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Ace Hardware 409 Hwy 98 850-653-1400 Allens Bait & Tackle 462 Hwy 98 850-653-9282 Apalach Outfitters 29 Ave. E 850-653-3474 Bay City 1000 Bay City Rd 850-653-9294 Red’s Family Store 243 Hwy 98 850-653-1763


Fisherman’s Choice 330 Hwy 98 850-670-8088 Segree Bait & Tackle and Retail Seafood 379 Highway 98 850-323-2358 Taylor’s Building Supply 268 Hwy 98 850-670-8529


Fisherman’s Headquarters 40 W. Bayshore Dr, 850-927-9817 Island Adventures 105 E. Gulf Beach Dr. 850-927-3655 Island Outfitters 235 E Gulf Beach Dr. 850-927-2604 Jolly Roger Beach Shop 139A W. Gorrie Dr. 850-927-2999 Journey’s of St. George 240 E. Third St. 850-927-3259 Survivor’s Island Bait & Tackle 28 W. Pine Ave, 850-927-3113

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Hometown Deli 109 St. James Ave., 850- 697-5111 Frank’s Bait & Tackle 103 St James Ave, 850-697-9232 Lanark Market 2340 Hwy 98 850-697-2211

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Apalachicola Boat Rentals by Wefing’s Marine 131 Hwy 98, Eastpoint 850-670-8100 Apalachicola Maritime Museum 103 Water St. Apalachicola 850-653-2500 Island Outfitters 235 E Gulf Beach Dr. St. George Island 850-927-2604 Journey’s of St. George Island 240 E Third St. St. George Island 850-927-3259 Jolly Roger Beach Shop 139A W. Gorrie Dr. St. George Island 850-927-2999 jollyrogerbeachshop St. George Island Beach Service  850-670-4536 Call for delivery

morning using top-water plugs. In fact, the big fish get so shallow that many seasoned anglers get out of their beloved boats and wade the shallow bars at first light. Catch and (careful) release is important when you do hook up with one of these big girls because she's carrying the future of our fishing. Traditionally this is not a good month for beach fishing and the fish have spread out somewhat from deep holes and the grass flats haven't started growing. However, if the surf temperature gets over 65 degrees there can be whiting caught from the gulf beaches and possible early scouts of Spanish mackerel and the prized pompano.

March It has always been thought that March was one of the most difficult months to fish. First and foremost there is going to be wind, lots of wind most of the time. In addition there is the great anticipation that fishing will "break loose" after the winter. But generally this is a month of steady warming and improving action

along the beaches, especially St. George Island and the east end of St. George Island State Park. As is the case for most of the fishing year the best action will always be in the first third of a tide change and, generally, when the tidal current is fastest. Most of the beach action will be Spanish mackerel and ladyfish on top-water plugs and spoons; pompano, mackerel and flounder on silver-headed jigs and trout and mackerel on slow-sinking twitch baits like the MirrOlure ™. Whiting and flounder will be caught up very close on the beaches just behind breaking waves; sliverheaded jigs work well here, too.

April While the winds will still be annoying, this is a month that fishing does indeed cut loose as the surf temperatures get into the 70's. This will possibly be the peak month of the pompano run with the large schools cruising down the beaches looking for mole crabs (sand fleas) that are populating the shallow surf in growing numbers. Continued on page 34

Franklin County, Florida Visitor Guide  

2014 Guide to Apalachicola, Alligator Point, Carrabelle, Eastpoint and St. George Island

Franklin County, Florida Visitor Guide  

2014 Guide to Apalachicola, Alligator Point, Carrabelle, Eastpoint and St. George Island