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ISSUE 1 2013

Leeds is a vibrant city packed with young bright individuals with a flair for creativity. open doors gives people the opportunity to have their work published increasing any future opportunities in the creative industry. Packed with fashion, music and art there is something for everyone.


Interview with bo carter Your designs are bright and playful and refuse to use fur or leather, with the ever growing fashion market embracing pleather, micro-suede and faux fur do you think this is something high class fashion will be embracing more in their designs? Yeah, I love colors very much and prints. I tried to make one collection with plain colors and it went so wrong, its not me unless its bright and fun. I really hope people will care more about what they are wearing and the use of fur will completely stop. It’s not acceptable. It’s You’re originally from Poland what made you down to designers to stop it and stand by come to Leeds? it and for customers to refuse to buy it. I I always wanted to travel the world, hope and believe its achievable. experience new places and life in as many countries as possible...I moved to UK as my How would you define the style of your husband at that time was English. collections? It’s a mixture. I love experimenting with Have you always been into fashion design fabrics and styles. I don’t follow fashion, and why did you decide to go down the don’t watch telly and don’t buy any path of cruelty free clothing? magazines so I’ve got no idea what are I always liked clothes but never thought current trends. I believe we all create our much of it. I was just a girl who liked own trends. I love Victorian style, and the matching colors of hangers to the dresses... punk style. So sometimes I try to put them and the pegs on washing lines had to match together...and just have fun with it. the clothes too.. I love animals. Cruelty free clothing isn’t a Any advice for any perspective fashion choice it’s just the only way I do things. We designers? progressed and civilized as humans well Be yourself, be prepared for hard work enough to know that we do not need to and remember that this life is not just use animals in making clothes. There are no about glam. excuses. What are your fashion goals for the Has any one or thing inspired you in the future? making of your collections? Make more and more people aware of Music, trees and dreams. cruelty to animals in the fashion industry and hope to stop child labour one day... ambitious and challenging... I recently found out about fashion designer Bo Carter, a talented designer who has found her collections being shown in several countries including America and Bangalore. Bo Carter was voted most talented new designer at the PETA UK Vegan Fashion Awards 2013. Her designs are bright and fun, averting from the use of animal skins in her work, she puts her creativity into her clothing exploring the use of synthetic fabrics. We caught up with her to find out a little bit more about her and what inspires her collections.



Carnabells are an energetic and exciting band, the first time I heard them I fell in love with their energy for their music. The keyboard mixed with guitar bluesy twists gives the bands an addictive energy, which keeps everyone happily bouncing to their rhythms. Their sound uses their heart and soul in traditional rock n roll music, their music is often described as ‘Coal Mine Rock’. With Carnabells increasing fan base I thought it was about time I caught up with the guys and got to know abit more about them. How did you guys get together and form the band? Brothers Luke and Mitchen started jamming tune together and decided to form a rock n roll group along side Tom Webster whose on drums, Jack Mattison on keys and Louis Appleyard on Bass. We found a big love for the 1950’s music and decided to grow quiffs and wear braces and denim jackets. Where did the name Carnabells come from? The name came from two London street names. The first Portobello came to mind when the magician on bed knobs and broomsticks sings the song Portobello road. That alone was a choice for the bands name but after it was discovered to be a form of mushroom, we combined it with Carnaby Street to form Carnabells.

Who are your musical influences? And do you have any guilty pleasures in? Biggest influences would be the artists from the 1950’s such as Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry and Gene Vincent. Modern day artists include Peter Doherty, Johnny Marr and Yorkshire groups such as The Cribs, Artic Monkeys and The Kaiser Chiefs. When coming to Guilty pleasures Tom has a secret love for Take That and Luke is partial to a bit of Avicii now and again… If you could choose anyone to tour with who would it be? We’d like to jump in a time machine back a few years and do a tour with chuck berry. He seems a right laugh. What do you love about Leeds and the music scene? It’s just buzzing. So many ace venues and bars to hear bands perform, there’s always something decent going off every week. Things like Live at Leeds do wonders for the city too. Tell us something about the band that your fans don’t know. Jack Mattison has over 6,000 twitter followers, and we’re all very jealous of that fact. What can people expect when they come to your live shows? A loud energetic danceable set of tunes. And expect to see some exotic choice of shirts from Jack.

What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you planning on seeking fame and fortune? We once did a gig in Nandos and got loads of free chicken. It was ace. So if we get to do that more often, we’ll be happy. Finally describe Carnabells in 3 words? Quiffs, Denim, Braces. Carnabells offers something new and exciting, it offers something to the music scene that we have all been waiting for, this music you cant help but love. Lastly, thank you so much Carnabells, for taking the time to answer our questions. For more info on up coming gigs and releases visit.

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