DF-990Ac Automatic Folder

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DF-990Ac Automatic Folder The DF-990Ac Automa�c Paper Folder is one of the quietest tabletop folding machines in its product range. With a high speed of up to 260 sheets per minute, the DF-990Ac u�lizes a three-roller fric�on feed system to process a wide range of paper stocks. It also offers a new hand feed kit op�on which allows operators to manually feed one to three sheets at a �me for quick folding. Simply load the paper into the hand feed tray and the DF-990Ac does the rest. The DF-990Ac comes pre-programmed with six standard fold types including single, double, half accordion, le�er, accordion and gate - enabling users to fold a variety of applica�ons at the touch of a bu�on. With the user-friendly color LCD touch panel, operators can also create custom fold styles and save them into one of the 15 job memories. The DF-990Ac offers a 500-sheet feed tray capacity with feed pressure, paper separator, and a skew correc�on adjustment that can easily be fine-tuned as needed. Compact in size, the high-speed DF-990Ac is ideal for any office or print environment.

Special Features • Folds up to 260 sheets per minute • Performs six of the most common folds plus custom folds • Cross folding feature for right angle folds • 15 job memory for quick recall of frequently used jobs • Op�onal hand feed kit for manual feeding and folding of up to 3 sheets • Three-roller fric�on feed system • Misfeed and paper jam detec�on • Compact, quiet and reliable Learn more at www.fp-usa.com/df-990Ac/


DF-990Ac Automatic Folder



Paper Size (WxL)

2.91” x 4.13” to 12.24” x 18.00”

Paper Type

Bond, NCR, offset, cover stock, and some coated paper

Paper Weight

Uncoated fine quality: 46.5 to 157 g/m2 Coated: 84.9 to 127.9 g/m2

Fold Types

Single, double, half accordion, le�er, accordion, gate, cross fold and custom

Feed Tray Capacity Speed

1.8” (up to 500 sheets of 64 g/m2)


Up to 260 sheets per minute (le�er size)2

Paper Feed Method Counter

Fric�on-feed with skew correc�on


Automa�c fold posi�on se�ng; Sound absorbers; Wire-free plate; Five speed levels; Test bu�on; Power save mode

Power Supply

100V - 240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions (WxDxH)

41” x 20” x 20”


95 lbs.

Ascending and descending

Varies upon paper grain and fold type Production rates are based upon optimal operating conditions and may vary depending on stock and environmental conditions. 260 sheets per minute is based on a single fold, A4 size, using 81.4 g/m 2 bond paper. * As part of our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.




double half accordion



cross single

cross le�er

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