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The Football Pennant – Carrum Defeats Hastings by 14 Points Compiled by Cameron McCullough THE Mornington Peninsula Association rang down its curtain on Saturday last, when, before a very large and enthusiastic attendance, Carrum wrested the premiership from Hastings by 14 points. The match was played at Somerville. Hastings did not make any changes, and relied on the same team that defeated the Carrumites the week before. As Mackay was on the injured list, he was replaced by Homsie in the Carrum team, whilst Carroll was replaced by Johnstone. Apart from these changes, the sides were the same as published in “The Standard” last issue. As umpire, Osborne showed distinct improvement, and escaped the satire of the critics. He gave 35 frees to Hastings and 26 to Carrum. The decisions of at least one goal umpire were not quite so satisfactory. It was a brilliant opening quarter. At the very outset, Carrum came into the game with confidence, and one quickly realised that Hastings would have to give a very fine exhibition to repeat its performance of the Saturday before. In any case, Carrum opened briskly, and for a time Rigaldi was in the limelight, being the most prominent of the initial stages. Receiving from Tom Feavor, he scored the first point with a beautiful place. Knox sent the sphere to Dalton, but Smith secured and returned to Comer, who lost no time in sending it along. Carlson and Ballinger soared into space after it, and the Carrumite proved successful. He raised the two flags for the first time that day. Jack and Hurley attacked and Garth

capped the effort with six points. There was some excellent individualistic efforts in the next few minutes – Carlson’s dominance in the ruck, Peddle’s fine picking up, and Fred Davis fine dashes being outstanding features. Tom Feavor, busy as the proverbial bee, worked the play into Carrum territory, where Carlson snapped a single. Langholtz put his boot well into the leather, only to have it marked by Carlson and returned to Rigaldi, who brought more grist to Carrum’s mill in the shape of six points from a long place. A move by Knox was negatived by Oliver, and, thanks to unselfish play by Comer, Rigaldi snared it, and punted another major point. Smith was fine in defence, but some of the Carrum players were paying too much attention to Floyd, who was getting any quantity of frees. The play was very spirited, and, just as Garth was en route for goal, Carmichael brought “Pompy” Davis heavily to earth. With the free, Davis passed to West and Lucas, and play strayed to opposite territory. Will Allen, however, returned to his brother, whose try was spoilt by Smith. “Pompy” Davis pushed Alf Tipping, right in front, but he sent it out. Fred Davis shoved Floyd into space, but the shot strayed. Oliver and Rigaldi brought the sphere back to Cullen, who, getting into difficulties, passed to Tom Feavor, and a worthy try was frustrated by Knox. Armstrong and Woolley – sounds more like cricket – helped it along to Hastings territory, where some fine play by Alf Tipping was finished by Garth with six points. Hurley secured at centre, and R. Tipping hand-balled to Garth, who again kicked

straight and true. These two goals by Garth put life into the Hastings enthusiast. At this stage, Carrum were leading by 2 points – 3.2 to 3.0. The second quarter, too, was very interesting. A nice effort for a single by “Pompy” Davis opened the scoring, and a second point by Heffernan a moment hence resulted. A series of passes by Langholtz, Woolley, Floyd and Francis merited the applause that followed, but Laging spoilt the series by returning to Oliver. Stryde and Johnstone sent it to “Pompy” Davis, who had a fine chance to score, but he kicked poorly. A rush by Peddle to Mirabella was cheered, and the play opened out a bit for a change. Homsie had a couple of fruitless shots before Carlson added a point. Langholtz and Ballinger forced the play to the centre, but back it came, and Homsie scored a point. Wells marked and gave Cullen a chance, and the goal was duly recorded. Tom Feavor and Cullen had shots for nought, but West got a point. This player – who so closely resembles ‘Snowy’ Atkinson of Fitzroy fame – met with severe injury, and from this out Carrum were a man short. Frank Allen, in soaring into the air, also got a nasty clout on the way up! Laging got a free and playing to Homsie, a point resulted. “Dido” Feavor sent it to Cullen for a single, but he followed with a goal. Peddle and Francis transferred activities to opposite territory, where a curious incident occurred. A scrimmage was in progress, and from it Hastings kicked for the goal. The ball first struck the goal post, and, as it bounced back, Garth kicked it through. Of course, it wasn’t a goal, but to the astonishment

of everybody, the League goal umpire gave it a goal. Carrum were leading by 15 points – 5.9 to 4.0. The third quarter was spoilt by a series of free fights, in which the most “brawlsome” on the ringside eagerly joined. These fighting maniacs (who, in ordinary circumstances, couldn’t fight their way out of the waxworks) apparently hunt in packs, like wolves, and are only game when they have about 25 to 1 in their favor. They are real excrescences on the game. But, to the story. Floyd and Carlson were having some fine battles, and, so far as the frees went, Floyd was having slightly the better of it. But, both were taking some fine marks. Cullen opened the scoring with a point, and Comer had a shot, but the breeze swept it out. Ballinger returned, and Frank Allen played to Alf Tipping, who got a point. Carmichael secured and passed to Garth, who registered his fifth goal in succession – a very fine performance. Then we had some “merry moments.” It happened just in front of the “Press Box” (to wit, the wire fence, with a police man’s horse in front, as a rule). Smith kicked in the ruck, and Alf Tipping got the boot in the ribs. Naturally, Alf didn’t care much about it, so he jobbed Dido Feavor, who had nothing to do with it, but who had arrived just in time to get cracked. “Dido,” not appreciating Alf’s fist, returned the compliment. Then the brave youths from the boundary hopped into it, followed by a posse of police. Osborne, who, to give him due credit, will not stand any funny business, got them going again. The incident probably cost Hastings the game, as a couple of the players

were like “wild men from Borneo” and several chances were lost. Laging, fouled by one of the “wild men,” got a goal from a free. Back once more, Wells fouled Dalton, who kicked a goal – but only one flag went up. It was certainly a surprising verdict. As the Irishman might put it, Hastings got a goal they did not get and did not get a goal they did get ! After another bit of bruise, Osborne cautioned Alf Tipping for paying his respects to “Dido” Feavor and “Pompy” Davis. In the meantime, Garth raised the two flags by a clever bit of play. Carrum were leading by 9 points – 6.12 to 6.3. The final quarter opened with a nice dash by Dalton, but Rigaldi scored the first point. Mirabella was the pick of the field in this quarter, having much the better of the duels with Comer. But, by design or accident, Mirabella tripped Comer in front, but only a point came of it. Jack, of Hastings, and Tom Feavor and Fred Davis made some spirited dashes. Carrum were attacking and ‘Pompy’ Davis, Cullen and Comer (from a lovely mark) added singles. The breeze was a bit contrary. After another little fight, Carmichael raised the two flags with a well-timed punt. Five minutes to go – Hastings wanted 9 points to win. Oliver got a point for Carrum, and Jack added one to Hastings’ score. A great effort was made, the play was fast but fair, every man doing his utmost. In the midst of the excitement, Tom Feavor rushed out, and kicked the final goal, which placed the issue beyond doubt. Carrum had won the 1921 premiership by 14 points – 7.18 to 7.4. *** From the pages of the Frankston and Somerville Standard, 16 September 1921

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