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Tennis elbow shock relief

Langwarrin aged care to set new benchmark the local community whom are not IT is with great excitement that only experienced and qualified, but Signature Care introduces Langwarrin whom share our vision to be conCommunity Aged Care, Langwarrin’s YOU have had a big week on the tools or have Physiotherapy and graded exercise are more sidered a well-respected provider of first residential aged care home, and increased the amount of tennis you are playing likely in the first instance, but for more stubborn quality care and our mission to enrich one that proudly sets a new benchor may have a new racquet. Then it seems like conditions, shockwave has shown good results. residents’ quality of life, including mark for the sector. everything you pick up, not just racquets and “The evidence at the moment suggests between 24/7 RNs on site". "We are proud to share our signifitools, hurts. Even simple things like a cup of three to five treatments are required, but most “Your home with loving care” is cant investment in our new Langwartea can be painful if your elbow is bad. This can people should see an improvement within three not just a catch-line; it describes the rin Community Aged Care home, an really make work a misery, or the prospect of sessions. It has a success rate up to 90%,’’ thought and consideration that has investment that will not only benefit playing tennis, foreboding. Ternes says. gone into ensuring that the residents our residents and their families, but The pain on the outside of the elbow The Shockwave therapy is administered for a feel at home in their new home. For the Langwarrin community at large," is due to inflammation of the tendon, the three-minute period to the affected area during example, they have provided large said Signature Care Director Amal common extensor origin, where the forearm consecutive weekly appointments. “It is a bit satellite kitchens (smaller break-away Witnish. extensor muscles attach. It is commonly of an uncomfortable sensation” Ternes says, kitchens), where residents can see the "We have not only invested extenknown as “tennis elbow” but is called lateral “like most physio hands-on treatments with a meal choices on offer and can smell sively in the design, construction and epicondylalgia or epicondylitis amongst physios little discomfort during the treatment. Rowson the meals which are cooked fresh on fit-out of our home, including providand doctors. Physiotherapist David Ternes says says “After each session, most people get a site daily. They also have a café that ing all the mod-cons that you would that it is an is an overuse injury, and requires significant reduction of pain and symptoms. overlooks our children’s playground, expect to find in a luxury hotel – large initial rest, particularly if aching at night, icing, which we hope will encourage greatsingle rooms with private en-suites, strengthening and stretching exercises, and grandchildren to visit and spend time views from your patio or balcony, massage. with their loved one. chef-cooked meals, on-site laundry Apart from the above solutions, there is a Residents can be treated to some service, personally controlled reverse newer healing technology that is making a pampering at the onsite hairdressing cycle air conditioning, smart TV profound difference to Tennis Elbow sufferers. and beauty salon and they have a with Combitel (internal Channel that Practice owner, Paul Rowson says movie theatre, chapel, piano lounge, shows movies, various lifestyle activ“Shockwave Therapy is often useful, because billiard lounge, library and activities, etc) – but more importantly, we the common extensor origin is a connective ity rooms to engage residents and have invested in systems and software tissue, not a muscle. It puts a significant encourage socialisation, which has that will keep your loved ones safe shockwave through the tissues you apply it to. never been more important. including electronic care planning It is a pressure wave which brings blood flow Langwarrin Community Aged Care software, personal care, medication to the area. Tendons and connective tissue do will provide permanent, respite and management and clinical care. not have much blood supply and can take a long dementia care for 144 residents in the "Against the backdrop of a Royal time to heal. Shockwave artificially stimulates local and surrounding community. Commission and the Covid 19 panthe healing of the tendon.” They are looking forward to weldemic, we have also invested in a Shockwave therapy can also be used on coming our new residents and their facial recognition and fever screening Achilles tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, golfer’s families from 5 November 2020. terminal at our entrance points, which elbow, and rotator cuff tendon problems, and If you are interested in booking a ensures that access for staff and visiis usually most effective on long term chronic tour or have any enquiries, please call tors is restricted if their temperature is problems, rather than acute injuries. 1300 1300 13 and they will be more above 37.5 degrees. Both physios say, Shockwave is not the than happy to assist you in any way "Most importantly, we have first line of treatment for injured patients. they can. invested in our people – people from


Long term it stimulates healing, short term it reduces pain.” “Probably the best thing is, the effects are long lasting. It stops a lot of people having more invasive things like surgery or injections. The treatment is considered safe, but can produce skin reddening or bruising, short term pain, and cannot be used on people taking blood thinning medications or with bleeding disorders.” “It is important to know that Shockwave has a long-term effect. Most of the time you have good outcomes without having to have further treatments.” Shockwave is now available in Balnarring. Call in and speak to the physios to see if it suits your condition.

Tennis Elbow

Right arm, lateral (outside) side

Physiotherapist, David Ternes. Picture: Yanni

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We are often told to think on our feet but rarely think about our feet until we have a foot problem or injury that makes us realize how important feet are to our lifestyle, mobility and independence. Irrespective of your age or lifestyle you need to ensure that you have proper fitting shoes that give good support for your walking gait to prevent sore feet, ankles, knees and back pain. It starts from supporting the developing feet of an infant to creating effective arch support and comfort for ageing feet. This has focused several health professionals in collaboration with specialist shoe manufacturers to design “foot solutions” that give excellent foot support for those standing on their feet all day, such as nursing, hairdressing, teaching or retail as well as treat and prevent foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel spur, hammer toes and bunions. Bayside Shoes in partnership with the podiatrist design manufacturer of Revere & Vionic has made available a fashionable range of orthotic support and orthotic friendly shoes, boots and sandals that have inbuilt arch support with the flexibility to replace this with your customized orthotic where necessary. This range offers not only an orthotic support but is very elegant and attractive to wear for all occasions whether work, play or that special occasion. The Vionic range offers fashionable style that doesn’t hurt your feet. # Am J Sports Med 2007; 35:972 Vionic Shoes incorporates * lnt J Surg 2015; 24:113-222 over 30 years of podiatry science2015; into24:207-9 a simple, and elegant ^ Int J Surgery contoured foot bed – supporting you from the ground up. Each Vionic foot bed, features arch support for alignment, deep heel cups for stability, and a flexible forefoot for mobility. With an extensive range, Vionic Shoes offer comfort footwear options from trendy casual and sports sneakers to elegant boots, stylish work shoes and casual sandals. The Revere range offers elegant style and support all in one shoe. Fashion and function form the pillars of revere Shoes’ design philosophy with every

Up to 90% success rate# | Non invasive therapy Radial Shockwave therapy Clinically proven* to help these conditions: • Heel pain (plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy)

• Rotator cuff tendinopathy with calcification

• Tennis & golfers elbow

• Hip bursitis

• Patella tendinopathy

• Shin splints and heel spurs

• Frozen shoulder

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design decision made with these principles at the forefront. Revere Shoes’ latest Summer collection is no exception as its styles capture its international designs of Verona, Geneva, Portofino, Catalina, Osaka, Miami, Zanzibar and Tahiti reflecting a global elegance. Bayside Shoes has been operating for over 30 years and has established an excellent professional reputation for its service and endeavors to create a high customer satisfaction by finding shoe solutions for difficult or damaged feet. Bayside strives to ensure a high level of personal service and shoe choice with the best quality, supportive shoes from Kid’s First Walkers through to school, work, play and formal shoes across all age groups and special occasions. Bayside Shoes also offers an extensive range of work & formal LARGE size shoes for women (11/42 – 14/45) and men (12 / 46 to 17/51). Bayside Shoes is located at 103 Railway Parade, Seaford on the corner of Clovelly Parade and has both free and disability parking near its entrance with wheel chair ramp access to the store. View the Bayside Shoes range on its website baysideshoewarehouse.com.au or phone 03 9785 1887 if you have an enquiry.

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Frankston Times 3 November 2020

Frankston Times 3 November 2020  

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