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Cover image Brandon and his doggo, Discovery Point, NSW


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

Please note that while reasonable care is taken to ensure the contents of this magazine are correct, all information is to be used as a guide only. Images are conceptual only. Purchasers must rely on their own enquiries and the contract for sale.


Hidayat family, Ed.Square, NSW

New traditions Welcome to the third edition of the Live proud magazine. In this issue, we’re shining a light on one of the most significant, but least talked about aspects of buying property: legacy. What do I mean by ‘legacy’? For us it’s recognising that what we do as placemakers is create homes and communities that won’t just get lived in today, but will be bought and sold and bequeathed to future generations for countless decades to come. It’s a massive responsibility we don’t take for granted. And it’s why we sweat the details to get it right. Perhaps even more meaningfully, is the way an investment in property reflects the creation of new traditions and powerful legacies for families of all shapes and sizes. It’s the sense of achievement that all your hard work and astute choices have paid off. That you’ve built something that can be relied upon into the future.

Anthony Boyd

Chief Financial Officer Frasers Property Australia

At Frasers Property, we’ve been creating communities for almost a hundred years and we’re excited to continue doing that for at least the next hundred. As I step into the company’s Chief Financial Officer role – handing over to incoming Executive General Manager Cameron Leggatt – the tradition and legacy of this business is very much front of mind for me. It couldn’t be in a safer pair of hands than Cam’s - a believer in the philosophy of Live proud and a genuine passion for putting customers at the heart of all we do. I’m honoured to pass the baton to Cam, and excited to watch the business grow and future communities flourish. One thing I know for sure, is that our commitment to creating healthy and welcoming places our customers will be proud to call home is a Frasers Property tradition that will live on for generations to come.

“ It’s a massive responsibility we don’t take for granted. And it’s why we sweat the details to get it right.”

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Getting to know you 5 Questions with Cameron Leggatt, Frasers Property Australia’s new Executive General Manager of Residential

Cameron Leggatt is a man on a mission. After almost a decade working for Frasers Property, he recently stepped into the role of Executive General Manager (EGM) of the company’s residential business. With ambitious plans and some exciting new projects in the pipeline, he talks to us about what lies ahead. Tell us a bit about you, Cam. Where are you from, and how did you come to land in your new role? My career has pretty much always been in and around property. I started out life as a valuer and then went to Macquarie working on major property transactions and turnarounds both here and in the US. Next year is my 10-year anniversary working for Frasers actually. It’s a big milestone and one I’m very happy to be celebrating with a team of people I consider to be the best in the business. Stepping into the role of EGM of the residential business has been pretty momentous. [Former EGM and nowCFO] Anthony Boyd left pretty big shoes to fill, so it’s been equal parts daunting and thrilling to take on the job.


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

I mean, we’ve got 350+ staff, a $10 billion pipeline of projects, offices in four capital cities – it’s a big responsibility. But I do have a true passion for property. And travelling around the different states over the last couple of months, meeting the teams and seeing the projects, I see passion and energy and excitement reflected right back at me. You can’t ask for better than that.

It’s been said that property is Australia’s favourite conversation. What’s the substance of that conversation at the moment? Well, there’s no doubt that we’ve just ridden through some choppy market conditions. But I think we’ve found the floor, and in the case of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney we’re seeing

improvement for the first time in many, many months. Part of that seems to be driven by a swathe of stimulus conditions that all happened fairly close together after the last election. But I also think recovery is happening because – despite what the papers might have you believe – this wasn’t a boom/bust cycle; rather a correction that has brought conditions back to some level of normalcy. And frankly, that’s a great thing for buyers.

What about quality concerns? There’s been a lot of talk about apartment build quality after the Mascot and Opal Tower issues in NSW. What do you make of this? I really feel for those homeowners. It’s just a tremendously difficult and stressful situation for everybody involved. It probably goes without saying that the media coverage hasn’t helped much, but our experience has been largely positive. It’s true that some customers are looking at our apartment product closely, asking educated questions,


Cameron Leggatt, Executive General Manager of Residential, Frasers Property Australia

and demanding to “kick the tyres” a bit more – in my opinion, that’s a very good thing. It gives us a chance to talk about our quality assurance processes, the steps we take through design and construction to deliver what we say we’ll deliver, and the rectification processes we take if and when any defects occur. The reality is that any new building – let alone one that’s multiple stories high – is going to have some defects along the way. What matters is how you deal with it. And our people and processes are second to none. You can’t survive for 95 years in this business if you don’t deliver quality product. What we’re finding is that buyers are seeking us out precisely because of that legacy and reputation.

Speaking of legacy, you’ve had a few high profile projects come to a close recently – Central Park, Putney Hill and Discovery Point in Sydney come to mind. What’s it like to revisit those places now? It’s the greatest joy, to be perfectly honest. I don’t think of us as developers; we’re placemakers and community builders. We start with a bit of dirt

and our imaginations, and a decade or so later – if we did our jobs right – something extraordinary happens. Neighbours know neighbours, kids play together in the parks, shop owners and restauranteurs are much-loved members of the community fabric. There’s buzz and activity and life and every kind of family dynamic playing out as people put down their roots and create their own legacies. It’s just the best part of my job to go back and see what we’ve been able to do to support that.

So what does the future hold? What are you focused on? How much time have you got? There’s a lot! In simple terms, I’m focused on a few big themes. The first is nurturing and elevating our culture of creating the best customer experience we can. This is really what we mean by Live proud. We know that property plays such a huge role in people’s lives and is a major achievement, so everything we do must contribute to make it something you love. It’s why our culture of working proud must help our customers to live proud.

The second thing is launching a whole bunch of new projects to market over the course of the next 12 months. There’s at least one in every state, with each bringing something unique and exciting to its local market. So stay tuned for more information coming out on those soon. And if you’re a Prosperity member wanting advance notification when we launch these new projects, I encourage you to get in touch with our Customer Care team and let them know. The third major thing is investment. We’re looking at a number of exciting new sites and locations around the country that we think could become future Frasers Property communities. I’m particularly enjoying that, because it means I’m getting to use my valuer skills again after all these years!

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Property people talk property Over decades of managing multi-million dollar builds, Port Coogee resident, Trevor Dunn has developed a keen eye for quality.

Trevor & Linda, Port Coogee, WA


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Port Coogee, WA


or Trevor Dunn and wife Linda, their home at Port Coogee, WA, represents the fulfilment of a dream they’ve shared since their first conversation more than 20 years ago. “I remember during our very first conversation when we were talking about life, the universe – everything,” recalls Trevor. “Sort of out of the blue I asked, ‘what would you like to do in life and where would you like to go?’. And Linda said ‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to live next to the beach.’ We moved on to talk about other things, fell in love and here we are. From then on, my idea of success was to live next door to the beach.” Over the next two decades Trevor built a successful career as a Project Director in the construction industry, eventually moving on from residential developments to work on multimillion dollar, large-scale projects. The couple built and owned a number of homes during this time, but Trevor always kept that first conversation in mind. It wasn’t until 2014 when the couple found themselves driving by the newly established development at Port Coogee one Sunday evening, that their dream became a reality. “I was just blown away by the location and the quality of the development,” recalls Trevor. “Often you have a main road between you and the beach. But here, you’re right next to the beach. Even the way the landscaping had been done was very impressive. They hadn’t just been thrown together.”

Trevor went home that night and started putting pen to paper and running the numbers, seeking advice from his friends and colleagues in the industry. It was only a matter of months before the couple had secured their long-held dream; a 250sqm block just steps from the beach. “The process of designing and building was a lot of fun,” says Trevor. “I came down every couple of days to keep an eye on things – which makes me the nightmare client for most builders.”

“I was just blown away by the location and the quality of the development.” “I already felt positively about Frasers as the developer of a quality community, but they also listened. That to me was really important,” says Trevor. “When I’ve been putting together major projects in my professional life, the most important thing is to be listened to rather than talked at. They held workshops and asked the really key questions from us; What is it that makes your community tick? What are the good things? What are the bad things? It was really professionallydone consulting.”

it’s everything they dreamed it would be all those years ago. “You become wedded to the lifestyle,” says Trevor. “I have colleagues that ask to put me in for a meeting at 7:00am and I say ‘No, sorry. I’m going down to the beach at that time.’ The other thing that’s really interesting has been engaging with the community, who are not just people you’d normally become friendly with.” “In my professional life, if I feel that a particular consultant or contractor is not doing the right thing then I have no hesitation in calling them forward and letting them know exactly what the issues are. But by the same token I think it’s really important to balance that. So, when I see something or experience something that is very positive I’d like to go out of my way to make sure that people are aware that they’ve done a really good job, and that’s definitely the case with Frasers. We absolutely love it all. At one point we talked about putting the house on the market so we could buy the block three doors down and do it all again. That is our aspiration. To do it again and again and again.” Find your dream home in a thriving coastal community. Visit

Trevor and Linda have been settled in their home for more than three years now, and they’re happy to report that

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Investing 101: trust your gut

For first-time or novice investors, the prospect of pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into a single asset is understandably terrifying. It’s all too easy to become bogged down by fatalist headlines or contradictory opinions. Yet there’s a good reason that property investment has been a tried and true method of wealth creation for the better part of a century. Easier to understand and less volatile than other types of investment, the property market presents opportunities for a spectrum of budgets and aspirations. We asked three investors to share their experiences and advice for those looking to take the plunge into property.

Ed.Square, NSW Artist’s impression


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Starting strong The best time to start investing is always yesterday Twenty-six-year-old financial analyst, Ben Huang was already the proud owner of his own home in Sydney’s CBD when he decided to make his first foray into property investment. “I see property as something that will generate a good investment return for me in the long-term,” explains Ben. “It’s always going to go up in the next 10‑20 years.” The ambitious young investor was able to take the equity he had built in his own home and put it towards the purchase of a three-bedroom apartment at Ed.Square – a new urban mixed‑use development located in Sydney’s south west that ticked all the boxes. The development’s onsite retail centre and premium location were both key drawcards. “When it comes to investing I would always choose masterplanned communities,” says Ben. “With masterplanned developments, there’s been thought put into what’s best for the community. In this case it was the shopping and the train station.”

Ben encourages other first-time investors to look beyond their own preferences and experience to find the best opportunities. “I always see investors choosing their dream home as an investment. They think ‘If I want to live here, then it will be good for investors’, but I don’t see it that way. I live in the city, and that’s where I want to be. But for people currently living out in the western suburbs, their work and families are already close by. They love where they live and if I can invest in places where people feel like that, then I know my investment will do well.” Ben’s purchase at Ed was just the first of what he hopes will be a diverse and successful portfolio. “Once you have a property, you can draw some money from that investment and put it into the new one,” explains Ben. “My plan is to buy an investment property every two years. It’s definitely manageable if you do your finance and research correctly.”

But aside from carefully crafted amenity, there’s one other key reason that Ben preferred to invest at Ed. “There’s an opportunity to get in early and buy off-the-plan. You only have to put down the deposit and then you have a few years before you have to settle,” explains Ben. “That gives you extra time to keep saving so you can hopefully take out a smaller loan when settlement day does arrive.”

Ben Huang, Ed.Square, NSW

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Stepping up Making the transition from owner-occupier to investor Artist’s impression

Melinda and Barry Bouquet had recently settled in their new family home in Avondale, a Frasers Property community in Melbourne’s north west suburbs, when they decided to take the plunge and purchase their first investment property. “We were chatting to our sales consultant for Avondale, and we got talking about all the other developments Frasers had going, and she told us to keep an eye out for Burwood,” recalls Melinda. “For the last year or two before that we had been thinking that, going forward, we’d like to sort of set ourselves up a bit. So when it came on the market we decided to go down and have a look, and we were just blown away with what they were building there.” The community that captured the firsttime investors’ attention was Burwood Brickworks, a highly anticipated mixeduse community in Melbourne that will be anchored by what is anticipated to be the world’s most sustainable retail centre. “The world is leaning towards more sustainable living, so the retail centre was a huge drawcard for us and I think for a lot of people,” says Melinda. “I loved the idea of the rooftop urban farm, and of course the onsite supermarket and restaurants and all of that.”


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

With two young children at home, the couple hope that their investment at Burwood Brickworks will give them peace of mind as their family grows. “It feels really good to have something behind us for our future and for our kids,” says Melinda. “It gives us a legacy to leave something for the kids in the future. It’s very exciting for us.” For others considering taking the plunge and purchasing an investment property of their own, the couple advise that research is king. “Look at the surrounding area and how the rental market is performing. Speak to a financial advisor and make sure you’re not spending above your means, but I think research is definitely the number one.”

“ It gives us a legacy to leave something for the kids in the future.”


Brick by brick Building a diverse property portfolio Greig Francis started his property portfolio as a young man in 1995, after his work took him from Adelaide to Sydney. After first purchasing a Frasers Property home for himself, Greig put his money into a property at The Ponds, a Frasers Property community in a newly established suburb, previously part of Kellyville. “At the time everyone said, ‘What are you doing? Why would you buy out there?” Greig recalls. “But I thought it would be the next Castle Hill, where you’d now be hard pressed to find something for under a million.” Greig settled on his Kellyville property at The Ponds on Friday, and on Saturday he purchased another investment property in Balmain Shores, a Frasers Property community in Rozelle. Greig then went on to purchase two further investments with Frasers Property, as well as two other properties in other developments in Sydney and Queensland. “I was a man on a mission,” Greig laughs.

“ I was a man on a mission.”

I mages top to bottom: The Ponds Sales & Display Centre, NSW; Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre, VIC; Homes at The Ponds, NSW; On-site retail at The Ponds, NSW.

The seasoned investor also has holdings outside of the real estate market but says that he’s always viewed property as a safe bet. “I was only a kid when I bought my first house in Adelaide,” says Greig. “When I moved to Sydney I really stretched myself to buy because history shows that real estate increases. People get caught up in the doom and gloom of headlines that say the property market is going to crash and prices will go down by 20 per cent. I swear the day I bought at Balmain Shores the headline in the newspaper said ‘prices set to crash 20 per cent’. The market is cyclical and it will always correct.” For those looking to build a portfolio of their own, Greig offers a few key items for consideration. “I definitely see off-the-plan as preferable, and it must be a good developer. Off-the-plan gives you depreciation, which is a noncash expense that you can claim a tax deduction for. It’s also good because it gives you a bit of extra time to compile your deposit and hopefully harness some equity from capital gains on other properties. In terms of finding a good developer, I’ll give an example. When I bought my place at The Ponds I had a building inspection done by a third party who basically came in and said ‘I’m telling you right now, you’re wasting your money. I inspect these homes all the time and I can never find anything wrong with them.’”

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Care that lasts a lifetime Buying a property should be more than just a transaction; it’s the beginning of a lifetime of value. From the moment you purchase a home in a Frasers Property community, you’re introduced to our highly‑skilled Customer Care team in each state, dedicated to guiding you through every stage of your property journey so you can enjoy your new home or investment, worry‑free.


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Fiona Johnson Customer Care Manager, WA

Buying a home can be a stressful time for people, especially if they’ve never done it before or they’re downsizing from a large family home to an apartment. We’re able to help them through that process because we have the knowledge that they might not have; insurance, strata, services, maintenance and so on. And beyond specific questions they might have before they move, we’re also there to provide peace of mind after settlement happens. Just because you’ve settled on your home doesn’t mean you’re on your own after that point. It could be about the strata process handled by an external party. It doesn’t matter. I’m still here to help the customer and guide them and point them in the right direction. If I don’t know the answer right away, I’ll find it for you.

There’s one resident at Queens Riverside who I regard as a good friend of mine. She’s a really lovely lady who’s nearly 80 and moved up from down south to be closer to her children. We attend a council meeting every fortnight and I’ll always meet up with her at her home an hour or so before to share a glass of wine or dinner. There’s another lovely young couple from Cockburn Living who I’m quite close to. There was a time when they were going through quite a difficult period and whenever I was out at the project I’d touch base with the husband and say ‘you know if you want to meet for coffee I can be an ear to listen’. Of course, you don’t have those relationships with every client, but I often form some kind of friendship with my customers.

I also make it absolutely clear that even if their defect period has expired or there are questions they can’t get answered anywhere else, I’m still here. We have projects that are eight or nine years old and clients who will still come to us with questions or searching for help finding documents they might have lost. It provides a lot of comfort to our customers, and building those longterm relationships is something I really enjoy as well. Prosperity members in VIP event area, Hamilton Reach, QLD Hamilton Reach, QLD

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Darcy Gibbs Customer Care Manager, VIC I’m sure we’ve all moved houses before and experienced how stressful that can be, even if you’re just going from one rented property to another one. Switching electricity accounts, figuring out what your new meter numbers are, how big the spaces for appliances are. All the things like that can seem pretty mundane, but when you have all of them coming at you at once it can be a bit overwhelming. Our job is to make sure that our customers receive all of that information accurately and in a timely manner, and know that they can always come to us with any questions at all.

“ It’s not like a car that’s built by robots in a perfectly controlled factory environment. It’s normal that issues will arise from time to time.”

Construction is a complicated process done by a series of experts, built with natural products on natural land that moves. It’s not like a car that’s built by robots in a perfectly controlled factory environment. It’s normal that issues will arise from time to time. I think it’s important for us as a developer to aim for a defect-free house at handover, and then deal with any minor issues quickly if they do arise later, rather than expecting an issue to be there from the beginning. I think that’s a good goal to be striving for. The other thing is having a constant focus on what we can do as a company to improve processes and improve the way we deal with suppliers and contractors in order to reduce the impact on the customer. There’s a great phrase which is ‘don’t make our problems the customer’s problems’. We really keep that at the heart of everything that we do.

Customer Care, Frasers Landing, WA

Debbie Kokanovic Customer Care Manager, NSW I think we definitely offer a lot of comfort to our customers. I always make sure that if I tell someone I’m going to get back to them in two hours, I get back to them in two hours. Even if I don’t have an answer for them yet, I’ll still get back to them. And if it’s something that I can’t give a 100% guarantee on, I’m real with them. I tell them the truth, and that’s what builds confidence in the relationship. My most valuable asset to a customer isn’t just knowledge, but also empathy. I always try to put myself in their position to understand what they’re feeling, what they are going through, and where their frustrations are coming from. Getting myself into their frame of mind really helps me to understand how I can best help them. At the moment there’s definitely a lot more concern around quality, which is perfectly understandable given the news stories out there. Unfortunately, the whole industry can be spoiled by the behaviour of a few bad apples. It’s important for us first to listen and acknowledge their concerns, and then to drive home that we’re always here to listen, no matter how long it’s been since they settled on their property. We’ve been around for 95 years, so we’re not going anywhere!


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Tara Williams Customer Care Manager, QLD Just recently I had one particular customer who was really disheartened when they came to me. They had bought a $4m property at Hamilton Reach and were worried that they couldn’t make some of the variations that they wanted to in their kitchen. They’re particularly interested in cooking and wanted special appliances that, unfortunately, there weren’t

“ I don’t look at negative feedback as something bad, it’s an opportunity to change that person’s experience.” allowances for in their contract. At the point where I finally got them on the phone, they were selling the home. They were not going to move in.

But I kept working with them and made sure that their property was presented immaculately at their presettlement inspection. And we bent over backwards to do anything we could for them. Any time they wanted to come through I would race out there and take them through. We would let them bring their contractors in to make the changes that they wanted. They eventually fell back in love with the property and moved in after all! I’m lucky that I get the opportunity to turn those situations around and provide people with really positive outcomes. I don’t look at negative feedback as something bad, it’s an opportunity to change that person’s experience. Buying a property is such a huge part of someone’s life and I’m just excited to be a part of that. In a traditional sales job you get a relationship for what...30 days? I get a relationship with these people forever.

Customer Care, Brookhaven, QLD

Are you missing out on thousands of dollars’ worth of exclusive rewards & benefits? If you’ve purchased property at any Frasers Property or Australand community in Australia, you could be eligible to become a Prosperity member. Members have access to exclusive offers and events as well as generous referral rewards, first release opportunities, and 2-3% purchase rewards* on future property purchases at participating developments. Activate your membership online at prosperity to unlock a lifetime of benefits. * Terms and conditions apply. See website for full details.

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



A P RO U D L EGACY 9 5 YEARS IN THE MAKING It’s a tale as old as time. The desire to put down roots, to create a safe place to live well, to leave a legacy. For tens of thousands of years, this has been the story of human progress. And for the last 95 years, it’s been Frasers Property Australia’s story too.


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


A P RO U D L EGACY 9 5 YEARS IN THE MAKING It’s a tale as old as time. The desire to put down roots, to create a safe place to live well, to leave a legacy. For tens of thousands of years, this has been the story of human progress. And for the last 95 years, it’s been Frasers Property Australia’s story too.

From inner city transit-oriented communities like Discovery Point to Sydney’s iconic new downtown, Central Park, with its breathtaking From inner city transit-oriented communities architecture and internationally like Sydney’s iconic new downtown Central Park acclaimed green initiatives, – with its landmark One Central Park building Frasers Property designs every recognised as one of the 50 most influential tall project to enhance the liveability, buildings of the last 50 years, to the boutique wellbeing and social connection collection of residences at the lovingly restored of the people who live there. heritage-listed Yungaba House in Brisbane, you’ll It’s a deliberate and thoughtful find the Frasers Property design principles of process, honed over decades liveability, wellbeing and social connectedness at in business and delivered by work. It’s a deliberate and thoughtful approach, people immensely proud of the honed over decades in business and delivered communities they create. by people immensely proud of the communities they create.

“Frasers is actually quite a unique developer in that it doesn’t just do any development that comes across our desk,” says Frasers “Frasers is actually quite a unique developer Property’s Chief Financial Officer, in that it doesn’t just do any development that Anthony Boyd. “We really pick comes across our desk,” says Frasers Property’s and choose the things we think Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Boyd. “We are worth doing, and those are really pick and choose the things we think are the truly unique developments worth doing, and those are the truly unique that really make a difference developments that really make a difference to to the urban fabric of a suburb the urban fabric of a suburb and the way people and the way people will live and will live and interact with each other around interact with each other around that development.” that development.”

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Landmark places to stand the tests of time Central Park, NSW

Discovery Point, NSW

Central Park, NSW

From sand and soil to a vibrant thriving community in just over 10 years, Discovery Point of Wolli Creek is as loved by the team that created it as it is by the people that call it home.

Just a few kilometres to the north and even closer to Sydney CBD sits another recently completed Frasers Property project – multi award-winning Central Park. This major mixeduse development is one of Sydney’s most exciting urban destinations. The development is home to Central Park Mall – a retail hub unlike any other. The vibrant vertical mall boasts 68 external and internal tenancies across five floors: a vibrant mix of entertainment, cafes and restaurants, fashion retailers, convenience services, and a major supermarket.

“This is almost 15 years of hard work for a lot of our guys,” says General Manager of Residential NSW, Nigel Edgar. “The satisfaction is quite overwhelming. It’s moving, because you see these people who are just in love with where they live. And we built that. To me, that’s what the job’s all about.” At the time of its acquisition the site was home to several significant historical buildings, but had been left to fall into disrepair over years of vacancy. The site has now been transformed into an established award-winning neighbourhood home to over 3,500 residents, enriched by beautifully restored heritage buildings. Discovery Point skilfully blends river frontage, parks and gardens, cafés and a vibrant retail piazza including its own train station – all on a 6ha site just 10km from the CBD.

Many, including Chief Executive of the Urban Taskforce Australia Chris Johnson, have praised Central Park’s masterplan design. “I think it’s the leading project in setting the agenda for how well high-density living can actually work,” says Johnson. “It’s a great mix of residential and student accommodation, retail and commercial and it’s one of the best examples we have got in Sydney of a bustling, commercially successful living environment.” One Central Park, the project’s landmark building with its cantilevered heliostat and vertical garden, was recently named one of the world’s most influential buildings of the last 50 years. A new urban icon completed earlier this year, Central Park is a jewel in the crown of Frasers Property’s legacy of placemaking around the world.

Discovery Point, NSW


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Yungaba House, QLD Nestled on the banks of Brisbane River just 800m from the bustling CBD, sits one of Frasers Property’s most unique projects to date: Yungaba House. The heritage listed building was originally commissioned by the Queensland Government in 1885 as an Immigration Depot, and was completed two years later in 1887. Yungaba House would go on to live many lives, serving as a ‘return house’ for Australian troops returning from the Boer War, a hospital for Australian troops during the wartime years of the 1900’s, and a drafting office for architects working on projects for Brisbane City. The iconic building was acquired by Frasers Property in 2003, and so began a restoration and conversion that would see the Brisbane landmark transformed into 10 luxury residences, each with its own unique identity that draws upon the building’s rich history. “What we have created at Yungaba is a series of truly remarkable living spaces, the likes of which are unique to Brisbane,” says Executive General Manager of Residential, Cameron Leggatt. “The restoration work has been done with a keen attention to detail, while also creating modern luxury spaces of the highest standards. It’s been a challenging process, but highly rewarding for the entire team who’ve worked so hard to bring this project to life.”

Freshwater Place, VIC Freshwater Place is an iconic office, retail and urban community on the south bank of the Yarra River. Combining 37 floors of highly sought after office space with 536 premium apartments and an unparalleled level of on-site retail and amenity. Residents enjoy access to a fully equipped gym, shared garden, function space, theatre, pool, sauna, and more. Frasers Property retains a 50% ownership interest in Freshwater Place, providing ongoing asset-management, maintenance, and environmental performance enhancement. This continual refinement has resulted in 2 Southbank Boulevard achieving a 6 Star Green Star Performance rating one of only six buildings in Australia to do so. Frasers Property sold its stake in Freshwater Place in 2019, but it remains an important part of our legacy. “We are very proud to have developed and been associated with the Freshwater Place precinct for more than a decade,” says Chamoun Malki, General Manager of Investments for Frasers Property Industrial.

Yungaba House, QLD

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Carina site, QLD

Looking to the future Our cities are denser and more transit-oriented than ever before. As a result, property developers are tasked with constantly redefining the way they think about design quality, community development, and the wellbeing of their customers. For Frasers Property, this means having an in-depth understanding of the people they’re building for, and designing in response to their needs. A recently-acquired 5.2ha site in Brisbane suburb Carina is set to be a new kind of community that blends the best of modern architectural design with the great outdoors. When research showed that many local buyers were wary about what they perceived to be limitations in medium density living, the Frasers Property team saw an opportunity to challenge this perception. A new standard of townhome design that cleverly uses space and opens up viewlines and access to communal open space and the local parklands beyond was specially developed for the community.

Artist’s impression

Executive General Manager for Residential, Cameron Leggatt says the approach is all about adding value and finding the right balance between form and function. “We’ve really considered the design of these townhomes. They can’t just be stylish, they have to include practical, valueadding features that enhance liveability for our residents.” Another major community to be revealed next year is a significant urban renewal development in Sydney’s Macquarie Park. A joint venture with the NSW government’s Land and Housing Corporation, the redevelopment of the Ivanhoe Estate will see an expansion and modernisation of affordable and social housing accommodation by transforming this 8.2ha site into a large-scale mixed-use development and integrated community. With a central village green and firstclass retail and civic hub, the redevelopment will be the new heart and soul of Macquarie Park and a shining example of the benefits of private / public partnerships in urban renewal. “Developments of this scale and complexity don’t come along every day, so it’s important to take the time to get it right” says Development Director, Cameron Jackson. “But perhaps most importantly, this one has the capacity to set a new standard for development that balances the needs of people from all kinds of backgrounds and life stages. It’s a chance to create one seamless community that benefits everybody equally, and that’s the part I can’t wait to see come to life.”

Macquarie Park development, NSW


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Give the gift of Prosperity It’s the season of giving, and what better gift than helping a loved one purchase their dream home? If you’ve purchased at a participating Frasers Property Australia or Australand community, you’re eligible to gift a family member your Prosperity benefits, such as a 2-3% purchase reward* on the price of a new Frasers Property home, and priority access to future property releases.


Refer a family member



Your loved ones will 2-3% purchase reward at settlement, including priority notification and ability to purchase before pubic release.

$2k referral bonus and you’ll be awarded with 3% discount for any future purchases.

For them

Complete the online form to refer and nominate them to share your benefits.

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To refer a family member, head to *Terms and conditions apply. See website for full details.


Building sustainable uality quality Q homes Words: Rory Martin, Sustainability Manager, Frasers Property Australia


bout two years ago I was sitting in a focus group with some of our customers discussing technologies like geothermal and solar, as well as other energy saving features like window glazing and orientation. We were discussing these things in the context of saving money and being good for the environment when one of the participants said something that really transformed the way I viewed sustainability up until that point. He said, “All this stuff… This is just what we expect in a good quality home now.” Talk about your light-bulb moment. Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have, nor is it something that residents should have to opt into. In today’s world, delivering quality homes is synonymous with delivering sustainable homes. Knowing this, the question then became, how can we do more? It’s never been our M.O. to do the bare minimum. Being a worldleading developer with more than 95 years of experience in the Australian market comes with an obligation to contribute to the industry’s constant evolution and improvement. Geothermal units at Fairwater, NSW

Our Fairwater community in Blacktown was the first community in New South Wales to achieve a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia and is home to the largest residential installation of geothermal heating and cooling in the southern hemisphere. Similar geothermal installations are now on the cards for upcoming developments including Ed.Square in Sydney’s south west and the residents club at Mambourin in Melbourne’s booming western corridor.

An active interest in passive design Over 30 years in the making, ‘Passive House’ is finally making inroads in Australia. Born out of a series of academic studies in Germany in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Passive House has taken hold in Europe as the hallmark of quality for energy performance in buildings. Ironically, the ‘passive’ in Passive House refers to a building's ability to effectively mitigate external temperature changes across the year to minimise heating and cooling needs internally. In reality, Passive Houses are actually quite active, not only keeping you warm or cool (as appropriate), but also incorporating ‘active’ ventilation systems. These active ventilation systems help ensure air contaminants such as dust and pollen are minimised in the home. They also capture additional energy through the movement of air to help drive greater efficiency and lower energy bills. In Australia there are several interesting boutique Passive House projects underway or recently completed. Many of these homes are gorgeous examples of passive design, but not terribly accessible to the masses. That got us thinking –


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Fairwater, NSW

what if Frasers Property Australia, a major developer with broad market reach and influence, could deliver passive home options into the national residential market? Could we make high performance homes accessible? And so, the Life, Point Cook Passive House project was born: an experiment in mass-market housing design. Like all good science experiments this one has a test subject and a control subject. Two seemingly identical homes built side-by-side on our Life, Point Cook development. Both homes have the same orientation and the same passive solar access – they will look identical. But beneath their exteriors will beat two very different hearts. Our control house will be built per normal non-Passive House methods. Our test house will be a Passive House. Once complete, two families will move in and take part in a 12-month trial where we’ll gather data on energy consumption, comfort levels, building performance and so on. What we hope to show is that even with the added cost of building to Passive House certification, the long-term energy savings combined with improvements in home performance, comfort, and wellbeing will make Passive House design something the volume residential construction sector wants to embrace.

The future is green Wherever the future of sustainable home design takes us, we know that its role is to future-proof the liveability of our communities and improve the health and wellbeing of the people that will live there for generations to come. This means we’ll no longer think of sustainability as the exception, but the rule. I’m excited to be part of that journey.

Passive House basics 1 Solar orientation 2 Insulation/mass 3 High performance windows 4 Air-tight enclosure


5 B alanced ventilation with heat recovery


Our customers have told us they want better quality homes to live in that are cheaper to run and better for the planet. Passive House gives us a great avenue to get there and our Point Cook community might just be the first step in that direction.


3 2

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Developing life-long habits for mental wellbeing


he rise of mental health issues in the wider Australian community is an issue that we take seriously at Frasers Property. It’s a problem that affects each and every one of us, preventing many people from actively participating in, and contributing to, the rich and diverse cultures that make our communities special. That’s why in November 2017, we pledged our support to Smiling Mind, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing accessible tools to support healthy minds. The organisation’s school-based programs are designed to take a pre-emptive approach to building healthy minds from a young age by teaching kids skills in mindfulness and meditation.


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

“With one in four secondary students and one in seven primary students suffering from a diagnosed mental illness each year, it’s vital that we, as a community, do everything we can to treat this health issue,” says Dr Addie Wootten of Smiling Mind. “Through this relationship with Frasers Property, we are hoping to expand our reach even further to help schools support student, teacher and parent wellbeing in a proactive way.” Frasers Property’s support enables Smiling Mind to offer their training program to teachers of 30 schools each year for the next three years. In addition, the program provides each school with 12-months ongoing support via online resources, plus training for parents and the wider community on

the benefits of the program and how to get involved. “The work that Smiling Mind does is so important, and the kids really love it,” says Rod Fehring, CEO of Frasers Property Australia. “This relationship is a great opportunity for us to make a contribution to creating healthy communities in Australia, and it supports our goal of creating places where people feel truly connected.”


Fast facts In the past 18 months, 36,540 school children across 44 schools nationally have benefited from this relationship. Together, we aim to bring the benefits of mindfulness to 75,000 children at 90 schools, entirely free of charge. There has been a steady uptake of the program in schools in NSW, WA, VIC and QLD, with 1,827 teachers now having participated in Smiling Mind training workshops.

36,540 School children

75,000 Reach

1,827 Teachers

All images provided by Smiling Mind

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The walk of life How walkable communities are the key to healthier, happier, and more prosperous cities Words: Tod O’Dwyer, General Manager of Development

and Design, Frasers Property Australia


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n the development community we talk a lot about creating places that are walkable; where getting from one side of the neighbourhood to another can be done without needing the use of a car. Most of the time, the explicit benefits centre on convenience and safety. Convenience because what you need is just a stroll away. Safety because streets aren’t as clogged with cars, which is great for pedestrians and the environment. While these advantages are obviously important, we’re increasingly learning that walkable communities offer a range of other benefits – including living a longer and healthier life. As most of us know by now, two big health problems facing western societies today are obesity and loneliness. Studies show that social isolation and loneliness can increase our risk of premature death by 26%, while obesity increases the risk and severity of almost every disease you can think of – from diabetes to cancer, as well as dementia, stroke, and arthritis. The good news is that one of the most natural places to begin is movement. There’s compelling evidence that the healthiest and longest-living people in the world all share something in common: they actually don’t go out of their way to find exercise, they simply walk to go about their daily lives. In other words, the exercise is incidental to their routine – but it’s there and it’s helping to keep them fit without having to really think about it. For urban designers like me, this incidental exercise insight has helped to elevate our thinking and spurred us on to find creative ways of making walkability a natural part of the communities we design.

Burwood Brickworks, VIC

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Mixed-use living Perhaps the biggest single contribution that we can make to healthier, more human-scale cities is to design for mixed use. Places that don’t just cater for purely one thing but instead support shops, schools, entertainment and recreation all in close range. It only takes 22 minutes of walking every day to get the minimum movement recommended by health professionals, and what’s easier than incidentally getting that exercise strolling down to the local pool, library, supermarket, bus stop or train station, school, park, netball courts, and so on? The point is, if it’s reasonably close, you’ll walk to it. Perhaps best of all, because you’re less likely to use your car, you have a much greater chance of socially interacting with your neighbours. A nod here, a smile there, stopping to pet a dog or chat with the family down the street are great for the heart and soul, creating stronger social links that are the fabric of community life.

Discovery Point, NSW


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

Walkability isn’t just good for us, it’s also economically desirable.

Walking the walk Speaking of human-scale, another vital ingredient in the walkable community is focusing imaginatively and thoughtfully on the experience of people. What can you do to make the walk more than just a walk? Landscaping for shade so people don’t tire out so fast on hot days; street furniture like benches for resting on; urban art or street art for scenic inspiration; cross-walks and kerb ramps that are safe for children, the elderly, and disabled are just some of the ways you can begin to create places that are welcoming to walkers.


A new cornerstone The best thing about designing walkability into new community development is that it gives us urban designers and developers permission to be imaginative. If we want safer streets, an end to dormitory suburbs, healthier and prosperous populations, then a great place to start is walkability. It’s been the foundational principle for projects as diverse as Burwood Brickworks in Melbourne’s east, Ed.Square in Sydney’s south west, and Brookhaven in Queensland: walkable communities that are on the right path for solving all manner of social problems for generations to come.

Burwood Brickworks, VIC Artist’s impression

Healthier and...wealthier? One of the more surprising outcomes of creating more walkable communities is economic value. In much the same way that suburbs with low crime statistics command higher property prices, so too do suburbs with high walk scores. A 2009 study by CEOs for Cities in the U.S found that for every additional one-point increase in Walk Score there was an associated increase in home values of between $500 and $3,000. Walkability isn’t just good for us, it’s also economically desirable.

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A very Aussie

Australians love any excuse to throw a party, and Halloween is no exception. There may still be a few nay sayers who refuse to give into the Americanisation of their Octobers, but every year, more and more Australian households are trying their hands at pumpkin carving and embracing the tradition.

Fairwater, NSW


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud



very year, more than a quarter of Aussie households are getting involved in the spooky season in one way or another. For some it’s as simple as switching on the porch light to let trick or treaters know that they’re welcome. Others have caught the Halloween bug; giving their homes monstrous makeovers, donning elaborate costumes, and baking Pinterest’s best themed treats. In fact, the spooky season has become a time of celebration and connection for many of our communities across the country. At Shell Cove in NSW, droves of children head from door to door in search of sweet treats, parading proudly in mum’s best handiwork. And a few hours north, Fairwater residents are dancing the night away at their very own spooky disco. These events aren’t just fun either; they’re important opportunities to get out of the house and connect with your neighbours. Rituals like Halloween help us to bond over a common experience. Even for those of us without little ones, switching the porch light on and welcoming others into our lives even for a moment, is an important opportunity to socialise and make connections that could form the foundations of new friendship. With a history that dates back centuries, Halloween finds new fans every year. Take some inspiration for next year’s celebrations from our Frasers Property communities around Australia.

Images clockwise from top left: Berwick Waters, VIC; Fairwater, NSW; Fairwater, NSW; Cova, QLD.

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Good neighbours become good friends


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud



ommunities are made great by the people who call them home, and the relationships and memories that those people create with one another. But the importance of small moments of support and connection shared between neighbours is too often overlooked. That’s why we took to social media to ask residents of our communities across the country to share their stories with us, and nominate the neighbours who have touched their lives and truly become friends and family. We were overwhelmed with the influx of nominations we received in just a few short weeks, and we’d like to share a few of our favourites with you. Because true friends deserve a little thanks.

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Colin and Mary Doolan Nominated by: Nesmi Sen Berwick Waters, VIC

Maithri & Ramya Panagoda and Chris Lagana Nominated by: each other! Discovery Point, NSW

When Colin and Mary sold the acreage property they had called home for many years and moved to Berwick Waters in late 2016, it took some time to get used to the idea of even having next door neighbours. “When we moved my biggest thing was, ‘who are we going to live next door to?’. When you live on a property you don’t have that really close proximity to your neighbours,” says Colin. Nesmi had moved into Berwick Waters just a few weeks earlier with her husband and young daughter Leah. Eager to find out who was moving in next door, she quickly struck up a conversation with Colin and Mary. “From the very beginning they were very pleasant, always smiling and offering to help,” says Nesmi. “They used to roll our bins onto the nature strip for us and then put them back. Whenever we go on a long vacation they say ‘don’t worry about your house, we’ll always keep an eye on it.’ And it’s not just to us either, they help everyone in the same way.” Over the last three years their relationship has grown into a true friendship, with Leah (3) forming a strong bond with the couple. “We’re from India and we really miss our parents,” explains Nesmi. “But my daughter Leah always runs to Mary for some cuddles and rests her head on her shoulder, just like she does with her grandmother.” And according to Colin and Mary, the feeling is absolutely mutual. “I have to say, we got really lucky with Nesmi and her family,” says Colin. “We couldn’t have asked for better neighbours than we have right here.”


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

Chris struck up an unlikely friendship with his neighbours Maithri & Ramya Panagoda when both he and Maithri got involved with the resident’s association at Discovery Point. “Maithri and Ramya are like parents to me,” says Chris. “Any help I need, I can ask them. When I was away on holidays this year they checked my mail and started my car to make sure that the battery wouldn’t be flat when I got home.” And the feeling is certainly mutual. “Chris is a lovely young man,” says Ramya. “We’ll often go to each other’s homes for dinner or coffee. He makes fantastic pizza!”


Graeme Howell

Amita and Amit Nayyar

Nominated by: Edan Capell

Nominated by: Danielle Crea

When Edan Capell’s partner accidentally electrocuted himself not once, but twice, her neighbour Graeme Howell came to the rescue.

Before Danielle and Maro Crea moved to Life, Point Cook, she barely knew the people living alongside her. “My husband and I lived in our old place for more than 10 years and we never knew anyone in our street,” says Danielle. “We knew faces of course, but not anyone to talk to. But we bonded with Amita and Amit the day we moved in here.”

Baldivis Parks, WA

“He’s been a great neighbour ever since we moved in, but he went above and beyond to help us out when my partner was electrocuted at work,” says Edan. “Graeme dropped everything to come and help me drive my partner’s car home so I could take him to the hospital.” “The same thing happened the next day and without any questions, just a few laughs, he dropped everything and came with me again. When we had fires in our area, my partner was working away and I was heavily pregnant. Graeme was watering down his house to be safe and without any hesitation he watered down our house and the neighbour on his other side as well. It’s so great to have someone like him next door.”

Life, Point Cook, VIC

With both families raising children of a similar age, it wasn’t long before the neighbours formed a close bond. “We’ve sat together for many cups of tea and picked each other’s kids up from school,” says Danielle. “We often sit together and watch the kids as they play at the frog park, almost every afternoon.” Danielle says that knowing the people living around her has been a welcome change in her family’s life. “I look forward to making many more memories with the Nayyar’s, we just love living in Life, Point Cook.”

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Man’s best friend Dogs are a crucial part of thousands of Aussie homes. That’s why Frasers Property designs pet-friendly communities for dog lovers around the country.

Australians love their furry friends. In fact, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Recent figures from the RSPCA indicate that you’ll find a waggly tail and puppy dog eyes in around 38% of Aussie households. And there’s really no mystery why. Dogs are not only a great source of comfort and companionship, but they also get us off the couch and walking the streets. They help us connect with other petloving people and they teach us lessons about caring for others. That’s why, from high-rise homes to house and land, making our communities pet-friendly is a key consideration for Frasers Property communities. The pet-friendly nature of vertical communities like Tailor’s Walk and Discovery Point in NSW has been a huge drawcard for residents. At Discovery Point, good doggos and playful puppers are playing a key role in their owners’ social lives, helping them to stay active and engaging with other dog owners in the community’s parks and on the street. “Quite often, I’ll look onto the park and notice about 30 people playing with their dogs,” says Discovery Point resident, Jane Carthey. “You can tell they’re having a good time just being outside.”

Discovery Point, NSW


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


We believe that all of us could use a little puppy love in our lives. So, we’ve compiled a guide to the best breeds for any and every type of home. Come on… you know you want to.

Smaller spaces If you’re an apartment dweller, you’ll want to look for small to medium breeds that have lower energy levels and aren’t frequent barkers. Daschund (a.k.a sausage dog), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Maltese, and Yorkshire Terriers are all great options for compact spaces and busy lifestyles.

A good doggo at Discovery Point, NSW

Townhome living Mid-sized breeds are perfect for townhome living, or if you have time in your daily routine to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise outdoors. Try a Greyhound, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle (miniature), or Bulldog for a furry friend who’s larger but still low maintenance.

A playful pupper at Central Park, NSW

Backyards If you’re lucky enough to have a larger outdoor area that your dog can access freely during the day, then you’re really spoilt for choice. Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd and American Staffordshire Terrier are all popular choices amongst Aussie families.

A very good boy at Valley Park, VIC

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Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


The moments that make us


here comes a point in our lives when each of us begins to wonder: “What will I leave behind when I go?”. The first thoughts are often the tangible things – family businesses, accumulated wealth, heirlooms that sparkle when the sun hits them just right. But these kinds of assets don’t always contain the essence of who we really are. They can’t tell the children of your children’s children how much you loved to dance, or what an incredible cook you were. Shannon Aldler wrote that “a legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” For most of us, the stories of our happiest moments come from days spent in our homes. They’re the first days with new family members, long conversations over homecooked meals, birthday parties, holidays, anniversaries, laughter, tears, learning. Our homes are the backdrop to the moments that make us.

Live proud | Spring/Summer 2019



Bayside belonging

Rob and Emma Charles, Tailor’s Walk, NSW

When it came time for Rob and Emma Charles to purchase their first home, they had their hearts set on Sydney’s eastern suburbs. With Emma’s family back in her native London, the couple were eager to stay connected to Rob’s family and maintain the life they had built while renting in the area. “When we were renting we didn’t want to invest in big pieces of furniture because it wasn’t long-term. Whereas here, we know it is,” says Emma of the couple’s new home at Tailor’s Walk, a bayside community in Botany. “Buying our own place really drove us to buy new furniture and get excited about really making it a home. It’s been really lovely making plans for the future.” A few weeks after the couple settled on their new apartment, a walk through the community with Emma prompted Rob’s sister Meredith to purchase an apartment for her own family within the community, followed by two of Emma & Rob’s close friends shortly after. “It’s great to have my sister, her husband, and my nephew upstairs,” says Rob. “We see them every weekend, we have our own WhatsApp group, and we’re always going up there for barbeques. Having that social aspect really makes it feel like home.” “It’s really lovely having our friends and family close by,” Emma agrees. “Having them close by means that if there are any issues or if Rob’s out and I’m bored, I can just duck upstairs and there are people there to spend time with. It’s nice to have that extra sense of community and know that people are always there.” The young couple aren’t sure what the future holds just yet, but Emma says that their Tailor’s Walk home is “a launching pad for whatever comes next.”


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud


Fairwater friends

Growing together

Om Dhungel, Fairwater, NSW

Navyatha & Eswar Potluri, Mambourin, VIC

Location was also key for Om Dhungel when it came time to upgrade his family home. Having been a Blacktown local for a number of years, Om knew he wanted to stay in the area he’d grown to love. “My parents and family all live in and around Blacktown, and we didn’t want to be far away from them,” says Om. “Because we had lived in the area for a while and had become so much a part of this place, we really wanted to be in a place where I could contribute to the community and really make a difference.”

For most people, buying a home is a decision made either alone or with a partner. But that wasn’t the case for Navyatha & Eswar Potluri, who made the decision to move to Mambourin – an upcoming community in Melbourne’s western corridor – with a group of their closest friends.

When the opportunity arose to buy into Fairwater, a modern urban neighbourhood from Frasers Property, Om saw an opportunity to not just build a legacy for his family, but to also change the lives of those living around him. Shortly after moving, Om joined the resident’s association and has since been an integral part of driving community development and change. “I’m very much a community person,” explains Om. “I love meeting new people, and the way I see it I don’t have to travel to Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, to meet people from those places and enjoy their food or learn about their culture.” Om’s daughter Smriti as well as his nephew Kevin have followed Om’s lead, purchasing their own homes within Fairwater. “I think a lot of people think that when kids are 18 they move out and live their own lives, but that’s not something I ever looked forward to,” says Om. “When our daughter got married it was important for us that we were able to have celebrations at home. We’ve got a fairly large extended family and community and we wanted everyone to be a part of that time, so we knew we needed a lot of space to host everyone. It was really fantastic to be able to make those memories here at home.”

“When you’re living overseas and you don’t have your family around, your friends really become your family,” says Navyatha. “We’re part of a really great friendship group, and we all decided to move to Mambourin together so that we could have a real community around us, and our children could all grow up together in the way that we did.” The couple were originally referred by Eswar’s brother through Frasers Property’s customer loyalty program. “Frasers have a fantastic program called Prosperity, which gives you 2% off when you’re referred by someone else, and the person who referred you gets $2,000,” Eswar explains. “We were referred by my brother and then referred one of our friends. From there it extended to another friend, another friend, and two sets of friends after that.” As parents of growing children, the group all felt that the collective move would not just be fun for the little ones but would also provide them with a better and safer lifestyle. “To know that your kids are safe and secure is so important,” says Navyatha. “Having people living close by means I know that if I’m ever late home from work or anything like that, I need not rush or worry. I know that the kids will be having a fantastic time growing up and playing together, rather than sitting in front of the TV or on an iPad by themselves.” With work on Mambourin progressing well, Navyatha and Eswar are looking forward to building their new community. “We’re really excited. We go out there every two weeks to see what’s happening.”

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Fire up the

Barbie Your guide to hosting the perfect summer gathering


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud



any countries lay claim to being the birthplace of the barbeque, but the strongest cultural ties to firing up the grill undoubtedly reside right here in Australia. The sound of snags and steaks sizzling away on the barbeque is synonymous with summer. We look forward to balmy evenings and long weekends spent catching up with friends and family over a great meal. The humble barbeque is as Aussie as Vegemite and democracy sausages.

1. People make the party

Perhaps the best part is that the quintessential Australian tradition doesn’t discriminate. Whether you’ve got a compact mobile BBQ on the balcony, a full-scale al fresco dining area out back, or a shared BBQ in the local park, you can bring your nearest and dearest together for an epic evening of food and friendship. Make the most of the warmer months with our guide to hosting the perfect summer BBQ in every space.

2. Consider all tastes

The foundation of every great barbeque is the people you invite. A summer BBQ is a great opportunity to bring people from different backgrounds and parts of your life together in a casual setting. Why not try inviting your next-door neighbours or the new starter from work? You never know – a great friend might be just an invitation away.

These days, it’s rare to get a group of more than five together without encountering at least one dietary requirement. It’s a good idea to check with all of your guests ahead of time to make sure that no one goes hungry. And when in doubt, having one vegan or vegetarian option and a gluten free salad on hand is always a safe bet.

3. Stick with the classics When it comes to choosing your meats, you can’t go past the classics. Beef or pork sausages, burgers, lamb chops, and marinated chicken breasts are all crowd pleasers. A veggie patty or lemon infused fish in a foil pouch are great options for guests who want a lighter option.

4. Stay hydrated With so much delicious food to enjoy, you’ll need something to wash it all down. It’s generally good etiquette for guests to BYO, but a good host will have a few non-alcoholic options on hand and enough ice to last all day.

5. Keep the kids occupied If your guests are bringing their little ones along, make sure you have some icy poles and party games ready to go. A game of backyard cricket or soccer is a great way to keep all ages entertained.

6. Finish strong At the end of every great barbeque is a dessert that nobody needs but everybody loves. And while a successful Aussie BBQ plays it safe with its savouries, dessert is your time to get creative. The classic pavlova is a reliable choice, but why not mix it up with your favourite fruits on top or even some shaved salted caramel chocolate? Yum!

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Reap what you sow If you think gardening is just for grannies, think again.

Community garden, Baldivis Parks, WA


round the world, Australians are known as lovers of the great outdoors. Backyards, barbeques, beach, and bush form the foundations of our culture. And yet, research shows that as our population becomes increasingly urbanised, as many as 1 in 3 Aussies are spending less than 18 minutes per day doing recreational activities outside. Maybe team sports and Sunday morning jobs aren’t for everyone, but we could all benefit from spending a little more time soaking up the


Spring/Summer 2019 | Live proud

sunshine. And what better motivation than having a free supply of organic fresh produce on hand just a few steps from your kitchen? Gardening is an opportunity for regular immersion in nature, even for those of us who don’t have huge backyards. There are hundreds of amazing vertical garden options for apartment balconies, while community gardens are becoming a staple in many communities around the country, including our very own Baldivis Grove (WA) and Shell Cove (NSW).


Lukas Szymanek, Fairwater, NSW

Let’s get physical Any type of gardening is an opportunity for regular physical activity, and its accessibility makes it attractive to a wide range of ages and mobility levels. Just being outdoors in the fresh air comes with a host of benefits to your energy levels, but more vigorous activities like digging and mowing are great ways to work up a sweat! Homegrown chillies, Fairwater, NSW

Going green: Fairwater’s resident garden guru, Lukas Szymanek shares his top tips for novice gardeners 1

Pick the perfect spot Most veggies need at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day. If your outdoor space is largely shaded, salad greens and root crops like potatoes and beets are your best option.


Eating clean Growing your own fresh produce can actually encourage you to eat a healthier diet. Not only does gardening give you access to organically grown produce, but it also gives you a greater understanding of and connection with where your food comes from. Research has shown that children who take part in gardening actually have a greater preference for, and increased consumption of fruits and veggies.

Get your base right Plants love soft, well‑draining soil. Look for soil mixes that are rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.


The goldilocks method Make sure you’re watering your plants the correct amount; too much or too little can halt growth. Do your research to determine the right amount of water for each of your crops.

Homegrown radishes, Fairwater, NSW


Timing is everything It’s vital to plant and harvest at the right time. Every variety has its own planting date, and this will depend on the climate you live in. Be sure to check the seed packet for guidance and take note.

Lighten up Gardening isn’t just great for your body, it’s also great for your mental wellbeing! Research has shown that gardeners generally have greater life satisfaction and fewer feelings of depression and anxiety than non-gardeners. Community gardening projects are also a fantastic way to engage in regular interaction with like-minded people, helping to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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the spice of life In 1785, English poet William Cowper told us that variety is the spice of life. And if it’s spice you’re seeking, Istanbul is the place for you.


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Here are the six things to experience before you leave Istanbul:

Marvel at the Blue Mosque Arguably the number one destination for visitors to Istanbul is the Blue Mosque, one of Istanbul’s most prominent historical sites. Built by 15-year-old Sultan Ahmet in the 17th century, this architectural marvel is one of Europe’s great places of worship. The mosque is open daily and on evenings in summer, you can catch a historical narrative and light show at 9pm.

Refuel with a Turkish Coffee Drinking Turkish coffee is a daily ritual practiced by most Istanbul locals, often after a delicious meal and accompanied by great conversation. Traditionally served with a glass of water and a piece of Turkish Delight, this coffee experience is certainly a step up from your morning take-away.

Descend into the city’s Sunken Palace

Try your hand at haggling at the Grand Bazaar

The Basilica Cistern is the largest of several hundred Byzantine cisterns – water storage tanks – that rest beneath the city. Built in 532 A.D., the subterranean structure was constructed using 336 columns, many featuring fine roman carvings. Its sheer grandeur and symmetry are astounding to witness, and it makes for an excellent retreat from the heat on summer days.

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar has been a place of congregation for more than 500 years. The marketplace features more than 60 streets and 4,000 shops and is popular with locals and tourists alike. Here you’ll find an incredible array of jewellery, antiques, carpets, lanterns and textiles.

Delight your tastebuds in Asian Istanbul

Hit the hay at Frasers Place Anthill

Istanbul is famous for straddling both Europe and Asia, but sadly tourists often overlook the Asian side of the city. It’s just a short 20 minute ferry ride to the neighbourhoods of Kadiköy and Baghdat Caddesi, where you’ll find a wealth of incredible art, food, and nightlife. Take a walk along the winding streets above the ferry docks and you’ll find Kadikoy’s daily market. Here you can enjoy fresh fish cooked to order, or try the city’s best lahmacun, a crispy Turkish pizza topped with fresh lemon and parsley.

Lastly, we come to Frasers Place Anthill, your home away from home in the heart of modern Istanbul. Here, you’re just a short distance from The Golden Horn, the Banks of the Bosporus and the Old Town. If you were looking for anything more central, you’d be out of luck. Frasers Place Anthill is the perfect base to explore the city where continents collide.

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Community events It’s been a busy year at our communities across the country. From large-scale events like Fairwater’s very own Holi festival, through to smaller events like Brookhaven’s community movie night, our residents have certainly been busy! These are just a few of the highlights from the last 12 months. 4




Re:New Festival

The Waterfront, Shell Cove

June 2019 2



June 2019 3


lacktown’s B Brightest Holi


March 2019



Party by the river

The Grove

February 2019 5

aster E Eggstravaganza

Berwick Waters

April 2019 6

Open air cinema



Burwood Brickworks

April 2019


7 Little Day Out Baldivis Parks

Oct 2018 8

Harmony Day


Queens Riverside

March 2019 9

National Tree Day

Frasers Landing

July 2019



The Bee Sessions


July 2019 11

An Italian affair

Hamilton Reach

September 2019


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Get to know Frasers Property We’ve been creating proud communities since 1924, and we’re only just getting started. Here are a few highlights from the last 95 years of Frasers Property Australia.

Beyond bricks & mortar 139,000 down, thousands more to go. Since the founding of T.M. Burke in 1924, Frasers Property Australia has developed more than 139,000 homes in Australia. Not to mention thousands of other exciting retail, commercial and industrial projects.

We’re pioneering the use of geothermal tech in residential developments Our Fairwater community in Sydney’s west is home to the largest residential installation of geothermal heating and cooling in the Southern Hemisphere. Similar technology is also being rolled out at other communities around the country.

It all started with Noosa Our first land purchase was 625 acres of land in Noosa, QLD. We began developing the Noosa area in 1927 as T.M Burke’s first major project, creating a new seaside city and one of Australia’s favorite beach destinations.

Transforming the NSW South Coast We’re building the largest coastal tourist/residential development ever initiated by a Local Government Authority in Australia. Shell Cove, a joint venture with Shellharbour Council includes over 3,000 residences and a 270‑berth marina. It’s a community more than 30 years in the making, now in its final stages of construction.

A rose by any other name Over our 95 year history, Frasers Property Australia has been known by many different names. Our history and heritage includes the projects of T.M Burke during the 1920s and 1930s, Hooker Corporation in the 1960s, Australand from the 1980s to the mid 2010s, and today as Frasers Property Australia.


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We understand that communities are made great by the people that call them home. That’s why we invest in longterm community growth by allocating a dedicated Community Development Manager for every new community.

Cleaner, greener, cheaper energy In 2017 we launched our very own energy provider, Real Utilities, which now provides cleaner, greener, cheaper energy solutions to thousands of our residents.

Discovery Point makes waves In 2016, Discovery Point, NSW took home the UDIA awards for excellence in both the Masterplanned Development and Mixed-Use Development categories.


Sydney’s new downtown One Central Park was named as one of the 50 most influential tall buildings of the last 50 years by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Artist’s impression

Discover a place you’ll be proud to call home Now selling

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We’re aiming to build the world’s most sustainable shopping centre At our Burwood Brickworks community in VIC, we’ve set ourselves the ambitious goal to do something that’s never been done anywhere before – to design and build a shopping centre that achieves the world’s strictest environmentally-friendly certification: The Living Building Challenge™ (LBC). Stage one of the Burwood Brickworks retail precinct is due for completion in December 2019.

Global in scale, local at heart Frasers Property Australia is part of Frasers Property Ltd, a leading developer with operations in 80 cities globally, and 5,500 staff around the world.

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I don’t think of us as developers; we’re placemakers and community builders. We start with a bit of dirt and our imaginations, and a decade or so later – if we did our jobs right – something extraordinary happens.

Cameron Leggatt

Executive General Manager of Residential Frasers Property Australia

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