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Video Keyword Spy is 100% SAFE to use as it does not use 'Live Events', and will therefore NOT jeopardize any Youtube channels or accounts.

So, to re-cap some of the benefits..... Let's you quickly identify the difficulty for ranking a video for ANY specific keyword in Google Works great for generic keywords and LOCAL keywords Is a 100% safe and reliable method as you do not need to publish videos or use Youtube accounts / channels to determine the results Provides different levels of data / results using a simple traffic light system Gives a CLEAR and precise conclusion - You don't need to be a math geek! Let's you quickly determine how competitive and difficult any specific NICHE is Saves time creating and ranking videos when there is little to zero chance of getting results For a better understanding of the software, watch the 'demo' video below.

See the Software Demo Video Below

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Video Keyword Spy Review Video Keyword Spy is my brand new desktop software that allows you to quickly identify jus...

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