Welcome to K'gari (Fraser Island)

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LAKE WABBY Nestled within the native bushland and coastal sand dunes of the eastern beach lies a hidden gem... the ever-evolving, emerald-green oasis of Lake Wabby. Known as both a window lake and a barrage lake, this unique swimming spot is located at the base of the golden Hammerstone Sandblow, and will one-day be engulfed by the island’s slowly shifting sands. But for now, travellers (and a few species of fish) can revel in this picturesque freshwater beauty. TRAVEL TIP: Moderate fitness is required for this 4km return walk. The trail head is located on the eastern beach, just north of K’gari Beach Resort.



At a quick glance, this could easily be mistaken for the famous Lake McKenzie. This lesser-known, but equally spectacular lake is often much quieter than her look-alike sister, offering travellers an exclusive swimming experience. Also a perched dune lake, all organic matter is filtered out through the sand, allowing it to maintain its astonishing crystal clear appearance – swim without the crowds and soak up some island sunshine.