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Camden Composite Doors

Manufactured by: Camden Group Subject to Camden Group Terms and Condi ons Copyright Š 2010 Camden Group

Unit 4-7 Steeple Industrial Estate Antrim, Co.Antrim Northern Ireland, BT41 1AB From UK: Tel: 028 9446 2419 Fax: 028 9442 8138 From ROI: Tel: 048 9446 2419 Fax: 048 9446 4002 Email: Web: Brochure Designed by Kym McCauley. Images for illustra on purposes only. Terms and Condi ons apply

Version 4 November 2010

Door Specification Door Slab

Core material: CFC-free polyurethane foam. Skins: Impact resistant Glass Reinforced Plas c (GRP) external and internal skin. Please ensure you select inside and outside colours for the door slab. Colour op ons listed on inner page.

PVCu Frame

Camden 60mm System. All door colours will be mounted on a white frame, except cream which will be mounted on a cream frame. Door slab colours are not an exact colour match to Camden 60C coloured frames.

RAL Colours

Black: 9017 White: 9016 Cream: 9001 Red: 3013 Green: 6009 Blue: 5011 Oak: 8001 These are approximate matches to RAL colours as the paint system used is not a true RAL colour


Steel Reinforcement Outerframe

Locking Mechanism

Cylinder-free locking system, ensures no cylinder snapping. Designed to meet the requirements of PAS 23/24. Lever Pad/Night Latch and Lever/Lever Locks available. Door and locking system are “Secured by Design” Cer fied


Lever/Lever handles will be fi ed as standard. Lever/Lever handles will also be fi ed to Lever/Pad Locks for leverage. To open Lever/Pad Lock from the outside, turn the key towards the door frame to open. White handles fi ed on white doors as standard. Specify handle colour on coloured doors.

Safety and Security The Camden composite door is strong and durable, ensuring your home and family are kept safe and secure


White hinges as standard on white frames. For coloured frames, please choose hinge colour. Cream doors will feature chrome hinges as standard. No black hinges availalbe.

Door Furniture

Le erboxes, Knockers and Numbers available as op onal extras.

Quality Our Camden customer promise to you ensures a top quality, secure door, finished with unique hand-cra ed glass designs

Furniture Colour

Brass, chrome, black and white handles and le erboxes. Black or brass door knockers, le ers and numbers,

Number of Keys

3 keys


Standard 75mm door threshold (52mm and 62mm also available) Stormguard available as op onal extra.

Glazing Casse es

Glazing casse es on the composite door can be replaced.


10 year warranty. Camden Composite meets all the stringent Bri sh Standard tests compliant with Parts L and M of building regula ons.


Standard delivery mes apply

Welcome... For over 25 years Camden Group has been at the forefront of technology manufacturing a comprehensive choice of quality doors, windows and conservatories. Each product range is cra ed to the highest standards using tough, durable materials and advanced techniques throughout the manufacturing process. At Camden, we know what is important to you and that is why our Composite Doors are specifically designed to suit your needs...

Convenience Composite Doors will require only the minimum amount of maintenance Choice Choose from a diverse range of colours and glazing op ons, allowing you to personalise your door to suit your home

Addi onal Notes: 1) Due to varia ons in the prin ng process, please refer to your Sales Representa ve’s colour samples before choosing your door. 2) All images shown in this brochure are for illustra on purposes only and may differ from the actual product supplied. 3) All glass designs are manufactured under rigorous quality controlled condi ons. However, due to the handcra ed techniques used within many of the designs, the designs will occasionally produce minor imperfec ons and may vary slightly from the design shown within the brochure. Camden Group reserves the right to change designs without prior no ce. All specifica ons are correct at me of print.

Subject to Camden Group Terms and CondiƟons.

Copyright © 2010 Camden Group.

Camden Composite Door...

Door Furniture Options... Lever/Lever Handles

Door Features

Door Materials

Doors are fi ed as standard with a lever/lever handle, the lever is located on both sides of the door and can be locked from the inside and outside. Available in a choice of four colours: black, white, chrome and brass.

The Camden Composite Door is the ideal solu on for homeowners seeking a thermally efficient, secure and stylish door...

Door Thresholds

y Formed from our most secure 60mm outer frame, the door will fit perfectly into any exis ng or new build property

With today’s changing climate, demand for a door that is hard-wearing, weather resistant and thermally efficent is high, and the Camden Composite Door has been designed to reflect these demands...

75mm threshold fi ed as standard; this refers to the height of the bo om of the frame (75mm). Stormguard threshold is available as an addi onal extra. Stormguard thresholds comply with Building Regula ons Part M (Disabled Access) and have strong water resistant proper es.

y Genuine wood-effect door, available in a range of styles and colours to suit any home

Stormguard threshold

Door Furniture* Le erboxes and door numerals are available in a choice of four colours: black, white, chrome and brass. Door knockers are available in a range of four styles: urn knocker, urn knocker with peephole, scroll knocker and Lion Knocker. Colour choices for all knockers are black and brass.

75mm threshold


The composite door is strong, durable and long

las ng; ensuring your home and family are kept safe and secure y Composite doors will not rot or warp, unlike wooden door skins, and will require only the minimum amount of maintenance

y The core material of the composite door is manufactured from CFC-free polyurethane foam, this provides outstanding levels of thermal efficiency and noise insula on. y

The door’s internal and external skins are

constructed from an impact-resistant Glass Reinforced PlasƟc (GRP). y GRP is light, but has a higher strength ra o weight for weight than mild steel, making the door extremely strong and durable.

y With excellent weather resistant proper es, the door will provide protec on to your home during harsh weather condi ons.

*Addi onal charges apply

y Available with an extensive range of hand-cra ed

glass designs to suit all tastes.

Ordering Information... Step 1 Door Style Step 2 Door Slab Colour - please specify inside and outside colours Step 3 Glass Design (include colour code if glass design features colour opƟons)

Door Hardware The Camden Composite Door is designed to provide maximum security, and that is why we have selected only the highest quality locking mechanisms to fit to our doors.

Step 4 Backing Glass Step 5 Door Frame Colour Step 6 Sidelights (if required) Step 7 Door Furniture Op ons

Camden offer a range of handles and door furniture various styles and colours to co-ordinate with your door choice.

Polyurethane Foam


Colour and Glass Options Door Colour Choice Doors are white inside and coloured outside, and mounted on white outerframe as standard. (Cream doors will be cream inside and outside, with cream outerframe)





*Special colour requests are also available at an extra charge.


Glass Designs Glass designs for each door style are shown in the following pages. If a glass design features coloured op ons these will be shown as codes.







The codes represent the following colours (please use them when ordering):







Backing Glass Pa ern




Charcoal S cks


NY-1FB1 Sidelight: SD-NY-1FB1







Sidelight: SD-NY-1DR1-



Sidelight: (01/02/03)




Sidelight: SD-NY-1B2

Sidelight: SD-NY-1L

Sidelight: SD-NY-1AB1

Plain Glass: NY-P

Door Code: NY S polite


Beijing Collection


New York Collection


Sidelights and Fanlights Door Code - BJ *No le

erbox op on available with Beijing Door

Sidelights and fanlights are a stylish and prac cal addi on to your door choice, and are available to match many of the glass designs featured in this brochure. Sidelights are available in half and full op ons (selected designs only).

Please ask your Sales Representa ve for further informa on

Toronto Collection Toronto Collection


(01/02/03/05) Sidelight: SD-GV-1B-(01/02/03/05)

TK-1SB1 Sidelight: SD-TK-1SB1


(01/02/03) Sidelight: SD-TK-1F4-(01/02/03)


Door Code - LD

Tokyo Collection Door Code - BS




Sidelight: SD-TK-1DB6



TK-1G* *Geo Bar available in white, black & cream only

Sidelight: SD-TK-1DR1-(01/02/03/05)

Plain Glass: TK-P

Door Code - TK

Sidelight: SD-TK-1G1

Geneva Collection

Door Code - TN

Boston Collection

London Collection

Sidelight: SD-GV-1B5

GV-1DB3 Sidelight: SD-GV-1DB3


(01/02/03) Sidelight: SD-GV-1DB4-(01/02/03)

Plain Glass: GV-P

Door Code - GV

MC-1R3 Sidelight: SD-MC-1R3

OX-1L Sidelight: SD-OX-1L



Sidelight: SD-RO-1R3

Sidelight: SD-RO-1L


Moscow Collection

Sidelight: SD-MC-1B2-(01/02/03/05)



*Geo Bar available in white, black & cream only

Sidelight: SD-LB-1F2



MC-1L Sidelight: SD-MC-1L

Plain Glass: MC-P

Door Code - MC

Rio Collection

MC-1DB2-(01/02/03/04) Sidelight: SD-MC-1DB2-(01/02/03/04)



Sidelight: SD-RO-1B2-(01/02/03/05)

Sidelight: SD-RO-2B1-(01/02/03)

RO-2DB1-(01/02/03/04) Sidelight: SD-RO-2DB1-(01/02/03/04)

Plain Glass: RO-P

Door Code - RO

LB-1B4 Sidelight: SD-LB-1B4


(01/02/03/04) Sidelight: SD-LB-1DB7-(01/02/03/04)

Plain Glass: LB-P

Door Code - LB * No le erbox available with Lisbon door

Sidelight: SD-OX-1B1-(01/02/03/05/06)

Oxford Collection

MC-1B1-(01/02/03) Sidelight: SD-MC-1B1-(01/02/03)

Lisbon Collection

Sidelight: SD-LB-1G1

OX-1B6 Sidelight: SD-OX-1B6


(01/02/03/04) Sidelight: SD-OX-1DB5-(01/02/03/04)

Door Code - OX

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