humanity has achieved faster-than-light travel and is pioneering nearby star systems. And now, Riordan is compelled to become an inadvertent agent of conspiracy himself. Riordan’s mission: travel to a newly settled world and investigate whether a primitive local species was once sentient enough so to have built a lost civilization.

Get There No one ever said long-distance love was easy, and after being apart for two years, Edie and Ty are more than ready for some time together especially on Valentine's Day. Now counting down the hours until their passionate reunion, they're keeping each other company with steamy letters describing just how much they've missed one another . . . and not leaving out any of the scorching details. As their erotic journeys come to a scintillating conclusion, both Edie and Ty are about to discover that getting there is half the fun . . .

Ghostman Fast-paced, engaging, and at times very affecting. I'm not usually a fan of crime fiction, but this one is well worth the read. I particularly like Hobbs' attention to detail, and to showing his work when it comes to crime and the dynamics of the underworld. It's kind of like if Chuck Palahniuk wrote a heist novel, and I mean that as very much a compliment.

In a Heartbeat Very unusual concept that was executed with both dread and dark humor. A real good page turner, I finished it in one day. Highly recommended!

Jinx Jinx knows that wizards are evil. But Simon's kitchen is cozy, and he seems cranky rather than wicked. Staying with him appears to be Jinx's safest, and perhaps only, option. As Jinx's curiosity about magic grows, he learns to listen to the trees as closely as he does to Simon's unusual visitors. The more Jinx discovers, the more determined he becomes to explore beyond the security of well-trodden paths.

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Mitigated Futures Twelve science fiction stories about the oncoming future, each of them representing a possible glimpse of what could be just around the corner... or much further down the corridor. These stories previously appeared in places like Clarkesworld Magazine, The Year's Best SF, Subterranean Magazine, and in various anthologies. They deal with the future of war, our climate, and technology's effect on our lives.

Mystically Bound Mystically Bound, the third foray into Ms. Kennedy's Frostbite series, is the strongest story and my favorite to date. Tess has come along way since we first met her in Supernaturally Kissed. She has learned to accept her "gift" of communicating with the deceased and has gained confidence in herself from her recent experiences. Having developed a close-knit bond with Kipp's police force partners, she's learned to trust in others as well. She's become strong but remains caring. She stands up for herself without turning a blind eye to those that need help. She's still Tess but with an extra coating of toughness now. The growth of her character helps to create a better story.

Pantomime Pantomime is a stunning debut and would have easily made my top ten for 2012 if it hadn't been a 2013 title. As it is, it is the first 2013 book I've read and those coming behind have a tough act to follow. Laura Lam deals with some highly sensitive issues in a respectful and deft manner. Pantomime is a story of self-discovery and acceptance and shows the journey two very different and extraordinary individuals have to take to achieve it. There is no way for me to explain how wonderful this book is without ruining the reading experience for you. So just trust me, even if you normally don't read YA, read Pantomime once it comes out in February you won't regret it. My only regret is that I'll have to wait till then to openly discuss its awesome plot twists. And wait even longer to find out what's next.

Pivot Point I was so excited to read this one. I was completely looking forward to reading something a little different than what seems to be my norm lately. Plus all the glowing reviews I have seen made me even more anxious to give it a try, even though lots of glowing reviews usually scare me a little, for some reason I just knew this one wasn't going to disappoint.

Plague (A Medical Thriller)

This book grabbed me by the eyeballs and forced me to keep reading. I devoured it. I've become a fan of Methos, but I was apprehensive that he could transfer his skills from police procedurals to medical drama. He does not disappoint! He made the virus come alive and turned me into the germaphobe that he must be to come up with such a gripping story about a disease.

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Rush to the Altar Madeline Goode is devastated when her husband dies in a car accident. After moving back in with her parents with her two year old son, Max, she attempts to put the pieces of her life back together. But she didn’t plan on meeting Jake Hart, the star NBA player that she keeps bumping into at her new job as a charity coordinator for the Racers. And she certainly didn’t plan on learning that her husband’s accident may have been no accident at all.

Sing for Me An easy book to read and enjoy. Strong characters, interesting plot, good dialog, twists and turns, danger, drama, romance, music - you can't go wrong with this book. Recommended.

Soul Cage But when Dags asks Rhonda who they are and why he remembers Zoe when Rhonda insists he and Zoe only just met, Rhonda refuses to answer. Curiosity drives him to seek council with Revenant Jason Lawrence, one of the few members of the Society he feels closest to.

The Best of All Possible Worlds Overall I enjoyed the read, but I hesitate to categorize this anywhere near the greats of SF. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, I never got a strong sense of what the main planet was really like, or the universe in which it was contained. There are a few major races of humans, each originally from different planets and different cultures. These races had previously settled separately on Cygnus Beta in the distant past, and most of the present inhabitants are genetically some mix of the original races.

The Blight of Muirwood I originally downloaded the Muirwood trilogy because it was free for the Kindle. I'm so thankful that I did! This is one of the best series that I have read in a long time. I quickly devoured all three books and then immediately went back to the Wretched of Muirwood to read them all over again. I think fans of Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings trilogy would enjoy and appreciate the wold that Wheeler has created. The Blight of Muirwood has so many elements

of great story-telling: a excellent cast of characters with a likable heroine and an evil villain, a story that moves quickly, yet is vividly painted, intrigue, romance, mystery, and action scenes that are well done. The elements of fantasy incorporated are, in my mind, neither too dull, nor too unbelievable.

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The Breath of God: A Novel of Suspense In Asia, he learns from Buddhist monks that what he seeks might exist in one of the monasteries in Bhutan. He journeys to the Himalayan nation where his guide is a former Buddhist monk working to feed his family. He learns more about Issa and the lad's spiritual journey that affirms his subject loved and wrote down his travels. Grant meets Kristin Misaki and soon finds the treasure he sought. However, what happened to a Russian late in the nineteenth century when he made the same discovery soon proves history repeats itself. Christian fundamentalists are willing to kill, destroy or hide to prevent anything heretical that affirms that the early founders were in touch with other cultures for some of the religion's critical foundations coming east to west.

The Bughouse Affair: A Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery Carpenter and Quincannon make interesting partners. She, a former Pinkerton Agency operative and he, a former Secret Service agent, have joined forces after her husband's death. Having them manage through an evolving attitude towards women and each other makes for interesting observations. The beauty of this book is not so much with the mystery...although it is certainly entertaining and well managed, but rather lies in their descriptions and incorporation of San Francisco and its melting pot of people and conditions.

The Egyptian Next in the Dominic Grey series, The Egyptian is as compelling as the first. The quest is to find the "elixir of life" and the settings take you to various parts of the world. From the US to Venezuela to Egypt, you'll feel like you are there. Many of the things I liked in Green's first book, the Summoner, are again present. Characters are well developed with protagonist, Dominic Grey, at the head. This martial arts expert and former Marine has recently left an assignment with diplomatic security.

The Gathering Dark Kiera was for the most part, a good protag. I did not 'love' her relationship with Walker because even though she constantly said that she did not want a boyfriend and did not need anyone, Walker was still there for her and protecting her and she let him. I didn't care for that bit of her personality, but other then that, she provided me with a character who had a good sense of self. Kiera knew what she wanted in life and knew what she stood for and she wasn't (mostly) going to let anyone get in her way.

The House of Special Purpose Part love story, part historical epic, part tragedy, The House of Special Purpose illuminates an empire at the end of its reign. Eighty-year-old Georgy Jachmenev is haunted by his past a past of death, suffering, and scandal that will stay

with him until the end of his days. Living in England with his beloved wife, Zoya, Georgy prepares to make one final journey back to the Russia he once knew and loved, the Russia that both destroyed and defined him. As Georgy remembers days gone by, we are transported to St. Petersburg, to the Winter Palace of the czar, in the early twentieth century a time of change, threat, and bloody revolution. As Georgy overturns the most painful stone of all, we uncover the story of the house of special purpose.

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The Istanbul Puzzle Great first book by this author, from the first page to the last page this book was the ultimate thriller. After reading the first chapter I was unable to put the book down until I had read the last page. It is easy reading and the descriptions of the temples of Instanbul are so vivid. I can not wait for the next book in the series.

The Jerusalem Puzzle The sequel to `the Istanbul puzzle' (shortlisted for the Irish crime novel of the year 2012) continues the story from where it left off, by including the square and arrow symbol (that Sean and Isabel discovered within the Museum of Antiquities), in central Cairo near Tahrir square. Against the backdrop of the many Pharaohs, including notably King Tutankhamun's mask, this beautiful story is something that will delight those who enjoy exploration and adventure. The intriguing, fascinating historical elements are wonderful that combined with exciting action for a rollercoaster of a ride make this a splendid story and page-turner.

The Lives We Lost This second installment of The Fallen World picks right up where the first one left off. The group of teens are trying to survive with limited resources and Kaelyn find her father's work on a vaccine for the virus that kills people within days and has decimated the world. Leo, her boyfriend and best guy friend, Gav decide to head off the island and take the cure to the capitol in hopes that someone there can replicate it. Her cousin, Meredith and BF, Tess decide that they must come as well. When bombs start dropping on the island, it forces there hand to move quicker into action and leave for the mainland.

The Returning At home, he finds the townsfolk resent his surviving when other loved ones died. His family wants him to leave as they are embarrassed he came back alive while his engagement to Graceful Fenister ends ungracefully when she wants nothing to do with him. Cam leaves Kayforl for the second time in search of the Lord who spared him to learn why. On his quest for the truth he becomes friends with a boy and meets others like Diido who lost everything to the war.

The Scourge of Muirwood I could not have thought of a better ending to a trilogy than this! I look forward to other fantasies he plans on publishing. I really hated to finish this trilogy only because I was in love with the characters and did not want their

stories to end. Sowe, Lia, Pasqua, the Aldermaston of Tintern Abbey, and of course, charming Edmon and Colvin. I really could not put down these books or let them out of my sight for a moment. My husband and I read them aloud to one another. We found ourselves wishing we could cancel dates with our friends to have more time in them.

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The Seeds of Wither Discover the world author Lauren DeStefano created in Wither, a riveting dystopian thriller. In the not-so-distant future, fallout from genetic engineering causes all females to die at age twenty, and all males to die at twenty-five. Kidnapped from her home and torn from her twin brother Rowan, sixteen-year-old Rhine is forced into a polygamous marriage and taken to live in her husband’s mansion. She has everything she wants except for freedom. But her plans to escape and return home are complicated by a devious father-in-law, as well as Rhine’s growing attraction to Gabriel, a servant who works on the estate. Read the first 100 pages of Wither and be captivated by Rhine’s journey.

The Summoner (The Dominic Grey Novels) A country in corrupt decay sets the scene for a morally reprehensible Yoruba priest's deprivations. This blackest of villains is on a quest for spiritual and political power. Dominic Grey, a security agent of questionable pedigree, is his only stumbling block.

The Warlock King There are 13 Kings and 13 Queens (on a chessboard nonetheless) The Kings are of various races like Warlock, Vampire, Phantom, Goblin and so forth. The Queens are special themselves and even though its been what seems like forever for all the Kings, once the first Queen was found, now they are finding the others... (Chloe was the Warlocks Queen) and Jason is the Warlock King. Their story is pretty fascinating as Chloe knows exactly who Jason is...after a chance encounter she knows she's his Queen and she spends that time running.

The Wretched of Muirwood The setting and the characters are what is most important to me when I read fantasy. If those aren't well done then things just seem forced. The setting of Muirwood Abbey and the main character of Lia are not only well done, but they seem to go perfectly together. I immediately felt an emotional connection to both that had me unable to put the book down.

Valentine's Child My love for Nancy Bush is growing all the time! I loved this book. It was well written and pulled me in right away! If there were any typos, I was to engrossed in the story to notice. I hate that this one ended!

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Teaching Mathematics Creatively Published: 2010-12-24 | ISBN: 0415575923, 0415575915 | PDF | 168 pages | 3 MB Are you looking for new ideas to capture the reluctant maths pupils in your class? How can story, drama and GIANTS help you teach maths? Teaching Mathematics Creatively is crammed full of practical approaches for bringing the teaching of mathematics to life. From an examination of where maths is failing to engage pupils in the 21st century, to a wide range of exciting approaches and ideas for ensuring it is possible to teach in a creative way, this is a stimulating and enjoyable source of inspiration for busy teachers. It promotes creativity as a key element to develop young children’s knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of mathematics and offers a range of strategies to enable teachers to take a playful approach to mathematics teaching. Imaginative ideas include: The power of story-telling and play to bring the subject alive for children and teachers alike. Learning maths outdoors - work on a larger scale, make more noise, make more mess! Making sense of the numbers, patterns, shapes and measures children see around them every day. Motivating children through problem-finding and problem-solving. Using music, rhythm and pattern to teach maths creatively. Giant maths - how much food does a giant need in a week? Underpinned by the latest research and theory and with contemporary and cutting-edge practice at the forefront, Teaching Mathematics Creatively includes a wealth of innovative ideas to enthuse teachers and enrich maths teaching. It is an essential purchase for every teacher who wishes to employ creative approaches to teaching in their classroom.

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life English | 2005-12-27 | ISBN: 0743235274 | 256 pages | EPUB | 290 kb All it takes to make creativity a part of your life is the willingness to make it a habit. It is the product of preparation and effort, and is within reach of everyone. Whether you are a painter, musician, businessperson, or simply an individual yearning to put your creativity to use, The Creative Habit provides you with thirty-two practical exercises based on the lessons Twyla Tharp has learned in her remarkable thirty-five-year career. In "Where's Your Pencil?" Tharp reminds you to observe the world -- and get it down on paper. In "Coins and Chaos," she gives you an easy way to restore order and peace. In "Do a Verb," she turns your mind and body into coworkers. In "Build a Bridge to the Next Day," she shows you how to clean the clutter from your mind overnight. Tharp leads you through the painful first steps of scratching for ideas, finding the spine of your work, and getting out of ruts and into productive grooves. The wide-open realm of possibilities can be energizing, and Twyla Tharp explains how to take a deep breath and begin...

Bible Find It: A Simple, Illustrated Guide to Key Events, Verses, Stories, and More 2012 | 272 Pages | ISBN: 161626599X | PDF | 14 MB Where is that in the Bible? Find out with Bible Find It—a fully illustrated guide to the intriguing people, events, verses, and more of scripture. This brand-new reference will help you identify key aspects of God’s Word—big events, overheard quotes, stories Jesus told, favorite folks, and more—then show you exactly where they’re found in the Bible. Intriguing articles will help you understand those Bible facts in a larger context, while the full-color illustrations will add to your learning experience. There’s even a fun “Is That in the Bible?” section that might surprise you!

Monte Cassino: Ten Armies in Hell 2013 | 417 Pages | ISBN: 0199974640 | PDF | 21 MB The most horrific battles of World War II ring in the popular memory: Stalingrad, the Bulge, Iwo Jima, to name a few. Monte Cassino should stand among them. Waged deep in the Italian mountains beneath a medieval monastery, it was an astonishingly brutal encounter, grinding up ten armies in conditions as bad as the Eastern Front at its worst. Now the battle has the chronicle it deserves. In Monte Cassino, military historian Peter Caddick-Adams provides a vivid account of how an array of men from across the globe fought the most lengthy and devastating engagement of the Italian campaign in an ancient monastery town. Not simply Americans, British, and Germans, but Russians, Indians, Georgians, Nepalese, Ukrainians, French, Slovaks, Armenians, New Zealanders, and Poles, among others, fought and died there. Caddick-Adams offers a panoramic view, surveying the strategic heights and peering over the shoulders of troops fruitlessly digging for cover in the stony soil. Here are incisive sketches of the theater commanders--Field Marshal "Smiling Albert" Kesselring, who outmaneuvered Rommel to command German troops in Italy, and the English aristocrat General Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, tall, upbeat, "and--crucially for Churchill--looked every inch a general." Caddick-Adams puts Cassino into the context of the Italian campaign and larger Allied war plans, and takes readers into the savage, often hand-to-hand combat in the bombed-out medieval town. He captures the brutal weather and unforgiving terrain--the rubble and rocky slopes that splintered dangerously under artillery barrages and caused shellfire to echo with such volume that men had trouble keeping their sanity due to acoustics alone. Over four months, the struggle would inflict some 200,000 casualties, and Allied planes would level the historic monastery-and eventually the entire town as well. With scholarly care, insightful analysis, and narrative verve, Caddick-Adams has crafted a monumental account of one of World War II's lesser-known but no less devastating battles.

The Everything Restaurant Recipes Cookbook: Copycat recipes for Outback Steakhouse Bloomin' Onion, Long John Silver's Fish Tacos, TGI Friday's ... Cake...and hundreds more! ISBN: 144051125X | 2011 | EPUB | 304 pages | 851 KB Everyone enjoys eating out at a favorite restaurant. But who likes waiting for a table or paying inflated prices for a meal? With more than 300 fast and easy recipes, now you can re-create your favorite restaurant dishes and dine out" in the comfort of your own home! This cookbook includes family-sized portions of favorites like: Chili's Grill & Bar Boneless Buffalo Wings Applebee's Bourbon Street Steak Olive Garden's Minestrone Soup Long John Silver's Fish Tacos T.G.I. Friday's Dragonfire Chicken Cinnabon's Cinnamon Rolls With these tested and verified recipes, The Everything Restaurant Recipes Cookbook will help you make nearidentical restaurant meals--and earn rave reviews from family and friends--on a much smaller tab!"

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The Mormonizing of America: How the Mormon Religion Became a Dominant Force in Politics, Entertainment, and Pop Culture ISBN: 1617950785 | 2012 | EPUB | 264 pages | 2 MB This engaging, hard-hitting overview of Mormon beliefs and history illuminates one of the most critical issues in the 2012 race: WHAT DOES THE RISING INFLUENCE OF MORMONISM MEAN FOR AMERICA? "If a man's faith is sincere, it is the most important thing about him and it is impossible to understand who he is and how he will lead without first understanding the religious vision that informs his life." --Stephen Mansfield Mormons and Mormonism are moving into the spotlight in pop culture, politics, sports, and entertainment: including presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mormonism has now emerged as one of the fastest-growing religions and a highimpact mainstream influence. Stephen Mansfield, the acclaimed New York Times bestseller, writes this important story at a pivotal moment in American history. The Mormonizing of America is critical to understanding our times, our culture--and our future as a country. Backed by up-to-date research, personal anecdotes, and a 16-page photo section, Mansfield examines the influence of the LDS church--past, present, and future. He debunks common myths, expounds on the Church's beliefs, and unveils many of the mysteries surrounding this influential religion and its loyal members.

Speed Math for Kids: Helping Children Achieve Their Full Potential ISBN: 1118303946, ASIN: B0078XBZ9M | 2012 | EPUB | 120 pages | 3 MB Popular Australian author and inspirational teacher, Bill Handley, has developed and, over the years, refined methods of teaching mathematics and learning strategies that have achieved amazing results. His best-selling book, Speed Mathematics convinced readers that people who excel at maths use better strategies and are not necessarily more intelligent.This book contains additional methods and applications based on the strategies taught in Speed Mathematics that make the principles clearer, encourage creative thought, and are just plain fun. The book was written for young people but people of any age will enjoy it. The book has notes throughout for parents and teachers.By following his innovative approach you will have kids playing with numbers, performing lightning quick calculations and, most of all, having fun!Bill claims: 'If you are good at maths, people think you are intelligent. People will treat you like you are a genius. Your teachers and your friends will treat you differently. You will even think differently about yourself'.The emphasis in this book is on playing with mathematics. Enjoy it. Show off what you learn and make mathematics your favourite subject.

36 unsolved mysteries of the world ISBN: 8122312263, ASIN: B005GTKGJA | 2011 | EPUB | 96 pages | 465 KB The kind of thrill they provide has great entertainment value. Perhaps because they delve into the region of the unknown, accounts have always thrilled the young and old alike.

Hot Toddies: Mulled Wine, Buttered Rum, Spiced Cider, and Other Soul-Warming Winter Drinks ISBN: 0609610074 | 2002 | EPUB | 96 pages | 7 MB When the weather outside is frightful, what could be more delightful than a hot toddy? From the scent of nutmeg-laced hot buttered rum to the fizz of a poinsettia cocktail, there’s nothing like a classic winter drink to bring true festivity to the season. And it’s easy as pie—whipping up an eggnog from scratch is a whole lot simpler than cooking the perfect turkey, and your guests will appreciate the gesture as much as the taste. From spiced cider to champagne punch, Hot Toddies is the perfect little collection of winter refreshments, with fail-safe recipes that will make any holiday party shine. These delicious seasonal drink ideas are as perfect for wintertime as a cold smoothie is for summer. Rather than offering guests the same lackluster wine, heat it with sweet spices, spike it with Aquavit, and serve up an authentic Swedish glogg for some true Christmas spirit. Tempt friends with the luscious richness of chocolate eggnog, topped with real chocolate whipped cream. Curl up on a blustery winter’s day with a steamy, frothy Irish coffee, or combine apple cider, bourbon, and spices for a Thanksgiving Day batch of harvest moon punch. In addition to these flavorful recipes, useful tips on everything from keeping punch cold to stocking a bar will help you concoct special drinks all winter long—even the whole year round.

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer, a hostess gift, or a great addition to your next holiday party, Hot Toddies is the perfect guide to celebrating the season.

Homemade Root Beer, Soda & Pop ISBN: 1580170528 | 1998 | EPUB | 128 pages | 3 MB It's fun and easy to make your own soda! Stephen Cresswell offers more than 60 soft drink recipes that your family will love.

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Behind Hitler's Lines: The True Story of the Only Soldier to Fight for both America and the Soviet Union in World War II ISBN: 0891418458 | 2004 | EPUB | 368 pages | 4 MB As the twentieth century closed, the veterans of its defining war passed away at a rate of a thousand per day. Fortunately, D-Day paratrooper Joseph Beyrle met author Thomas H. Taylor in time to record Behind Hitler's Lines, the true story of the first American paratrooper to land in Normandy and the only soldier to fight for both the United

States and the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany. It is a story of battle, followed by a succession of captures, escapes, recaptures, and re-escapes, then battle once more, in the final months of fighting on the Eastern Front. For these unique experiences, both President Bill Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin honored Joe Beyrle on the fiftieth anniversary of V-E Day. Beyrle did not strive to be a part of history, but history kept visiting him. Twice before the invasion he parachuted into Normandy, bearing gold for the French resistance. D Day resulted in his capture, and he was mistaken for a German line-crosser - a soldier who had, in fact, died in the attempt. Eventually Joe was held under guard at the American embassy in Moscow, suspected of being a Nazi assassin. Fingerprints saved him, confirming that he'd been wounded five times, and that he bore a safe-conduct pass written by marshal Zhukov after the Wehrmacht wrested Joe, at gunpoint, from execution by the Gestapo. In the ruins of Warsaw his life was saved again, this time by Polish nuns. Some of Joe's story is in his own words - a voice that will be among the last and best we hear firsthand from World War II.

The Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals: Lose 4 to 9 Lbs. a Week with On-The-Go Carb Swaps ISBN: 1401937128, 1401937128 | 2011 | EPUB | 288 pages | 15 MB Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Belly Fat Cure Quick Meals™ gives you options to eat on-the-go meals that will keep you losing 4 to 9 lbs. a week. Whether in the kitchen or in a hurry, use the power of the Everyday Carb Swap™ to enjoy pasta, burgers, chocolate, wine, and even ice cream guilt free! Dig in.

Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight ISBN: 0517886049 | 1995 | EPUB | 288 pages | 3 MB

This revolutionary new look at vision will broaden your understanding of how you see and how you can see without your glasses or contact lenses. Take Off Your Glasses and See shows you how to free yourself from the crutch of prescription lenses, to build your self-confidence and awareness, and to open up your inner and outer vision in order to see more clearly. Jacob Liberman, an internationally recognized authority on holistic vision care, explains how most vision problems are the result of an unconscious decision to "close your eyes" to emotional discomfort or pain, and how increasingly powerful corrective lenses only encourage eyesight to withdraw even further. By removing lenses and practicing breath- and movement-awareness techniques to shift your perception, you can reintegrate the original disruption in the mind/body system. Dr. Liberman’s approach can help you join the thousands who have escaped from the selfdefeating cycle of poor vision.

Shiny Objects: Why We Spend Money We Don't Have in Search of Happiness We Can't Buy ISBN: 0062093606 | 2011 | EPUB | 368 pages | 4 MB Americans toss out 140 million cell phones every year. We discard 2 million plastic bottles every five minutes. And our total credit-card debt as of July 2011 is $793 billion. Plus, credit cards can make you fat. The American Dream was founded on the belief that anyone dedicated to thrift and hard work could create opportunities and achieve a better life. Now that dream has been reduced to a hyperquantified desire for fancier clothes, sleeker cars, and larger homes. We’ve lost our way, but James Roberts argues that it’s not too late to find it again. In Shiny Objects, he offers us an opportunity to examine our day-to-day habits, and once again strive for lives of quality over quantity. Mining his years of research into the psychology of consumer behavior, Roberts gets to the heart of the oftensurprising ways we make our purchasing decisions. What he and other researchers in his field have found is that no matter what our income level, Americans believe that we need more to live a good life. But as our standard of living has climbed over the past forty years, our self-reported “happiness levels” have flatlined. Roberts isn’t merely concerned with the GDP or big-ticket purchases—damaging spending habits play out countless times a day, in ways big and small: he demonstrates that even the amount we spend at our favorite fast-food joint increases anywhere from 60 to 100 percent when we use a credit card instead of cash. Every time we watch TV or turn on a radio we’re exposed to marketing messages (experts estimate up to 3,000 of them daily). Consumption is king, and its toll is not just a financial one: relationships are suffering, too, as materialism encroaches on the time and value we give the people around us. By shedding much-needed light on the science of spending, Roberts empowers readers to make smart changes, improve self-control, and curtail spending. The American Dream is still ours for the taking, and Shiny Objects is ultimately a hopeful statement about the power we each hold to redefine the pursuit of happiness.

Bread Making: A Home Course: Crafting the Perfect Loaf, From Crust to Crumb ISBN: 1603427910 | 2011 | EPUB | 296 pages | 5 MB Imagine making your own ciabatta, whole-wheat sourdough, English muffins, challah, naan, rye bread, brioche, and more! Even complete beginners can successfully bake their own bread with this in-depth course in core bread-making techniques. From buying flour to slicing a warm baguette, you’ll find everything you need to know to make artisanal loaves of every bread style, including straight doughs, sourdoughs, yeasted flatbreads, and more.

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Eye of the Storm: 25 Years in Action With the SAS ISBN: 1843170523 | 2003 | EPUB | 480 pages | 1 MB Peter Ratcliffe served in the SAS for twenty-five years. Blooded in Oman in the 1970s, he also saw action in Northern Ireland, in the Falklands War, and in the Gulf campaign. From his early days in the Paras to his time as Regimental Sergeant-Major in the Gulf, he has lived and fought by the motto 'Who Dares Wins'. "Eye of the Storm" is his insider's account of that exceptional career. Fastpaced, earthy, dramatic, funny, occasionally disturbing, it is laced with firsthand descriptions of ferocious and bloody fighting, sudden death and incredible heroism, and peopled with a cast of extraordinary individuals. Beyond that, however, it corrects many of the distortions and exaggerations of other

books, and explodes several long-standing myths about the Regiment. Here - at last - is the authentic voice of the SAS.

The Don't Diet Live-It! Workbook: Healing Food, Weight & Body Issues ISBN: 0936077336 | 1999 | EPUB | 215 pages | 1 MB This sensitive workbook teaches readers how to be at peace with their bodies.

The Warren Buffetts Next Door: The World's Greatest Investors You've Never Heard Of and What You Can Learn From Them ISBN: 0470573783 | 2010 | EPUB | 224 pages | 2 MB A practical guide for investors who are ready to take financial matters into their own hands The Warren Buffetts Next Door profiles previously unknown investors, with legendary performance records, who are proving every day that you don't need to work for a hedge fund or have an Ivy League diploma to consistently beat the best performing Wall Street professionals. These amazing individuals come from all walks of life, from a globe drifting college dropout and a retired disc jockey to a computer room geek and a truck driver. Their methods vary from technical trading and global macro-economic analysis to deep value investing. The glue that holds them together is their passion for investing and their ability to efficiently harness the Internet for critical investment ideas, research, and trading skills.

The author digs deep to find the best of the best, even finding those who are making money during these turbulent times Contains case studies that will explain to you how these great individual investors find and profit from stocks and options. Shows you how to rely on your own instincts and knowledge when making important investment decisions In an era when the best professional advice has cracked many investor nest eggs and Madoff-style frauds have shattered investor trusts, the self-empowered investors found in The Warren Buffetts Next Door offer an inspiring and educational tale.

Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language ISBN: 0731403355 | 2005 | EPUB | 160 pages | 1 MB Fast, Easy Way to Learn a Language is essential reading for anyone studying a language at school, for business, travel or just for pleasure. Well-known inspirational teacher Bill Handley speaks 15 languages at various degrees of fluency. He is passionate about learning languages and believes language learning should be an adventure. In this book he explains: how to have fun building your vocabulary in record time the easy way to get to grips with grammar why you should use more than one textbook how to use your 'lost time' to learn faster what to do when you feel like giving up how to write your own 'survival skills' course. Fast Easy Way to Learn a Language will have you speaking your new language in no time. The book explores all the important topics: active and passive learning, mastering a different alphabet, using recorded material, planning your own immersion program, making effective use of the internet and much more. It includes special advice for school and university students. This is the fun way to learn a language.

How to Cheat at Home Repair: Time-Slashing, Money-Saving Fixes for Household Hassles and Breakdowns ISBN: 1402756291 | 2009 | EPUB | 256 pages | 960 KB Welcome to your one-stop, money-saving home repair guide! Scratched furniture? Pest problems? Leaky faucet? Look no further for quick, easy home-repair help—this book is jam-packed with sneaky tips, clever techniques, and solutions that anyone can master with the most common tools and materials. Everything’s based on Jeff Bredenberg’s up-to-date research and consultation with the experts who do this for a living. Plus, he conveys his information with appealing attitude and humor, and lets you know when it’s time to call in the professionals. This is a must-have resource for every homeowner or apartment dweller who wants to do it right. Topics covered include: Tools Furniture Electricity Plumbing Walls, floors, doors, and windows Appliances Basements and attics Home exteriors Pest control Home safety Finding and working with the best repair people

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How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun: Accidental Discoveries and Unexpected Inspirations That Shape What We Eat and Drink ISBN: 0762777508 | 2012 | EPUB | 176 pages | 2 MB Sometimes it’s neither art nor science that serves as the origins of the everyday kitchen and food items that we take for granted today. Sometimes, as Josh Chetwynd shows us in How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun, some of our greatest culinary achievements were simply by-products of “damned good luck.” In How the Hot Dog Found Its Bun, Josh explores the origins of kitchen inventions, products, and foodstuff in seventy-five short essays that dispel popular myths and draw lines between food facts and food fiction. Josh’s charming text combined with simple line illustrations makes this an excellent gift and go-to source book for all food and trivia buffs.

The Better Baby Book: How to Have a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby ISBN: 1118137132 | 2013 | EPUB | 288 pages | 742 KB How to create a healthier, happier, smarter baby—the breakthrough pregnancy diet and lifestyle plan based on cutting-edge genetic science Whether you're planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant, this essential prenatal guide draws on the latest genetic research to give you a complete program of specific nutrition and environmental lifestyle changes that can help you have a better baby. The book is based on the emerging science of epigenetics and shows how the environment interacts with your genes, affecting which genes are expressed or "turned on". It shows you the important steps you can take to improve preconception nutrition and reduce toxins in your home and body to consciously help your child be healthy, smart, and strong.

Leverages the latest epigenetics research to help you produce a healthier, smarter, and happier baby with a lower risk of allergies, asthma, and developmental issues Shares a specific prescriptive program based on four principles: eating the right foods; taking the right supplements; detoxifying before, during, and after pregnancy; and minimizing stress Shows how a woman's health and her environment during pregnancy may have a much bigger impact on her child than was previously thought Includes the authors' compelling personal story of developing the Better Baby Plan shared in the book as they had their own better babies

Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division ISBN: 0571239560 | 2007 | EPUB | 240 pages | 1 MB The only in-depth biographical account of the lead singer of Joy Division, written by his widow. Revered by his peers -- Bono described his voice as "holy" -- and idolized by his fans, Ian Curtis left behind a legacy rich in artistic genius. He was a mesmerizing performer on stage, yet also introverted and prone to mode swings. Enigmatic to the last, Ian Curtis died by his own hand on 18 May 1980. Touching from a Distance describes Curtis's life from his early teenage years to his premature death on the eve of Joy Division's first American tour. It tells how, with a wife, child and impending international fame, he was seduced by the glory of an early grave. What were the reasons for his fascination with death? Were his dark, brooding lyrics an artistic exorcism? In Touching from a Distance Curtis's widow, Deborah, explains the drama of his life and the tragedy of his death. This edition includes discography, gig list and a full set of Curtis's lyrics, some of which appear in print for the first time.

Healthy Eating Cookbook: A Celebration of Food, Friendship, and Healthy Living ISBN: 0944235573 | 1999 | EPUB | 272 pages | 2 MB In the new edition of this popular cookbook, aspiring chefs and amateur cooks alike will discover more than 300 simple and delicious recipes that will turn healthy eating into a celebration of good food, including recipes from some of their favorite international celebrities. Reflecting the latest research and updated recommendations for healthy eating, this cookbook makes it fun to eat right and contains tips for smart shopping, quick tricks for judging portion sizes, and delicious substitutions.

The 8 Minute Organizer: Easy Solutions to Simplify Your Life in Your Spare Time ISBN: 0738215716 | 2012 | EPUB | 240 pages | 1 MB Whether you are busy dealing with a demanding job, raising kids, or coping with illness, simply finding the time to get organized can be a challenge. The 8-Minute Organizer to the rescue! Regina Leeds shows how anyone can organize their home with just a few minutes each day. She has tailored her magic formula (eliminate, categorize, organize) so that readers can work in short, effective increments and complete small projects that add up to big progress. The book includes hundreds of systems and tricks--from rapid closet rehab to tackling junk drawers, clutter-busting a room to setting up a mail system. Leeds also offers quick but important daily routines (making the bed), periodic tasks (checking the smoke detector), and fun projects (creating a dream board) to keep up the momentum.

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Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War ISBN: 0307346811 | 2006 | EPUB | 480 pages | 1 MB March 2003: The United States invades Iraq. October 2006: The world finds out why. What was really behind the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq? As George W. Bush steered the nation to war, who spoke the truth and who tried to hide it? Hubris takes us behind the scenes at the Bush White House, the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department, and Congress to answer all the vital questions about how the Bush administration came to invade Iraq. Filled with new revelations, Hubris is a gripping narrative of intrigue that connects the dots between George W. Bush’s expletive-laden outbursts at Saddam Hussein, the bitter battles between the CIA and the White House, the fights within the intelligence community over Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, the startling influence of an obscure academic on top government officials, the real reason Valerie Plame was outed, and a top reporter’s ties to wily Iraqi exiles trying to start a war. Written by veteran reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn, this is the inside story of how President Bush took the nation to war using faulty and fraudulent intelligence. It is a news-making account of conspiracy, backstabbing, bureaucratic ineptitude, journalistic malfeasance, and, especially, arrogance.

The Gospel According to the Fix: An Insider's Guide to a Less than Holy World of Politics ISBN: 0307987094 | 2012 | EPUB | 224 pages | 1 MB A divine guide to deciphering the sinful world of American politics, from the author of the Washington Post's The Fix The political world is full of acronyms, shortcuts, and lingoes that stand as a barrier to entry for anyone not in the business. The onset of social media has only made that barrier higher, as insiders tweet furiously to one another in a language most of us can't even understand. Everyday Americans and even political junkies need a how-to manual for understanding what words matter in this arena and why. Enter Brother Chris Cillizza and The Gospel According to the Fix--an essential guide to the wonderfully odd religion of politics. Based on his highly popular blog, The Gospel According to the Fix will teach you something new about politics, no matter who you are and whom you know. In our torturous political climate, this Gospel is the one true source for comprehending what the heck is going on in DC. Chapter and verse, this political Gospel will include parables the likes of: • Why Ron Paul’s candidacy is a lot like the TV show Friday Night Lights • What it takes to be Richard Ben Cramer and write the political classic What It Takes • The top ten negative campaign ads of all time • The top ten issues candidates should be discussing but aren’t because of the economy • The dos and don’ts of surviving a political sex scandal

Fool Me Twice: Obama's Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed ISBN: 1936488574 | 2012 | EPUB | 290 pages | 2 MB

This is the game changing book revealing the blueprint for a second term that President Obama and his progressive backers don't want you to know. Months of painstaking research into thousands of documents have enabled investigative journalists and New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott to expose the secret template for Obama's next four years -- the one actually created by Obama's own top advisers and strategists. Just as Obama concealed the true plans for his initial term behind rhetoric of ending partisan differences and cutting the Federal deficit, Obama's re-election theme of creating jobs conceals more than it reveals about his real agenda for a second term. All the main areas of domestic policy are covered -- jobs, wages, health care, immigration overhaul, electoral "reform," national energy policy. Each of the plans exposed seek to permanently remake America into a government-dominated socialist state. Here are just a few samples from dozens upon dozens of specific schemes unveiled herein: Detailed plans to enact single-payer health care legislation controlled by the Federal government regardless of any Supreme Court decision to overturn Obamacare; The recreation of a 21st century version of FDR's Works Progress Administration (WPA) program within the Department of Labor that would oversee a massive new bureaucracy and millions of new Federal jobs; Further gutting of the U.S. military in shocking ways, while using the "savings" for a new "green" stimulus program and the founding of a Federal "green" bank to fund so-called environmentally friendly projects; The vastly reduced resources of the U.S. Armed Forces will be spread even thinner by using them to combat "global warming," fight global poverty, remedy "injustice," bolster the United Nations and step up use of "peacekeeping" deployments; An expansive new amnesty program for illegal aliens linked with a reduction in the capabilities of the U.S. Border Patrol and plans to bring in untold numbers of new immigrants with the removal of caps on H-1B visas and green cards. Fool Me Twice is based on exhaustive research into the coming plans and presidential policies as well as the specific second term recommendations of the major "progressive" groups behind Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership - the organizations that help to craft the legislation and set the political and rhetorical agenda for the president and his allies. While many have general concerns about Obama's second-term ambitions, Fool Me Twice lays bare the devastating details of a second Obama presidency. If he wins re-election in 2012, the America of equal opportunity for all, Constitutionally-limited government, economic freedom and personal liberty will be but a distant memory.

English Through Pictures, Book 1 (extra workbook included) English | 2005 | ISBN: 0887511112 | 272 + 517 pages | PDF | 5 + 5 MB The three pocketbooks comprising the English Through Pictures series are the remarkable invention of I.A. Richards and Christine Gibson, who designed them to help the learner speak, read and write English in the quickest and

clearest possible way - through pictures. The authors have made a careful selection of the most widely useful English words, choosing those with the power to define other words, and have put them to work in key patterns that offer the learner the ability to communicate successfully in English. Book 1 contains a vocabulary of 250 such words, with an additional 500 developed in Book 2; these 750 words are then used in Book 3 to build a command of 1000 words which, by their defining power, hold the possibility of understanding as much as another 20,000 words of English. Throughout English Through Pictures, responsibility for learning is placed directly on the learner, who from the very start enjoys the ability to put essential words to work creating key sentence patterns where meaning is clearly shown in pictures. These simplified drawings allow learners to focus on the sentence and to enjoy growing confidence as they successfully take control of language, with the workbooks in Books 1 and 2 challenging and reinforcing their growing competence as both speakers and readers. Motivated and inspired, learners will soon find to their delight that fluent communication in English - the common language of today's world - lies well within their grasp. English Through Pictures has already been used successfully by millions of learners in more than forty countries.

English Through Pictures, Book 2 (extra workbook included) English | 2005 | ISBN: 0887511139 | 336 pages | PDF | 5 MB The three pocketbooks comprising the English Through Pictures series are the remarkable invention of I.A. Richards and Christine Gibson, who designed them to help the learner speak, read and write English in the quickest and clearest possible way - through pictures. The authors have made a careful selection of the most widely useful English words, choosing those with the power to define other words, and have put them to work in key patterns that offer the learner the ability to communicate successfully in English. Book 1 contains a vocabulary of 250 such words, with an additional 500 developed in Book 2; these 750 words are then used in Book 3 to build a command of 1000 words which, by their defining power, hold the possibility of understanding as much as another 20,000 words of English. Throughout English Through Pictures, responsibility for learning is placed directly on the learner, who from the very start enjoys the ability to put essential words to work creating key sentence patterns where meaning is clearly shown in pictures. These simplified drawings allow learners to focus on the sentence and to enjoy growing confidence as they successfully take control of language, with the workbooks in Books 1 and 2 challenging and reinforcing their growing competence as both speakers and readers. Motivated and inspired, learners will soon find to their delight that fluent communication in English - the common language of today's world - lies well within their grasp. English Through Pictures has already been used successfully by millions of learners in more than forty countries.

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English Through Pictures, Book 3 English | 2005 | ISBN: 0887511155 | 256 pages | PDF | 6 MB The three pocketbooks comprising the English Through Pictures series are the remarkable invention of I.A. Richards and Christine Gibson, who designed them to help the learner speak, read and write English in the quickest and clearest possible way - through pictures. The authors have made a careful selection of the most widely useful English words, choosing those with the power to define other words, and have put them to work in key patterns that offer the learner the ability to communicate successfully in English. Book 1 contains a vocabulary of 250 such words, with an additional 500 developed in Book 2; these 750 words are then used in Book 3 to build a command of 1000 words which, by their defining power, hold the possibility of understanding as much as another 20,000 words of English. Throughout English Through Pictures, responsibility for learning is placed directly on the learner, who from the very start enjoys the ability to put essential words to work creating key sentence patterns where meaning is clearly shown in pictures. These simplified drawings allow learners to focus on the sentence and to enjoy growing confidence as they successfully take control of language, with the workbooks in Books 1 and 2 challenging and reinforcing their growing competence as both speakers and readers. Motivated and inspired, learners will soon find to their delight that fluent communication in English - the common language of today's world - lies well within their grasp. English Through Pictures has already been used successfully by millions of learners in more than forty countries.

Using iTunes 10 English | 2011 | ISBN: 0789747871 | 288 pages | PDF | 19,5 MB Get comfortable with iTunes 10, Apple’s popular music-and-media organizer and player. Don’t just read about it: See it and hear it with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you get online access anywhere with a web connection--no

books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help you’ll ever need...where you want, when you want!

The Battle for Leyte Gulf: The Incredible Story of World War II's Largest Naval Battle English | ISBN: 1602391947 | edition 2007 | EPUB | 240 pages | 2.4 MB Pulitzer-Prize-winner and bestselling author C. Vann Woodward recreates the gripping account of the battle for Leyte Gulf—the greatest naval battle of World War II and the largest engagement ever fought on the high seas. For the Japanese, it represented their supreme effort; they committed to action virtually every operational fighting ship on the lists of the Imperial Navy, including two powerful new battleships of the Yamato class. It also ended in their greatest defeat—and a tremendous victory for the United States Navy. Features a new introduction by Evan Thomas, author of Sea of Thunder.

The Solar Food Dryer: How to Make and Use Your Own Low-Cost, High Performance, Sun-Powered Food Dehydrator English | ISBN: 0865715440 | edition 2006 | MOBI | 144 pages | 6.2 MB The Solar Food Dryer describes how to use solar energy to dry your food instead of costly electricity. With your own solar-powered food dryer, you can quickly and efficiently dry all your extra garden veggies, fruits, and herbs to preserve their goodness all year long—with free sunshine! Applicable to a wide geography—wherever gardens grow—this well-illustrated book includes:

• Complete step-by-step plans for building a high-performance, low-cost solar food dryer from readily available materials • Solar energy design concepts • Food drying tips and recipes • Resources, references, solar charts, and more Eben Fodor is an organic gardener with a background in solar energy and engineering. He works as a community planning consultant in Eugene, Oregon.

Solo Suppers: Simple Delicious Meals to Cook for Yourself English | ISBN: 0811836207 | edition 2003 |EPUB | 156 pages | 3 MB Most recipes serve four to six people, leaving the solo cook in a predicament. Enter acclaimed cookbook author Joyce Goldstein and her stellar repertoire of meals that are fun for one. From hearty recipes like Spicy Tortilla and Lime Soup and Tuscan Style Rib-Eye Steak with Rosemary and Garlic, to dressed-up salads and seasonal fruit gratins, each dish is designed to serve one in style. Essential tips and techniques offer valuable advice on smart shopping for one and stocking the pantry. Numerous recipe variations take advantage of seasonal ingredients, while an array of sauces can turn that salmon fillet or lamb steak into a gourmet feast. When the good company is your own, Solo Suppers is the way to go.

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The Pickled Pantry: From Apples to Zucchini, 150 Recipes for Pickles, Relishes, Chutneys & More English | ISBN: 1603425624 | edition 2012 | EPUB | 304 pages | 6 MB Half-Sour Dill Pickles. Salt-Cured Dilly Beans. Sauerkraut. Kimchi. Classic Hot Sauce. Cortido with Cilantro. Rosemary Onion Confit. Italian Tomato Relish. Chow Chow. Korean-Style Pickled Garlic. With Andrea Chesman's expert guidance, you'll love making these and dozens of other fresh, contemporary recipes for pickling everything from apples to zucchini. Beginners will welcome the simple, low-fuss methods and thorough coverage of pickling basics, including fermenting, and dedicated home canners will love the large-batch recipes and the stunning variety of flavors.

Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts 2006 | ISBN: 0740758160 | English | 312 Pages | EPUB | 3.85 MB Maida Heatter is a genius--and an absolute delight! . . . Her style is friendly and funny, thorough and exacting. Maida tells you what size egg to use and she does so to guarantee success.", which named Maida its "First Culinary Patriot" Chocoholics unite! Maida's back and bringing the world's best chocolate recipes with her. Maida, of course, is Maida Heatter, sorceress supreme of all things chocolate. Now cocoa aficionados, food fiends, and master chefs everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief as Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts, the classic New York Times bestseller, returns after ten years out of print. Maida is justifiably famous for her respected series of cookbooks, ranging from Maida Heatter's Book of Great Desserts to Maida Heatter's Brand-New Book of Great Cookies. But it was always her Book of Great Chocolate Desserts that inspired the highest praise, admiration, and following from home and restaurant dessert cooks around

the world. Chocolate creators know they can turn to Maida for tantalizing confections, cookies, cakes, pies, puddings, and sauces that transcend the ordinary and make for memorable dining experiences.

Boost Your Metabolism Cookbook: Fire up Your Diet for a Fit and Firm You 2010 | ISBN: 1440504008 | English | 256 Pages | EPUB | 0.95 MB The secret is out: Eating low-fat, low-calorie foods doesn't automatically equate to low numbers on the scale. However, by focusing on foods that keep the metabolism high and the body healthy, automatic weight loss is the result! And in this creative collection, the Bikini Chef Susan Irby shows dieters they don't need to eat wacky foods or sacrifice flavor to reach their goal. She serves up mouthwatering recipes you can whip up while you trim down, including: *Polenta Blueberry Pancake *Orzo Salad with Red Bell Peppers and Fresh Herbs *Jalapeno Salsa *Pork Tenderloin with Pomegranate and Onion Marmalade *Green Tea Sorbet Complete with nutritional information and specific tips throughout, this cookbook is all you need to program your body to burn fat better and faster—with every bite!

The Baking Answer Book: Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask

2009 | ISBN: 1603424393 | English | 378 Pages | EPUB | 4.25 MB Every baker has pondered the wisdom of substituting one ingredient for another ("I don’t have any cake flour. Can I use all-purpose flour?"), using a square baking dish instead of the rectangular pan the recipe requires, or constructing a fancy dessert with frozen puff pastry rather than homemade. Baking recipes require precision and attention — exact measurements, correct ingredients, and a confident hand — to mix, cream, froth, and whip. But surely there is some leeway? And if there really is no room for error or substitution, then the curious baker wants to know why. Answering every question about common and specialty ingredients, finicky ovens, the best equipment for every recipe, the science behind the magic of baking, and the unique properties, quirks, and flavors of every kind of baked good, author Lauren Chattman reassures readers with commonsense solutions, foolproof, substitutions, and fun-toknow facts about the history and evolution of favorite baked goods. She even includes recipes that allow readers to practice new techniques and experiment with unfamiliar ingredients. Spelt Brownies, anyone? Portable, browseable, and easy to use, The Baking Answer Book earns a place beside the recipe collections in bakers’ libraries, explaining the techniques that don’t make sense and solving the mysteries of soggy zucchini bread and cracked cheesecakes.

Crazy for Cake Pops: 50 All-New Delicious and Adorable Creations 2011 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 1612430449 | EPUB | 9 MB GORGEOUS & CREATIVE CAKE ON A STICK Packed with 50 designs and 70 color photos, this book shows how to make cake pops that are incredibly cute and amazingly delicious. Everyone loves a beautifully decorated cake. And there’s nothing more fun than food on a stick. Combine the two and you have the perfect sweet treat that’s as fun to make as it is to eat. With a wide range of exciting shapes and delightful flavors, Crazy for Cake Pops has the perfect pop for any occasion, including: • Animals for a kid’s party • Gift-wrapped boxes for a birthday bash • Teddy bears for a baby shower • Poker chips for game night • Kettles and cups for tea time • Decorated eggs for Easter • Jack-o’-Lanterns for Halloween • Snowmen for Christmas Crazy for Cake Pops teaches you the secrets for creating these mouthwatering mini desserts with professional results. The author leaves nothing to chance as she guides you step by step through baking, crumbling, shaping, frosting and decorating.

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Storey's Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs for Market 2013 | 541 Pages | ISBN: 1603425713 | PDF | 6 MB Keith Stewart addresses everything you need to know to successfully grow and market organic vegetables and herbs, covering land, equipment, crop mix, growing techniques, irrigation, soil fertility, pests, greenhouses, harvesting, storage, labor, debt, customer management, sales, accounting, and much more. With this comprehensive guide, you can turn your dream of a thriving farm into a profitable reality.

Fit and Female: The Perfect Fitness and Nutrition Game Plan for Your Unique Body Type English | ISBN: 0471739030 | edition 2006 | PDF | 240 pages | 10,1 mb Coopersmith, resident fitness instructor on the Fine Living Channel's Simplify Your Life, has devised a fitness and nutrition plan to accommodate the needs of women of all shapes and sizes. Observing that "fitness is not one size fits all," Coopersmith divides her approach to address six basic body shapes: the endo-pear, endo-apple, meso-pear, meso-apple, ecto-pear and ecto-apple. Each shape, she claims, requires a customized workout and eating plan, though all incorporate components of a cardio workout, muscular fitness segment and flexibility training.

The House Always Wins: Create the Home You Love - Without Busting Your Budget 2009-03-09 | ISBN: 0738213128 | PDF | 368 pages | 1 MB Via her weekly syndicated column, “At Home with Marni Jameson,� Jameson is one of the funniest, most eagerly read purveyors of home-improvement advice. The House Always Wins, her compulsively readable, zanily humorous, yet completely practical guide hailed by critics, now has even more moneysaving advice on creating, living in, and even selling a beautiful, livable home.

Optimal Stress 2009 | ISBN: 0470068515 | 288 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB Find the optimal level of stress and wellness for your life and career-the essential guide for women If you're one of the many women juggling the issues and demands of self, home, family, health, and the workplace, stress is one of the most important emotional and physical problems you face every day. Stress is inevitable, but this book shows you how to embrace it and use it. The key lies in learning how to transform harmful reactions into healthy responses. Optimal Stress offers a new way to view, organize, and shape your world so that you have a healthy response to any stressor or demand in your life. Its approach helps you develop a crucial understanding of what stress is, what it is not, and most importantly, how to find the right stress-health balance. Clarifies the link between stress and medical disorders such as: heart disease, immune disorders, diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues

Explains three key principles-Priorities, Passions, and Purpose-to help you understand and handle stress Shares data as well as other women's true stories, feelings, and insights about stress Reveals that stress is a process, with emotional, psychological, behavioral, biological and physical components Helps you find a renewed sense of meaning, coherence, and balance in your life through discovery of your personal BestStress Zone Gets you in touch with your unique physical and personality traits and life circumstances that contribute to stress Don't let stress overwhelm you-discover Optimal Stress and regain balance in your life.

Prediabetes For Dummies 2009-12-02 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 0470523018 | PDF | 4,4 MB Accessible information on the causes, health risks, and treatment of prediabetes If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with prediabetes – a heightened level of glucose, and/or impaired glucose tolerance - the time to act is now. Prediabetes For Dummies examines the signs and symptoms of this potential precursor to diabetes and offers up-to-date information about treatment. It provides clear, practical advice on steps you can take to minimize the risk of serious health consequences. This plain-English guide shows you how to stop prediabetes in its tracks and prevent it from progressing to diabetes. You'll learn how to recognize the symptoms of this often-undiagnosed condition, and what to do if you think you may be prediabetic. You'll also discover how simple lifestyle changes, such as changes in your diet and moderate exercise, can put the brakes on prediabetes and even reverse the condition. •Offers clear explanations of prediabetes causes, health risks, and treatment •Includes the latest advances in the use of diabetes medications to treat prediabetes •Provides diet suggestions, meal plans, and exercise tips •Contains helpful suggestions for friends and family members who want to support a loved one with prediabetes While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be prevented if prediabetes is diagnosed and treated early. Packed with valuable information for patients of all ages, Prediabetes For Dummies is an important resource for taking control of this dangerous condition.

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Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate 2009 | ISBN: 1556527756 | 256 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB There is a commonly held perception that we don’t talk about money. Actually, we talk about it all the time—we are just having the wrong conversation. The result: finances fracture and even destroy many relationships. In this timely book, money expert Jacquette M. Timmons addresses the financial issues that couples face, examining how family background, personal choices, and socioeconomic and cultural influences affect the way women merge love and money. Encouraging women first to explore their own relationship with money, she provides a framework for an honest exchange of information so partners can understand each other’s personal financial stories, the many emotions money elicits in them, and their financial preferences, prejudices, and tolerance levels. In these uncertain economic times, more and more couples are learning the hard way that a lack of financial intimacy can sabotage even the best relationships. Timmons gives women the tools they need to take the lead in the financial dialogue so they can live wealthy and well with their partner—in good times and bad.

The Science of Poker 2007 | ISBN: 1843440318 | 286 pages | PDF | 5 Mb A comprehensive analysis of Limit and Pot-Limit Omaha, Texas Hold 'em, and Seven-Card Stud as well as No-Limit Hold 'em, this revolutionary gambling book offers a general discussion of the three primary skills of poker—"people, probabilities, and money"—as well as a detailed overview of starting-hand selection and simple methods for working out probabilities relevant to these games.

With analyses of a hundred examples of the most common situations in "after the flop play" for Omaha and Hold 'em and "beyond the fourth street" play for Seven-Card Stud, this book has it all. Dr. M. Mahmood has advanced degrees in both Chemistry and Physics; in 1992, he retired to become a semi-professional poker player.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Koran English | ISBN: 1592571050 | edition 2003 | PDF | 336 pages | 10,5 mb Taking the same approach as the bestselling The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to the Bible, this book presents a balanced overview of the Koran, explaining not only the "flow" of the Koran, but also what it has to say about Allah and humanity, virtue, justice, life on earth, the afterlife, women, love, unbelievers, faith, and tradition.

The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative 2007-01-01 | ISBN: 0061229709 | 240 pages | PDF | 1 MB Imagine infants free from painful diaper rash, new parenthood without thousands of dollars wasted in diapering costs, toilet training that is natural and noncoercive, and, most important, happier babies and parents As Christine Gross-Loh reveals in her progressive, enlightening book, all this is possible and more. Infants are born with the ability to communicate their need to "go," just as they communicate hunger or sleepiness. Gross-Loh, a mother of two children who were diaper-free at eighteen and fifteen months, uses the tenets of "elimination communication," or EC, to teach parents how to identify and respond to their baby or toddler's natural cues.

Unlike the all-or-nothing approach of some parenting books, The Diaper-Free Baby addresses three categories of parents: full-time, part-time, and occasional EC'ers. Parents can practice EC as much or as little as fits their family and lifestyle. A support group within a book, The Diaper-Free Baby also includes inspiring testimonials throughout every chapter. Parents who have successfully practiced EC identify common struggles, share experiences and problemsolving tips, and provide encouragement for those new to the technique. Their motivational stories together with Gross-Loh's practical advice will appeal to all parents interested in a fresh alternative to traditional toilet training.

Real Resumes for Customer Service Jobs 2005 | ISBN: 1885288441 | Pages: 192 | PDF | 1 MB Those who seek employment in the customer service field will find this book a rich resource! In addition to wise advice about job hunting and salary negotiation, there are nearly 100 resumes along with the cover letter that accompanied those resumes. Get the career edge with a book that shows the techniques used by professional resume writers to achieve jobhunting success.

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Quick & Easy Origami Boxes

2000-09-25 | 62 Pages | ISBN: 488996052X | PDF |3,4 MB Designed for the beginner, this beautifully illustrated step-by-step how-to book gives readers all the instructions needed to create highly decorative boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes out of paper. Sixty-one sheets of one- and two-sided orgami paper complete the illustrated kit. Line-drawings and photographs throughout.

Origami Aircraft English | 2006-06-09 | ISBN: 0486450627 | 64 pages | PDF | 6,8 MB Clear instructions and step-by-step diagrams show advanced paperfolders — and enthusiastic beginners — how to construct origami aircraft that actually fly! 16 planes, among them the Bandit, Shadow, Firestorm, and Cyclone, are all made from square sheets of paper and are fully functional. The planes soar, landing gear retracts, cockpits open, and cannons swivel.

Planes, Jets & Helicopters: Great Paper Airplanes 1993 | 142 pages | ISBN: 0830644512 1417728027 | PDF | 22 MB Building paper airplanes is easy-even for children-wiith John Bringhurst's fold-by-fold, illustrated instructions. Twentyfive creative designs include a long-winged glider, rounded-winged aircraft, biplane, Delta Wing, Stealth Bomber, Hornet, aerobatic jet, and several choppers.

Making paper airplanes is the secret obsession of thousands of people all over the world and from all walks of life. Here's a selection of paper aircraft designs certain to intrigue those individuals who can't pass up the opportunity to turn those scraps of paper into airborne delights. 500 illustrations.

Paper Airplanes: Models to Build and Fly 2000-04 | 64 Pages | ISBN: 0822599031 | PDF | 7,7 MB Presents information on aerodynamic principles and flying techniques along with instructions for making twelve different paper airplanes.

The Complete Origami Collection English | 1997-07 | ISBN: 0870409603 | 128 pages | PDF | 35,8 MB The latest collection by bestselling origami author Takahama features over 100 designs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced folders. Each of these beautiful creations is illustrated in full color with step-by-step instructions. Projects include a samurai helmet, piano, butterfly, and pelican.

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The Secrets of Happy Families: Eight Keys to Building a Lifetime of Connection and Contentment English | 2009-06-29 | ISBN: 0470377100 | 272 pages | PDF | 3 MB "This is a wonderful book. I recommend it to all families as required reading." —Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. author, Getting the Love You Want and Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents "This is a beautiful book—timely, passionate, and powerful. It is also so well written, it's a page-turner and you'll find wealth of insight on every page. If you have specific questions about how to make family love last, this book has practical answers." —Michael Gurian author, The Minds of Boys and The Wonder of Girls "Scott Haltzman's writing is so engaging, it's the kind of book you pick up in a bookstore and find yourself still reading a half hour later. Inspiring and enlightening, it is filled with fascinating facts, educational anecdotes, and wise advice that you will remember, use, and repeat to others, even years from now. Don't miss this outpouring of love from a seasoned writer and psychiatrist." —Susan Page author, Why Talking Is Not Enough and If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single? "Few well-written and easily read books treat us to solid research, a wide range of thoughtful quotes, and the author's real-life experience on perhaps life's most important subject: creating a happy family. This book does it all!" —Warren Farrell, Ph.D. author, Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say and Why Men Are the Way They Are "Haltzman's latest entry into the 'advice to families' genre is a gem. Grounded in solid family research and his own survey of families, Haltzman offers sound, practical, and compassionate advice for families. His recognition of the diversity of contemporary families is one of the great strengths of this book. The accessible style is sure to please a wide range of readers from parents to family professionals." —Ross D. Parke, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, University of California, Riverside; and past president, Society for Research in Child Development

Beginning Wing Chun: Why Wing Chun Works English | ISBN-10: 1840245468 | 160 pages | PDF | 8,2 Mb

Grammar Survival: A Teacher's Toolkit 2010 | ISBN: 0415554055, 0203863356 | 104 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB Is teaching grammar an uphill struggle? Do you find teaching complex sentences or comma use a daunting prospect? Focusing on what you need to know in the classroom, Grammar Survival provides you with the essential knowledge and tools you’ll need to teach grammar effectively. This second edition has been updated and restructured to reflect the revised Framework for English, and ten new sections have been added including how to generate ideas, develop viewpoints, improve vocabulary, teach spelling and build reading skills. This book includes: over forty separate grammar topics including theory and practice clear examples throughout teaching hints and ideas for the classroom practical suggestions for homework. Entertaining and practical, this book is ideal for busy newly qualified and practising teachers looking to improve both their pupils’ and their own understanding of grammar.

The Boat Beneath the Pyramid: King Cheops' Royal Ship English | 1980 | 184 Pages | ISBN: 0030570611 | PDF | 36,7 MB “More than a quarter of a century ago a young Egyptian archaeologist, clearing a site just south of the Great Pyramid at Giza, broke through a massive slab of limestone to reveal a vault beneath his feet. For the first time in 4,500 years the sun’s rays were shining down on the timbers of a great papyriform ship, built for a king and then dismantled and buried here at the height of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Astonishingly well preserved, it was by far the most ancient vessel ever to come to light. Nancy Jenkins is the first to tell the full story of this Royal Ship — its discovery, excavation and reconstruction. She tells also who built it and why, how it has survived intact for so long, and what connection it may have had with the age-old Egyptian myth of the Sun-god, eternally journeying cross the heavens in his Reed Float. But this is also a story of modern Egypt and of one man in particular, Ahmed Youssef Moustafa, Chief Restorer of the Department of Antiquities, who almost single-handedly put back together the 1,223 pieces of .the ship. Working with a giant jigsaw puzzle—though a puzzle without a picture on the box—Ahmed Youssef devoted fourteen years to the immense task of reconstruction. The triumphant result is not only an aesthetic masterpiece to rival the Great Pyramid but also a vital source of information about the design and construction of ancient ships and a tribute to one of the greatest periods in the history of civilization.”

Up Till Now: The Autobiography (Audiobook) Unabridged edition 2009 | 10 hours and 46 mins | ISBN: n/a , ASIN: B004TTX7VW | MP3 80 kbps | 388 MB

This is the story of William Shatner's half-century career and private life. The audio will take listeners from the streets of Montreal to regional theater, where Shatner was once called upon to replace Christopher Plummer as Henry V - in a role he had never rehearsed, with actors he had never met. It will describe his early TV work and movies, among them Roger Corman's The Intruder, a movie about racism filmed in the south in 1961; Kingdom of the Spiders, in which he costarred with 30,000 tarantulas; and Incubus, the only film ever made in the language of Esperanto. It will include his private life, including the complete story of the drowning death of his third wife. It will include stories from three other series: T.J. Hooker, Rescue 911 - which saved more than 240 lives - and Boston Legal, as well as his work on Third Rock from the Sun, for which he won his first Emmy for playing "the Big Giant Head". And, of course, it will include the story of Star Trek: how it came about and how it affected him - and fans - concluding with the story of a taxi driver who told Shatner he'd been a prisoner in Vietnam and that pretending they were the Star Trek crew kept him and his fellow inmates sane. And yes, it will include his singing and commercials and quiz-show hosting and award-show hosting and the greatest practical joke ever played, Invasion, Iowa, not to mention the story about Shatner being invited into a cage with Koko the Gorilla - who wanted to take him back to her bedcage. After almost 60 years, William Shatner has become one of our most beloved entertainers. And as evidenced by Comedy Central's roast, The Shat Hits the Fan, Shatner gets the joke. For the first time, William Shatner shares with listeners the remarkable, full story of his life.

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Owls of the World (Helm Identification Guides) 2008 | 528 Pages | ISBN: 0713665483 | PDF | 144 MB Owls are enduringly popular birds, but due to their nocturnal habits most species are difficult to see well. The plumages of many species are cryptic and difficult to separate by plumage alone. This problem is compounded by the different morphs that many adopt. This book fully describes every known species and subspecies of owl, as well as presenting the latest evidence on owl taxonomy, based on DNA work and vocalisations. Because voice is vital in owl identification, much emphasis is placed on it in the book and sonograms are provided for many species.

A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, And Faith In Stages (Audiobook) Unabridged edition 2009 | 6 hours and 47 mins | ISBN: 1598595644 | MP3 128 kbps | 391 MB "Life's too short. I'm not." You might know her as a Tony Award-winning Broadway star, who originated the role of Galinda the Good Witch in the smash musical Wicked and won a Tony for 1999's You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Or you may recognize her from her starring roles on TV-The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, Sesame Street...oh, and her huge hit sitcom Kristin on NBC. Or her appearance on Pat Robertson's The 700 Club. The 700 Club? Kristin is a wonderful collection of contradictions- but everyone who's ever met her remembers her as the little girl with the big voice. At four foot eleven, Kristin Chenoweth is an immense talent in a petite but powerful package. In this lively, laugh-out-loud audio book, Kristin shares her journey from Oklahoma beauty queen to Broadway leading lady, reflecting on how faith and family have kept her grounded in the dysfunctional rodeo of showbiz. The daughter of an engineer and nurse, Kristin was singing in front of thousands at Baptist conventions by age twelve and winning beauty pageants by age twenty-two. (Well, actually she was second runner-up almost every freaking time. But, hey, she's not bitter.) On her way to a career as a professional opera singer, she stopped in New York to visit a friend and went on a whim to an audition. Through a combination of talent, hard work, and (she's quick to add) the grace of God, Kristin took Broadway by storm. But of course, into every storm, the occasional drizzle of disaster must fall.

Tofu Cookery 1991 | 160 Pages | ISBN: 0913990760 | PDF | 108 MB Tofu Cookery contains over 25 full page color photos, making it one of the most beautiful tofu cookbooks on the market. Updated for the 90s with light, low-fat dishes that make it easy to add a healthful portion of soy to your diet.

Army of Evil: A History of the SS (Audiobook) Unabridged edition 2012 | 14 hours and 53 mins | ISBN: n/a , ASIN: B009ECLMX4 | MP3 64 kbps | 428 MB In Nazi Germany, they were called the Schutzstaffel. The world would know them as the dreaded SS—the most loyal and ruthless enforcers of the Third Reich… It began as a small squad of political thugs. Yet by the end of 1935, the SS had taken control of all police and internal security duties in Germany—ranging from local village “gendarmes” all they way up to the secret political police and the Gestapo. And by 1944 the militarized Waffen SS had more than eight hundred thousand men serving in the field, even rivaling Germany’s regular armed forces, the Wehrmacht. In Army of Evil: A History of the SS, author Adrian Weale delves into materials not previously available, including recently released intelligence files, the most up-to-date research and rare and never-before-published photographs. Going beyond the myths and characterizations, this comprehensive account reveals the reality of the SS as a cadre of unwavering political fanatics and power-seeking opportunists who slavishly followed an ideology that disdained traditional morality, and were prepared to implement it to the utmost, murderous extreme that ultimately resulted in the Holocaust. This is a definitive historical narrative of the birth, legacy, and ultimate demise of one of the most feared political and military organizations ever known, and those twisted, cruel men who were responsible for one of the most appalling crimes against humanity in all history.

Storks, Ibises, and Spoonbills of the World

English | ISBN: 0123227305 | edition 1992 | PDF | 385 pages | 50.7 MB Some of the world's largest and most spectacular birds are to be found among this group of wading birds. Tragically, they also include many of the world's most endangered species, as changes in land use erode their wetland habitats. Some, like the White stork, have lived alongside humans for hundreds of years and are well known from numerous scientific studies. Others, like the Storm's Stork and the Ibises of West Africa, South-East Asia and South America live so secluded a life in the remote corners of the globe that they will probably be extinct before even the most basic details of their biology are known. In this definitive monograph, three authors and two artists have combined their skills to capture what is known of these birds, and to picture them in beautiful paintings and photographs. The text opens with general chapters on taxonomy and feeding, and breeding behavior, following which, each species is dealt with in detail. Between them, the authors have personal experience of most of the species in five continents, and pay particular attention to documenting the current status of the threatened and rare species. Key Features * The most complete compilation available on this group of birds * Includes stunning color plates * Features magnificent portraits from renowned ornithological artists Alan Harris and David Quinn

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Cindy's Supper Club: Meals from Around the World to Share with Family and Friends English | ISBN: 1607740249 | edition 2012 | EPUB | 288 pages | 32.4 MB A collection of 125 chef-worthy global recipes presented in international dinner menus, drawn from renowned chef Cindy Pawlcyn's informal gatherings. It's no secret that legions of fans flock to Cindy Pawlcyn's restaurants for her globally influenced signature dishes. What is not so well known is that Cindy has turned her passions for cooking and travel into a popular supper club, where she creates an adventurous menu celebrating a different international cuisine each week. Cindy's Supper Club has become a destination event, presenting a world tasting tour on a plate. Cindy's Supper Club serves up twenty-five complete menus inspired by Cindy's dinners and featuring more than 125 recipes from the world's greatest food destinations, including Hawaii,Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Austria, Belgium, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Ethiopia, Morocco, South Africa, Lebanon, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea, India, and Thailand.

"I have had the great pleasure of watching my friend Cindy Pawlcyn shape the Napa Valley into a world-class culinary empire. I am constantly amazed at how she creates her dishes and the final extraordinary flavors that hit the plate. Buy this book as fast as you can. You are in for a wonderful surprise." MICHAEL CHIARELLO, chef-owner of Bottega Ristorante and author of Bottega

Caribbean Vegan: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Authentic Island Cuisine for Every Occasion English | ISBN: 1615190252 | 2010 | EPUB/MOBI | 272 pages | 19 MB/5 MB Here is your passport to a world of distinctive, unforgettable food—125 delicious, authentic vegan recipes that showcase flavors and ingredients from across the Caribbean islands If “Caribbean cuisine” makes you think of pineapples and coconuts, you’re missing out. The Caribbean islands are home to a rich cooking tradition that combines African, French, Spanish, British, Asian, and Indian influences, adds an unmistakable local flair . . . and tastes like paradise. A real secret is in the herbs and spices—with the right uncooked sauce, cooked sauce, or “wet seasoning” blend, you can transform everyday ingredients into Caribbean delights. Caribbean Vegan will spice up your vegan diet like no other cookbook. Popular blogger Taymer Mason serves up 125 completely vegan recipes—for breakfast dishes, appetizers, entrees, sides, soups, desserts, and drinks that are anything but bland. Sample the local flavors of Barbados, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Grenada, and the French West Indies with: Saint Lucian Bakes Eggplant and Seaweed Accras Bajan Soup with Dumplings Rummy Rum and Raisin Ice Cream . . . and much more! Enticing color photos and Island Tips explain the key ingredients, equipment, and techniques of Caribbean cuisine— so whatever your previous familiarity with Caribbean food, you’ll be cooking like an islander in no time.

Authentic Recipes from Jamaica ISBN: 0794603246 | 2005 | EPUB/MOBI | 112 pages | 13 MB/12 MB To visit the Jamaican kitchen is to discover the sumptuous flavors of spicy jerk pork, sweet tropical juices, complex curries, and lush desserts.

The Vintner's Apprentice: An Insider's Guide to the Art and Craft of Wine Making, Taught by the Masters ISBN: 1592536573 | 2011 | EPUB | 208 pages | 42 MB An insider tour of vineyards, wineries, cellars, and more! In The Vintner’s Apprentice, you get behind-the-scenes access to the wine world’s real-life masters of the craft, as well as a guide to the techniques that made them so successful. Benefit from their experience selecting a site, planting a vineyard, harvesting and crushing the grapes, creating blends, and much more. Inside: — Insight into every step of the grape’s journey to your glass, from planting to fermenting to bottling—and beyond! — Twelve wine experts share their old-world, classic skills with you through extensive interviews

Sky & Telescope Magazine April 2013 English | 90 Pages | True PDF | 17MB

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Forbes USA - 04 March 2013

English | 116 pages | HQ PDF | 80.00 Mb

GQ Australia - February/March 2013 English | 172 pages | PDF | 129.43 MB

Photoshop User - March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 112 pages | HQ PDF | 75.00 Mb

The Football League Paper - 17 February 2013 (True PDF) English | 40 pages | True PDF | 26.00 Mb

HELLO! magazine - 25 February 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 124 pages | HQ PDF | 105.00 Mb

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Cycle Canada - March 2013 English | 72 pages | PDF | 53.00 Mb

Photoshop Projects Australia - Volume 11, 2013 English | 180 pages | HQ PDF | 88.00 Mb

Practical Motorhome - April 2013 (True PDF) English | 156 pages | True PDF | 56.00 Mb

PC Magazine - Exclusive Issue - Top 125 Apps for iPad and Android 2012 English | 40 pages | HQ-PDF | 23 MB

Motorsport News - 13 February 2013 (True PDF) English | 44 pages | True PDF | 22.50 Mb

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Wild Junket - Spring 2013 (True PDF)

English | 90 pages | True PDF | 9.00 Mb

English Football Magazine - March 2013 (True PDF) English | 37 pages | True PDF | 2.00 Mb

Canadian Home Trends - Winter 2013 (True PDF) English | 100 pages | True PDF | 59.00 Mb

Mountain Bike Action - March 2013 English | 124 pages | PDF | 110 Mb

Hot Bike - April 2013 English | Pages 132 | PDF | 65.4 Mb

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Glam Jam Magazine - April 2012 True PDF | 88 pages | English | 54.3 MB

Britain - MarchApril 2013 English | PDF | 100 pages | 48.3Mb

Archaeology - MarchApril 2013 English | 72 pages | PDF | 35.8 Mb

Globe - 25 February 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 60 pages | HQ PDF | 55.00 Mb

new! Magazine - 18 February 2013 (True PDF) English | 84 pages | True PDF | 21.00 Mb

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Android For Beginners Revised Edition 2 2013

English | PDF | 180 pages | 41 Mb Your ultimate guide to Android. From setting up and learning your way around the settings to the Play Store and organising widgets, this book covers everything you need to get up and running on Android. This new edition also cover Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Play, and is packed with new tutorials and guides. Revised – Updated for Ice Cream Sandwich and Google Play, and packed with new tutorials Ultimate guide – A comprehensive introduction to Android Step-by-step guides – Tutorials covering setting up, Gmail, Maps, Google Play, Facebook and much, much more Essential apps – A round-up of the must-have apps from everything category of Google Play.

Woman & Home - February 2013 English | 192 pages | PDF | 155.50 MB

Muscle & Fitness USA - March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 180 pages | HQ PDF | 130.00 Mb

PlayStation Official Magazine UK - March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 132 pages | HQ PDF | 105.00 Mb

Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine UK - March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 116 pages | HQ PDF | 95.50 Mb

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Good Homes Magazine UK - April 2013 (HQ PDF)

English | 132 pages | HQ PDF | 88.00 Mb

Family Tree UK - March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 100 pages | HQ PDF | 87.00 Mb

British Woodworking - February/March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 68 pages | HQ PDF | 52.00 Mb

Cross Stitch Collection - March 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 76 pages | HQ PDF | 67.00 Mb

Hot Rod - April 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 148 pages | HQ PDF | 130.00 Mb

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine March 2013 English | 116 Pages | PDF | 43MB

Star Magazine - 25 February 2013 (HQ PDF) English | 68 pages | HQ PDF | 61.00 Mb

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