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Touring Fraser Island CHAMPAGNE POOLS

Fraser Island had been on Lauren’s bucket list for years.

The lively introduction and warm welcome from Craig, our tour guide, quickly let everyone know that we were in for an entertaining day ahead, and we’re advised to strap in and enjoy the bumpy ride. We descend down the steep sandy road, aptly named ‘the rollercoaster’, as the bus traverses the tracks across the island …the 4WD action begins!

Taking in my surroundings; a man paddleboards far out on the lake, children play in the shallows, and couples walk hand-in-hand. The untamed nature of Fraser Island calls to the spirit of everyone.

Before long, we arrive at Lake McKenzie; a perched dune lake, fed entirely by rainwater and perfectly encircled by pristine white silica sand.

As we enter the rainforest, the sound of birds come alive, the creek shimmers, and sunlight streams through the lush canopy of palms. Weaving our way along the trail, we’re met by the spectacular Satinays – once one of the island’s most popular exports, these survivors stand strong after 500 years.

Early morning calls for a slight cloud cover, giving the water a deep blue tone. Suddenly, the sun breaks


through the clouds, and a bright aquamarine hue emerges from the glistening depths. It is simply stunning – even more so than the pictures that you see.

Next stop: Central Station, where we learn about the logging history of the island, and explore the remnants of the small village of settlers who once lived here.

welcome to fraser island