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TRANSFERABILITY From high school to advanced degrees, we help students get from here to there.

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Whatever your Focus is published bi-annually for the communities of Fox Valley Technical College. Director of College Marketing Barb Dreger Executive Editor Carmelyn Daley-Hinkens

we’ll find a way. Whether you’re starting down a new path, chasing your dreams or simply working your way towards your future, it’s good to have someone to look out for your best interests. That’s the advantage of doing your banking where you’re an owner. Our whole purpose is to provide you the tips, tools and answers you need to live your best life. If this sounds like a better way of doing your banking, then talk to us today. We’ll find a way for you, too. •






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President Dr. Susan A. May Fox Valley Technical College

1825 N. Bluemound Dr., P.O. Box 2277 Appleton, WI 54912-2277 1-800-735-3882 • TTY (hearing impaired) 711 State Relay System

12 (email inquiries) Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission since 1974. FVTC offers more than 200 associate degree, technical diploma and certificate programs, and instruction related to 15 apprenticeship trades, in addition to providing services to business and industry. The college serves about 45,000 people annually, more than any other technical college in Wisconsin. © 2021 Fox Valley Technical College. Fox Valley Technical College is an Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action institution, providing equal opportunity to all persons, including members of underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds, females, veterans and individuals of all abilities. For questions regarding the College’s nondiscrimination policy, contact: Rayon Brown – brown@ (Affirmative Action), (gender discrimination, including sex-based violence) or Elizabeth Burns – (disability related discrimination).





Beyond the Classroom

12 Foundation


Alumni Spotlight


(920) 830-7200 •



OUR MISSION IS TO: Provide relevant technical education and training to support student goals, a skilled workforce, and the economic vitality of our communities. OUR VISION IS TO BE: A catalyst in engaging partners to bring innovative educational solutions to individuals, employers, and communities – transforming challenges into opportunities.

From high school to advanced degrees, we help students move up.

BizSquad students get real-world experience.

Call, go online or visit us in person at any of our 26 Northeast Wisconsin locations. APPLETON (6) FVTC Appleton Campus BELLEVUE (subject to campus availability) KIMBERLY


Travis Thul’s education and career 13 leads to White House Fellowship.

Developing the Workforce

FVTC Learning Innovations team building app to help drug-endangered kids.

Open for Business

Innovation Accelerator boosts Ryan Lonergan’s podcast for veterans.

Jodie Weyland pays for her education through nearly 30 scholarships.

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TRANSFERABILITY From high school to advanced degrees, we help students move up. How do we do it? By offering many flexible paths to success: credit transfer, concurrent degrees, dual credit and more.

Lighting a Fire Olivia Arreola is on the path to becoming a Welding Engineer thanks to her work ethic and determination to succeed. Olivia Arreola is a welder today because she had a point to prove. When she was a junior at Wautoma High School, she casually mentioned to some classmates that she was thinking about taking a welding class. They didn’t think she could make it in the male-driven industry. Their doubt only motivated her more. “At that point I told myself, ‘you know what? Now I have to do it," she explains. And she did. Now 21 years old, Olivia has made it clear: she’s a welder through and through. She has earned medals from regional,

She also has her sights set on a bachelor’s degree in Welding Engineering Technology. In Fall 2022, Olivia plans to attend Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan, where she’ll start as a junior. “I want to be a welding engineer,” she says, “and challenge myself to be more innovative and create products that help people.” While Olivia waits to start the next phase of her education, she’s enjoying her current job as a Welding Technician at Miller. She also volunteers her time through welding-related events with area youth groups. “I had a great experience at Fox Valley Tech. Everyone was so encouraging,” she says. “I’ve had so many supportive people throughout my journey. I want to be that person for someone.” • • • Learn more:

state and national competitions, an associate degree in Industrial Welding Technology and a full-time job that she loves at Miller Electric in Appleton.

• • • Hear more from Olivia:

Welding in Wautoma The Wautoma Regional Center offers a full lineup of welding classes for area high school students, providing them the opportunity to not only earn high school and college credits at the same time, but also valuable skills they can employ locally. Each semester, about 18 students can complete the GMAW Welder Basic Certificate. Additional welding classes are also available. • • • Learn more:

Olivia Arreola

2 Fox Valley Technical College

focus spring 2021


Cobra Vang

Creating a College Road Map FVTC helps this high school senior create a long-term game plan. Payton Reardon was barely a teenager when he toured Fox Valley Tech’s Public Safety Training Center (PSTC). But that tour would leave him with a lasting impression. Fast forward several years, the Appleton North High School senior will start FVTC in fall 2021 with a very specific plan in mind. “I’ll get my associate degree in Fire Protection,” Payton explains. “I’ll work as a firefighter for five years and then finish a bachelor’s degree in Arson Investigation at UW-Oshkosh.”

Payton Reardon at the Public Safety Training Center

Payton credits staff at an FVTC Career Day for helping him create this road map. They explained FVTC’s transfer agreement with UW-Oshkosh. When Payton’s ready he’ll only need two additional years to complete his bachelor’s degree. For now, Payton’s ready for FVTC. • • • Learn more:

I know the reputation of this program. When you’re done, there are places waiting to hire you.

Payton Reardon

Prior Experience Pays Off You have work experience. You should get credit for it. You have a successful career, but you want to go back to school. Shouldn’t

Although more commonly called a concurrent program, others

you get credit for that work experience? We think so.

refer to a unique Nursing opportunity at Fox Valley Tech as

Management at Fox Valley Technical College. Working full time, and the mother of three, Jenny predicted she’d graduate in 2-3 years.

pursue an associate degree at FVTC and a bachelor’s degree

with Schneider, Jenny was granted 15 credits toward her degree. “This was a gamechanger for me,” Jenny says. “CPL shortened my timeline to graduation by one year and saved me thousands of dollars.”


• • • Learn more:

Credit for Prior Learning is helping expedite my bachelor’s degree. Fox Valley Technical College

Jenny Peterson

• • • Learn more:

in Nursing at Grand Canyon simultaneously. “I’m getting hands-on training at FVTC,” Cobra says. “At

Learning (CPL), an FVTC program that awards credit for prior work experience. After vetting Jenny’s resume, and seven years of experience

paying half what I’d pay at a four-year school.”

Student Cobra Vang is on that bridge. A partnership between FVTC and Grand Canyon University allows Cobra to

That is, until an instructor suggested Jenny explore Credit for Prior

“Tuition is a big factor in college,” Cobra explains. “I’m grateful FVTC advisors told me about this program. I’m easily

“the bridge.”

she decided it was time to pursue an associate degree in Business

bachelor’s degree at Grand Canyon seven months later.

Simultaneous nursing degrees are a timely option for Cobra Vang.

When COVID-19 halted work-related travel for Jenny Peterson,

Jenny Peterson

Cobra will finish FVTC in spring 2022. He’ll complete his

Bridging Two Degrees

Grand Canyon, classes focus on theory and patient interaction."

The instructors at FVTC are all in. They want you to succeed. They want to prepare you for the real world, which is to work. And be good at it.

Cobra Vang

focus spring 2021


Amanda Couch

Start Here, Go There

Step by Step

General education classes set you up for limitless opportunities.

From the Navy to FVTC to UWGB, Amanda Couch is on track to an HR career.

Deep into his first semester at a four-year university, Spencer

Amanda Couch knows a thing or two about

Grams knew something was wrong. It was a nagging

determination. The 35-year-old U.S. Navy veteran enrolled at Fox

question: was he at the right school?

Valley Tech as a full-time student in 2014, and has since

Then the pandemic hit. After some career soul searching,

earned three associate degrees, all while raising her

Spencer decided to transfer to Fox Valley Technical College.

young daughter.

“I’m going to mortuary school in Chicago and I needed

Not only that, Amanda is now well on her way to

four semesters of general education classes to be accepted,” Spencer says. “But I didn’t need a four-year university to do it.

earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

I realized I could get all my core general education classes at

with a Human Resources Management emphasis at

FVTC in Waupaca and it’d be much more affordable.”

UW-Green Bay. It’s part of an agreement that allows FVTC grads to transfer to UWGB with junior standing.

Spencer is working and saving money while he finishes two

“All of my 64 Business Management credits

more gen ed classes at FVTC. Then he’s ready for the next

transferred, as well as some Accounting credits,” she

step. His only regret?


“I wish I would have gone straight to Fox Valley Tech.”

Veterans Unite

Amanda’s FVTC degrees include Accounting,

• • • Learn more:

On average, a 3-credit gen ed class at

FVTC costs 40-50% less

Business Management and Human Resources. Her goal upon

Some of Amanda’s fondest moments at Fox Valley Tech were spent

graduating from UWGB is to work as an HR professional and

in the Veterans Resource Center, where she not only worked, but

ultimately lead her own team.

also relaxed. “My time at FVTC was wonderful. I loved meeting fellow

• • • Learn more:

than at a 4-year school such as

veterans, sharing stories and laughing together,” the Black Creek native explains. “The Center was great in helping whenever I had a question about my benefits, classes or needed help with life issues.”

UW-Green Bay or UW-Oshkosh.

• • • Learn more:

Spencer Grams at the Waupaca Regional Center

One Degree at a Time Erich Korth proves a technical diploma is a career launch pad. Erich Korth is the first to admit he didn’t have a game plan when he started in the Diesel Mechanic program at FVTC. That’s hard to believe when he explains what happened next. After graduating from FVTC in 2000, Erich spent 12 years working fulltime while he earned an associate degree from UW-Fox Valley and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from UW-Platteville. Today, as he leads his team of employees at Transport Repair Specialists in Neenah, he admits his educational path isn’t for everyone. But it could be, for many. “My advice is complete a technical degree first. Then, go to work and become proficient at the basics. When you complete that other degree, Erich Korth at Transport Repair Specialists

you’ll be the better hire because you also have the real-world, common sense understanding of how things really work.” • • • Learn more:

6 Fox Valley Technical College

focus spring 2021





BizSquad students get real-world experience. Organizations get real-world help.

Q & A with White House Fellow

Many students understand that what they learn is found well beyond the classroom. Marketing student Toree Crozier certainly gets it. Through BizSquad–a unique FVTC class that provides students with a service-learning opportunity–Toree and

Travis Thul’s education and career leads to White House Fellowship.

her classmates created business solutions and marketing deliverables for three local nonprofit organizations. The finished goods included such things as a new website, a marketing tool kit and a social media marketing strategy.

Travis Thul received an associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology in 2004. His education set the stage for three more degrees, including a Doctor of Engineering from George Washington University.

And they did it all in one semester. “We were exposed to many different occupations as we did this,” Toree says. “We had to be leaders. We had to be followers. We had to create plans, make decisions and work closely with our clients.” One of BizSquad’s clients was Crossfire Ranch, a facility that provides mentoring and recovery through equine events. The newer nonprofit needed help with social media strategy. “With so many social media platforms, it can be daunting to manage it all,” says Heidi Gossen from Crossfire Ranch. “BizSquad created a tiered social media plan and broke it down into workable pieces that we can use as

Currently a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, Travis was selected as a 2020-2021 White House Fellow.

we grow. It will help us for years.”

• • • Learn more:

Toree Crozier at Crossfire Ranch

What is a White House Fellow?

What did you enjoy most at FVTC?

The program combines service and education. I’m at the Export-Import Bank of the United States where I work on the Program on China and Transformational Exports. I help execute legislation involving international finance and foreign policy. The highly-competitive program started in 1964 to provide first-hand experience working in the federal government. There are 14 selectees for this nonpartisan fellowship program.

I can say with all honesty that my time at FVTC was some of the most formative. There was a culture of pride that permeated every class. The dedicated faculty, integration of industry and wonderful mentors have had an impact on me to this day.

Why did you choose FVTC?

BizSquad Fall 2020 3 organizations helped • Crossfire Ranch • Friends of Appleton Public Library

• Neighborhood Partners $7,214 financial value

8 Fox Valley Technical College

As a first-generation college student who’d spent much of my youth in a rural community near Rice Lake, Wisconsin, attending a four-year university after high school was foreign to me. However, having role models who had been mechanics and machinists led me to explore a career in engineering. When my girlfriend (now wife) enrolled at Lawrence University in Appleton, I discovered FVTC and the 2+2 Electrical Engineering Technology program with Milwaukee School of Engineering.

l always remember running a test on an autonomous vehicle and it driving itself into a garage door. The idea of reporting the damage to faculty was terrifying. However, the professionalism and empathy of the instructors taught me to own my mistakes and grow from them. Those wonderful mentors still have an impact on me today.

Tell us more about your career. I am a Coast Guard veteran and currently serve as a lieutenant commander in the reserves. Before that, I had the opportunity to carry on FVTC’s mission by serving as Dean of Technology at Minnesota State College Southeast. My goal there was to work toward building the best technical college in Minnesota.

• • • Learn more:

focus spring 2021




Innovation Accelerator Program boosts Ryan Lonergan’s podcast for veterans. There are two things guaranteed about Ryan Lonergan. As a veteran who served six years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, with one deployment to Iraq, he’s built an impressive post-

This program immersed me in the business side of things and pushed me to create my own business plan.

Ryan Lonergan

military career guiding other veterans. And, the guy likes to talk. In August 2019, Ryan combined these strengths to start Wisconsin Veteran, LLC. Based in Appleton, Ryan advises companies on how to recruit and retain veterans in their workforce. Two months later, Ryan took his entrepreneurial spirit one step further by starting a veteran-focused App will connect kids with much-needed resources

podcast. “I like to talk. I decided to buy podcasting equipment and give it a try,” Ryan says. “My mom

Helping At-Risk Kids

FVTC Learning Innovations team building app to help drug-endangered children.  A 13-year-old girl starts each day exhausted. She stayed up late taking care of her younger siblings. Her mom is addicted to meth. Her dad isn’t around anymore. She didn’t have time to do her homework so she goes to school without it. Her teachers don’t know what’s going on at home. She’s ashamed, so she tries to stay as invisible as possible. Imagine if this girl had a tool at her fingertips that she could use to reach out to someone locally, anonymously. Someone who could tell her where to turn… let her know she’s not alone. That’s the vision of an ambitious new mobile application in the works by the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (DEC) and the Learning Innovations (LI) team at Fox Valley Technical College, funded by the Office of Victims of Crime, a division of the U.S. Department of Justice. The free app will use geotagging to connect children endangered by drug use with resources within their own zip code. With a few simple clicks, they can connect directly to real services. “There are as many as 10 million children affected by substance misuse in their families,” explains Scott Henderson, Executive Director of the National DEC. “We want to make it

The final project will have four tiers. Phase one, currently in development, focuses on the victims and getting them help. Subsequent tiers will involve in-depth training for professionals. Technical development is being conducted by the FVTC LI

was my first interview. I can literally say I started this podcast from my mom’s kitchen table.” Called Fragout Podcast, it soon outgrew the kitchen table. Within six months, Ryan had

team. “We’re working on the design, geotagging functionality,

attracted listeners from 30 countries and all 50

content management, and development of user profiles,”

states. He knew he was on to something, but

explains Jay Stulo, Director of Learning Innovations. In

longed for more business acumen.

addition, the FVTC Public Safety Training Center is the site of several scenario videos to be integrated into the tool. The National DEC became aware of the high-caliber work

That’s where FVTC’s Innovation Accelerator for Veterans program entered the conversation. “This program immersed me in the business

of the LI team through projects done in conjunction with

side of things and pushed me to create my own

the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley

business plan,” Ryan says. “I now have advertisers

Technical College. Choosing them for this project was a

and sponsors for the podcast. The classes helped

natural fit. “We had the idea and vision, but we didn’t have

me more than I can say.”

the technical expertise,” says Scott. “That’s where Learning Innovations comes in. We went out and found the experts.

• • • Learn more:

They understood our mission and scope, and it wasn’t daunting to them because we’d worked together before.” Phase one of the app will launch in September 2021 with a

What’s Fragout?

national outreach campaign to get it to the kids who need it. “The impact is going to be dramatic and far-reaching,” Scott says. Jay and his team are honored to be involved. “Every time we meet we realize how important this work is,” he says.

• • • Learn more:

“It’s a military term a person shouts as he/she is about to throw a (fragmentation) grenade. It’s a warning.”

-Ryan Lonergan Ryan Lonergan at the Fragout Podcast studio

easy for them to find help.”

10 Fox Valley Technical College

focus spring 2021



Receiving scholarships makes me feel motivated to learn and excel in my career.


Social Sampler


Jodie Weyland

Seed Money Through dedication and persistence, Jodie Weyland’s education was completely funded by nearly 30 scholarships. Growing up on a Neenah farm, Jodie Weyland has always had roots in agriculture. But in her 7th grade career class, an idea started to grow: Jodie’s future was in Agronomy. “That’s when I decided I wanted to be an agronomist,” the 21-year-old student explains, and began planning her future. In high school, Jodie enrolled in multiple classes that earned credit in both high school and college. She also started thinking about how to pay for college. “I knew I didn’t want to graduate with any debt,” she says, so she started researching scholarships. “I found scholarships through my high school, the FVTC Foundation, organizations I was involved in (like FFA), and businesses where my family members were employed.” Her efforts paid off, big time. Over the course of her high school and college career, Jodie obtained nearly 30 scholarships, which completely paid her tuition. Jodie’s advice to students: “Be persistent, and don’t be afraid. Just because you think you might not get a scholarship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply.” In May 2020, Jodie graduated with a double major in AgriBusiness Science/Technology and Agribusiness Science & Technology-Agronomy. In addition, she earned specialized credentials in various areas, and in May 2021 will complete her training. “Attending Fox Valley Tech was the best decision I could have made,” she says.

• • • Learn more: Jodie Weyland

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focus spring 2021




News Briefs

Dr. Susan May to Retire

For the latest Fox Valley Technical College news, visit

After 38 years at Fox Valley

From My Perspective

Technical College, 13 of them as president and CEO, July 31.

In July 2010, Dr. May wrote her first-ever blog post. The

Dr. May joined FVTC

subject matter? Summer camps. Since then, she has

in 1983 and became chief

written 200+ posts and 58,000+ words, covering a wide

academic officer in 1997.

range of topics from student successes to the economy

She was named president

in her popular blog, From My Perspective.

and CEO of the college in Dr. Susan May

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I started the blog


2021 Wisconsin Technical College System Ambassador for Fox Valley Technical College. The Accounting and Business Management student will serve as a leader and advocate for FVTC by raising awareness about the importance of technical education in Wisconsin.

A Blog by FVTC President Dr. Susan May

Dr. Susan May will retire on

• Justin Skubal was named the

to share my insights on topics that I find particularly

“Together, we have

Over the years, the blog has steadily gained an

Great Recession that began three months into my presidency

audience, with nearly 30,000 people having visited since

in 2008, then the enactment of Act 10 State legislation in

2010. You can find it at

2011, and capped off with the unprecedented pandemic of

• Under a new agreement with UW-Stevens Point, FVTC Justin Skubal

pass rates on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for the third year in a row. During the reporting period of April-September 2020, 25 out of 25 FVTC testtakers passed the exam. With a 100% pass rate, the college ranked #1 out of 2,010 two-year and four-year programs. For perspective, the nationwide pass rate within associate degree nursing programs was 83%.

for just about everyone.”

history,” says Dr. May. “First, the enormous impact of the

Fall 2021: Foundations of Teacher Education, Career & Technical Education Instruction, Data Specialist, and Surgical Technology. For more information, visit

• FVTC nursing graduates ranked #1 in the nation for

interesting or noteworthy,” she says. “There’s something

navigated three of the greatest challenges in the college’s

• Four new associate degrees are being introduced in

2020. All of these were completely unexpected challenges, but together we tackled each one.”

Dr. May has built a reputation for championing multiple

grads from the Business Management, Management Development, and Marketing programs can now transfer approximately 60 credits to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at UWSP. The new opportunity takes effect July 1, 2021.

• In February 2021, almost 100 high school students gathered virtually for a multi-cultural, multi-lingual college fair organized by CESA-6, which represents 39 area public school districts, and hosted by Fox Valley Technical College. In addition to workshops on college admissions and financial aid, students were able to learn about specific programs of study offered at FVTC.

large-scale initiatives. Through her leadership, a $66.5 million capital referendum was passed in 2012. Among other

Industry Partnerships Foster Generous Program Support

projects, the referendum allowed for construction of a new campus for the Public Safety Training Center, which is the only fully integrated and multi-disciplinary training facility in the Midwest.

Dr. May also spearheaded efforts to expand FVTC’s

partnership with Appleton International Airport by developing and delivering Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) training, which successfully launched in 2020. The program is one of

only 20 in the entire country and the only one featuring a Boeing 777 aircraft fire training prop.

In a year of upheaval due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr.

May navigated the college as it created instructional models in alternative delivery formats for nearly 250 associate degree, technical diploma, certificate programs and seminars, as well as nationwide criminal justice-related programming. The college

The Fox Valley Technical College region, our employers, college staff and the thousands of FVTC students have benefited tremendously from Dr. May's leadership. Her impact will continue to be felt for years to come.

Dr. Chris Matheny, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

Equipment and materials donations put the “hands” in hands-on learning. When it comes to hands-on education, our industry partners understand that students need the right equipment to learn from. Several partners have gifted FVTC with those all-important training tools, to include:

• General Motors donated five 2019 GM Duramax Diesel trucks.

Each truck was valued at $50,000 and came with a different option package so students could learn new things on each truck.

• The FVTC Welding department received a semi-load of scrap

metal from Coleman Tool & Manufacturing Corp. in Union Grove,

continues its process of resuming in-person operations and will

Wisconsin. Over the past 8-10 years, the company has frequently

expand offerings both in-person and online in fall.

offered a sizable load of scrap to the school.

The Fox Valley Technical College Board of Trustees will begin the search and hiring process immediately.

It anticipates selecting a new president no later than August 2021.

• FedEx donated a semi tractor-trailer to the school’s Diesel program.

Valued at $3,500, the students are using the unit to troubleshoot and repair engine defects on the tractor. “Fox Valley Tech is always grateful for support from businesses and industries,” said Mike Farrell, department chair for the Diesel program. “These relationships cannot be overstated.”

14 Fox Valley Technical College

focus spring 2021


Visit Fox Valley Tech


Nursing Students Answer Call for Help

FVTC students and staff at Fox Cities COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

The students are a fixture at Fox Cities vaccine clinic. The regional COVID immunization clinic at the Fox Cities Exhibition Center in Appleton is getting a big shot in the arm this spring as nursing students help with the vaccination effort.

As part of their clinical experience, up to 170 nursing

students are taking shifts throughout the spring semester. The students will rotate between giving the immunization


and assisting with screening.

All students are supervised by one of the FVTC Nursing

faculty. That includes department chair Barbara Timmons.

“There is a great excitement among the nursing students

in helping the community,” Barbara says. “They know this is a unique time for them to be part of the solution to help combat COVID-19.”

Touring the college is the best way to see if it’s the right fit for you. On campus or online––whichever way you’re most comfortable, we’ll help you get closer to your decision.

More Help From FVTC

11 non-medical FVTC staff members also volunteered, providing 96+ hours of support to

Explore our virtual tour or schedule an in-person appointment at

the vaccine clinic.

Credit Transfer Adds Up

Save money and stay close to home at Fox Valley Technical College. Earn your two-year associate degree first then transfer your credits to a four-year college. Fox Valley Tech has 2+2 transfer agreements with the following colleges and universities, making the credit transfer process seamless: University of Wisconsin System UW-Green Bay UW-La Crosse UW-Oshkosh UW-Platteville UW-River Falls UW-Stevens Point UW-Milwaukee UW-Stout

• • • Learn more:


Private Universities Ashford University Bellevue University Concordia University Franklin University Grand Canyon University Herzing University Lakeland University Marian University Milwaukee School of Engineering Northern Michigan University Viterbo University Fox Valley Technical College

FVTC saved me valuable time and money in my pursuit toward my bachelor’s degree, without having to sacrifice value in the classes being offered.

Graham Kunde Alumnus, Marketing


focus spring 2021



Are you ready for fall? We are!

We’re READY to get you and your educational journey on a path that works best for you. READY with our on-campus offerings

A full set of programs, classes, labs, and support services will continue – or return – to an in-person and on-campus environment. READY with our virtual and online offerings

We’ll continue offering online learning plus expand options.

READY with a great student experience Student Services and academic staff are here to serve you, whether its exploring options, starting college, choosing classes, financial aid or educational support. We’re READY for you and your educational journey, no matter which path you choose.

Check out our complete plan at

Appleton • Chilton • Clintonville • Oshkosh • Waupaca • Wautoma

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