Welcome to K'gari (Fraser Island)

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LARGER THAN LIFE EXPERIENCES Prepare for a heart-stopping phenomenon, and a wildlife display that will rival anything you’ve witnessed before. As the only known landmass that breaks a whale’s migratory journey, thousands of these majestic creatures travel up Fraser Island’s east coast, before venturing down into the bay. As the whale watching boat heads out onto the water, guests are advised to be on the lookout for sprays from blowholes, tail slaps or breaches off into the distance. Before long, keen eyes will no doubt spot a pec fin waving, or a majestic deep dive, signifying that a pod is nearby. Naturally inquisitive creatures, the whales also love to people-watch, just as much as travellers love to marvel at these gentle giants. Claps, whistles and waving often piques the humpback’s curiosity, and may see them approach the boats, also known as ‘mugging’. Better yet, bear witness to a breathtaking, 40-tonne aerial demonstration as these oceanic giants surge from beneath the waters’ surface, making an almighty splash.

SIGHTINGS GUARANTEED! The whale season runs annually from August 1st until the end of October, with cruises departing Kingfisher Bay Resort daily. Suitable for all ages, bookings are essential!