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Wall to wall artworks

have been of new murals Artists A SERIES Frankston. part painted aroundlast month to take See story came to town Picture Fest. in the Big Supplied page 5. Picture:

Wall to wall artworks A SERIES of new murals have been painted around Frankston. Artists came to town last month to take part in the Big Picture Fest. See story page 5. Picture: Supplied

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Hughes has put forward that the Counciled.” Hein Frankston viewed, by cuts totocounput togethcut promise the proposal their reality,” response A proposal put forward by Cr Hughes erty value. year. He told financialed.” rates for 2022/2023 be offsetAby Cr Steven to coun- ers pays more as a percentage of proptouch with the cuts 24/2/21). put togethoffset by(“Rate be these rate income andvaluation capital works average corporate rate income proposal director“the to cut general per cent in out of many of by council’s er and in February last year to cut rates by one spend iscosts to the The and council thanoperating that “total Times in andTimes lowercil’s capital works erty value. Council says this is because five a proposal costs corporate A response lower that the imwith a 7-2 vote cil’s operating director is generally residents by year. He told rates are commercial services read im-Frankston driver mainthat theread thewhy “the average valuation in Frankston per cent was rejected significantly council’s Frankston council’s by and program. er The would cut rate financial program. is of the five per cent councils pactmotion, simple, ifto the services than many of these (“Rate cut promise not supported” are. It’s quite as they as highrate cut would the 2022/2023 “total council spend In response to the motion, council’s is generally lower commercial In response cent significant and will imand commercial that in Times 24/2/21). will go be “extremely im-than rates rates are the five percouncil spends and commercial councils and significantly lower The Times and willless why Frankston director corporate if pact of pact on council’s future ability to both director corporate significant to both the main driver are. 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A WOMAN has had her car impounded after being caught driving while allegedly unlicensed and on drugs. Somerville Highway Patrol pulled the woman over in Carrum Downs last week, 5 June. They say the driver, a woman in her 40s, was unlicensed and then failed a roadside drug test. Police impounded the woman’s car for a month. She is expected to be charged on summons with traffic offences. Two hours after that incident, Somerville Highway Patrol members pulled over another car in Seaford. The driver, a woman in her 30s, also failed a roadside drug test. The driver is expected to be summonsed to court at a later date.

Did you know... Credit card deception you can view our papers online A WOMAN is wanted for allegedly stealing and using a credit card around the Frankston area. Police have released an image (below) of a women they wish to speak to about the credit card deception. Anyone who recognises her can contact Frankston CIU on 9784 5590 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Bayside

SPRAY paint cans and other items seized by police at Frankston Station. Picture: Supplied

Man at station cops a spray A MAN has been hit with a fine for allegedly carrying graffiti equipment at Frankston Station. Last Tuesday 7 June, PSOs patrolling Frankston Station spoke to a 20-year-old man they allege was riding without a ticket and covered in paint stains. Police searched the man’s three backpacks

and allegedly found 22 cans of spray paint, 42 aerosol can nibs, five texta nibs, two bottles of ink, blue overalls, a hi-vis jacket, and a hard hat. Police gave the man a $909 fine for possession of a prescribed graffiti implement without a lawful excuse.

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14 June 2022