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TAKE A KNEE Letter From The Editor A MODERN LOOK AT THE WARRIOR CULTURE Following a flurry of activity the next Warriors Forge comes to life. This publication is nothing short of a product of passion for the well rounded warrior lifestyle. While we obviously have a base around combat and weapons, the true warrior embraces life and all of the subtle pleasures it provides. We live vibrant rich lives understanding that we can learn as much from a moving piece of music as we can the blade. The warrior’s life is a great deal more than the mastery of weapons and methods of inflicting death. A true evolved warrior is a student of the human condition and all of the factors that drive it. To be obsessed with the hardware of war blinds you to the depth of our purpose. It limits who you are and ultimately diminishes your ability to live as a warrior. People have spent decades in what may be perceived as a warrior trades - only to never grasp the depth of the task. These fields, like many others provide a fertile soil for warrior development, but few will take the steps needed to go beyond developing themselves as more than just an implement. These fields are populated with exceptional warriors in many cases with willing teachers for the qualified student. They know that of all the souls that pass before them, only a select few will be worthy of the path. This magazine explores not only the tools of the trade, but the life that surrounds it as well. We hope you enjoy it.



CONTRIBUTORS—Karen Hunter, Anthony Rotella, Gary Hunter

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“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ― Heraclitus

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15 KIMBER BEL AIR—Karen Hunter

33 HIT THE WATER—Anthony Rotella

9 ETS GROUP—Fred Mastison

12 PHILOSPHIES—Fred Mastison

26 THE WAY OF STEAK—Fred Mastison

9 ETS GROUP—Fred Mastison


43 F4 DEFENSE—Fred Mastison

47 LADIES HANDGUN—Karen Hunter

54 GLOCK 26—Karen Hunter



I’ve been asleep for quite some time now; blinded by electronic devices

shaping each and every move I make. I am so deep in this artificial world of m crochip technology that I cannot find peace and contentment without my com puterized support systems. I gag with each byte. But suddenly, I am awakened by the Call of the Open Road. Yes, I hear it loud and clear as this calling burns its way through my spirit rousing the very essence of who I am. My soul becomes restless as I look over at my motorcycle and realize; here is the real deal. Imagine; a seat resting on top of a motor, two wheels, and a throttle rather than a joystick. Put away the game controllers, boys and girls; there’s no virtual reality here. This is the real deal. This is life with no take backs or start overs. This is where a rider and motorcycle become one to conquer the challenges of everyday life. Nothing feels better than cruising down a country road blowing the stink off of a stressful day.

There are many reasons why people ride motorcycles; saving on gas, easy to park, low impact on the environment, the thrill of it all, and adventure to name a few. But let’s face it; bikes are cool no matter what and there are man folks fascinated by them. And because of this “Cool Factor”, fads come and go impacting the motorcycle industry from the clothes we wear to the many type of bikes that are manufactured. There are many companies trying to stay rele vant by catering to these fads. But like I said, fads come and go; so there must be something else that keeps drawing riders to the pavement. Have you ever noticed bikers waving at each other as they pass one another on the highways? . They’re not in it to be cool; it is much more than that. They are in it because it is there way of life. It is a part of “who they are”; and the motorcycle culture is their lifeline to their sanity. So, how did it get started and why?

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So, how did it get started and why? Many returning veterans from World War II had a tough time fitting into a peacetime world after living in an environment full of wartime anxiety. High and intense anticipation roused every possible emotion the human spirit can experience. Following the war, many veterans required the excitement and sense of camaraderie they came to know in the world they left behind. Motorcycles proved to be the solution to these wants, desires, and needs. They did so because of their affordability due to the surplus of motorcycles following the war and the excitement they generated due to their design.

Following the war, many veterans required the excitement and sense of camaraderie they came to know in the world they left behind. Motorcycles proved to be the solution to these wants, desires, and needs. The motorcycle, that two-wheeled machine with a seat and a throttle, provided them the opportunity to regain the independence and excitement they so desperately craved. It quickly became a symbol of freedom, seemingly knowing no bounds. The excitement it generated even touched on the side of danger with the ability to reach speeds of no return if control was ever lost. And for those needing to regain some sort of identity; anybody even caught sitting on a motorcycle was instantly labeled a bad boy. Riding across the roads of America, clubs (including gangs) began to emerge as bikers reclaimed their identities and camaraderie towards common goals. Consequently, the Motorcycle Culture was birthed.


Although the motorcycle culture began with returning veterans and was primarily made up of men; today, both men and women continue to keep the culture alive because it is still relevant. It serves as a source of identity for many; yet marginalized by a society of sophisticates. In any event, there are people today that can feel that kindred spirit pulling at the essence of their being requiring answers that can only be found in the reality of Freedom and Truth; and a sense of excitement with a touch of danger requiring the courage to stand for those things that define who they are. These people hear the Call of the Open Road; and if they haven’t already done so, they need to become part of the motorcycle culture and begin “The Ride”.

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The Firearms Industry has seen its ups and downs when it comes to new and innovative products. From chain saws for rifles and absurd pistol sights to real world improvements like optics and suppressors there is a spectrum of things to see. One of the best improvements to come along has been though a company called ETS ETS— —Elite Tactical Systems. Their clear mags have become a staple in many range bags across the country. Their hearty design mixed with the ability to actually see the loaded rounds have made them a favorite for many. One of the biggest advantages these clear mags have comes for law enforcement doing simunition style training. Having the ability to confirm what is in the magazine adds an additional layer of safety. Along those same lines the clear AR AR--15 mags are an invaluable tool for people that run 300 Blackout. Being able to see what is in your mag can keep a good day on the rage from going terribly bad.


The mags are Extreme Impact Resistance and won't crack or break when dropped. They are resistant to harsh chemicals and don’t become brittle over time with exposure to UV or extreme cold. The mags are also creep resistant which keep the feed lips from spreading when being stored for long periods periods— —even when fully loaded!

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ETS is very well known for their Glock magazines . They are available currently in a variety of capacities for the Glock 43, G43, G22, G18, G19, G17, and G26. Growing in popularity are their AR-15 magazines. The advanced AR-15 mag system’s ribbed design delivers superior grip with a floor plate that is easy to grab and pull from a mag pouch. It features a no-tilt follower with reliable bolt open on the last round. Maintenance is easy with its fast disassembly without tools via our specially designed floor plate and its clip on dust cover keeps dirt and debris out during storage. As if this wasn’t enough, ETS offers a version with a coupler. Their slim design, which is only 1/8" wider than a non coupled magazine, can be coupled and uncoupled in seconds without tools. The coupler is completely integrated into the magazine so there are no external pieces needed. This system allows the user to couple two or more magazines together at one time.


Where ETS has really changed the game though is with their speed loaders. Notice I say SPEED loader because that is what it is. Gone are the days of complicated spring devices that need a special “touch” to get them to work right. You simply scoop up a line of rounds from the tray into the loader, put on the push device and then press the rounds into your mag in one smooth motion. No more tedious hand loading and slow destruction of your thumb. They make them for both pistol and rifle and both are universal. They work with almost all pistol and rifle magazines available on the market today. Their unique internal geometry ensure rounds are loaded properly without damaging the feed lips of your magazine.

“ETS Speedloaders are backed with a lifetime warranty, you get the benefit of this loader for the rest of your life “

ETS has proven themselves as true innovators with their magazines and speed loaders. I have run them hard and they have never failed me. As an instructor, the mag loaders are a major time saver as students can reload and be ready to go much more quickly. They continue to develop new product as well and have just recently released mags for the MP5. Like everything they have made before, they are sure to be a hit. If you are looking for the next level in magazines and loaders, look no further that ETS!

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Irimi is a term used by Japanese warriors. Its’ literal translation is to “enter”. However, as with many languages, the translation into English misses the essence of the phrase. It is more than just to enter into or get close to. Irimi means to enter without fear. To see the danger and act anyway. This is one of the most applicable principles we will talk about. Its’ applications in every corner of a warrior’s life is critical. It is an ideal that encourages the warrior to do the heavy lifting that life requires. To make the decision and act in times where most will turn from the task. A warrior is never afraid of the realities of life and is at ease with facing them. While we can easily see the combat applications of such a principle, it is equally applicable to daily life. The personal conflict that brews, or the task unfinished are opportunities for us to use irmi. Enter in and deal with the issue. Solve the problem and make room in your life for more growth. Leaving things unfinished or avoided are sure to inhibit living a truly free life.

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Embracing Nostalgia

The Kimber Bel Air By Karen Hunter


EISENHOWER was the most admired man in the world. Drive in theaters were at the peak of their popularity. Moving along hand in hand were the suburban boom and the baby boom. Women were encouraged to embrace the role of being a house wife and stay at home mother and the civil rights movement was beginning. The 1950’s. Aside of the pop culture and political things we could delve into, there is an aspect of this era that is arguably memorable. Style and elegance. Everything from kitchen appliances to vehicles were given more color and texture. A sense of change and modernization swept the nation aesthetically while moral values remained consistent and wholesome. Ironic, what once was viewed as “fashion forward”, we now see as “classic” or “vintage”.

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Not exempt from the modern eye candy style was the Chevrolet Bel Air. A beautiful and sought sought--after vehicle that was at its peak from 1950 1950--1952. Sleek bold lines coupled with the classic white and blue, maybe teal yet that is up to the one who beholds it. This car enveloped the era of style and grace. An icon of modernization maintaining elegance. A combination that Kimber has so effortlessly captured with their Kimber Bel Air. One wouldn’t even begin to correlate a classic car from a nostalgic era with a hand gun, yet Kimber has managed to do just that. Indulge with me as time stands still, taking a moment to get to know this modern modern--day classic. Kimber never ceases to amaze with their uncanny ability to deliver intricate beauty. The fine attention to detail and state of the art craftsmanship have brought forth some of the most exquisite hand guns in the industry. Each pistol so unique that it leaves consumers struggling to make a choice. Most Kimber fans truly just want them all. The Bel Air is no exception. It truly houses the nostalgia and 1950’s feel of the Bel Air. The eye eye--catching blue (teal) aluminum frame is complimented with the stainless steel mirrored mirrored--polished slide. Ivory Micarta G G--10 grips along with the solid aluminum trigger round out the aesthetics on this stunning hand gun. The Bel Air is sleek, elegant and boasts a simplistic beauty that has been perfectly channeled from yester year.

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The Kimber Bel Air is a member of the micro 9mm hand gun family. Being small in stature and having smooth, rounded edges makes the Bel Air a great choice for concealed carry. Not only because of it’s beneficial design, but also because of its capabilities. You could refer to the Bel Air as a little power house. I was able to spend a good deal of time on the range with it and was not left disappointed. The Bel Air is smaller with the trigger breaking right at seven pounds, so it does have a little more recoil. Recoil that is quite manageable though. I believe a shooter should be able to handle and ad ad-just to varying amounts of recoil. Having the constant expectation of little recoil and solely basing whether a hand gun is good or not off of that drastically narr narr-ows your margin of possible guns. A little more recoil just

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creates the perfect challenge to test your skill level and bring it up to par. I was able to sustain good groups and sight acquisition was quick. This micro packs a definite punch making it’s beauty quite deceptive. I ran a mix of several brands of ammunition from inexpensive to higher grade and quality. The Bel Air handled them all. Round after round I never had an issue with feed and zero malfunctions.

Whether you are a collector, a Kimber fan or just desire something different as your everyday carry I would urge you to try out the Bel Air. What I did find interesting was whenever I’d bring out the Bel Air at the range. The style and flair would make some men grimace. Almost as if it was a “girls’ gun”. Not every man, but some. There is a definite mentality in the firearms realm that some share regarding any gun that isn’t the basic od green, tan or black. It made me think back to the fifties. Men surprising their wives with pink, blue and teal appliances. Or even the men driving down the road in an elegant Bel Air. How accomplished and masculine they must have felt in that era. WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 20

However, each grimace somehow beckoned to yester year, as if calling upon the mentality of the men before them. “Can I shoot it?�, almost every single one would ask. Grimaces turned to smiles as the tacti -ego subsided enough to allow themselves to give it a try, and most were surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Whether you are a collector, a Kimber fan or just desire something different as your everyday carry I would urge you to try out the Bel Air. You just might find yourself pleasantly surprised. KH WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 21


Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 4

Weight (ounces) with empty m Length (inches): 6.1 Magazine capacity: 6 Recoil spring (pounds): 11.5 Full-length guide rod Frame Material: Aluminum Finish: Bel Air Blue™ Mirror-polished small parts Width (inches): 1.06 Slide Material: Stainless steel Finish: Mirror-polished Barrel Length (inches): 3.15 Material: Stainless steel Twist rate (left hand): 16 Ramped Sights White dot sights Radius (inches): 4.3

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A Guide to Mastering the Art of Steak

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You see the picture

and can already smell the heavenly aroma of steak on the grill. Nothing is as satiating as a well prepared steak. While it may seem a simple feat, to put meat over flame, there is more that goes into mastering the art and getting the most out of your steak. So grab your grill and gather round as we look at “The Way of Steak�. While there are many moving parts to grilling the perfect steak there are two things that can make or break your game. First is finding the right steak and second is hitting that sweet spot of gorgeous exterior char with perfectly cooked tender, juicy middle. When it comes to choosing a steak, we need to embrace marbling. This is the fat that is found inside the steak which enhances the flavor and helps to make the steak tender. My personal preference is for thicker cut steaks like ribeye. These tend to be very well marbled, flavorful and tender. Other options in this category are T-bones and Strip steaks. You can certainly choose thinner cuts such as flank or skirt steak, but if you want to enjoy a full powered steak experience, go thick.

Now as we are getting closer to go-time, we need to pull the steak out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. This will help us get much more even cooking. Plan on at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Grill Time While gas grills are nice, I prefer old school charcoal. It is a little more work, but worth every moment of effort. You will be making a 2 zone grill set up. This simply means that you will have a primary flame zone and a simple warm zone. You can do this by simply spreading

Once you have the cut, we need to season it to taste before putting it to flame. While there is no shortage of exotic rubs and recipes, keeping it simple is a great way to start your steak adventure. Spread about 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt (or 1/4 teaspoon of table salt) per pound of meat and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours . Once it Is ready to come out of the fridge, leave the extra salt on the steak. The salt actually acts as a dry brine and will help the meat stay juicy during the cooking process.


The coals into 2 sections. One where the flame is rolling and one composed of coals that are white but no longer with flame. I also encourage you to use a chimney starter so as to avoid the use of any lighter fluid. While it does expedite the fire process, it leaves a definite after taste on the meat. Once the grill is set and rolling, it is time to introduce meat to flame. In that we are focusing on thicker cuts, I want to suggest and explain using a reverse searing method. We are familiar with cooking over high heat to help seal in taste then moving to low heat. For these cuts however we are going to do the reverse.

You'll cook the steak until it's almost at the desired doneness over indirect heat, then move it over the hotter direct-heat section of the grill for a final quick sear. This will give us the best results. Temperature wise, the grill will need to be at 225° in the indirect section. You are essentially creating an oven. Keep the lid on and start checking after about 12-15 minutes start checking the internal temperature of the meat. Once it hits 10-15 degrees below your target, pull it off the grill and set it aside for a moment. Add a few more coals and even some pre-soaked hardwood chips to enhance the flavor. Once it is rolling again, put the steak back on and stand by. You will flip the steak every minute to make sure it gets even cooking. Keep checking the temp and be ready pull if off just a few degrees below what you prefer doneness wise. Once you hit the sweet spot, pull it off and let it rest for about 5 minutes before serving. This finely synchronized ballet will produce one of the best steaks you have ever experienced. From choosing a good cut of meat to mastering the cooking process it all works together to give us one of the best meals in the history of humanity. Enjoy. Steak Doneness Levels Rare: 115°–120°F Medium Rare: 120°–125°F Medium: 130°–135°F Medium Well: 140°–145°F Well Done: You are dead to me and do not deserve steak.

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2018 Ohio Advanced D Handgun Class WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * 29

Defensive WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 30

Mid-June would turn out to be a fantastic time to hold the Ohio Advanced Defensive Handgun class. Held in Waynesville, OH the class was sponsored by a series of major companies including Kimber, ETS Group. Hornady, Black Rifle Coffee Company and Orbital ATK/ Lake City Ammunition. Instructors Fred Mastison and Karen Hunter put the students through their paces as the class began with static marksmanship but quickly evolved into two days of moving and shooting. The class was filled with a variety of students from Ohio, Michigan and Kansas. As with most Force Options classes, a strong comradery soon developed and laughter became a regular part of the class. The curriculum of the course was designed to teach the students the importance of applied fundamentals. In short, serious shooters need to be able to execute the hard core basics while, moving, in awkward positions and under stress. The class would cycle between drills on hyper accuracy to those dedicated to speed. As always the goal was to find the perfect balance between accuracy and speed. Shooters needed to get their guns into the fight and get rounds downrange, while not sacrificing combat accuracy. This would be drilled in with the phrase ‌

Shoot as Fast as You Accurately Can!


The class culminated with the class shoot-off. Using one of several handguns provided by Kimber for the class, students ran through a carefully designed shooting string that tested their accuracy, manipulations skills as well as speed. When the dust settled, Chad Hall from Michigan walked away as top shooter and a bag of prizes and swag. Every student showed improvement by the end of the two day class. Force Options instructor Karen Hunter stated “This class was a phenomenal group of shooters. In the fact that they were hungry to learn with a very teachable spirt. It was enjoyable to see Fred’s teaching’s being implemented as the class progressed when most did not even realize it. “ The class was very diverse in age, skill levels and background. Feedback from the class was positive and many new friendships were made. As a follow up, many of the same students attended a Force Options carbine class that was held several months later. If you get a chance, don’t miss out on the next class! www.ForceOptionsUSA.com

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By Anthony Rotella


One of the best ways to experience bonding and a relaxing time with the boys is in the form of a nice off-shore excursion with fishing poles and cooler of ice and beer. Whether you are an experienced angler, a once a year guy at the local pond on Father’s Day, or have never touched a rod and reel a boy’s trip out on the ocean can be some of the best memories you will ever make.

Relaxing with a line in the water surrounded by friends has been a preferred escape from the likes of Ernest Hemingway to President Bush

Relaxing with a line in the water surrounded by friends has been a preferred escape from the likes of Ernest Hemingway to President Bush and President Obama, Randy Moss, and Jimmy Buffett. Take all of these very different people and it’s not hard to realize why they all have the passion of fishing in common, it is a real escape. Unfortunately, not everyone is ideally located to hop in the car with a travel bag, poles, tackle boxes, coolers, and the gang for a few days of hoping to see some fish. If you want the opportunity for some out of the ordinary fishing, while someone else does all of the hard and dirty work, may I suggest a guy’s trip out on the water. For those that want to try and find some serenity while bobbing in the waves hoping for a bite, I present to you, in no particular order, my list of great fishing destinations to put on your bucket list.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts Cape Cod and the islands offer many great spots in a mix from recreational bass fishing to full on sport fishing. Here you will plentiful black sea bass, blue fish, flounder, and fluke just off shore. In the months of May and early June you can hit large striped bass near the canal in the thirty to forty pound range that will give you a very good fight and a delicious meal on the grille. There are exotic and game fish to be found as well. From the rare wahoo and billfish to Bluefin tuna and mako sharks you can find monsters out there. Every year in July there is the Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament - come to watch, or grab a boat and a crew and throw in your $1800 registration fee and try for the $25,000 cash prize. Most private fishing charters on Cape Cod and the Islands will have many options from bass fishing to tuna fishing or shark fishing. Some will even split time between fishing and whale watching. After a day of fishing you can experience all of the seafood, lobster rolls, imbuements, and relaxation Cape Cod and the Islands have to offer.

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Key West, Florida Key West is the iconic “Drinking Town with a Fishing Problem.” Key West offers the best of both worlds; you can do offshore deep-sea fishing searching for giant pelagic, or inshore shallow water fishing in the flats of what they call “the backcountry.” The best offshore Time is April and early May the height of sailfish season. You can also find yellowtail snapper, red snapper, dolphin fish aka mahi-mahi, blue marlin during the summer months (catch and release only), blackfin tuna, wahoo, and great amberjacks. If your goal is elusive blue marlin, I recommend going during the Key West Hemingway Days festival every year in late July. Inshore backcountry fishing will allow you to battle 150 pound tarpon, barracuda, and goliath groupers that can grow up to 600 pounds! This is a year round season, so it makes for a perfect winter escape, and you will have no worries about the occasional chilly January day out on the open ocean. WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 37

Just a few steps off Duval Street, and a stone’s throw from the famous Sloppy Joe’s and all of the other Key West taverns where you can find live music any time day or night is the A&B Marina where you can find countless private charters for hire.

Key West is the iconic “Drinking Town with a Fishing Problem.” I recommend you seek out local expert deckhand Moses Pellegrino to assist you on ensuring a great trip. Many captains can also provide dolphin sighting tours, or sunset cruises to see the perfect Key West Sunsets. After a day of chasing fin, you can walk over to Mallory Square for the sunset pier sunset party held nightly.

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Kenai Peninsula, Alaska If you are looking for the calm, peace, and tranquility of nature while wading out in a rushing river look no further than the Kenai Peninsula. From mid-May to the end of June you can catch the first run of King Salmon. Mid to late July you can catch the much shorter second run season. The peak days of fishing the Kenai River for King Salmon are June 5th-15th. With an average size of thirty-five to forty pounds, and large ones growing seventy-five to ninety pounds you will have a nice fight with these beasts.

WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 39

Fly fishing can be very intimidating to untrained amateur, but with an abundance of professional guided fishing tours in the Kenai River, keen professionals will supply you with the best gear, lures, and flies, and teach you the proper techniques, as their professional reputations rely on you catching fish. After a day of wading out in the river, it would be hard to beat dragging back a seventy pound King Salmon to enjoy at your lodge with some nice drinks and a pack of friends. While perfecting your fly fishing casting techniques, take in the amazing scenery of true wilderness. It isn’t uncommon to spot moose and bald eagles in this area. Fishing packages can include a private lodge with meal plans, transportation to and from the Anchorage airport, all of your bait and tackle gear, professional fishing guides, and fish cleaning and processing services. This is a great way to eliminate any of the guesswork or planning to ensure nothing but relaxation and to come home with great stories and loads of fish. If you are looking to add a little extra fun and friendly competition, have a trophy made up, and turn it into a fishing derby between the boys. The winner gets to display the trophy until the next trip.

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Oranjestad, Aruba If you are looking to combine a tropical holiday with serious trophy fishing, look no further than Aruba. Located 18 miles northwest of Venezuela out of the Hurricane Belt with perfect weather all year long - this fishing season doesn’t end. In these waters you will find sailfish, blue marlins, dorado, kingfish, bonito, tuna, amberjacks, and sharks. It is fairly common to hook a 6 foot hammerhead shark or 50 pound snappers and groupers here. For a real adventure, strap into a fight chair and wrestle a 500 plus pound blue marlin. With hot sunny days usually averaging around 90 degrees all year long, after a day of battling fish, enjoy the afternoon in one of the many allinclusive resorts of the island taking in tropical cocktails. There are many 5 star restaurants to get local seafood, and South American beef. Finish the day off cheering with your friends around a craps table, roulette table, or blackjack table in one of the many casinos of the island. Twenty percent of the island is covered in national parks where you can enjoy off road ATV, UTV, and jeep tours; swim in the natural pool, or snorkel or scuba dive shipwrecks and reefs.

There are many other places for a guy’s weekend or week of fishing. Call up the guys and pick a place, book a trip, and make an annual tradition of a getaway. Get out there and rip some lips!


Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. -Henry David Thoreau

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To enter the AR market at this point in history takes some guts and belief in your product. F4 Defense is a Veteran-owned small arms manufacturer with decades of military, engineering, design and competitive shooting experience. They set out to build tactical firearms that perform at the highest level while maintaining unequaled aesthetics. In an ocean of black guns it takes some super model power to stand out. That is exactly what the folks at F4 Defense have done. After two years of work it was finally ready. Released in July of 2017, the F4-15 Operator Combat Rifle is a perfect match of form and function. The F4-15 is a stunning rifle with aesthetically pleasing lines and recesses that also serve to reduce its overall weight. Understand however that this is not simply skeletonizing a rifle to shave weight. All of the cuts are thought out to mix engineering and looks. It is hard to describe, but has a futuristic hint to it while maintaining a no BS feel to its design. It is well thought out with a focus on application. When asked about their entry into the market, the President of F4—Dave Fairfax responded “As veterans, competitive shooters and fierce patriots, we saw room for innovation in the small arms market and started this company out of a passion for firearms and our desire to help those who defend the laws of freedom,”

Since that launch, F4 has continued to bring new product to market. They currently have seven different models to choose from in a variety of calibers. One of the most interesting rifles though is the F4 Enhanced Battle Rifle chambered in the new .224 Valkyrie. For those still new to the Valkyrie club it is essentially a necked down 6.8 SPC with a .22-caliber bullet, in this application, a .224diameter bullet with a high ballistic coefficient. The draw of the .224 is its ability to stay supersonic for longer periods. This has a number of positives including shorter flight time and greater ability to calculate impact at long distances. With the right barrel length and correct twist, the .224 can be a very precise round. Like all of their rifles, the EBR in .224 Valkyrie is a product of intense commitment to detail. In testing with manufactured ammunition, the rifle shot 1/2 MOA group which put it into the “Hell Yeah” rifle category.

“Our F4 EBR consistently shot ½ MOA with pre-production Federal Gold Medal Match


The F4 EBD in .224 Valkyrie

Just before SHOT show F4 also announced the release of their small frame .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor (F4X). F4 Defense has been working alongside Remington® over the past year establishing a licensing agreement, utilizing the DPMS® Gen II patents, and incorporating them into a high-quality precision rifle. Furthermore, F4 has partnered with Proof Research® in the manufacturing of carbon fiber barrels, specific to the new F4X platform. The F4X was designed to fill a void in the hunting, competition, and LE/military markets. It’s the next step in the advancement of large caliber gas guns that vastly improves upon large frame AR-10s. The F4X is smaller, lighter, and just as accurate as any of the leading AR-10s currently on the market.

Rare is the day that I really watch what any specific new rifle maker is doing. However with F4, I believe they are going to pretty quickly move to the front of the line and become a major player in the industry. From their unique and striking looks to the undeniable performance their guns bring to the plate—they are worthy of a close look. You can learn more about F4 Defense at: www.F4Defense.com

Each F4X comes standard with the Trigger Tech® Adaptable AR Primary Trigger and patent pending F4 Adaptive Rail System (ARS). The F4X features a flat-wire buffer spring, hydraulic buffer, and APA® Little Bastard™ Muzzle Brake. This combination results in a smooth and soft shooting rifle. Consistent with all F4 rifles, the F4X comes with a sub-moa guarantee.

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Ladies Intro to Handgun & How to Conceal Carry Course By Karen Hunter


“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain”, Ralph Waldo Emerson. This is a great quote, but one that would come with caution. “Do the thing you fear”, depending on the fear you may want to do research and prepare beforehand in lieu of just diving in on a whim. Especially when it comes to firearms training. On September 23, 2018, in Waynesville, OH a group of women did just that. They looked fear in the face and overcame it. Not everyone has had the opportunity to be around firearms. This is a hard concept for many of us in the firearms realm to truly grasp. Some people have the desire to shoot but have zero idea where to even begin. Accompanying this sense of cluelessness is typically the feeling of fear. People know what the gun is capable of and respect its power. The fear comes in when they lack the education to begin to dispel the myths. This was the primary purpose of the class I just held, Ladies Introduction to Handgun/ Concealed Carry. Instead of fearing the gun, I wanted these ladies to run the gun, to own it. There is a true empowerment that happens when a person has a fearful respect of a firearm, while also making it the extension of your person, being able to own it, run it and have it do what you intend it to do. Normally, I am not an advocate for segregated classes. I believe that men and women can come together as shooters and train together. However, with incorporating concealed carry into this class it was beneficial to keep it “just for the girls”. We as women are made differently than men and have different concealment needs. It can be a very personal and private topic as we delve into the pros and cons of carry methods. And delve in we surely did! The first hour we went over the many different carry methods and gear that are available to women. There are so many options that will enable us to carry without sacrificing our wardrobe. This is one of the primary reasons most women do not daily carry. They are simply not aware of the many options that are available to them. Also, how easily manageable and safe these options truly are. A second reason people in general can be timid to carry is the fear of the gun discharging while on the body. We covered this extensively. The importance of a good trigger guard as well as how the gun is made and how it fires. In a perfect world, every person there would have left carrying. WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 48

However, since this mindset is something that can take time for people to come to we also discussed alternate selfdefense options. This is key for anyone. Not everyone is going to carry a firearm, additionally even if they do we can’t always carry everywhere we go. Having good comprehension of situational awareness and alternate forms of selfdefense are a must know for anyone. We went over the fundamentals of situational awareness and the benefits of things such as pepper spray, taser guns and self-defense techniques. During this first hour I stressed to the participants that safety is relative. It is important to understand that we are not living paranoid, but instead prepared. Chances are, none of us will ever have to encounter a threat situation. However, there is a chance. Evil knows no bounds and we live with no guarantees.


For the people who have had to encounter actual life threats, I am sure they never even thought it’d happen to them, but it did. We owe it to ourselves and the ones we love to be prepared to protect and defend as we just never know. Interestingly, at that moment one of the participants shared a true story encounter she had experienced. She was actually held at gun point, the muzzle of the gun literally pointed into her head. By a sheer miracle she was able to tell the threat that the police would be there any minute as they were doing their rounds. He was scared and fled. She was unarmed and lucky to have survived unscathed. At that moment the reality set in. This wasn’t a story they were reading from somewhere else. This was a woman they were sitting right next to, telling her story. At that point, everyone became much more open and receptive to hit the range. This particular range was outdoors. The environment was calm and relaxed. The women had gotten to obtain a level of comfort with one another from having over an hour together discussing concealed carry, a comfort that transitioned easily over to the range. The fear of firearms however, was quite visible. I set up one table to hold all the firearms which were unloaded, in slide lock and facing downrange. White paper plates were used as targets to start with. No lines, circles or bullseyes make it much less intimidating, taking off some pressure. We began at approximately three yards out. One by one the ladies would step up and choose the gun they wanted to shoot. Choices ranged from 380’s, micros and sub-compact to full size guns. Undoubtedly the women all reached for a smaller gun at first. One by one I helped adjust their grip and utilize sight alignment. With each turn, they began to build confidence and feel more in control as they started to reach for the more “intimidating” and bigger guns. To their surprise, they were able to get a good purchase on the gun and found that they felt less recoil and were able to handle them really well. As their confidence increased we then moved onto more reactive, non-pressure targets such as soda cans and water bottles. The instant gratification of the exploding target met the ladies with a great amount of satisfaction. At this point they also had built the confidence of loading and unloading their own magazines which showed a significant increase in gun manipulations that had been non-existent prior to class. Unknowingly to them, the feeling of empowerment was setting in. WARRIORS FORGE 2018 * ForceOptionsUSA.com * 50

To my surprise, there was a tie for second place. These two women hit their targets in only two shots. The competition was close among all the ladies, all hitting their target within five shots. The amazing thing about the competition is that it wasn’t about the prizes. The true prize for these women was bringing their capabilities with firearms to fruition. That in and of itself, is priceless. Each woman left the class with an open mindedness to attend another, also a desire to go to the range. One participant had come in so terrified she was worried she would be in tears when she fired her first shot. She initially chose the smallest gun she could. By the end of class, she was asking where she could purchase a GLOCK 17 as that was the firearm she felt “one with�.

The true prize for these women was bringing their capabilities with firearms to fruition.


The class was a definite success. Different women, varying ages and diverse backgrounds with one common factor, fear. This fear was overcome with education that they themselves were strong enough to face by attending. It isn’t because I am “the most amazing firearms instructor in the world” or that I know some miraculous insider secret that they were able to do so well. The key to the class’s success was patience and understanding. Having the patience to let them go at their own pace and make initial decisions that were comfortable to them. To be understanding that they are not ignorant, they simply do not know what they don’t know. To realize that people may desire to shoot but they genuinely have legitimate fears that should never be mocked or dismissed.

We must have the fortitude to encourage them but not rush them. Giving them hands on, step by step instruction while not throwing around firearm terms helps usher in a calming yet assertive environment that primes them to soak in the essentials. It also builds their confidence to return so that they can learn even more. Force Options will definitely be having a follow up class. If you or someone you know has an interest in firearms but shares this fear do not let that stop you. Find a class that focuses on this and take that step. Everyone has the ability to defend themselves, if these wonderful ladies can take that step, so can you.

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Join us for an educational course on personal protection tactics. This personal defense class is for men and women alike . We will cover simple and proven techniques that apply to the real world in non –martial arts fashion. Taught by Master Instructor Fred Mastison with 30+ years of training experience

Springboro, OH

Register Online at www.ForceOptionsUSA.com ForceOptions@cox.net

By Karen Hunter

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Now more than ever people are moving to larger handguns for concealed carry. With new products and more education people are learning they do not have to be limited to “smaller guns”. Does that mean smaller guns do not have a place in our EDC lives? Absolutely not. They are still important and most definitely have their place in many areas of carrying for protection. An interesting choice of handgun that fits into this genre is the Gen 5 GLOCK 26, otherwise known as, “The Baby GLOCK”. There ae a number of reasons why someone would be inclined to opt for a smaller gun to carry. Sometimes, no matter what you utilize to conceal we all have that one outfit that is just going to print. Choosing a smaller gun obviously helps in those situations. The GLOCK 26 is a great choice in this situation as you have the smaller gun to conceal yet you get more than six or seven rounds.

The G26 has a ten-round capacity. So, smaller gun, higher round count. There are many situations where someone may need to carry a back up gun. The G26 can be easily concealed with an ankle holster as well as several other places that would be conducive for carrying a backup weapon. Again, having a backup gun with a higher round count is a win win. Another area where the G26 really stands out are newer and possibly shooters with a bit of intimidation. People who are learning to shoot and carry but still have some underlying fears. Although it is a little power house, being of a smaller stature the G26 seems quiet less intimidating than larger guns. In short, there are many reasons that smaller guns are still needed and most definitely still have a place in our lives.


Don’t let the size of the G26 fool you. This Baby GLOCK can hold its own and most assuredly hang with its full-size counterparts. The Gen 5 upgrades GLOCK has implemented in my opinion truly make a difference. The safety plunger is now a more triangle shape which makes for a trigger pull that is smoother. The leaf spring on the slide lock lever has been replaced with a coil spring. Even the firing pin hole has changed form a slotted design to a now teardrop shape. This aids in reducing the chance of debris getting in and causing a light primer strike. It features the GLOCK Marksman Barrel, (GMB) which gives increased accuracy due to the polygonal rifling and improved barrel crown. Finger grooves have been removed and an ambidextrous slide was added.

SPECS: Caliber: 9×19 mm. Overall Length: 6.42” Height: 4.17” Width: 1.3” Barrel: 3.43” Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs. Capacity: 10 Rounds.

Range time with the Gen 5 G26 proved this gun could truly run. I ran multiple types of ammo from lesser expensive to a bit higher quality and the G26 never wavered. I had zero stoppages and no malfunctions. Despite the smaller stature I was still able to get a good purchase allowing quick sight acquisition delivering consistent and tight groups. I believe I was most impressed by the Gen 5 trigger. Breaking right around five and half pounds, this one is ready to go right out of the box. So, whatever you’re need may be to utilize a smaller gun, I would encourage you to check out the Gen 5 GLOCK 26. Although dubbed “Baby GLOCK”, this in no way connotes a less mature performance. And unable to resist… as the movie line goes… “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”.

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