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WELCOME TO NOODLE BOX INTRODUCTION Thank you for expressing interest in a Noodle Box Franchise, the fastest growing noodle franchise network in Australia. Together with our franchise partners, we sell over 1,000,000 kilograms of noodles per year in 78 stores across Australia. During an average week, we serve over 80,000 hot, healthy and fresh noodle based meals to over 60,000 customers across Australia. We are passionate about high quality fresh ingredients. All our recipes are authentic, fresh, healthy and great tasting. At Noodle Box, we provide innovative turn–key solutions and systems. We also provide opportunities for overseas born business people who have a passion for food and the hospitality industry.

At Noodle Box we are: • Passionate about fresh ingredients and healthy meals

We look forward to welcoming you to the Noodle Box Team to help drive the continued growth of not only our business, but yours as well.

• Empowering motivated results driven people everyday • Rewarding our partners for setting and achieving their own goals • Inspiring a “hands on” approach to running your own business • Committed to you and our customers by providing world standard business systems, customer service, education and training • Driven to lead the QSR industry through innovation • Enthusiastic about helping eligible migrants into their own successful business We are very excited to present to you the opportunity of joining the Noodle Box Team and hope you find this information kit the start of a new and exciting beginning.

David Milne & Josh James Founders Noodle Box Australia Pty Ltd

Eating isn’t just about feeding the stomach, it’s also about feeding the soul. Get these right and you’re on your way to something better. But the road to feeling good isn’t an easy one, and along the way fatty treats will try to tempt you. The true path is found inside the box. It’s there that the fresh ingredients, the zesty, sweet, sour and hot flavours, original recipes and the masters of the wok, all carefully combine to lead the way to happiness. When the balance between freshness and flavour is achieved, your taste buds will jump with joy and your body will thank you - and it’s then that you’ll truly understand...





At Noodle Box we believe that by embracing growth and development within our franchise system, we will empower our people (franchisees, their staff and all internal support staff) to promote strong profitable growth, provide customers with the highest quality fresh and healthy noodle based meals, and deliver excellent service through highly trained and motivated teams.

Noodle Box was founded by Josh James and David Milne in 1996. Legend has it the two young entrepreneurs were on a world trip where they discovered ice cream being served in a convenient and classy box, and South East Asia where they experienced the exotic, fresh flavours of the local cuisine. On their return to Melbourne they decided the time was right to combine the two. The first Noodle Box flavours were served piping hot at the flagship store in Chapel Street, Melbourne, the retail and fashion heart of the city. The Chapel Street store was a resounding success, and in 2002 Noodle Box began offering franchises. Since then, Noodle Box has been expanded to become the fastest growing Noodle Franchise in Australia with a combination of both Overseas born and Australian born Business Owners, staff and Head Office employees.

The Noodle Box experience is about sharing our passion for healthy, fresh, authentic food, delivered with style, in a warm and friendly environment.

VISION Noodle Box will strive to constantly evolve and provide the latest trends in the industry, by believing in the absolute importance of customer satisfaction and service excellence, while continuing to develop innovative food of the highest quality, which will be ultimately recognised by our customers as the brand of choice for Asian food in Australia.

We are passionate about creating memorable food and service experiences for our customers. These are enhanced via the theatre of our Noodle Cooks in sleek stainless steel open kitchens, to the warmth of the timbers of our interiors and custom made furniture, to the fragrant aromas emanating from the fresh produce, to our friendly owners who greet each customer with a welcoming Noodle Box smile.

ABOUT NOODLE BOX We are passionate about rewarding our franchisee partners, like you, by assisting you in setting goals and milestones for yourself, your staff and your business. By having a plan you empower yourself to achieve your own goals and manage your own performance so you can easily measure whether you are getting the best out of yourself and your business. These experiences and principles are the foundation of the original Noodle Box store that Dave and Josh created in 1996.

FRANCHISING Following our early success, and the 10 stores that followed, Noodle Box began franchising in 2002. Since then, we have expanded to become the fastest growing noodle franchise network in Australia, with 78 stores nationally. Today, our team of passionate and experienced trainers, food lovers and dedicated hospitality, marketing and business professionals operate the Noodle Box Group.

We combine our knowledge and passion of the industry, with yours, to set mutual objectives and common goals. By establishing your own work ethic, setting your own agendas and building strong teams you enable winning partnerships to be born and we collectively become stronger and more successful. We are passionate about the food industry and our continued growth. By becoming a franchisee we welcome you to be an integral, driving force and inspiration to the brands ongoing development and success.

ENTRY COSTS: • Cost of franchise • $250,000 – $390,000 Excluding GST (dependent on size & location of site & fit out) • Ongoing fees • Weekly franchise fee of 6% of topline turnover • Weekly marketing fee of 3% of topline turnover

CULTURE Noodle Box is looking for passionate people who share a love for food with a zest for life, and want to create fresh and healthy food experiences. We are looking for franchisees that share our values and are inspired by the 10 Ingredients to “Know It. Love It”:

BRAND VALUES • Passion – for fresh, healthy and delicious food • Innovation – raising the bar by consistently challenging industry norms • Development – improving your business, yourself and your team by participating in ongoing training programs • Taking Ownership – whether it is your own store, your own objectives, your own successes or even your own mistakes • Community – we encourage you to be a leader and positive contributor to your local community




Passion for the brand and for fresh, healthy food. We are looking for people who will add value to the group and help us grow and improve.

The ability for you to manage your team is paramount to success. You must be able to get the most from your staff, keep them motivated and be willing to provide career paths. You are an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Being involved in a franchise means sometimes working for the greater good. A successful franchisee builds a team that works with the group for the good of the group. Franchising has team rules which when exercised work harmoniously. We’re all about building great teams and we encourage you to create your own winning team. This ends up benefiting everyone in the group by ensuring a consistency is being delivered all over Australia.

2. GOALS By setting goals and reaching milestones you empower yourself to get results. Results, ambition and desire drive motivation, which in turn provide you and your employees a sense of satisfaction and reward.

3. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT The ability to finance your franchise needs to include both the initial set up cost and ongoing working capital to assist in the steady growth of your business.

5. WORK ETHIC We are looking for people who are ready to roll up their sleeves, make the most of each day and build a successful business and home–life for themselves and their families. We believe that the Noodle Box brand cannot do all the work. Your local area marketing initiatives, connection with your community, personal drive and working in and on the business are the keys to being successful.

7. ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability is key to the success for a franchise network. We look for people, and encourage you to as well, who are accountable for every one of their actions and their staff.



We are looking for franchise partners who have done their research and know what they need to do to succeed. A business plan is essential, not just for obtaining finance, but as a plan for what needs to be done for a business to succeed. It is the blueprint for success and enables you to set and achieve goals that enable you to reward yourself and your staff. It also lets you know when you’re under performing and where you need to improve.

We’re committed to continuous improvement that is why we focus on training, coaching and educating our employees and partners. We encourage you and your team to re–educate and train as well, as the Noodle Box philosophy is “the more you know, the more you grow”.

9. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE The ability for you to listen to your staff, customers and partners is very important. Being able to express your goals and instructions is also a key part of getting the most from your staff, suppliers and community.

Original master! recipe sauces Modern Asian! menu

Crunchy wok! charred flavour Share food

Great packaging Fast & fresh! means no stress 97% fat free! options

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Market fresh! herbs & vegies

Fresh food that makes you feel great

A cool space to eat Fresh Asian! flavours

Fresh food that makes you look better Friendly staff


SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT SUPPORT SERVICES Noodle Box has proven business systems and a range of support resources available to that newly arrived business people to ensure you get the best the Noodle Box has to offer.

The Noodle Box support systems organisational structure is as follows: • Head Office • Project Administration (Store Build • Business Support Managers (BSM’s • Procurement • Training • Noodle Cooks Program • Information Technology

The Noodle Box National support team is located at the head office in Melbourne. Our organisational structure is based on ensuring you are provided with exceptional support to help you grow your business as effectively as possible. The Noodle Box team consists of Business Support Managers (BSM’s) who are responsible for assisting you with your store opening and ongoing support when you need it.

• Marketing • Multilingual speaking staff






















SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT NEW STORE – DEVELOPMENT & BUILD Building your store is a process that has been perfected over the last 16 years. We partner with award winning designers and speciality shop fitter builders to enable a seamless program in the construction of all Noodle Box stores. During the store building process, Noodle Box will provide a project manager to look after your store build. The project manager will be your main point of contact and perform the following functions: • Liaison on the proposed design plans and layout of the store; • Provide a detailed build schedule allowing you to plan for the hand over and store opening; • Handle all details for applying to local council for permits with regard to building regulations and health and safety standards;

• Introduce you to your BSM and store trainer; and • Complete a final hand over Inspection Checklist with the builders to ensure all aspects of the job conform to Noodle Box’s high build standards.

STORE – DESIGN Looks are important, which is why every Noodle Box store follows our design principles:• Clean Lines • Raw Tones • Open Kitchen • Village Feel

CLEAN LINES All our stores are fitted out with stainless steel kitchens and bench tops to achieve a fresh and clean look. This ensures that your store not only looks good, but also maintains the highest health and safety standards.

RAW TONES Natural timber, exposed chip board, raw concrete, recycled timber fence palings & brick walls - These materials help to create an environment that feels like it has been there for a long time and therefore authentic & original. Juxtaposed against these raw materials are stainless steel, black tile, red metal screens, stenciled graphics and pendants that add an urban edge to the space.



The kitchen theatre of our noodle chefs is paramount to the Noodle Box experience. This provides an honest and open approach to the preparation of our fresh and healthy meals and reinforces our Asian influence. Customers with a passion for food marvel at watching the noodle chefs in action. This has been a popular ingredient contributing to the success of Noodle Box that our customers have always enjoyed.

The original Noodle Box created a strong community vibe as the locals were drawn to the aromas, flavours and friendly atmosphere that radiated from the passion that Josh and Dave poured into their business. Each store is designed to mimic the original store to allow you to produce your own winning local atmosphere. Having Multicultural staff and owners is one of the key foundation stones for our stores success.

SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT STORE – BUILD/DESIGN MANUAL The Noodle Box design manual provides a detailed description of all elements involved in building a Noodle Box store or performing a re–branding of an existing store. It contains all of our design standards and signage elements from furniture and equipment specifications to joinery and finishing standards.

The icon element in the logo reflects the “master” position. This signifies trust and knowledge. It is the mentor and market leader for passionate, healthy and fresh Asian food in Australia.

1996 BOX

It is the A–Z on how to build a Noodle Box store. By following the guidelines of the manual, it allows Noodle Box to provide a consistent build every time.

2004 BOX

STORE – BRANDING Every aspect of the Noodle Box experience is designed to reinforce the brands essence by providing a sense of passion, freshness and innovation to the Noodle Box brand. Our logo is strong, fresh, eye catching and sharp, enabling maximum impact and recognition in the market place.




As part of the store hand over, we provide you with your own starter kit. This is a comprehensive guide to both opening your store, and ongoing operations.

Once you have become a Noodle Box partner you get access to the Noodle Box intranet.

Information in the guide includes information such as: • Instruction on how you apply for relevant permits and licences; • A guide to recruitment, staffing guidelines and rostering; • A marketing starter kit and guide to marketing your store; and • Information on store operations from opening your store, to training, cash register floats, stock taking, ordering systems, customer service training and operating hours.

The Noodle Box operational manual can be accessed online through the intranet and is the most comprehensive guide on Noodle Box’s operational system. The manual provides you with all the information you need to run your Noodle Box store.

STORE – EXTRA SUPPORT We provide Business Service Managers (BSM’s) who are the interface between you and the Noodle Box Group to help you get the best out of your business. We also offer customer service training and support, as well as initiatives for occupational health and safety. As and when required we offer external courses such as business coaching and financial planning.


• Point of Sale (POS) system;

Noodle Box provides you with a toolkit of training programs and workshops called “The Box”.

• Ordering;

“The Box” includes training systems to suit a variety of learning environments in order to support you, allowing you to build your skills, whilst growing your business. The training is recommended to be completed over a period of 3 months (4 weeks actual time in total) and is divided into the following 3 modules:

• Staff Management; and

MODULE 1. CORPORATE STORE TRAINING A 10 day training program referencing the franchisee training manual to ensure you are proficient and professional in operating your store. The program includes training on the following store operations:

• Customer Service; • Cost of Goods Control; • Staff Recruitment; • Meal Preparation. At the completion of your training, you will have a full understanding and familiarisation of the Noodle Box store operation and procedures.

MODULE 2. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – WESTPAC WORKSHOP This module is a 2 day financial management workshop run by Westpac Bank in Australia. The course is free of charge. The workshop will assist you in learning how to: • Interpret your financial statements; • Measure and analyse your financial

performance; • Quickly and effectively diagnose a problem and implement a solution; • Identify ways to improve efficiency, cash flow and profits; • Recognise the true impact of changes to price, volumes, and costs on your bottom line (break–even analysis); • Build a profit plan and cash flow budget; • Plan for and manage seasonality; • Understand the financial impact of growth on your cash flow; and • Identify the most appropriate way to fund growth in your business.

SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT MODULE 3. ON SITE TRAINING Once your store is ready to open, we deploy a Noodle Box team which includes: • Corporate Chef - Our Corporate Chef team ensures that all back of house kitchen functions are compliant with the appropriate standards, which ensures that your store is fully operational and functioning to the system requirements. • Store Trainer - The trainer is in your store for a 14 day period to help induct your new employees and to support you, ensuring that your knowledge is up to speed and that you are comfortable in your new store.



BSM’s are available to assist you with the ongoing management of your business above and beyond the initial financial management training workshops.

In order to help you get your business going quicker and running more efficiently by saving on start up costs, Noodle Box provides all new franchise sign ups the following benefits free of charge:

We use I–Noodle software to operate the POS/Cash Register. Operational assistance can be provided by I– Noodle, our support staff or from the training material software provided in the starter kit. To assist you in making tactical and financial decisions for the benefit of the group, you are required to provide all requested data concerning the operation and management of your store, as and when required. This helps us help you assist and manage your business as effectively as possible. We encourage you to introduce additional reports in order to facilitate and manage the collection of relevant data. These are completed and submitted through the I–Noodle online system.

• Book Keeping A book keeper for a year through Jim’s book keeping services. This is based on 6 hours per month for the first 12 months. This will ensure you are financially astute in the first year of operation; • Local Area Marketing (LAM) - Noodle Box training sessions from the Noodle Box marketing team, with a dedeicated local area marketing plan for your store. • Staff Training A training course by our trainers on, ‘how to train staff’. This will enable you to train your own staff without requiring our trainers to do so you save on training costs.

SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT TRAINING – NOODLE COOKS All Noodle Box cooks are the real deal. The Noodle Cooks are hand selected and recruited for their skills with the wok. Watching the Noodle Cooks expertly toss woks full of fresh ingredients is an integral part of the Noodle Box theatre and experience in store. We search the world for the finest Asian Noodle Cooks and they must have at least 5 years cooking experience (9,000 hours) and a commercial cookery certificate. 100% of the Noodle Cooks are Asian trained. This enables you to provide the most authentic experience for your customer. All Noodle Cooks go through the Noodle Box “Noodle School”. This is a 4 week training process with the Noodle Box executive chef. All training is undertaken in a Noodle Box corporate store and then completed in the store where they will be working.

SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT MARKETING We have a dedicated marketing team experienced in consumer behaviour, segmentation, market research and analysis. From the research findings, our marketing team develop consumer and market insights in order to develop relevant, results–driven marketing initiatives for the Noodle Box brand and your store. The marketing initiatives are then developed into national brand campaigns that drive Noodle Box brand awareness and affinity throughout Australia. The marketing team also works with you to develop local area marketing (LAM) campaigns that strategically target customers on a local level and drive traffic to your store. Franchisees are required to spend an additional 3% of turnover on local marketing activity. We communicate across a media mix of, including but not limited to: TV, print, radio, outdoor, online, direct mail and through social media.



SYSTEMS, SERVICES & SUPPORT BRANDED PRODUCTS & MERCHANDISE Over the last 16 years, we have spent considerable time and effort perfecting our own branded products and sauce recipes. When a customer walks into any Noodle Box store in Australia they are going to have the same fresh and healthy taste experience at 78 stores across Australia. Each year we produce over 500,000 litres of sauce that is inspired by Asian flavours and influences. Each bottle of sauce is labelled and all of our meals have been nutritionally analysed to ensure exceptional quality meals every time. We pride ourselves on consistency of flavour and produce, which is why we constantly test our product to make sure its the same great tasting, healthy and fresh product all over Australia.

Our branded product and merchandise includes: Branded Product • Seafood • Spring Rolls • Dim Sum • Noodles • Sauces • Stationery

Branded Merchandise • Boxes and Packaging • Promotional Material • Uniforms • Chopsticks • Napkins • Furniture

SUPPLY CHAIN AND REBATE We manage our own vertically integrated supply infrastructure so you get the most cost efficient and compliant collective buying power. This leads to increased financial efficiencies and cost savings across the business, allowing price competitiveness and profitability. Noodle Box partners with Australia’s leading supply chain distribution company. This gives your store easy

access to all the necessary branded products and merchandise to supply your store and run your business efficiently. Noodle Box has a national rebate program whereby we obtain rebates from suppliers throughout our supply chain. The rebates are utilised to provide funding for staffing and infrastructure for the Noodle Box Group. This is an essential stream of income and a resource that allows us to continually develop our brand and deliver services to the franchisee network.



1. A passion for food and the hospitality industry.

As our brand expands nationally we are looking for passionate like–minded individuals who have a passion for food and the Noodle Box concept.

2. Some relevant experience in the food or retail industry that demonstrates an understanding for customer service, sales and marketing.

We’ve created this checklist to ensure that before you apply for a franchise you are completely aware of what we expect from a partnership. This is to ensure that we begin with an open and honest relationship from the beginning so we can form a winning partnership and grow together to be successful from the outset. To be a successful new franchise applicant you must satisfy the following criteria:

3. The ability to secure up to $400,000 in funds available for both set up of the business and working capital. 4. A comprehensive business plan projected over a 5 year period. Refer: Key Requirements for Successful Business Plan Submission. Assistance is available. 5. An understanding of the relevant market conditions in the area or region being applied for. 6. A willingness to work within a franchise model. 7. A passion for the Noodle Box brand. 8. A commitment to ongoing training programs.


5. BSM Interview

9. Store Build

Following your enquiry you will be asked to complete our Information Request Form so we may initially access your suitability in becoming a Noodle Box Franchisee. You will be provided a list of existing stores and the names of our Franchisees. You will also be required to sign a Deed of Confidentiality.

One of our experienced Business Support Managers will meet with you to assess your Operational abilities.

If required, you may be purchasing a previously completed store.

6. Business Plan

You will be provided with some financial information relating to the Noodle Box Franchise so you can begin to plan.

You will be provided with a Noodle Box Business Plan template and will be required to complete a detailed plan on how you will manage, grow, market and maximise every opportunity within your Noodle Box Franchise. You will also provide us with a 5 year cashflow forecast.

3. Discovery Day

7. Panel Interview

We will arrange for you to complete a typical shift in a busy Noodle Box store with an experienced Franchisee/Manager.Once received we review the Business Plan to assess your suitability.

Following all due diligence you will attend National Office in Abbotsford, Melbourne for your formal Panel Interview. If you are successful you be inducted as a Franchisee within the Noodle Box system. You will be required at this stage to pay your deposit of $11,000.

2. Financial Data

4. Meeting You will meet with our Franchise Sales representative and be provided with our Disclosure Document. You will also be required to complete a Noodle Box SelfAssessment document.

8. Training You will commence your 4 week intensive training program and all documents will be executed and returned.

10. Opening Day Settlement and Handover. With National Office support personnel your very own Noodle Box store opens and you are now part of the Noodle Box Team.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ARE THE FRANCHISES AVAILABLE FOR EXISTING STORES OR NEW STORES? The franchises available are for new stores only. From time to time, existing stores becomes available for sale and we can refer you to the appropriate franchisee handling the sale. However, note that goodwill may be associated with such a site. In some cases an existing store may cost less than a new store, in other cases the proven sales record may attract significant goodwill.

DO YOU GET A TERRITORY WITH THE FRANCHISE AND HOW DO YOU ASSESS THE BOUNDARIES? Each franchise includes a territory. If the franchise site is located internally within a shopping centre (i.e. a food court) then the territory is limited to the shopping centre. If the store is an external store located on a boundary of a shopping centre or

on a main road then the territory includes a surrounding geographical area based on approximately 18,000 – 20,000 people or 10,000 households (whichever is achieved first). The Noodle Box territories are selected based the following criteria: • Attractors within shopping centre – i.e. video store, supermarket, chemists • Office/ commercial buildings – to drive lunch & delivery trade • Competing food premises • High traffic stores nearby • Turnover of surrounding businesses • History of shopping strip • Quality of other businesses • Quality of council’s renovations and upkeep of the strip

HOW DO YOU FIND A SITE FOR A STORE? Sites are selected with regard to: • Size and shape of store • Useable amenities – grease • 3 phase power, trap, front windows, ceiling delivery access height, gas, flooring, • Parking options • Placement within • Existing permits shopping centre / strip • Exposure • Easy access for ducts • Air conditioning • Al fresco dining options • Lease considerations • Rent • Lease options • Demographics • Local council planning issues

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW MUCH DOES THE FRANCHISE COST? As the franchise will be for a new store, costs can vary subject to the location of the store, size and existing services provided. As a guide, ONLY new stores cost approximately $250,000 – $390,000 (Excluding GST), excluding the franchise fee. (See Disclosure Document for more details.)

WHAT OTHER COSTS ARE YOU LIKELY TO INCUR? In addition to the Typical Budget cost of the store there are other costs associated with the setup of any new business and that we recommend you should take into consideration including; • Initial capital for cash flow we recommend $10,000 - $15,000 • You may be required to pay a rental bond on the leases premises, this is normally equal to 3 months rental • Additional staff training if required

• Opening stock requirements We encourage all applicants to seek advice on these matters.

WHAT FEES ARE PAYABLE TO NOODLE BOX? An initial franchisee fee is payable on all stores. You also pay a monthly royalty and marketing contribution that is based on a percentage of sales. Additional fees are required in the event of renewal or an approved transfer of the franchise to another franchisee. Franchisees are required to enter into a Software Licence Agreement with the Noodle Box Group. Ongoing costs associated with this licence agreement are $150 a month plus GST. Noodle Box also uses a self ordering kiosk in store managed by an external company called Ordatronics. Fees associated with this system are $315 a month plus GST.

HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE AS A NOODLE BOX FRANCHISEE? The profitability of a store is dependent on many factors, including, but not limited to, your effort and your staff, the service and quality of product you maintain, the location, competition, sales volume, rent and management. Profitability is ultimately a matter within your control, it’s your business, you have the power to make it work for you.

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE TO OPEN A NOODLE BOX STORE? Once a franchise application has been approved and an agreed territory is assigned the time taken to open a store will be dependent upon finding a suitable site. We make every effort to secure you an acceptable store, however as a prospective franchisee, you should be aware that it can take some time to secure a suitable site and you should be prepared to maintain alternative streams of revenue until a site is proposed and accepted.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS DO I NEED TO HAVE EXPERIENCE? We seek businesses or individuals who have a passion and belief in the brand combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, proven management track record, a high level of commitment to customer service, commitment to be involved in the business and to an innovative way of doing business, and a vision and enthusiasm for the long term growth of the business. If you have never run a small business, you should take detailed and careful advice from your advisor and family.

HOW CAN YOU FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS? Noodle Box Franchise can be secured by the business, with up to 50% of total setup costs, through some financial lenders, subject to normal borrowing conditions. Further details are available on request.

HOW MUCH TIME WOULD YOU NEED TO COMMIT? Noodle Box believes that it is vital that the individual owners of our stores work in them and remain familiar with all aspects of their operation. In all single site franchises the franchisee will, in effect be the productive store manager of the store. We expect each franchisee to devote themself full time to their store.











NEXT STEPS Thank you for taking the time to explore the benefits, features and requirements of becoming a Noodle Box franchisee partner We would love to have you as part of the Noodle Box team and warmly welcome you to begin the application process. Simply click on the link for the Information Request Form that you have received. A member of the Noodle Box Franchise Sales Team will get back to you within 5 days from receipt of submission.

If you want to find out more information about the Noodle Box brand, please visit our website: Or Contact: Michael Standley Franchise Sales Manager Noodle Box Franchising Aust. PTY LTD 13A/663 Victoria Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067 d: m: e:

(03) 8851 4204 0416 256 338


Noodle Box Franchise Kit National  

Noodle Box Franchise Kit National