Welcome to K'gari (Fraser Island)

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Many travellers have a close affinity with Kingfisher Bay Resort and the island’s key brands, but with every new chapter comes change… and it was time for something fresh! In late September 2021, it was announced the World Heritage Area within the Great Sandy National Park, along with the surrounding waters, would be renamed ‘K’gari’the original Butchulla people’s name for the island. Following this milestone, and in keeping with our long-lasting connection to K’gari, we felt it was more important than ever, to further connect our suite of tourism brands to the destination that we, (our team, and thousands of visitors each year) all know and love. We’ve embraced the island’s traditional name throughout our range of nature-based travel experiences, with accents that reflect the surrounding environment. Let us introduce to you… • Kingfisher Bay Resort • K’gari Beach Resort (formerly Eurong Beach Resort) • K’gari Explorer Tours (previously Fraser Explorer Tours)

THE YEAR OF 30 A note from the team… 2022 marks two momentous occasions; 30 YEARS since Kingfisher Bay Resort opened its doors… PLUS the 30th anniversary of K’gari’s World Heritage listing in 1992. It’s all thanks to you, our loyal guests and adventure-seeking travellers that have allowed us to honour this achievement… so join us in the celebrations, with more surprises throughout the year…