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Students can discover the wonders of nature’s classroom with a range of interactive experiences, learning about the wildlife and ecology of the world’s largest sand island. Enquire about education group packages within Kingfisher Bay Resort, K’gari Beach Resort and K’gari Explorer Tours.

WHY FRASER? Fraser Island is World Heritage-listed by UNESCO… The traditional owners of the land, the Butchulla people named the island, K’gari, which translates to ‘paradise’ and upon visiting this unique natural wonder, you’ll soon see why. K’gari (Fraser Island) is an untapped education destination, stretching over 123 kilometres in length, along the southern coast of Queensland. Visitors will discover ancient rainforests surrounding freshwater lakes, shifting sand dunes, iconic beaches and diverse wildlife the call this slice of Great Sandy Biosphere home. From day trips and excursions to school camps by the sea, Fraser Island is the perfect place to step out of the classroom and into the great outdoors for an immersive back-to-nature experience, led by an expert team. ▪ World Heritage-listed wilderness

WHERE IS FRASER ISLAND LOCATED? Fraser Island is just a short 3.5 hour drive or 50-minute flight from Brisbane. We can arrange charter flights and transfers for large groups.


▪ Immersive island experiences jjj

▪ Touring and activities from the resort jjj

▪ Tertiary qualified resort Ranger team jjj

▪ Itineraries are custom designed to suit your curriculum

Access is by vehicular ferry from River Heads (Hervey Bay) and the journey takes approximately 50 minutes each way. Hervey Bay is well serviced by air, rail and road.

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Fraser Island is World Heritage-listed by UNESCO… kk


The History Home to the Butchulla people who have lived here for over 5,500 years and originally called the island K’gari (meaning paradise), Fraser Island is filled with a rich cultural history, which is evident in its archaeological sites, middens and ceremonial bora rings. European history credits its discovery to Captain James Cook, who sailed by in May 1770.

The Landscape Fraser Island has been two million years in the making and combines mangroves forests, Wallum heath and peat swamps, eucalyptus woodland, sand dunes, coastal heaths and rainforest into an area just 1840km squared.


World Heritage-listed Fraser Island has UNESCO Biosphere reserve and A World Heritage status “in recognition of its outstanding natural universal values” including complex dune systems that are still evolving; perched dune lakes (second highest concentration in Australia) and rainforests that grow in sand. K’gari is the only place in the world where rainforests grow at elevations of 200m. The Forests of K’gari (Fraser Island) are also including within the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative.

Perched, barrage and window lakes are in abundance and silent running freshwater creeks are fed from natural aquifer that takes 100 years for the water to filter through. On Fraser’s eastern beach, two rocky outcrops were formed by volcanic activity 80 million years ago and remain the islands only rock surface. KK

The Flora and Fauna Whales, dugongs, dolphins, birds, dingoes, reptiles, amphibians and fish – the island is home to a diverse array of native terrestrial and water fauna. The island’s flora is equally diverse from mangrove colonies to open woodland and dense subtropical rainforest growing completely in sand. Visit for more information.

EXPLORING THE ISLAND K’GARI EXPLORER TOURS (FORMERLY FRASER EXPLORER TOURS) Sit back and relax in air-conditioned comfort, whilst our local, experienced tour guides take your group to the most interesting sites the island has to offer. Choose from our range of itineraries or let us custom design one to suit you. •

Half Day Tour – Central Station, Wanggoolba Creek, Lake McKenzie hhhh

Full Day Tour – Central Station, Wanggoolba Creek, Lake McKenzie, 75 Mile Beach, The Pinnacles, Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek, Pile Valley jjj

Eastern Beach and Dunes Tour – Eli Creek, 75 Mile Beach, The Pinnacles, Maheno Shipwreck, Indian Head, Champagne Pools jjj

Island Formation Tour – Lake Wabby, Hammerstone Sandblow and Lake Birrabeen

We have touring options for large groups and customised small group adventures. Visit for more information.

WHALE WATCHING The Humpback whales holiday in Hervey Bay from 1st August – 31st October, and cruises leave from the resort daily with close encounters with these magnificent ocean giants guaranteed!


Bushwalking through wilderness Archery Scavenger Hunt Raft Building Whale Watching Canoeing


Geography Biology History & Culture Marine Studies Ecotourism Hospitality


Central Station - Drive along Fraser Island’s inland sand tracks to Central Station, a former forestry camp, with an interpretative centre. Your guides will talk about the rainforest and the exotic King Ferns - the largest fern in the world with fronds that can reach up to 5m.

Maheno Shipwreck - Your guide will provide some interesting facts about the ship, as well as the history of other shipwrecks around Fraser Island. Study the effects of rusting, the creation of an artificial reef and the creatures that have now taken over the wreck.

Wanggoolba Creek - Walk the banks of Wanggoolba Creek, using a low impact boardwalk, and learn about the flora and fauna that inhabit this region.

Lake McKenzie - Visit Lake McKenzie, Fraser’s most beautiful freshwater lake. Take a swim in the crystal-clear waters or just enjoy its white sandy shores. Your guide will include a talk about the formation of perched lakes and the significance to the ecosystem of Fraser Island.

Eli Creek - Stop for a swim in Eli Creek or wade through the cool, fresh water or enjoy the surrounds from the boardwalk. Your guide will enthral you with information about the underground fresh water supply to Fraser Island, its source and the volume that flows into the ocean each day.

Pile Valley - Visit Pile Valley via the inland forestry tracks, where Fraser’s famous Satinay trees grow in sand, one of only two places in the world. See the tall, majestic Satinay trees that were used to line the banks of the Suez Canal and to rebuild The London Docks after World War II.

75 Mile Beach - Drive up the famous 75 Mile Beach, recognised as a highway with a top speed of 80km per hour.

The Pinnacles - See the coloured iron oxide sands of The Pinnacles. Over 70 colours of sand have been recorded.

We have touring options for large groups and customised small group adventures. Visit for more information.


Indian Head - Indian Head is the most prominent landmark on 75 Mile Beach. The 60-metre-high rocky bluff was created by volcanic activity about 50-80 million years ago.

Hammerstone Sandblow - See Fraser’s shifting sands at Hammerstone Sandblow - one of many sandblows on Fraser Island - study the sand geomorphology and geology.

Champagne Pools - Study Marine Biology at Champagne Pools - an entirely different ecosystem can be observed from the tidal rock pools. Fascinating marine creatures cling to the edges of a half wet, half-dry environment, with amazing adaptations which allow them to survive.

Lake Birrabeen - Swim the clear fresh waters of beautiful Lake Birrabeen, another perched freshwater dune lake, compare its ecology with that of Lake Wabby and learn about the formation of the lake systems on Fraser.

Lake Wabby - Trek through the dunes to emerald green Lake Wabby, one of many window lakes on the island, yet the only example of a barrage lake, where the shifting sands of Hammerstone Sandblow threaten to slowly engulf the lake altogether. Learn why the lake is green compared to Lake McKenzie or Basin and Boomanjin lakes.

We have touring options for large groups and customised small group adventures. Visit for more information.

Find out about the controversial sand mining history on Fraser Island.

Visit famous Eli Creek where fresh water flows from 75 Mile Beach into the Pacific Ocean.






Bush Tucker Talk and Taste - Sample a range of local delicacies in one of our sit-down Bush Tucker tastings. Nibble on native berries bursting with flavour, and relish in the refreshing citrus of lemon myrtle, as our Chef and Resort Ranger explain how these ingredients can be utilised in cooking.

Ecotourism - Kingfisher Bay Resort has set benchmarks in ecotourism. The resort’s architectural design, infrastructure and activities minimise the effects on the environment, conserve energy and reduce waste. Come behind the scenes and see how we operate our sewerage treatment plant and how our worms farm help us recycle.

Mangrove Walk - Dundonga Creek has a fascinating mangrove colony, which plays a vital role in sustaining the marine ecosystem. There are five mangrove species in this one area. Discover how mangroves differ form other plants; find out how they adapt to a saltwater environment and learn about the sands of the North White Cliffs and their significance in the island’s formation.

Beach Walk - At every low tide, the inter-tidal zone emerges as the water recedes and the sand flats become land, and as such, its creatures have had to adapt to survive. Walk along the beach towards McKenzie’s Jetty, an old logging site, and discover the animals and plants that inhabit this zone.

Wallum Walk - Walk through the man-made lake system and Wallum heath near the resort. On this walk you’ll learn about the link between the animals and plants in this area and look at the role fire plays in a Wallum community.


Bush Tucker & Medicine Walk - On Fraser Island, our bush provided foods and medicine for both the Butchulla and early European settlers. Learn how to identify this rich source of Australian food; find out how it can be used in everyday life; and taste the flavours of the bush. HH



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Great Sandy Strait Walk - The views on this walk-through open forest are superb and the look is a great vantage point to see the islands of the Great Sandy Strait. Discover what animals live in this type of forest and learn about the formation of Fraser Island and how the Great Sandy Strait got its name.

Z-Force Unit Circuit Hike Time: 3 hours Grade: Medium Suitable for: All ages Track Type: Well defined sand tracks, bitumen, woodchip track Seasons: Year-round - Tide dependent Features: Z Special Unit ruins bring to life the experience of commando soldiers from six countries training on Fraser Island during WW11.


Fraser Island Rangers Presentations - See the spectacular beauty of Fraser Island. Learn about the flora and fauna. Spot native wildflowers, dingoes, lizards, echidnas, snakes, birds of prey, humpback whales, dolphins, dugongs and rays. You’ll also find out why there are no koalas, kangaroos or emus on the island. HH

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Beerillbee Circuit Hike Time: 2 hours Grade: Medium Suitable for: All ages Track Type: Well defined sand tracks Seasons: Year round Features: Spectacular views of the Great Sandy Strait from the lookout point.


• Archery • Canoeing Lake McKenzie Circuit Hike • Stand Up Paddle RANGER Time: 5-7 hours (walking) Boarding • Segway Tours GUIDED Grade: High • Orienteering Suitable for: High School ACTIVITIES • Laser Skirmish Track Type: Well• defined sand tracks, some soft sections, 3 Survival Skills dunes to climb • Hiking

Seasons: March-October Features: See spring wildflowers in abundance on these open and closed forest tracks, including three species of Xanthorrhea (grass trees), native orchids and many bush tucker plants. Walk beneath all ten species of gum trees found on the island and enjoy myriad acacias and leptospermums. Ant and Antlion activity displaying coloured sands. Diversified habitats from Wallum to open woodland and rainforest, freshwater creek and a spectacular lake for swimming.




• Learn about ecotourism at Kingfisher Bay Resort including recycling programs, sewerage treatment and worm farm. Jjj

• Learn about our inter-tidal zones and investigate the crabs, worms, molluscs and crustaceans that call this area home. Discover the amazing adaptations they have made to an environment where their survival is threatened alternately by parching and flooding, oxygen and salt. Jjj

• Discover beaches, wetlands and everything in between. Hhhh

• Canoe through our mangrove colony and discover the rare and endangered birds, insects and animals that take refuge in this very sensitive environment. HH


RANGER GUIDED ACTIVITIES • Have a silent listening party (from the canoes, or on the beach). • Make a food web of mangrove ecology. Hhhh

• Attempt a sand sculpture, or some bush art and craft. Jjj

• Hear about logging of the island, the story of how K’gari was formed and whale migration. Hhhhj

• Leadership and team building activities can be tailored to suit your purposes, including raft building, archery and scavenger hunts. Jjj

• Back-of-house hospitality tours and talks. HH


Ex Kingfisher Bay Resort only. Some activities may be weather or tide dependant. Visit for more information.


EXPLORE WHALE WATCHING EXPLORING THE GREAT SANDY STRAIT MARINE PARK WHALE WATCHING CRUISE – EX KINGFISHER BAY RESORT In our neck of the woods the humpbacks aren’t just passing through on their way from their breeding grounds each August through to October – they’re actually taking time out in the pristine waters off Fraser Island, specifically Platypus Bay to socialise, have some fun, learn some essential life skills and nurture their young. Why not take time out in your itinerary and enjoy a fun day out in the Great Sandy Marine Park where you can take photos and videos of the whales in action. hhhh

▪ Season August to October jjj

▪ Cruise departs the resort daily jjj

▪ The skipper and staff on board provide expert commentary jjj

▪ Wheel chair access, children’s activity books and refreshments are all part of the service jjj

▪ Advanced Eco Accreditation Visit for more information.

Watch as these inquisitive creatures leap from the ocean, wave their pec fins and splash their tails.


EXPLORE SEA EXPLORER EXPLORING THE GREAT SANDY STRAIT MARINE PARK ADVENTURE CRUISE – EX KINGFISHER BAY RESORT Embark on an unforgettable eco adventure aboard the 'Osprey', a custom-built fast boat and immersive, nature-based experiences exclusive to Kingfisher Bay Resort. Discover unique wildlife, vast coastline and explore the remote surrounding islands and banks within the Great Sandy National Park - it's a cruisy time and fun for the entire group. ▪ Spot magnificent marine life including turtles, dugongs and dolphins with help from our expert skipper and Ranger Guides, learning about an entirely different ecosystem to the islands eastern coast students discover on the 4WD Island Tour. hhhh

▪ Journey along the west coast of Fraser Island to Pelican Bank, an exposed sand bar and the ideal location to spot pelicans. jjj

▪ Explore Big Woody Island and secluded freshwater creeks with a guided nature walk across a pristine untouched paradise. jjj

▪ Custom-made itineraries are available.

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Fascinating marine creatures such as dugongs can be found in Fraser Island waters. Join a Great Sandy adventure aboard the Osprey.

K’GARI WORLD HERITAGE DISCOVERY CENTRE LEARN ABOUT FRASER ISLAND’S RICH HISTORY GUIDED TOURS + INDOOR ACTIVITY SPACE – KINGFISHER BAY RESORT The World Heritage Discovery Centre is a joint project of the University of the Sunshine Coast and Kingfisher Bay Resort. Our dedicated team is passionate about sharing Fraser Island’s history and UNESCO title. There are further interpretation stages to occur. Learn about the island’s: ▪ Tall rainforests growing in sand at the world’s highest elevation ▪ Perched lakes formed from shifting sand and foliage ▪ Ancient sand dune systems and their ability to cover forests and plant life ▪ Coloured sands and a location where over 72 colours can be found ▪ Flora and fauna necessary to help the ecosystem flourish ▪ Fauna that requires fires to survive

Visit for more information.

The new K’gari (Fraser Island) World Heritage Discovery Centre is based at Kingfisher Bay Resort with our Ranger team available for tours.

Images: World Heritage Discovery Centre, Drosera Spatulata "Fraser Island“ Sundew, Dingo pawprint, World Heritage Discovery Centre




Kingfisher Bay Resort, located on World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, offers the perfect balance between education, fun and adventure.

Enjoy the best of the bush from the private native-timber deck, or soak up the smells and sounds of the land as you wander our low-impact walkways.

The resort, on the western side of Fraser Island has capitalised on the island’s untouched surrounds, creating a living classroom for student groups of all ages.

When the day is done, stretch out in airconditioned comfort on the queen or kingsingle beds and reflect on a day well-spent. Ask about upgrading to bay view or spa rooms.

It’s all about nature on Fraser Island – giving your school group the opportunity to ‘think outside the square’ and go on a learning adventure that will explore all their senses.

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*small groups only and submit to availability


• Secure, dingo-fenced property • Four swimming pools • Tennis courts • Disabled facilities • General Store • Conference facilities • WIFI in hotel rooms (charge applies)


EXPLORE K’GARI BEACH RESORT (PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS EURONG BEACH RESORT) IN THE DUNES ON 75 MILE BEACH There aren’t too many beach resorts that can boast that they’re literally built in the dunes atop one of the world’s best beaches…but K’gari Beach Resort can. Set on Fraser Island’s famous east coast – it’s an easy ferry trip and four-wheel drive from Rainbow Beach, Wanggoolba Creek or Kingfisher Bay Resort. K’gari is undoubtedly one of Queensland’s most scenic resort locations, but who would’ve thought this large sandy isle could support so much life.

Our accommodation is perfect for keeping your group in one common area and close to the iconic locations. Quad rooms sleep up to a maximum of four people in single beds with private bathroom facilities – so no queuing for the showers in the morning. Rooms are conveniently located near the main restaurant complex and swimming pool area, and only a short walk to the beach. 75 Mile Beach location nearby… • • • •

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Champagne Pools Eli CreekLL Maheno Shipwreck The Pinnacles Coloured Sands


• Secure, dingo-fenced property • Two swimming pools • Tennis courts • Fully equipped guest laundry • Disabled facilities • Bakery • General Store

CONTENT OVERVIEW Bursting with natural history, geology and culture, Fraser Island is the perfect choice to take learning out of the classroom and into the outdoors. Our Ranger Guides would love to share their knowledge; so let us custom design an itinerary to suit your needs.

Geography ▪ Visit our shifting sandblows ▪ Canoe through mangroves ▪ Study sustainable development on Fraser Island


Biology ▪ Visit Pile Valley and Wanggoolba Creek ▪ Study the nocturnal creatures ▪ Observe leaf, plant and tree ecosystems and track identification History and Culture ▪ Learn about the indigenous history ▪ European settlement and logging Marine Studies ▪ Study Humpback Whales ▪ Ecosystems and inter-tidal zones ▪ Marine creature adaptations ▪ Sea Explorer cruises within the Great Sandy National Park Ecotourism and Hospitality ▪ Back-of-house tours ▪ Ecotourism benchmarks Leadership and Team Building ▪ Raft building ▪ Archery ▪ Scavenger hunt

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