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Handy and Hands-on

Handy and Hands-on

In the home-services arena, many owners are hands-on—at least at first

A home-services franchise can be a great investment for someone wanting a recession-resistant franchise model. I recently worked with a franchise candidate who had just retired from a home-improvement store. He wanted to invest his retirement savings in a home-services franchise. This seemed to make sense, given that he had worked in home-improvement retailing for many years.

After developing a rapport with my candidate, I learned that he was 59 years old and had very bad knees. Do home-services franchise owners work in the business daily or do they oversee others who take care of the day-to-day activities? The answer can be—and most often is—both.

“Some home-service franchises require spending lots of time on knees and back, and significant ladder climbing.”

With many home-service franchises, the owner initially may need to walk the streets (sometimes literally) making connections in the neighborhood he will serve. In addition, the owner may be the person on-call for service visits, repairs, and installation tasks. Some home-service franchises require inching along in crawl spaces, spending lots of time on knees and back, and significant ladder climbing. Of course, it depends on the brand you choose, so make sure you ask the right questions.

In some cases, the franchise owner could spend months—or even years—doing handson work. He can step into the overseer/ CEO role only after the business is established with contractors/employees in place, a solid clientele built up, referral sources pinned down, and steady work coming in. This means it’s a less-than-ideal option for a retiree with bad knees.

Home-services franchises, like other franchises, have unique touches and approaches within their business plans. If you’re looking into the home-services industry, study the opportunity in depth so you fully understand the owner’s initial and long-term roles to make sure the industry is right for you.

Don Clayton has spent more than 15 years helping others achieve their dream of business ownership. Starting as a franchise consultant for Fran- Serve in 2001, he quickly became a top producer. His passion for the business led Don to the position of VP of Talent Acquisition, where he is committed to recruiting qualified candiates who are likely to succeed. Contact Don at don@franserve.com or 919-777-0178.