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Mazel Tov to the Class of 2017!

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Is published through the TanenbaumCHAT Advancement Office and is distributed to more than 8,000 TanenbaumCHAT alumni, parents and friends of the school.


Elie Guttmann '12 Michael Fil, Carly Reed DESIGN / LAYOUT Elie Guttmann ‘12 PHOTOGRAPHY Matt Feinstein, Gabriel Helfant '16 PRINTING Origo Communications Front Cover: (back row) Gaby Shubat '17, Aaron Nadal '17, Sydney Cohn '17, Tamar Begun '17, Ally Frankel '17; (front row) Hailey Bensky '17, & Rony Malev '17

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I am truly thrilled to become Head of School at TanenbaumCHAT this coming August. Even as a camper and a university student, I would hear about the TanenbaumCHAT students who were so loved, respected and successful. My formal relationship with the school began when I moved to Toronto from Montreal in 2009 to be principal at the Kimel Centre and then, in 2015, I became principal at the Wallenberg Campus. Given my experiences with the entire TanenbaumCHAT community, I am uniquely positioned to lead our school into the future. Having worked with many segments of the Jewish community, I am committed to the range and diversity of the Jewish population and to create a strong sense of inclusion and commitment to the Jewish future.

As I look forward to taking on my new role as Head of School, I will call on my experiences having witnessed and participated in the educational development of our school over the past eight years, to envision and help shape our prospective future. Through our educational curriculum and co-curricular activities, we have the ability to instill in our students a deep rooted knowledge of their historical past, and to shape and mold the future of the next generation of Toronto leaders.

www.tanenbaumchat.org | 3

ALUMNI FAMILY GIFT PROVIDES A DRAMATIC TUITION CUT In Parashat Terumah, the Israelites were instructed to give toward the building of the mikdash: gold, silver, copper, yarns, linen, goats' hair, ram skins, acacia wood, oil, spices, lapis lazuli, and other fine stones. Varied levels of giving, each integral to the construction of the mikdash, ensured that all could participate. The reward for giving was in the giving, nothing more. Tzedakah is giving and expecting nothing in return--no recognition, nothing tangible being sent your way. Your biggest and sole reward is the realization that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. In March of this year, Edie Neuberger '75, along with her husband Norm Jesin '74, personified tzedakah in an extraordinary way, making a gift of $10 million to UJA Federation of Greater Toronto to help ensure the affordability of TanenbaumCHAT, while enhancing the future of Jewish education in the GTA for the next generation. The remarkable Jesin-Neuberger Foundation gift means that tuition at TanenbaumCHAT will be reduced dramatically in time for school this fall, going from over $28,000 to $18,500. The gift also maintains tuition under $19,000 for each of the next five years. In the three months following announcement of the gift, over 30 new applications were submitted, an unprecedented number for this time of year. “Every time I speak to a parent, or receive an email from them, telling me that our gift helped a child receive a TanenbaumCHAT education, I get very emotional and tearyeyed,” says Edie. “I never expected to be this emotional about our gift.” The truth is, everything about TanenbaumCHAT is emotionally charged with Edie, as she credits her time at the school with helping her become the adult – the Jewish adult – that she is today.

Knowing that so many of our young people were unable to receive all that TanenbaumCHAT has to offer simply because of the cost was unacceptable to me.

- Edie Neuberger '75

“It’s just a very special place,” she says. “The teachers are remarkable, the education – from music and science to both Jewish and General Studies, the extra-curricular activities and sports, are second to none. Knowing that so many of our young people were unable to receive all that TanenbaumCHAT has to offer simply because of the cost was unacceptable to me. Our gift will remove that barrier and allow TanenbaumCHAT to become a viable option for so many parents who want to provide their children with a quality Jewish high school education.” And Edie would know. After all, she attended TanenbaumCHAT, as did her husband and their three children. “I know what TanenbaumCHAT did for me and our children, and I am so delighted to know that countless other students will benefit from TanenbaumCHAT. It’s more than just a school, or a Jewish high school; it’s a place where Jewish youngsters are given so much of what they need to live proud, successful and joyous Jewish lives. And that benefits all of us, because their success is our success, and strengthens our community for generations to come.”

4 | C H AT T E R M AG A Z I N E S U M M E R 2 0 1 7


Rabbi Lee Buckman PRIDE IN OUR JEWISH MISSION This coming August, I hand over the mantel of leadership to Dr. Jonathan Levy, the current Principal at TCW. Although I will be assisting him with his transition until my wife and I make aliyah in December, Jonathan is eminently capable of leading this great institution on his own. In addition, he inherits an institution from predecessors who helped shape a strong and mighty TanenbaumCHAT. Rabbi Pachino, for example, who served as Head of School from 1979-1997, was held in high regard for taking the time to get to know every student and his or her family. He transformed the school into one big family. Paul Shaviv, who headed our great institution from 1998 to 2012, was a gifted manager who developed comprehensive systems and procedures that have made TanenbaumCHAT a model of professionalism and helped establish TanenbaumCHAT as a premier educational institution capable of competing with the finest private schools. Between Paul Shaviv and my arrival, Rhona Birenbaum stepped up to do double duty and functioned as both CFO and Interim Head of School. Her outstanding fiscal oversight, integrity, willingness to take on any task, and wisdom inspire confidence to this day. I came to TanenbaumCHAT in 2013 and sensed a lack of confidence in our Jewish mission. Many people were defensive or apologetic about the Jewishness of the school. Were we a Jewish school or a school with a lot of Jews? I sought to clarify the place of our Jewish mandate. I felt that if we didn’t affirm the centrality of our Jewish mission, how do we distinguish ourselves from other fine secondary schools? If we don’t connect kids more deeply to Jewish values, the Jewish community, and the Jewish State of Israel, wherein lies our uniqueness? The world we live in puts before our children a host of alternative, attractive, and compelling value systems. To be worthy, we must offer something that is at least as satisfying, fulfilling, and attractive. We must build an educational program where students’ Jewish identities shape their choices about the kinds of people they aspire to be and ultimately whom to marry. That clarity of purpose, along with the legacies of my predecessors, is what I hand over to our next esteemed Head of School, Dr. Jonathan Levy. www.tanenbaumchat.org | 5

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‫בין אדם לעמו‬ ‫בין אדם לעולמו‬ CONTRIBUTION striving to reach beyond ourselves

www.tanenbaumchat.org | 7

WHY JEWISH EDUCATION MATTERS North American Jewry is in a crisis of continuity and its future depends extensively on the ability of the current generation to enhance Jewish identity in the coming generation.

studies or higher, with one-in-five either a doctor or a lawyer. So what is it about a Jewish education that helps to produce such impressive results?

Studies confirm that a Jewish day school education can be the most effective and impactful way to increase Jewish identity. Jewish day school graduates are more connected both to their local communities and to Israel, and in-marry in greater percentages than do their non-Jewish day school peers.

The study of Torah, with its rich and complex texts, is a cognitive exercise which can significantly sharpen critical and analytical thinking skills. The study of Jewish history also teaches highly transferable and marketable communication and analytical skills, and research and essay writing skills. This can enrich a student’s ability to excel in other academic pursuits while also strengthening their Jewish identity.

Our students face a highly rigorous and intellectually profound education. Beyond the invaluable emotional attachment to Judaism and Jewish life, a Jewish education can serve as a framework of practical competencies to operate successfully in day-to-day life and in almost any work environment. Our students face a highly rigorous and intellectually profound education. Studies confirm the efficacy of a Jewish education. At TanenbaumCHAT, six-in-ten of its graduates go on to complete graduate degree

Numerous studies confirm that students who study a foreign language demonstrate cognitive advantages over students who do not. For the mind, learning a language is more a problem solving activity than a linguistic activity. Students who study a second foreign language out-perform their nonforeign language peers in both music and mathematical skill development. Developing a balance of analytical, practical and creative abilities for success in life while increasing Jewish identity is exactly why a Jewish education is priceless. Excerpts taken from Jimmy Bitton’s article in CJN News Jimmy Bitton has been teaching at TanenbaumCHAT since 2002.

Judah Levy '18 (center)

Ben Shore '17 (left), Ryan Ripsman '17 (right), & Sofia Freudenstein '16 (bottom left photo)

TanenbaumCHAT Prepares Chidon HaTanach Winners The World Bible Contest, the Chidon HaTanach, is a big deal! Every year, thousands of Jewish highschool-aged students from around the world compete to become the Chatan or Kallah of the contest. The Chidon has several goals: to increase the number of Jewish youth in Israel and around the world who are studying Tanach, to highlight biblical influences on modernday Hebrew, to encourage educational contacts between Jewish youth from Israel and the Diaspora, to give them an opportunity to learn Bible together, and to strengthen and nurture the ties and mutual affiliation between them. Four TanenbaumCHAT students have had the opportunity to compete in the Chidon and have made us proud!

Sofia Freudenstein ‘16 Placed 6th at the International Competition In 2014, I represented TanenbaumCHAT in the International Chidon HaTanach. It was a life-changing experience for me: the preparation over the course of a year, the intense 3 week trip touring Israel with a Tanach in hand, and the competition itself pushed me to do things I had never done before. The competition gathered Jews from all over the world - 75 participants from 33 different countries, truly fulfilling the biblical prophecy of Ingathering of the Exiles. TanenbaumCHAT really helped solidify the skills I gained from the experience and confirmed my passion for Jewish texts.

Ryan Ripsman ‘17 2014 Canadian National Chidon HaTanach Winner & 4th Internationally in 2016 Chidon HaTanach has been a part of my life for the last 7 years. I’ve made some of my closest friends through the contest and learned a ton of Tanach. In grade 10, I got to go to Israel to compete in the International Chidon HaTanach. That trip was the highlight of my life. I got to meet people from all over the world and tour Israel. In addition, I got to appear on Israeli national television and meet Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu. Once you have gone to Israel you are no longer eligible to compete in the contest. However, I resolved at that time to stay involved in the contest. For the last two years, I’ve helped coach other students interested in competing in the contest.

Ben Shore ‘17 Ranked 2nd in Canada in 2016 & 17th Internationally in 2017 Chidon HaTanach was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The camp leading up to it was both fun and meaningful, and the competition itself was simply incredible. There were hundreds of hours of preparation leading up to it, which made me feel like I had worked for something special when I made the Top 16. We were treated like celebrities for a week, as it is much more widely known about in Israel. Despite the stress and the intense competition, the participants assisted each other while studying and formed close bonds. The competition required a lot of preparation on my part, but TanenbaumCHAT was extremely supportive. The teachers were understanding of me missing two weeks of classes and helped make sure I was caught up on the work I was missing. In addition, I was able to ask previous winners, Ryan and Sofia, advice on studying.

Judah Levy ‘18 2017 Canadian National Chidon HaTanach Winner Participating in the Canadian Chidon HaTanach is something I have always enjoyed doing. I love being able to learn with a group of people who have the same interests as me. This year’s competition was particularly special as it brought together students from both campuses. It allowed me to meet new people who will be participating in the contest next year and I look forward to helping coach the team, as well as participating in the International competition in Israel next year. www.tanenbaumchat.org | 9

Our defining moments don't have to be extraordinary. Sometimes the most meaningful moments, are also the most mundane. All living in the moment really means is being aware of the extraordinary moments happening all around us, all the time.

Marley Greenberg ‘17


95% of the TCK Graduates are Ontario Scholars TanenbaumCHAT graduates were designated Ontario Scholars by the Province, having achieved an 80% average or more in their best 6 Grade Twelve Credits

That's what TanenbaumCHAT is. Never easy, but always worth it. Even though school at times can be tough, we all love this place for the unique things that make CHAT, CHAT.

Oren Shapiro ‘17


95% of the TCW Graduates are Ontario Scholars TanenbaumCHAT graduates were designated Ontario Scholars by the Province, having achieved an 80% average or more in their best 6 Grade Twelve Credits



Recognition of Excellence & Awards Valedictorian

The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Community Service Lindsay Shauna Stern

Marley Sarah Greenberg

The Governor General’s Award

In recognition of achieving the highest average in all credits in Grades 11 & 12 taken at TanenbaumCHAT Marley Sarah Greenberg

Jerusalem Award

Staff Award

In recognition of involvement in activities & contribution to school spirit and culture Ariella Roslyn Giordano Golden

Student Leadership Award

In recognition of achieving the highest average in Judaic Studies in Grade 12 Ariella Roslyn Giordano Golden

In recognition of ongoing leadership in Student Activities exemplifying TanenbaumCHAT values Gabriel Pesach Shubat

Departmental & Subject Awards | General Studies Art Award

In memory of Lisa Shore Danielle Marni Palace

Biology Award

Hershenfeld Weltman Family Endowment Fund Samantha Rachel Warman

Business Studies Award Gili Batya Zobary

Chemistry Award

In memory of David J. Levy Ryan Gabriel Ripsman

Canadian & International Politics Award

Economics Award Marley Sarah Greenberg

English Award

Mathematics Award

In memory of Beryl B. Levy Ryan Gabriel Ripsman

Lisa Coristine Memorial Endowment Fund Sydney Erin Axelrad

Modern Languages Award

English as a Second Language Award

Shaina Lara Benjamin

Oran Leon Robert Morris

Music Award

Shimon & Clara Berglas Memorial Endowment Fund Shell Fishman

Physics Award

Film & Media Production Award

Daniel Noam Minden

Gabriel Pesach Shubat

History Award

Daniel Noam Minden

Alan Moses Shriqui

Computer Science Award

Kinesiology Award

Eitan Khemlin

Emma Rachel Swartz

Dramatic Arts Award

Law Award

Robert Alan Thompson

Marley Sarah Greenberg

Ryan Gabriel Ripsman

Social Science Award Writer’s Craft Award Ariella Roslyn Giordano Golden

Departmental & Subject Awards | Judaic Studies Hebrew Language & Literature Award

Jewish History Award

In memory of Elliott M. Wilson Eitan Khemlin

Carol Rosenfeld Memorial Endowment Fund Shaina Lara Benjamin

Jewish Ethics Award

Jewish Philosophy Award

David & Bluma Schachter Memorial Endowment Fund Carmel Daskalo

Jewish History Award Holocaust Studies In memory of Rubin Tencer, a survivor of Auschwitz Issir Shane Korolnek

Aimee Keren Veiner

New Stream Award

Erica Schiller Mammon Memorial Endowment Fund Adam Jacob Adler

Rabbinics Award

In memory of Sam Faivish Jenna Erin Segall

Talmud Award Ryan Gabriel Ripsman

Tanach Award Aaron Joseph Birbrager

Scholarships & Special Awards

Continuing Studies in Israel

Alumni Association Award

Rabbi Marvin B. Pachino Award

Morris & Rose Alspector Award

David Rosenzweig Memorial Scholarship

For outstanding determination in pursuing studies at TanenbaumCHAT Jesse Tyler Buchman

For achieving the highest average in Judaic Studies over four years Carmel Daskalo

Joan Blidner Award

For outstanding improvement while at TanenbaumCHAT Robert Alan Thompson

Eric & Marsha Slavens Awards

To a male & female for combining sporting & academic achievement Joshua Aaron Goldman & Rachel Amber Shulman

Jonathan David Deitcher Memorial Scholarship For continuing Jewish Studies in Israel Lauren Aidan Berman

For excellence in Judaic Studies and continuing Jewish Education in Israel Daniel Hart Perlmutter

In memory of David Rosenzweig ‘72 Eitan Simon Meir Karakowsky

Gertrude & David Sher Foundation Scholarship For continuing Jewish Studies in Israel David Romi-Babany

Daniel Sherman Memorial Scholarship For continuing Jewish Studies in Israel Natanel Cabessa & Jonathan Isaac Stoll

Board of Directors Awards

For continuing studies or volunteering in Israel Lauren Aidan Berman David Romi-Babany Natanel Cabessa Jonathan Isaac Stoll Eitan Simon Meir Karakowsky Daniel Hart Perlmutter

Recognition of Excellence & Awards Valedictorian

The Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Community Service Hannah Esther Kulman Samuels

Oren Abraham Shapiro

The Governor General’s Award

In recognition of achieving the highest average in all credits in Grades 11 & 12 taken at TanenbaumCHAT Danielle Paige Clasky

Jerusalem Award

Staff Award

In recognition of involvement in activities and contribution to school spirit and culture Joshua Benjamin Arbess

Student Leadership Award

In recognition of achieving the highest average in Judaic Studies in Grade 12 Sarah Haley Farb

In recognition of ongoing leadership in Student Activities exemplifying TanenbaumCHAT values Julia Madison Sable

Departmental & Subject Awards | General Studies Art Award

English Award

Biology Award

History Award

In memory of Lisa Shore Hailee Samantha Ram

Henry Korenblum Memorial Endowment Fund Benjamin Jared Eisen

Business Studies Award

In memory of David E. Buck Brittany Faith Pinsler Lieberman

Chemistry Award Danielle Paige Clasky

Computer Science Award

In memory of Ian Cohen ‘70 Sarah Hannah Goldstein

Esther Haberman Memorial Endowment Fund Sarah Haley Farb

Interdisciplinary Studies Award Madeline Rae Rotman

Kinesiology & Health Award Barbara Manilla Memorial Endowment Fund Cooper Levy

Avrum Jeffrey Duke Memorial Endowment Fund Sasha Armand Ohayon

Mathematics Awards

Dramatic Arts Award

Modern Languages Award

Ariel Shayne Roitman

Ezra Harry Nadler

In memory of Sara & Joseph Rahmani Danielle Paige Clasky & Zoe Sherman

Music Award

Lisa-Ann Lauren Posluns Memorial Endowment Fund Noah Daniel Greenberg

Physics Award

Arthur Lerman Memorial Endowment Fund Oren Abraham Shapiro

Science Award

In memory of Joseph & Miriam Getman Danielle Paige Clasky

Social Science Award In memory of Jonathan David Deitcher ‘87 Sarah Haley Farb

Writers Craft Award Sarah Haley Farb




Departmental & Subject Awards | Judaic Studies Hebrew Lanuage & Literature Award

In honour of the Helen & Harry Cohen Family Danielle Paige Clasky

Jewish History Award Holocaust Studies In memory of Rubin Tencer, a survivor of Auschwitz Sarah Haley Farb

Israel Studies Award

Jewish History Award

Jewish Ethics Award

Jewish Philosophy Award

In honour of Icek z”l and Manya Segal Sydney Sara Cohn

In memory of Yona Rabinowicz Gabriel Moses Kussner Yallen

In memory of Israel Appel Oren Abraham Shapiro

Elyse Tehilla Bracha Helfenbaum

New Stream Award

Rabbinics Award

In memory of Sam Faivish Ariel Tzvi Davis

Talmud Award

In memory of Rabbi Avraham Zalman Berger Ezra Harry Nadler

Tanach Award

In memory of Jonathan David Deitcher ‘87 Zoe Sherman

Anshel & Devorah Zylberman Prize Anna Feldman

Scholarships & Special Awards

Continuing Studies in Israel

Alumni Association Award

Jonathan David Deitcher Memorial Scholarship

For outstanding determination in pursuing studies at TanenbaumCHAT Amanda Raya Shekarchi

Joan Blidner Award

For outstanding improvement while at TanenbaumCHAT Aaron Miles Kerzner

Isaac & Basia Jesin Award

For excellence in Judaic Studies over four years Sarah Haley Farb

Judy Shaviv Memorial Fund “Keren Yad Yehudit”

Assisting graduates to serve in the IDF, study or volunteer in Israel Rebecca Ruth Weiss

Eric & Marsha Slavens Awards

For combining sporting & academic achievement Joshua Isaac Lester & Leah Beatrice Kanee

Philip & Helen Zucker Scholarship For continuing education in Jewish Studies Lauren Arial Rudberg

For continuing Jewish studies in Israel Joshua Korobkin

Rabbi Marvin B. Pachino Award For excellence in Judaic Studies & continuing Jewish Education in Israel Shira Yael Miller

David Rosenzweig Memorial Scholarship In memory of David Rosenzweig ‘72 Yeshourun Rotstain

Gertrude & David Sher Foundation Scholarship For continuing Jewish Studies in Israel Joshua Paul Bienstock

Board of Directors Awards

For continuing studies or volunteering in Israel Avraham Joseph Mamane Sasha Armand Ohayon Jacob Ezra Gold Yeshourun Rotstain Natalya Nary Elkin Lauren Ariel Rudberg Joshua David Holtzman Rebecca Ruth Weiss Joshua Korobkin Joshua Paul Bienstock Max Handelman Joshua Aaron Eisenstat Micah Jonathan Segal Maerov Samantha Bea Charlat Ezra Harry Nadler Yonah Deborah Grossman Shira Yael Miller Elyse Tehilla Bracha Helfenbaum



Eitan Simon Meir Karakowsky Nesyah Kehimkar Dylan Andrew Keith Jacob Matthew Kemper Rachel Faith Keslassy Eitan Khemlin Mia Jordyn Kobrin David Kogan Issir Shane Korolnek Raquel Ariella Kriger Aaron Szymon Kulik Heather Leah Lane Sarah Tova Levy Sabrina Arnit Lorie Rony Malev Elisheva Margolis Daniel Noam Minden Daniel Baruch Mitelman Oran Leon Robert Morris Daniella Rachel Ostrovsky Danielle Marni Palace Dorothy Perelman Daniel Hart Perlmutter Seth Meir Petel David Rafailov Uri Rafailov Ryan Gabriel Ripsman David Romi-Babany Emma Becky Rosin Megan Ashley Sager Pamela Eden Schimmer Ben Segal Jenna Erin Segall Sean Shabtai Sepiashvili Sydney Tova Serfaty Rebecca Dalia Shemesh Nicole Shenderey Benjamin Elliot Shore Alan Moses Shriqui Gabriel Pesach Shubat Rachel Amber Shulman Halle Jordyn Solomons Danielle Rose Spiegelman Bailey Victoria Stern Lindsay Shauna Stern Jonathan Isaac Stoll Emma Rachel Swartz Julia Ruth Swirsky Robert Alan Thompson Aimee Keren Veiner Justin Aaron Veiner Samantha Rachel Warman Elyanna Ester Wenner Nathaniel Wolf Harris Winegust Dina Leah Zatzman Gili Batya Zobary


Adam Jacob Adler Mitchell Joseph Albom Jacob Avi Argintaru Sydney Erin Axelrad Yoel Yaacov Azuelos Tamar Begun Gabrielle Sarah Benatar Jacob Joshua Benchetrit Shaina Lara Benjamin Esther Benlezrah Adam Joshef Ben-Moshe Lauren Aidan Berman Leah Rebecca Bertler Aaron Joseph Birbrager Albert Harrison Bloom Benjamin Aryeh Brenman Jesse Tyler Buchman Nicole Halle Paige Burstein Natanel Cabessa Eve Gabrielle Chapnik Anaelle Rachel Cohen Leland Harrison Conn Carmel Daskalo Adam Yona Dolgonos Brooke Hannah Dzaldov Jordan Adam Erdman Corey Adam Farber Sarah Farkas Oriel Judah Cahan Feldman Shell Fishman Jacob Harrison Fox Alexandra Virginia Cunha Frankel Mira Jennifer Freedman Lorne Frenkel Ariella Roslyn Giordano Golden Aron Matthew Goldenberg Leeat Goldenberg Joshua Mitchell Goldkind Joshua Aaron Goldman Matthew Aaron Gould Marley Sarah Greenberg Sydney Alexa Greenspoon Zane Reuben Grossinger Levi Samuel Hahamovich Eden Simi Har-Gil Sarah Rose Herlick Rachel Carly Herman Zachary Hirsh Huberman Rachel Shauna Isakow Matthew Hartley Jacobs Jessica Rachel Kagal

16 | C H A T T E R M A G A Z I N E S U M M E R 2 0 1 7

Arieh Lev Abrahami Joshua Benjamin Arbess Yuval Ashkenazi Spencer Thomas Atin Carmel Avitzur Neeve Sara Axelrad Ashley Sarah Azouri Jack Ryan Basian Samantha Jae Beallor Joshua Paul Benjamin Hailey Brianna Bensky Raisa Gold Berkowitz Joshua Benjamin Bienstock Sarit Naomi Bitnun Eli Jared Blachowitz Andie Page Blankenstein Ashley Jade Bly Sydney Eden Bly Cole Samuel Brodkin Maya Rachel Broer Samantha Bea Charlat Danielle Paige Clasky Adam Jordan Donald Cockburn David Isaac Cohen Drew Ryan Cohen Jordan Levy Cohen Sydney Sara Cohn Noa Samantha Cowley Adam Phillip Daniels Ariel Tzvi Davis Erin Natalie Borchardt Day Julia Marissa Duckman Benjamin Jared Eisen Sarah Jennifer Eisen Tamar Michal Eisen Joshua Aaron Eisenstat Natalya Nary Elkin Zachary Jacob Elman Rebecca Chana Erlich Joseph Erving Erlick Sarah Haley Farb Anna Feldman Rebecca Avery Feldman Hannah Penina Finkelstein William Lawrence Fishman Lauren Sydney Fleshner Avishag Frank Yale Morgan Freedman Inbar Carla Friedman Samuel David Friedman Zachary Adam Carl Friedman Emily Samantha Froman Jeremy Stephen Glied-Beliak Kendall Rhea Gnat Jacob Ezra Gold Ezra Ariel Goldberg Ely Dov Putterman Golden

Jordana Michelle Goldenberg Sarah Hannah Goldstein Sydney Reese Grad Noah Daniel Greenberg Yona Deborah Grossman Dovid Eliezer Guttman Max Handelman Samantha Erin Hanser Riley Sloane Hart Elyse Tehilla Bracha Helfenbaum Jeremy Aaron Hennick Evan Scott Hochman Emma Rose Hoffer-Weinper Joshua David Holtzman Madison Lindsay Hyman Leah Beatrice Kanee Yonatan Katchan Luiza Anabel Kaznachey Brittney Sierra Kerbel Aaron Myles Kerzner Aidyn Lexi Kimel Nicole Shoshana Klaiman William Louis Klein Jack Harrison Kline Joshua Korobkin Gillian Sarah Kraf Rotstein Brandon Marshall Krieser Jason Daniel Lechter Joshua Isaac Lester Harrison Toby Levine Aidan Jay Levinsky Lisa Hannah Levitan Cooper Harrison Levy Adina Yael Silverstein Librach Lindsay Mara Lyons Micah Jonathan Segal Maerov Joshua Matthew Maisel Avraham Jonathan Mamane Jordan Benjamin Mamelak Marlee Samantha Mandel Shira Yael Miller Zachary Matthew Minuk Alexandra Hannah Mogil Benjamin Isaac Mogil Bram Joseph Monson Michelle Sophie Morris Maia Alexandra Moscoe Jesse Samuel Muller Aaron Allan Nadal Ezra Harry Nadler Samuel Joshua Neumark Halee Maxx Ochshorn Sasha Armand Ohayon

Ethan Matthew Orlander Talia Miriam Pearl Brittany Faith Pinsler Lieberman David Jonathan Polisuk Kyra Sydney Pollak Aaron Jordan Posen Eden Z. Rajsky-Kliger Mia Rakoff Hailee Samantha Ram Ariel Shayne Roitman Melanie Yvette Rose Michael Charles Rosenberg Jamie Aaron Ross Madeline Rae Rotman Yeshourun Rotstain Lauren Ariel Rudberg Julia Madison Sable Aaron Isaiah Safer-Rosenthal Hannah Esther Kulman Samuels Noa Khalil Sandler Erin Naomi Sass Oren Abraham Shapiro Amanda Raya Shekarchi Zoe Sherman Rachel Maya Shiff Ryan Benjamin Shore Kyle Jason Singer Sophie Noa Sklar Tyler Cole Soberano Reuben Lev Pinhas Soberman Noah Shane English Solomon Ethan Daniel Spring Zane Tobias Stekel Lauren Michelle Streisfield Jordan Benjamin Sugar Daniel Moshe Baldwin Swartz Sarah Jessica Swartz Lauren Hannah Szpindel Goldie Blaire Turk Rebecca Emma Weinberg Alexander Weiss Rebecca Ruth Weiss Iris Roseanne Weissman Emily Rachel Wener Hannah Rebecca Wohl Jillian Sophie Wynn Gabriel Moses Kussner Yallen Daniel Isaiah Yanofsky Isaac Freeman Yermus Melanie Rachel Zerker Jacob Evan Ziegler

We wish you every success in your future endeavours & look forward to your accomplishments as productive, valued members of our community. You will always be part of the TanenbaumCHAT Family!


THE SCHOLARS CIRCLE For 24 weeks, and 2 Sundays, new Grade 9 parents became students again as they participated in the inaugural year of Scholars' Circle. This adult education program took place from October 2016 to May 2017. Twenty five families, from both the Kimel and Wallenberg campuses spent every Wednesday night with TanenbaumCHAT Jewish Studies faculty for an overview of the curriculum their own children study or will be studying in their Jewish Studies courses. Each ninety-minute session passed so quickly there wasn’t even interest in a break. From the Book of Exodus to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the materials covered were interesting, and sometimes even controversial. “My husband and I were so thrilled to be part of this learning experience! It felt so great to be back in school as an adult this time, where there is no pressure to compete and succeed but rather the luxury to take in all of this knowledge at our own will. I love that I had a window into what my child will be learning at TanenbaumCHAT over the next few years and more so that I had the opportunity to learn what she is so privileged to learn as a Jewish child; I didn’t have the same good fortune as I attended public school. The topics and learning materials are fabulous and the educators are inspirational! I waited for Wednesday to come each week!” “I found the instructors for this course to be extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The 90 minutes pass very quickly as I was always engrossed in the material being presented. I enjoyed learning the material that my son was / will be learning as I find that I am able to relate to and better help with the homework being assigned. Each week

The graduation of the inaugural Scholars' Circle class.

I found myself looking forward to the evening’s material. I would highly recommend this course to other parents.” “I’m extremely grateful that I got selected for The Scholars' Circle because I have learned so many new topics from your outstanding Jewish Studies Faculty. Even though I attended a Jewish High School in my younger years, I continued to learn new information each week that was presented in an extremely interactive and relaxed environment. I enjoyed discussing what I learned each week with my family and carpool of 5 female Grade 9 TanenbaumCHAT students. One week, I forgot to talk about it and one of the girls in my carpool asked me what I had learned that week. I was happy to see that they showed interest and curiosity in my learning as well. This was a wonderful program that was offered so generously and built a greater sense of community amongst all of us.” Philanthropy played a major role in this program. Each participating family received a financial grant of $5,000 for their child’s grade 10 tuition. The school is so grateful to the generous donors whose funding made the program possible for this group of happy graduates and even more parents next year.

ATHLETES OF THE YEAR Kyra Pollak ‘17 & Isaac Yermus '17 TCW Athletes of the Year

Athlete of the Year is the most prestigious athletic award for TanenbaumCHAT students, though the award represents much more than pure athletic ability. “The Athlete of the Year award is not just one that goes to the most talented students. With the award comes dedication, leadership, skill, and breadth,” say TCW Athletes of the Year Isaac Yermus and Kyra Pollak. “...it is an honour to be chosen as the students that represent these qualities.”

David Romi-Babany '17 & Hallie Rodney '18 TCK Athletes of the Year

While athletics has always been an integral part of TanenbaumCHAT’s DNA, the Athlete of the Year award rewards those who go beyond a standard commitment to playing on sports teams. David Romi-Babany, TCK’s male Athlete of the Year, describes a true TanenbaumCHAT athlete as one that “strives to compete and win, while emanating sportsmanship, teamwork, and a humble attitude throughout all games and practices.” Hallie Rodney, TCK’s female Athlete

The Inside Scoop QUESTIONS ASKED BY NEW FAMILIES ... ANSWERED BY OUR STUDENTS How do you manage your workload? Netflix helps. (Okay, it doesn’t really help, but you’ll tell yourself that study breaks are healthy and watch a season of Gilmore Girls anyways.) The real key to succeeding at TanenbaumCHAT is using all the supports on offer. And there are a ton of them. From guidance helping you to manage your time, to students in older grades happy to peer tutor you during lunch. There is an hour every week dedicated for extra help where teachers wait for students to come with their questions. TanenbaumCHAT makes sure no one falls through the cracks.

Ariel Oren ‘18

Hannah Samuels ‘17

What transferable skills will you take with you to your post-secondary studies? As I began looking at potential post-secondary schools, I realized how lucky I was to have been able to go to TanenbaumCHAT. Beyond the amazing experiences and all the lessons I’ve been taught inside the classrooms, what I felt most grateful for was actually all of the informal lessons I was taught, simply by being a student here. Be it the diligent work ethic and time management skills I picked up balancing the unique double curriculum, or the interview, presentation and interpersonal skills I refined as a result of my involvement in a number of extra-curriculars, opportunities to grow and develop are found in every corner!

of the Year, further explains that being the Athlete of the Year means “not only having athletic abilities, but also being able to lead your team and encourage all your teammates.” Though the specifics of their athletic journeys differ, a unifying element to all four athletes’ stories is that their unwavering dedication to athletics helped them overcome any obstacle in their path. These athletes have played their way through a dual curriculum, positions on Student and Athletic Councils, and countless other extracurriculars. When asked how they managed to achieve athletic excellence against all odds, Yermus and Pollak said “as two undersized athletes who have been counted out before, given a chance to prove ourselves time and time again, we would like to quote Mark Twain: ‘It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters. It's the size of the fight in the dog that's most important’.” Another unifying element in the athlete’s lives is a longstanding commitment to athletics that extends beyond their TanenbaumCHAT careers. All of the Athletes of the Year expressed interest in continuing their athletic pursuits after high school, whether that be through university teams, intramurals, or other leagues. As well, both Kyra Pollak and Hallie Rodney will be going to Israel this summer to represent Canada in the 2017 Maccabi Games on the girls basketball team.

Jordyn Gelbloom ‘18

What advice would you give to a new grade 9 student? Be yourself. Coming into high school I was so nervous I wasn’t going to make any new friends or I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with the work load, but after being at TanenbaumCHAT for 3 years, it has really allowed me to appreciate the inclusive and supportive environment this unique school offers. You develop strong bonds with your entire grade and even with the teachers. You should also make sure to get involved in the amazing extracurriculars or clubs and committees that TanenbaumCHAT offers. Not only does it improve your skills as a leader and as a contributing member to a group, but it is also a great way to mould your personal ideas into the TanenbaumCHAT curriculum.

The Maccabi Games, sometimes referred to as the ‘Jewish Olympics’, is an extremely prestigious multi-sport event. With approximately 9,000 athletes competing every four years on behalf of 78 countries, the Maccabi Games are the third-largest sport event in the world. TanenbaumCHAT will have 19 students competing in the games this summer, which begins on July 6. To keep up with them, make sure to like the TanenbaumCHAT Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @tanenbaumchat.

Our 19 Maccabiah student athletes Mark Benhamu '19 Joshua Eisenstat '17 Jeremy Glied-Beliak '17 Eden Granovsky '19 Hannah Lefton '19 Jacob Mausberg '20 Noah Minsky '20 Michelle Morris '17 Simon Popov '20 Hallie Rodney '18 Audrey Shiner '18 Ryan Shore '17 Ely Wyman '20

Yale Freedman '17 Fira Katchan '19 Max Merovitz '20 Kyra Pollak '17 Benji Segal '19 Cole Wyman '18

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram @tanenbaumchat #CHATMaccabiah!

Share one unique experience you've had here. Just before Shabbat on my grade nine Shabbaton last year, all the boys, including the madrichim gathered into a crowded room. The twenty-four hours spent at Camp George had blurred past; we all had a great time. And as we gathered - all students from different schools - one madrich explained what was about to happen. The grade twelve student removed a yarn ball from his pocket and explained: “When you get this ball, you will throw it to a new person you have met in the past day.” And so the activity started, and as we concluded the activity, I realized we had created a giant web across the entire room. For me, this activity was truly inspiring and jaw dropping. It had never occurred to me I would meet so many new, fantastic friends in one day. These were the same people who sat next to me in classes, walked in the same school yet I had not spoken to many of them until our Shabbaton. This truly demonstrated to me the strength of the relationships and friendships formed at TanenbaumCHAT.

Joshua Skuy ‘19

www.tanenbaumchat.org | 19

The Family Winegust and the Nature vs. Nurture Debate In the world of psychology, a long-standing argument is the classic “Nature vs. Nurture” debate. Basically, this debate is concerned with the extent to which particular aspects of behaviour are a product of either inherited (genetic) or acquired (learned) characteristics. Now this brings us to the Winegust family. Fred '77 and Rena have sent all five of their children – Tamara '05, Adira '07, Yardena '09, Marc '11 and Zev '17 to the original TanenbaumCHAT Wright Street and Kimel. All five children played on our school’s Reach for the Top Trivia Team at some point during their high school years. To our knowledge, although we don’t know of any empirical studies that have been conducted, it would probably be a safe bet to claim that there may not be another family in the province that can say that all five children were participants in Reach for the Top. To celebrate this unique accomplishment, Fred and Rena have generously donated a trophy to the school that will include all the names of TanenbaumCHAT Wright Street and Kimel students who participated on our Reach for the Top teams for all the years between 2002 to 2017. A special shout-out goes to Yardena and Marc who played on television for the 2009 TCK team that finished 5th in Ontario and to Adira who also qualified for the TV round in 2006 and ended up in 6th place in the province...and also to our “bookend” Winegusts: Tamara, who was on our first Wright Street team, and Zev, who played on the final Kimel team. So, coming back to the topic of “Nature” vs. “Nurture”, is it something “genetic” with the Winegusts that might explain their thirst for knowledge and trivia OR is it the fact that the Winegust family loves playing board games, such as Trivial Pursuit, and their general knowledge was “learned” at home? Perhaps, it’s a combination of both factors? For 10 points, what say you? Article written by Richard Stoll '80, Reach for the Top Coach and teacher at TanenbaumCHAT since 1991.

A Celebration of Leadership To Ellen Chaikof ‘80, December 13, 2016 marked the end of her term as president of the TanenbaumCHAT Board of Directors. To the school community, it marked the end of an era comprised of 15 years full of dedicated service. Ellen, a litigator and employment lawyer by trade, has been a board member since 2005. During that time, Ellen served as Chair of TanenbaumCHAT’s Personnel Committee and as a member of the Executive Committee before beginning her term as President in 2014. Ellen’s community involvement has not been limited to the school. She has also served on the Board of Beth Tzedec Synagogue, been involved with the Women’s Division of Israel Bonds and currently sits on the Board of Canadian Friends of Shalem College. Ellen’s relationship to TanenbaumCHAT extends far beyond her work obligations, as she and her husband David are both CHAT alumni. Their three sons are also grads. Ellen is recognized by the Jewish community and her peers for her steadfast commitment to Jewish education and camping. Ellen’s tireless dedication to the Jewish education offered at TanenbaumCHAT will surely leave a lasting mark for years to come. To mark the occasion, a “Celebration of Leadership” fundraising campaign was initiated to enable Ellen’s many friends and supporters to show in a tangible way their appreciation for the important work she has done for TanenbaumCHAT. The initiative, which was spearheaded by Leanne and David Matlow and Sari and Hal Springer, raised over $100,000. The results of the campaign were celebrated at a moving ceremony held prior to the annual meeting. The proceeds of the campaign will be used to upgrade and enhance the Hennick Family Atrium, a popular central gathering space on the school’s campus. This project is our community’s way to thank Ellen for her extraordinary service, and will serve as a permanent inspiration to others to devote themselves to the causes they are passionate about.

From left to right: Leanne & David '78 Matlow, Ellen '80 & David '79 Chaikof, Sari '82 & Hal Springer www.tanenbaumchat.org | 21

Dana Eli ‘07 to Shay Ariav

Cepler | Sitzer

Adam Cepler ‘07 to Nicole Sitzer '06

Kyle Lichtman ‘04 to Marli Gurvey Shaun Rotman ‘02 to Michal Golan Danny Goldberg ‘02 to Aliza Dason Have a special occasion or good news to share?

Melissa Lass ‘01 to Ross Linker

Contact Elie Guttmann '12 eguttmann@tanenbaumchat.org | 416.636.5984 ext 354

Raquel Walman ‘08 to Josh Friedlich '08


Goldberg | Dason

Walman | Friedlich

Lichtman | Gurvey

Rotman | Golan

Eli | Ariav

Lass | Linker Samara Bernstein-Hendry ‘10 to Eli Lesser


Lyla Abells ‘02 to Billy Farbstein Danya Borenstein ‘08 to Jonah Koplowitz ‘03

Capland | Naiberg

Borenstein | Bouskila

Borenstein | Koplowitz

Abells | Farbstein

Bernstein-Hendry | Lesser

Kyle Borenstein ‘06 to Shirley Bouskila

Naomi (Samuel) Elmaleh ‘07 and David Elmaleh, on the birth of their daughter, Orly Sophia Shauna (Silver) Fonn '97 and Robert Fonn, on the birth of their daughter, Hailey Paige Joanna (Rochwerg) Schlesinger ‘01 and Yaron Shlesinger, on the birth of their daughter, Leora Rose Keren Romm ‘98 and Hillel Kurlandsky, on the birth of their daughter, Lior Bar Aner Shachar '04 and Esther Shachar, on the birth of their daughter, Arielle Nicole Jaclyn (Milstein) Lakien ‘05 and Josh Lakien, on the birth of their daughter, Maya Rose Mahla Shapiro '07 and Jeremy Finkleman, on the birth of their son, Lev Dash


Elmaleh Fonn

Schlesinger Shachar



Saskin | Weisleder

Kipper | Grosman

Frydman | Gertler

Richmond | Schabas

Friedman | Ozery


Corey Capland ‘09 to Melanie Naiberg ‘09

Rachel Frydman ‘08 to Stephen Gertler

Danny Richmond ‘03 to Sara Schabas

Jared Friedman ‘12 to Liron Ozery

Jonathan Kipper ‘06 to Eliana Grosman

Michael Saskin ‘12 to Hillary Weisleder ‘12

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