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Happy April, Wavers!

April has arrived and thank goodness so has daylight savings time. It is so nice to have more daylight hours to enjoy in the evening.

We want to thank everyone for your tremendous response to our Waves March issue. Your positive comments are greatly appreciated. We couldn’t do all that we do each month at Waves without your terrific support.

With over 20 regular contributors and writers, Waves will continue to provide you with the types of articles, features, and entertainment schedules that we know you look forward to each month.

Plans are currently in the works for another one of our fun-filled Waves Social Parties to be held

in June. As soon as we have the date locked down, we will make sure everyone is made aware. As everyone who regularly attends our parties will tell you, The Waves Social Parties are an event not to be missed!

As always, please remember to BUY LOCAL and support our locally-owned businesses. As I say often, almost anything you could ever want or need can be found right here. Our local businesses deserve our continued support.

Have a fantastic April everyone. Spring has arrived! See you around the island…

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Mike Burke
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PET Corner

HONDA, Hard to Keep a Good Cat Down

It still amazes me how tough and resilient animals can be. Given the chance, they can overcome traumas that seem unimaginable. I’ll share a story about a little four-legged superhero.

One morning this winter a good Samaritan walked into the front door of our veterinary clinic with a badly injured kitten. The person had witnessed the cat being completely run over by a car and stopped to see if he had survived. The little guy was alive but in bad shape. He was in shock and unable to stand or

move his rear legs. This kind person left the cat with us expecting this would be his last day of life.

The kitten, who would soon be named Honda (I bet you can guess why), seemed different than most injured feral cats. Instead of being scared and aggressive he calmly looked into the eyes of our staff who were trying to help him. He was telling us I trust you and please help me. Never during his ordeal did he ever have a bit of fear or distrust. This cat was a special animal.

It wasn’t long before our staff decided that this homeless baby deserved a chance to survive. Our talented staff went into action getting pain control on board, emergency treatments, and getting some radiographs to access his injuries. Sadly, his body had received massive trauma. His pelvis had been broken in four places and, worse, his abdominal wall had ruptured

10 Waves Magazine | April 2023

internally causing his organs to be displaced under the skin on his belly. This guy would need a major operation if he was ever able to survive.

later he was standing on one of the rear legs but was showing some signs of nerve damage on the other. Nerve injuries may take a few months before we know if all his leg functions will return. We are all hopeful this too will heal, and he will make a full recovery.

To add to his luck, he has officially been adopted by one of our staff members and now is learning to live in a home with kids, dogs, and other cats. From “near dead on the road to living the good life”. If Honda had not been in the accident he probably would have lived out his life as another unwanted stray. His brush with death and pretty face opened the door to a long happy life.

Ashley Regnier performed surgery to place Honda’s organs back into their proper position and carefully reconstruct his abdominal wall. An hour and a half and fifty sutures later, Honda’s abdomen was put back together. The poor guy still had a fractured pelvis and was unable to walk.

Fortunately, pelvic fractures in young animals often repair themselves if the patient is given cage rest, pain medication, and good nutrition. Honda bounced back from his accident and operation and within a few days was eating and trying to play while resting in his hospital bed. He never once complained about his pain or treatments. He was so happy to have people showing him love and attention. Two weeks

Waves Magazine | April 2023 11 www.wavesgalveston.com
Dr. Hannah Gordon and veterinary technician Richard D. Henderson, DVM Galveston Veterinary Clinic 2108 61st Street Galveston, TX 77551

Re l ati o nshipAd v ic e with Jan & Dean

Hello Jan and Dean - I have been married to Harry for 6 years. It was love at first sight. Well, it WAS, but now, I must admit that our marriage and romance isn’t quite the way it was back when we were so crazy about each other. However, doesn’t any love relationship cool down from the frantic side at some point? Well, Harry came home with a brain-blower. He said he thought we should have an open marriage. WHAT? I kinda didn’t even know what that meant. I thought it meant that we both could have free time away from each other to go out with our friends without having to run it by one another. Or maybe even go visit friends out of state or simply go to a movie alone. Boy, was I wrong when it came to Harry’s thinking! At first, he did go out in the evenings and have cocktails with friends, but then I found out he meant seeing other people. He started calling home to say he wouldn’t be home that night. This last one was a week-long cruise! I cannot live like this. This is not a marriage. What should I do? - Samantha got surprised!

Well, to begin with, you said your relationship was starting to get stagnant. This is when you two should have sat down and had a serious chat regarding why this was happening. You should have never agreed to this “arrangement” unless you knew exactly what he meant by open. He is having the best of both worlds right now, so of course he’s not going to speak up. Think it over very carefully. Can both of you work it out and get that love-at-firstsight feeling back? Or should you just call it a day? I personally think he’s already called it a day. Sorry.

Hello Samantha. I can’t believe this is something you need advice about. The obvious answer is to leave that dope. There is NO gray area here. Your husband has

checked out of your marriage. There is something I will give you advice about though. Harry’s week-long cruises are a great opportunity for you to do the things you need to do. In a week’s time, you can call a mover and have all of his personal belongings shipped out of your house. Also, have all of the locks to your house changed. Feel free to have these actions billed to his credit card. While Harry is gone cruising and enjoying his drink package with one of his side chicks, you can equally enjoy removing him from your life. Don’t hesitate to do this. Get him gone! While I many times provide advice on trying to save a marriage, I am definitely not doing that this time. Your husband totally disrespects both you and the sanctity of your marriage. The sooner you remove him from your life, the better off you will be. There is a slight chance Harry will boohoo and tell you he is sorry and wants you back. Do not fall for this ploy. You deserve much better, Samantha. Do not settle for less!

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CrossWord Challenge


16 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com Answer Reveal on Page 63
1. Greeting word 6. Iced ______ 9. Punching tool 12. Slalom participant 13. Certain poem 14. Happy 15. Moderately warm 16. ______ of (throw out) 18. Member of Congress 20. Butter portion 23. Decompose 24. Fruit skins 28. Sports player 30. Fit of temper 31. Formal procession 32. Sower 34. Pub brews 35. Florida racetrack site 36. Underground drain 38. Shakespeare’s “before” 39. Wind dir. 40. Unidealistic one 43. In attendance 46. Midwest airport 50. Inexperienced 51. Amtrak stop (abbr.) 52. Show again 53. First in a series 54. Curvy letter 55. TV host
1. Truman’s monogram 2. Get by 3. Cup edge 4. Hawaiian necklaces 5. Made a menu selection 6. Until now (2 wds.) 7. Revise copy 8. Fable collector 9. Time past 10. No longer is 11. Caustic liquid
Adjusted beforehand
Musical sound
Dickens title beginning (2 wds.)
Flung 25. Finance 26. Property claims 27. Drinking tube 29. Sci-fi weapons
Calcutta dress
Unpleasant sight 35. River mouths
Actress Della _______ 41. Industrious insects 42. Those people 43. _____ and con 44. Rushed 45. Female sheep 47. Circle part 48. Wish undone 49. Compass point (abbr.)
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Of The Month

When Did Everything Stop Working?

There was a time in our lives when the things we tried to use actually worked. If you wanted a soft drink from a fountain, you could get one from a working machine. When you wanted ice in your drink, low and behold, the ice maker was working. What a concept! You could go into a store and things actually worked. Those days seem to be long gone.

Would you like a hot dog to go with your cold drink? Nope. Not today my friend. There haven’t been any hot dogs put on the grill in hours, maybe even days.

We need to purchase some gasoline. We drive around the lot looking for an empty lane and what do we see? Well, of course, a plastic bag over the pump nozzle. No gas is available at the pump.

Suddenly, we need to use the store’s restroom. The restroom doors are either blocked off with yellow tape and marked closed, or we see a sign that says “no public restrooms.” What terrific customer service.

If we find an item that we can actually purchase, good luck being able to pay for it. The store’s credit and debit card machine is down. Cash only.

We want to call the store’s customer service line to register our complaint and what do we get? We get the “ your call is important to us, please hold for the next available agent” routine. Sure, our call is important to you. That’s why you put us on hold for 45 minutes.

On our drive home, there are roads closed and detour signs to cap off our wonderful day.

Do we like the current day situation where nothing works and seems to always be out of service?


We miss the times when things worked, when customer service was important, and when the frustration levels were non-existent just to make a simple purchase. Ahh, the good old days...

Waves Magazine | April 2023 19 www.wavesgalveston.com

Hi everyone! Happy Easter and Happy April! As you know I get my recipes from friends, family members, and even some people that read the Bunny column. I have used a couple of Ruth’s, a reader, in the past and will do so again using this one. It’s how to make a bunny cake for Easter. And it’s EASY! Just follow the directions, and you will have a hit on your hands.



• 2 egg whites

• 1/3 cup granulated sugar

• 1 3/4 cups sifted, all-purpose flour

• 1 cup granulated sugar

• 1 tablespoon baking powder

• 1 teaspoon salt

• 2 teaspoons vanilla

• 1 cup milk

• 1/2 cup oil

• 2 egg yolks


Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease and flour two standard size round pans. In a large bowl, beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Gradually add 1/3 cup granulated sugar and continue to beat until peaks are stiff but not dry. Set aside. In another large bowl combine flour, 1 cup granulated sugar, baking powder and salt. Add vanilla, milk, oil and egg yolks. Mix at medium speed 3 minutes, scraping bottom and sides of bowl often. Fold egg whites into batter until well blended. Pour into pans. Bake at 350 F for 25 to 35 minutes or until center springs back when touched lightly and wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 20 minutes before removing from pans. Cool completely before frosting.

Buttery Cream Frosting:

Fills and frosts two standard rounds


• 1/2 cup vegetable shortening

• 7 cups confectioners’ sugar

• 2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

• 1/2 cup milk, plus more if needed


In medium mixing bowl, beat vegetable shortening. Add confectioners’ sugar, one cup at a time. Add vanilla. Slowly blend in milk to desired consistency, adding up to 2 tablespoons more if needed. Beat on high speed for 5 minutes, or until smooth and creamy.

Easter Bunny Cake Assembly:

Cut ears and bow tie from one cake, by cutting two equal sized arcs from the left and right sides of one cake. The left and right arcs are the left and right ears. The middle piece is the bow tie. Arrange whole cake (this is the face) on large serving plate, with two ears positioned at top left and top right, and bow tie placed under the face. Brush off any excess crumbs; set aside. Frost entire cake. Sprinkle with coconut. Arrange thin licorice strips for whiskers and smile, gumdrops for eyes and nose and Jelly Beans for bow tie decoration.

Till next time

Happy Trails Bunny

20 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | April 2023 21 www.wavesgalveston.com


Taking the Cold Water Plunge

Ifyou happen to drive through my neighborhood around 5 pm Sunday evenings and you hear the high-pitched screams of a girl, that’s my husband, in the first ten seconds of our weekly cold water therapy. We got the crazy idea to submerge our bodies in our winter-cold pool after watching the “Limitless With Chris Hemsworth” series on National Geographic. But the more we read about cold water immersion, the more we learned about the possible benefits of a weekly polar plunge.

In the show, Chris Hemsworth interviews scientific experts and takes on various physical and mental challenges in search of answers on what may help humans live healthier and longer. In “Shock,” the second series episode, Hemsworth works with cold exposure as he goes for a freezing swim in open water. (His exposure was much more extreme and under medical guidance, so don’t try this at home.) It’s chock-full of visuals on the effects of cold and hot temperatures on the body and may be helpful if you’re interested in learning more.

Submerging your body in bone-chilling water is actually an age-old practice known as cold water therapy (CWT), a type of cryotherapy. While the exact origins of cold water as a form of physical therapy are uncertain, evidence suggests the practice has been used since as far back as between 3,500 B.C. and 5,000 B.C. Experts have found signs that cold plunges or ice baths were used in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, as well as in other civilizations like the Israelites and places like Egypt, Iceland, and India.

There may be benefits to cold water exposure, but very little research has confirmed the proven science. Perhaps it’s changes in the body’s adrenaline, cortisol, or even dopamine. There are many hypotheses, as opposed to scientific data. You may or may not want to withstand the discomfort of a chilly dunk for uncertain rewards.

Some studies suggest cold water can increase the body’s ability to fight illnesses and muscle damage. This stems from the ability of incredibly cold water temperatures to speed up the body’s production of white blood cells (WBC), the sickness-fighting leukocytes of the body. Whether the increased WBC production is due to faster metabolism or optimized lymphatic function is still uncertain.

Some believe that exposure to low water temperatures boosts one’s metabolic rate, consequently accelerating one’s immune response. With

the body metabolizing faster, it also produces WBCs more quickly, thereby protecting it against infections more effectively, resulting in better immune function.

Meanwhile, some believe immersion in cold water causes lymph vessels to contract as the body cools down, forcing the lymphatic system to pump lymph fluids throughout your body more efficiently, effectively flushing out wastes. This process then triggers the body’s immune system to release WBCs to attack and destroy the unwanted substances in the lymph fluid.

High-intensity workouts and other activities may cause muscle soreness and inflammation, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Stepping into an ice bath may help speed up recovery after exercise. Most research on the potential health benefits of cold water therapy involves muscle recovery. There has been some evidence that cold water immersion reduces delayed onset muscle soreness after exercise, compared with passive interventions involving rest or no intervention.

To learn more about how to start getting the benefits of cold water immersion, here are some essential factors to consider:

Entering cold water will take your breath away at first, your heart will speed up, and you will definitely squeal like a little girl! It may shock you into a heightened awareness, giving you an instant pick-me-up. Your body adapts as you sit there longer, and your heart and breathing rates slow. You may even feel relaxed.

Studies of cold water therapy tend to use temperatures between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit , but there are no universal guidelines, so talk to your doctor about what’s best for you.

22 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

You can also do most forms of cold water therapy on your own at home. Taking a cold shower may be the easiest method for beginners new to cold water exposure, but you can do ice baths if you have a bathtub or basin. You can always set the water temperature you’re comfortable in, then make the water colder as you progressively adapt.

comfortable in, then make the water colder as you progressively adapt.

It is highly recommended that you start a 30-day cold shower regime before investing in a cold plunge tub; this will help you determine your body’s physiological responses to an ice bath and if it’s for you.

we survived for 3 - 4 minutes, and it didn’t kill us. Our theory is that if we regularly challenge ourselves to withstand cold temperatures, it may build resilience and help us handle other stressful situations when they arise. And that first ten-second primal scream is good for clearing out our lungs!

If you decide to try cold water immersion, talk to your doctor first to make sure it’s safe for you. And if you plan to swim in open water, make sure someone goes with you. Cold water can profoundly affect your circulatory system, and you need to prepare for short immersions and gradual warmups afterward.

immer -

Calming your nervous system is crucial before cold water immersion. Doing breathing exercises or humming can help activate your body’s parasympathetic system and boost nitric oxide production, making your cells more receptive to oxygen.

The bottom line of cold water therapy — whether it’s a quick swim in icy surf, a post-workout ice bath, or a brisk shower — it has potential benefits to your health in several ways. Still, more research needs to be done to determine if these benefits are supported by science.

For my husband and I, the immediate benefit we get each week is that “we did it” feeling. We set a physical and mental challenge for ourselves,

You might just be amazed at what you can endure when you set your mind to it.

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Shaye Henderson Shaye Henderson, BSN, M.Ed., M.S., Owner, 640 Fit, 11 Evia Main, Galveston
In the heart of Galveston's Downtown Cultural Arts District THE GRAND 1894 OPERA HOUSE 2022–23 PERFORMING ARTS SEASON
CHO Fri, Apr 14, 2023 | 8 PM With an overwhelming talent and innate musicality, classical piano virtuoso Seong-Jin Cho has made his mark as one of the consummate talents of his generation and most distinctive artists on the current music scene! RENÉE ELISE GOLDSBERRY Sat, Apr 15, 2023 | 8 PM Winner of the 2016 Tony® Award for her performance in Hamilton, Renée Elise Goldsberry is equally at home in a Broadway theater, a film set, or on a concert hall stage. GET TICKETS! TheGrand.com | 409.765.1894 2020 Postoffice Street, Galveston
TICKETS ON SALE NOW! 409.765.1894 | THEGRAND.COM 2020 POSTOFFICE STREET, DOWNTOWN GALVESTON Welcoming Artists • Engaging Audiences • Celebrating History FIDDLER ON THE ROOF May 6 & 7 STEVE TYRELL May 20 MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER June 3 THE TEXAS TENORS June 10 & 11

Creating a Youthful Neck

As you age, your skin becomes thinner, especially on the neck. Concealing your neck with clothing like scarfs or turtlenecks is not a practical solution, particularly in Texas with our hot and humid climate. Surgical procedures, though effective, come with extended recovery time, expense and risk. That is why many people are turning to nonsurgical procedures that can rejuvenate thin skin and restore a youthful appearance. We will review a few here.

with an impressive cumulative effect.

Kybell a ®

The platysma is a superficial thin sheet-like muscle that stretches from the jaw-line to the clavicle just below the base of the neck. With aging, the muscle becomes weaker, separates and forms unwanted platysmal bands. Injecting these bands with Botox or Xeomin causes the muscle bands to relax and creates a smoother neck. You can expect results to last 3 months or significantly longer as many of my clients report.

Almost 2/3 of adults report that they are bothered by fullness under the chin, the socalled ‘double chin’. In some, the cause is excess fat which can create an unflattering profile. Treatment for this involves disrupting the membranes of the fat containing cells so that the fat is released and removed from the body. Kybella is an FDA approved treatment for stubborn fat under the chin. It is made of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body.

Kybella is usually administered in a series of 2-3 treatments, scheduled 4 weeks apart. The total number of treatments can be modified as results are seen.


In addition to muscle bands, the skin on the neck can get thin and crepey with reduced collagen and elastin content. Sublative rejuvenation causes selective damage to small areas of skin leaving adjacent skin intact to accelerate the healing process. Sublative therapy stimulates fibroblasts to increase production of elastin and collagen which leads to tighter skin. Amazingly, you will continue to see improvement in your skin texture for up to 6 weeks after a single treatment! However, usually a series of 3-4 treatments is performed

So, remember to include your neck and décolleté in your skin care regime. Apply sunscreen and your skin care products to these areas. If you are not happy with the appearance of your neck, Botox or Xeomin, Kybella or Sublative rejuvenation may be reasonable non-surgical options to consider!

Have a great day, and I hope you continue to

Dr. Tara Wegryn is a board-certified Neurologist and Electrophysiologist and a member in good standing with the IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine). Dr. Wegryn received her MD from the University of Florida and residency in Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic. In 1996, Dr. Wegryn founded Houston Neuromonitoring, a successful intraoperative monitoring company that served the surgical community at the TMC (Texas Medical Center) for over 17 years.

If you have any questions about aesthetic medicine or Refresh Medispa, please send them to Drtara@refreshmedidayspa.com and she will try to answer them in future articles!

Refresh Medispa


26 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Botox️® or Xeomin️® eMatrix️™ Sublative Rejuvi n️ atio n️ n️ clusio n️
2424 Mechanic Street Galveston, Texas, 77550
Dr. Tara Wegryn is currently the director/ owner of Refresh Medispa in Galveston, Texas.
Waves Magazine | April 2023 27 www.wavesgalveston.com 409.443.5633 Tara Wegryn MD 2319 A Strand, Galveston, TX 77550 928.301.3412 https://www.aholisticsolution.com/ FREE PAIN PATCH Mention this ad to get a 20% discount! USE 13680 FM 3005, Galveston,TX 77554 located at PIRATE’S BEACH Ph: (409) 737-3400 Clean And Friendly Fitness 24 hours a day 7 days a week amenities include: free weights - cardio and customized weight training equipment - towel service coffee bar - filtered water and ice

Bob Rohan, or as he is known in Texas “Bad Bob”, has been playing the fiddle and singing in various groups for over 30 years in Texas, and has opened for Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Carlene Carter and John Conley to name a few. Bob has played in bands that have backed up country legends like Hank Thompson, Ray Price, Jack Greene, Pam Tillis, and Dale Watson.

Along with songwriting, Bob is also a talented cartoonist and has a self syndicated comic strip titled “Buffalo Gals”. The

comic feature is about two cowgirls “Bess Winchester” and “Connie Cheyenne”. The comic strip was inspired after playing with “The Hays County Gals and Pals” a cowgirl western group that toured through Texas, Oklahoma and as far west as Elko, Nevada. Bob has won The Wisconsin State Fiddle Championship and has been nominated several times from The Academy of Western Artists for Best Cowboy Cartoonist.

You can find Mr. Rohan online at : www.badbobrohan.com to read more and collect his original works!

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Waves Magazine | April 2023 29 www.wavesgalveston.com WEST ISLAND PROFESSIONAL CENTER OFFICE AND RETAIL SPACE Affordable Quality Offices Near Criminal Justice Center Near Moody Gardens Near Airport Quality Brick Construction Ample adjacent Parking Office space priced from $475.00 & up per month West Island Professional Center 6511 Stewart Rd. Galveston, Texas 77551 kaydavis9@gmail.com Administrative Offices Kay Davis - Owner-Administrator 56 Le Brun Ct. | Galveston, Texas (409) 771-0675 | (409) 744-5884 Call Now! (409) 744-5884 or (409) 771-0675

3 Easy Herbs that Feed the Butterflies

As spring gets underway, the butterflies will be returning. Early spring is a time when nectar sources are scarce. Herbs are a great planting choice that can help fill that gap between the arrival of the butterflies and other pollinators and the summer blooms they feed on.

Here are three easy herbs that will bloom early and feed the butterflies:


German thyme, or any of the common thyme varieties found at your favorite garden center, is a perennial that is unfazed by winter. As such, it blooms heavily in early spring. Mostly, the blooms are tiny and white and just perfect for tiny sips of nectar. Of course, we humans enjoy the use of thyme year-round! The more you cut it back, the thicker it grows. Simply use the cuttings fresh from the flowerbed or dry them for later use.

There are many varieties of sage and many of them bloom very early in spring. However, the sage I am referring to here is Salvia Officinalis. This is the herb used for cooking and as a medicinal herb. Spring brings beautiful dark pink or purple blooms. Not only will the butterflies enjoy these blooms, but so will you.

This dainty-looking herb is actually quite tough! Light freezes are not a problem for this sweet-smelling herb with fern-like foliage. Little daisy-looking flowers appear in spring and will continue to bloom until the heat of summer. While this is an annual, it self-sows freely. Each year, you will have chamomile return to the garden with little effort on your part. There are so many blooms that you can harvest chamomile for tea or tinctures and still have plenty for the butterflies and other pollinators.


~Holly Ross
more great
go to:
#3- Chamomile Thyme #2- Sage
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Fun Facts Historical Galveston

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Hello Wavers’! It’s April already! When do you think the first April Fool’s Day was celebrated? Well, some historians speculate that April Fools’ Day dates back to 1582 when historians linked April Fools’ Day to festivals such as Hilaria (Latin for joyful), which was celebrated in ancient Rome at the end of March by followers of the cult of Cybele. We may not know exactly when it started, but we know for sure a lot of people still celebrate today and have lots of fun doing so! Galveston Island is no exception! Let’s take a look.

Seagull Washing - Recently, the seagulls that live on the island have made the news. Residents are being asked to begin donating to a seagull washing fund starting this April. The funds will be used to purchase soap, flea spray, and beak polish. All residents will be assigned 10 seagulls to wash. Fun Fact: Seagulls can fly higher once they have been washed.

Sea Water Recedes - Officials have announced that the sea water along the beaches on the island will begin to recede on April 1st. Close to 2 miles of the beachfront will be exposed. This is your chance to see what lurks just off the shoreline. Fun Fact: The last time this happened, pirate Jean Lafitte’s buried treasure was discovered just off Stewart beach.

The Grand Galvez Chandeliers - Under new ownership, the Grand Galvez is giving away their priceless chandeliers! This giveaway will

only happen in April of this year. Individuals will be responsible for disconnecting and removing the chandeliers so that the new fixtures can be installed. Fun Fact: All the crystals on the chandeliers were carved from diamonds found on Pelican Island.

Ferry Closure - The ferry that connects the island to Port Bolivar will be closing beginning in April. A land bridge connecting the two will be replacing the ferry.

Construction starts very soon. Only residents will be allowed to cross. Fun Fact: The abandoned ferry’s will be used as extra school rooms at Ball High School.

Mosquito Cafe-new menu - Mosquito Café will introduce its new menu this April. There will be 10 new types of mosquitoes offered. A new mosquito gravy and a new mosquito ice cream will be added to the menu as well. Sounds delicious! Fun Fact: The island mosquitoes are larger than most. They were created in a lab at UTMB Galveston during the early 1900s.

32 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

Sand Thieves - A $1 million reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing sand from Galveston beaches. The sand has been turning up in places along the Atlantic coast. Galveston sand belongs to Galveston! Do not steal the sand! Fun Fact: Galveston’s sand is easily spotted on other beaches. It is darker in color because of the coffee beach-goers spill each year while sunbathing.

Snail Shells Needed - Snail shells needed! A recent report has indicated that the island is running out of snail shells. Our snails need our help! Please be on the lookout for discarded snail shells. Please bring all snail shells to the mayor’s office. Officials there will be responsible for passing out the shells to the snails that need them. Fun Fact: Snail shells are in short supply because the shells are used by the U.S. military. The crushed shells, mixed with gunpowder and seawater, make explosives.

Sandcastles Outlawed on the Beach


Beginning in April, the building of Sandcastles along the beach will be prohibited. This includes Sandcastles built to live in as well as temporary structures. The fines will begin at $500 per Castle. Fun Fact: Sandcastles originated in 1853 when BOI residents searched for a way to house sand crabs.

Pet Octopus Contest - A new pet octopus

contest is being held this April. Bring your octopus and show off your skills. Judging categories will include an obstacle course, high jump, and leash training skills. Fun Fact: Octopus’ only use the left side of their brain when out of water. The right side is only used for swimming and diving.

Clear Glass Umbrellas - Exciting news for those that want to use umbrellas on the beaches! Our clear glass umbrellas will be arriving soon. After April 1st, no colored umbrellas can be used. You will receive a

warning for your first offense. Thereafter, the fine is $100. Fun Fact: Umbrellas were created in 1882 to protect people from asteroid dust falling from an asteroid passing close to the Earth.

If these fun facts seem unbelievable, that’s because they are! I hope you had as much fun reading them as I had creating them. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

See you next month.

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34 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com April 2023
Your time is valuable. Trust Waves Dining Section to be your personal concierge on the Galveston Dining Circuit. With tips, amenities, features like outdoor seating, pet friendliest places and price points, let us test the WAVES at various Island Restaurants for you! See you at the table! CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Tom Valliere Charlie Bresenhan Follow Us Galveston Location 6612 Seawall - Galveston Ph:409-744-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 8:00PM Lamarque Location 2216 Gulf Freeway - LaMarque Ph: 409-935-2222 M - S - 11:00AM - 9:00PM Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM
Dining Section
Waves Magazine | April 2023 35 www.wavesgalveston.com LIVE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY & SATURDAY. KARAOKE - THURSDAY’S - 7-11 and SUNDAY’S - 4-8 HAPPY HOUR MON-FRI 3P-7P WINNER 2019 Del Pappa Award For BEST CRAWFISH in Galveston County! Huli Huli Hut | 312 19th Street | Galveston, Texas 77550 | 409-443-5525 facebook.com/hulihulihut our outdoor seating & dog friendly patio is now open!
36 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com Join our GRG Rewards Club! TheGumboDiner.com
Waves Magazine | April 2023 37 www.wavesgalveston.com Daily Lunch Specials: Monday through Friday 11 am - 2 pm Wednesday: 9.99 Pizza Pick-Up Special 3 pm to 9 pm Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 4 pm - 6 pm DINE-IN • PICKUP • DELIVERY Order online at mariosseawall.com 628 Seawall • 409.763.1693 Family • Tradition • Great Food Join us for Brunch 11 am - 2 pm! Lobster Eggs Benedict • Salmon Avocado Toast • Lobster & Shrimp Taco Open Easter Sunday

Pennie’s Take Out Menu

Smoked Brisket

Quality brisket covered with our original rub, slow smoked and ready to be sliced when you order.

Pork Ribs

Pork ribs cooked with our original rub till almost done then basted with our honey sweetened sauce.

Grilled Chicken

Chicken spiced with our rub cooked over wood. Unlike any chicken you have ever eaten.

Link Sausage

Pork and Beef link sausage smoked over oak ready and waiting for you to order.


Chopped Beef | Sliced Beef | Sausage |Comes with a complimentary 4 oz side

Stuffed Baked Potato Huge baked potato filled with butter, cheese, sour cream, chives and best of all chopped brisket!

Texas Sized Tamales

Everything is bigger in Texas. Three times larger than our

regular tamales with the same great taste.


(Sat. and Sun. Only)

Pennie Ochoa’s delicious recipe. Tender, moist shredded beef is the result.

Menudo (Seasonal)

Honey comb tripe in a spicy Mexican soup

Sides and Dessert

All sides are made fresh at Pennie’s

Potato Salad

Dill based cool refreshing chopped potatoes mixed with dressings.

Pinto Beans

My own recipe made fresh daily. Lots of love goes into the beans. Green Beans Banana Pudding Trifle

38 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com April 2023 Texas Sized Tamales Available!
37th Street, Galveston, TX 77550
Waves Magazine | April 2023 39 www.wavesgalveston.com Mosquito Cafe | 628 14th Street | Galveston, Texas 77550 www.mosquitocafe.com 409-763-1010 Take-Out | Delivery | Dine-In | Outdoor Dining catering service available Full service | limited service | beverage service | bar service | elegant to casual we can do it all! Contact: james@mosquitocafe.com



Lil’ Buffalo Grille



Street is a major commercial corridor running North to South in Galveston. It is mostly familiar to visitors as a primary link between Interstate 45 and Seawall Boulevard for holiday beach seekers. For island residents, it also serves as the casual boundary between Galveston’s east side and the western portion of our island.

Primarily residential and not as densely populated as the east side, this area has been largely underserved for dining establishments and other food services. Fortunately, that is rapidly changing and several new and exciting venues have recently opened. One of the finest is the Lil’ Buffalo Grille in the small community of Evia.

A planned development, Evia is a delightful neighborhood of clear freshwater lakes and uniform resort architecture. It features numerous amenities including a city center anchored by our featured restaurant - Lil Buffalo Grille.

If you turn west onto Avenue S at 61st street you will leave the commercial development and congestion behind as you veer onto Stewart Road and pass by the Galveston Scholes International airport. Out of the city now, you turn right onto 99th Street and pass along the Moody Gardens Golf Course. There you will turn left into the Evia neighborhood. The Buffalo Grille is one block in on your left in the town center.

A beautiful waterfront setting on the lake sets the tone for a pleasant meal and relaxing evening.

A part of a small Houston-based chain, Buffalo Grille first opened in Houston in 1984 on Buffalo Speedway next door to the Buffalo Pharmacy, hence the name Buffalo Grille. Originally serving only breakfast and lunch, they thought after 18 years it was time to branch out and serve dinner when they opened their 3rd location in Galveston. Owned and operated by a 7th-generation Texas family, you are guaranteed a pleasant meal and down-home Texas hospitality.

Opening in mid-2022, the restaurant was immediately popular and draws customers from across Galveston. An incredibly pretty and relaxing setting perfectly complements their food and beverage selections.

True to their roots, breakfast is a busy time here. Their extensive menu skews to Southwest and Mexican flavors, but also offers tradi-

40 Waves Magazine | September 2022 www.wavesgalveston.com
April 2023

tional American-style breakfasts. They offer an everyday breakfast that includes eggs, pancakes, and bacon or sausage for a bargain price. Huevos Rancheros is a dish I use to benchmark Mexican breakfasts and their version rates very high, even offering a green chile sauce as an alternative to the normal red rancheros sauce.

Many other dishes are available including a memorable biscuits and gravy and tasty omelets. Not to be forgotten is their coffee. Custom roasted and delicious, it is offered for sale in their gift shop.

Lunch and dinner bring a different crowd and a different menu. Although breakfast is offered all day, the lunch and dinner menu offers another dimension of casual, yet upscale dining.

A couple of good seafood entrees lead a menu of mostly diner-style food anchored by some solid Texas favorites. I am talking about fried jumbo shrimp, chicken enchiladas, fried pork chops, and of course a darned good chicken fried steak!

A real Buffalo burger leads the burger and sandwich offerings with a nice open-faced chili burger and a mighty fine BLT. A soup of the day pairs with the always-available bowl of chili.

A few nice salads and a bevy of sides and baked potatoes complete the offerings. I confess I have barely scratched the menu but everything I have had has been delicious and served in generous portions.

Alas, counter service prevails here and is seemingly becoming pervasive on our island. Not my favorite model, but it is done quite well here.

You place your order at the clearly marked counter. There is a large wall-mounted menu to guide you and a pleasant employee to assist if you have questions. After you place your order, you grab your drink from the large cooler and select a table. When your order is ready you return to the counter to retrieve it.

You may find a table inside or even better, outside on their waterfront patio, weather permitting. It is difficult to describe how peaceful and beautiful their patio setting is. In fact, the entire community is upscale, manicured, and extremely inviting.

For visitors that think Galveston is just cruise ships, parties, and traffic, a venture into this and adjacent mid-island suburban neighborhoods is a real eye-opener. You are encouraged to stroll through the neighborhood and you may be tempted to talk to a realtor. There are many that specialize in this area, but I digress.

Waves Magazine | April 2023 41 www.wavesgalveston.com

This is a busy restaurant during mealtimes and for good reasons. Their food is good and the prices are reasonable. They have recently started offering prime rib specials on certain weeknights and generally sell out as the prime rib is expertly cooked and perfectly seasoned for a bargain price.

Adult beverages are limited to a fairly small selection of beer and wine - all reasonably priced - along with soft drinks and the aforementioned delicious custom coffee.

This is a family-owned and operated restaurant that is very friendly and welcoming. Children are welcome and there is a special kiddie menu to keep it affordable for families.

I urge island vacationers and residents alike to stop by, have a nice meal, and enjoy an island lifestyle that many do not know exists.

I am going to rate this as average for handicapped accessibility due to some curbs and the counter service model which complicates things for mobility-impaired customers. However, the employees are very helpful.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday and Monday 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Lil’ Buffalo Grille 13 Evia Main Galveston, Texas 77554 (409) 974-4473 www.thebuffalogrille.com 42 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | April 2023 43 www.wavesgalveston.com 402 Blue Water Hwy Surfside Beach, Texas (979)239-3226 Private Party Room & Banquet Facilities Available. Credit Cards Accepted RED SNAPPER INN Seafood • Steaks • Gourmet Items “Our fish spent last night in the Gulf.” RED SNAPPER INN Voted #1 Seafood Restaurant Brazosport Facts Readers’ Choice Awards 2021/2022 Our Fish Spent Last Night In The Gulf
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From Team
Galveston's Best Jewelers! Rings & Jewelry Design - On-Site Jewelry Repair Lab-Created Diamonds Blvd. Galveston, TX. 77551 (409)-497-4560 www.GenerationsJewelers.com www.WeBuyGoldGalveston.com Award-Winning Designers & Master Jeweler tom E R - a B w W a -C 6207 Central Waves Magazine | April 2023 45 www.wavesgalveston.com

The Beach Bum

Your Bums Picks for unbeatable Records

Happy April, Wavers! Baseball Season has arrived! Your Bum is a true baseball fanatic who has loved the game since a very young age. I might add, very humbly of course, that your Bum was a pretty darn good baseball player. First base was my position. My nickname was “Scoop Shovel” because I could really “scoop up” the bad throws from our infielders to get the batter out.

I had a random thought the other day while I was out riding around in my ol’ scarab. It’s not like me to have very many thoughts in a day, but here is what had me thinking…

Baseball, unlike many other sports, has a proud history that includes some terrific feats and accomplishments that are carefully recorded each season. It’s a sport where records are still cherished and have value. I was wondering what are some records that will never be broken no matter how many more years baseball will be played. Here are 10 Records that your Bum believes will never be broken…GO ASTROS!

Maury Wills

165 most regular season games played.

Since the current season is currently 162 games, this record will probably never be broken. Add in the factor that the modern-day player takes games off for “load management,” which makes it appear to be a very safe record.

Old Hoss’ RadbournPitcher

59 wins in a single season.

Certainly, a record that will never be broken. Radbourn pitched for the Providence Grays in 1884. After the regular season, he helped the Grays win the 1884 World Series, pitching every inning of the three games. The Grays team folded the next season and Radbourn was claimed by Boston. Elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

Cal Ripken, Jr.

2,632 - Most Consecutive Games Played

Another record that will never come close to being broken. Truly an amazing feat.

Cy Young - Pitcher

749 - Most Career Complete Games

Double Header!

Cy Young - Pitcher

511 - Most Career Wins

In a wonderful career that spanned 21 seasons, Cy Young established two records that will never be broken. Young also pitched 3 no-hitters and 1 perfect

Waves Magazine | April 2023

Joe Sewell 3 - Fewest Strikeouts in A Season

In our current era where it’s nothing for a player to strike out 3 times in one game, striking out only 3 times in a complete season is really remarkable. Hall of Famer Sewell has the lowest strikeout rate in major league history. He once went 115 consecutive games without a single strikeout. Amazing.

Johnny Vander MeerPitcher 2 - Most Consecutive No-Hitters

On June 11, 1938, 23-year-old Johnny Vander Meer threw his first of two consecutive no-hitters. No hitter number one was against the Boston Braves. On June 15th, four days later, Vander Meer pitched his second no-hitter against the Brooklyn Dodgers in the first night game ever played at Ebbets Field.

Trinity Episcopal Church

2216 Ball Street, Galveston, Texas 77550 409.765.6317


Nolan Ryan - Pitcher 5,714 - Most Career Strikeouts

Bum favorite Nolan Ryan is the all-time strikeout king! I loved to watch him through his 100+ miles-per-hour fastballs. A great person both on and off the field. Ryan has 839 more strikeouts than Randy Johnson, who is number two on the all-time strikeout list. He has 1,042 more strikeouts than Roger Clemens, who ranks number three.

Chief Johnson 36 - Most Triples In A Season

This one is pretty obscure but it’s a record that probably will never come close to being broken. Wilson’s career ran from 1908 to 1916 with the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals. In 1912, Wilson set the record of 36 triples in a single season.

Rickey Henderson 1,406 - Most Career Stolen Bases

In your Bum’s opinion, Rickey Henderson is the greatest leadoff hitter in the history of baseball. His record for most career stolen bases is 468 more than Lou Brock’s, who had 936. In a career that spanned 24 seasons, Henderson holds the records for most stolen bases, runs scored, unintentional walks, and leadoff home runs. A true Hall of Famer.

to represent the Diocese of Texas as a delegate to General Convention in 1889.

Contact: Kathy VanDewalli, Parish Administrator 409.739.1903 Cell kvandewalli@trinitygalv.org

On September 8, 1900, the Great Storm devastated Galveston Island. This hurricane is the deadliest natural disaster in United States history. The Rev. Cain, along with his wife, Bettie, died in the storm. The day after the storm, a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Galveston found the Rev. Cain's body on the beach. He was hastily buried in a temporary grave. Later that year, Bishop Kinsolving, second Bishop of Texas, reinterred the Rev. Cain in historic Lakeview Cemetery on Galveston Island. The location of the last remains of his wife, Bettie, are unknown.

GALVESTON, TX – The Episcopal churches on Galveston Island are raising money for a grave marker for the Rev. Thomas Cain. The Rev. Cain was called to serve as the second vicar of Saint Augustine of Hippo Episcopal Church on Galveston Island, the first historically black Episcopal church in Texas.

Born into slavery in 1843, the Rev. Cain was in the first graduating class of the Bishop Payne Divinity School in Petersburg, Virginia. In 1888, Bishop Gregg, first Bishop of Texas, called the Rev. Cain to serve the people of Saint Augustine of Hippo. Known for his social advocacy and community work, the Rev. Cain was elected

Currently, the Rev. Cain's grave is unmarked. The people of all three historic churches in Galveston, Saint Augustine of Hippo Episcopal Church, Grace Episcopal Church, and Trinity Episcopal Church are raising funds to install a grave marker. This effort is a sign of their shared ministry on Galveston Island.

To make a gift, visit trinitygalv.org/give and select "Rev. Cain Memorial Fd." from the dropdown menu. A dedication ceremony of the grave marker will be held following its installation.

The Episcopal Churches on Galveston Island are welcoming communities sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through worship, fellowship, learning and service. For service times and information on each church, visit online at www.trinitygalv.org, www.gracechurchgalveston.org or call 409-765-6317.

Waves Magazine | April 2023 47 www.wavesgalveston.com

AGES 13 - 18


Explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons with us!

4th Floor - Fox Room

Tuesday the 4th, 11th, 25th

4:30 - 7:30 PM


Play board games, PS4 & Nintendo Switch games, and Magic!

1st Floor - Randall Room

Wednesday the 5th 4:30 - 6:30 PM

1st Floor - Wortham Auditorium

Wednesday the 12th, 26th

4:30 - 6:30 PM


Make Kandi bead jewelry, Perler bead art, or paint miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons!

1st Floor - Wortham Auditorium

Thursday the 6th, 4:30 - 6:30 PM


Three words: pocky, soda, and anime.

1st Floor - Wortham Auditorium

Thursday the 13th, 4:30 - 6:30 PM


Have a voice in the library, earn volunteer hours, and eat snacks!

1st Floor - Randall Room

Friday the 14th, 4:30 - 5:30 PM


409.763.8854 Ext. 140 @rosenberglibrary


Join our monthly Young Adult Book Club and get a free book to keep!

1st Floor - Randall Room

Thursday the 27th, 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Join our Discord server! For an invite, contact Dustan Archer at darcher@rosenberg-library.org

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Waves Magazine | April 2023 49 www.wavesgalveston.com


March 31

Daniel Hsu, piano

May 12

Andrew Staupe, piano

Trond Saeverud, violin

For tickets to Moody Mansion Music Click Here:

Sundays 4:00 SUNDAYS GalvestonSymphony.org Box Office: 409-765-1894 Experience an intimate classical music recital performed by some of the extraordinary soloists featured in full GSO orchestra concerts. Recitals are performed in the elegant ballroom of Galveston’s historic Moody Mansion. Limited seating - Reservations required UPCOMING RECITALS
by arrangement with the Cliburn
Mr. Hsu appears
50 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

at the Symphony


GSO welcomes Cliburn artist Daniel Hsu for Saint-Saëns’ dazzling 2nd piano concerto surrounded by French works of amazing women composers Mel Bonis and Lili Boulanger - concluding with the second suite from Ravel’s most magnificent orchestra piece: Daphnis and Chloe.

Mel Bonis: Ophelia

Saint-Saëns : Piano Concerto No.2

Daniel Hsu, piano

Lili Boulanger: D’un Soir Triste

Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe, Suite II

MAY 14


World Premiere of a new piano concerto by Norwegian composer Ketil Hvoslef with Andrew Staupe and Tchaikovsky’s Second Symphony, nicknamed “Little Russian” - meaning Ukrainian, which serves as a very meaningful, beautifuland intense! – season ending.

Glinka: Ruslan and Ludmila Overture

Hvoslef: Piano Concerto No.2 Andrew Staupe, piano

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2

Tickets: $40 Adults / $25 Students

Waves Magazine | April 2023 51 www.wavesgalveston.com Sundays



LaCage aux Folles - a landmark musical with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman and a book by Harvey Fierstein - opened on Broadway in 1983, breaking barriers for gay representation by becoming the first hit Broadway musical centered on a homosexual relationship. The show was an unequivocal ‘smash’ that ran for more than four years (1,761 performances), bagged six Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Score, and Best Book, went on to score 5 more in its revivals, and is playing at ETC Theatre to SRO standing ovation audiences through April 8.

The show has a very interesting journey from ‘page to stage’ beginning with the 1973 French play of the same name which became the hit 1978 French film La Cage aux Folles. The French version with English subtitles [also billed as Birds of a Feather] initially came to the US with limited runs in small arthouse cinemas [that’s where I first saw it!] and went on to become one of the highest-grossing foreign-language films ever released in the United States. It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film and was nominated for three Oscars: Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Costume Design.

Allan Carr, who had produced the successful film adaptation of Grease in 1978, was eager to work in theatre and thought a musical version of the hit 1978 film La Cage aux Folles would be an ideal vehicle for his Broadway debut. However, he was unable to secure the rights to the film and was forced to settle for the rights to the original play only. Carr hired Jay Presson Allen to write the book and Maury Yeston to compose the score for The Queen of Basin Street, an Americanized version set in New Orleans. With Mike Nichols set to direct and Tommy Tune on board as choreographer, Carr searched for executive producers and found them in Fritz Holt and Barry Brown, who immediately fired the entire creative team that Carr had assembled. Holt and Brown had produced the 1974 revival

of Gypsy directed by Arthur Laurents, and they approached him with an offer to direct their new venture. Laurents was not a fan of drag or camp entertainment and thought Holt and Brown never would find enough investors to finance a gay-themed project at a time when, during the early years of the AIDS epidemic, homophobia was more intense than ever. He agreed only because Holt and Brown were close friends and he wanted them to remain on Carr’s payroll as long as possible, but his interest grew when he learned Harvey Fierstein and Jerry Herman had committed to the project.

According to Laurents, when he met with Fierstein and Herman for the first time, they had restored both the title and locale of the original play but had neither a script nor even an outline for the plot. All they had was the Herman song “I Am What I Am”, and Laurents immediately envisioned it as an emotional outburst sung at the close of the first act. Laurents further claims that when he explained his concept to Fierstein and Herman, he inspired the direction they took in writing the musical. Herman tells a very different story in an interview included in the original cast CD. He claims that they were well into the collaboration when Fierstein arrived one day with an emotional fiery scene he had written for the end of Act I that included the words “I am what I am”. Delighted, Herman asked to use the five words, boasting he would have a song by morning, which he did. With gay-activist Fierstein and the political Laurents on board, the show could have “become a polemic diatribe on gay rights.” However, Herman was a moderating influence. Having suffered a series of disappointments with darker-themed shows since 1969, he was eager to score a hit with a mainstream, emotional, optimistic song-and-dance entertainment that middle-class audiences would enjoy. The team opted to create “a charming, colorful, great-looking musical comedy - an old-fashioned piece of entertainment,” as Herman recalled in his memoir Showtune. By “delivering their sentiments in a sweetly entertaining

52 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
PAUL HAGER Poster For French Movie Original Broadway Production

manner”, the team was able to convey their gay-themed message with more impact than they could have with a more aggressive approach.

Fierstein, Herman, and Laurents met daily in Herman’s Manhattan townhouse to work on the musical. Because they were limited to using only the Poiret play as a source, they were unable to include the character of Jean-Michel’s birth mother, who had been created for the film. They focused the plot on the fact that the relationship between Georges and Albin seems so natural that the boy is able to accept a man as his “mother”. The three men agreed that Albin needed to be as glamorous an entertainer as possible, and Theoni V. Aldredge was hired as costume designer to achieve their goal.

The producers agreed to a Boston tryout, and just before the second preview (the first was canceled due to problems with the mechanized set), Herman had a panic attack prompted by his fear that the city probably was too conservative to embrace a gay-themed musical, albeit one designed for a mainstream audience. The Boston crowds gave the show an enthusiastic standing ovation reception. The rest - so they say - is history, including as ETC notes in its publicity for their production: “Famously known as The Birdcage.” This refers to the 1996 English-language remake of the 1978 film that starred Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. An in-depth look at the musical-to-movie narrative may be found by checking out Matt Baume’s channel on YouTube and watching his segment entitled THE BIRDCAGE and LA CAGE AUX FOLLES: The Inside Story. It is also probably how most mainstream audiences became familiar with the plot.

The story is simple. We meet Georges (Lucio Nieto), the manager of a Saint-Tropez nightclub featuring drag entertainment, and Albin (Kyle Crawford), his romantic partner AKA ZaZa - the club’s star attraction. After twenty years of unwedded bliss, they are somewhat shocked when their son, John Michel (Matt Poole) announces his plan to get married to the daughter of a narrow-minded politician, Eduardo Dindon (Alex Petty). Jean Michel wants Anne’s (Lauren Eastin) family to meet his family. A family with normal parents. One with a mother and a father. Jacob (Justin Gonzalez) is the family’s butler [although he prefers to be called the maid] who is quite happy to help with the complications. This leads to a completely complex comedy as Georges, Jean Michel, and Albin attempt to create a non-homosexual family. The show is full of musical numbers that range from beautiful ballads to zany production numbers involving the full cast including The Cagelles, [performers at the drag club] portrayed by Max Bailey, Josh Figueroa, Samuel Gorashko, Chris Monteith, Trevor Moresco, and TJ Webb. Trying to keep the girls

in line is Francis (Patrick Olfers), the stage manager who has a huge crush on one of the performers. Also stepping into this craziness are Jacqueline (Love Fillius) and Marie Dindon (Erin Kate).

As my husband and I took our seats for the final matinee performance, there was a quite festive mood in the air as the audience was largely made up of folks from the Galveston LBGTQ+ community - many of which [like us and Albin and Georges] were long-time same-sex couples and good friends of ours. We knew they would love the show, but I, like Herman, Firestein, and Laurents at the Boston preview, was curious to see how the ‘mainstream’ members of the audience would react.

I broke my thesaurus trying to find words to describe how ‘absolutely fabulous’ this production was. Seeing it was like an old-home week for me as I counted sixteen artists in the program that I have had the privilege to work with before. Singling out individual performances could be a moot point as the cast worked together so perfectly as a well-oiled machine, however; top honors in the cast must go to Kyle Crawford as Albin/ZaZa. His portrayal of this complex character - from hilarious high camp hijinks to beautifully poignant romantic moments - was flawless. His rendition of the show’s signature act one finale “I Am What I Am” [which received praise as a “gay anthem” and has been widely recorded] left not a dry eye in the house; present company included! Not far behind was Justin Gonzalez as butler/maid Jacob who minced to beat [The Boys in The] band, especially when enacting Jacob’s I-Love-Lucy-esque “I wanna be in the show” scenes. And the lavish production numbers featuring the ensemble - The Cagelles - had the audience hooting with glee.

Director Kim Mytelka does it again [How does she always manage to top herself?] with her focused and snappy direction. Jennifer Daugherty’s infectiously energetic choreography - always a pleasure to watchcreated beautiful stage pictures on Thomas D. Boone’s cleverly transitioning unit set. Kudos as well to Musical Director Robert Lewis, who also conducted The La Cage Aux Folles Orchestra and performed with live musicians Kerri Elwood,

Waves Magazine | April 2023 53 www.wavesgalveston.com
Kyle Crawford and Lucio Nieto The Cagelles, performers at the drag club

Michael Kasinger, Clayton Duncan, and Richard Bourk.

One last personal noteWhile watching the show, there were many times my husband and I simultaneously reached out to emotionally take each other’s hand, most often during the scenes and songs that personified Albin and George’s intimate relationship as they mirrored many of our own experiences as a couple. For anyonegay or straight - the musical’s message is universal. As Johnny Trlica - another islander reviewer; he for the Montrose Star - put it “It’s a bright, loud, romantic, outrageous, and defiant celebration of living your life as you are, and not what others say you should be. Given today’s political climate, it is just as relevant at present as when it was first performed 50 years ago.” And I challenge anyone to not be uplifted by master lyricist Jerry Herman’s edict in the song “The Best of Times is Now”:

So hold this moment fast And live and love as hard as you know how And make this moment last

Because the best of times is now, is now, is NOW!


ON THE BOARDS [Currently playing]

ISLAND ETC [East-End Theatre Company]


Music & Lyrics by Jerry Herman Book by Harvey Fierstein

Based on the play by Jean Poiret

March 10 - April 8, 2023 – 8:00 PM (Sunday matinees March 19 & 26)


COM THEATRE [College of the Mainland Community Theatre]

DONKEY by John Patrick Bray

April 20 – May 7, 2023




Masterworks IV – Mozart and Ravel

April 2, 2023 – 4:00 PM


April 14, 2023 – 8:00 PM


April 15, 2023 – 8:00PM


April 27, 2023 – 10:00 AM




April 14 – 22, 2023 – 7:30 PM


IN THE WINGS [Opening Soon]

ISLAND ETC [East-End Theatre Company]


By Ken Ludwig

May 12 - May 27, 2023

Sunday matinees May 14 & May 21




Music by Jerry Bock Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick

Book by Joseph Stein

May 6 and 7, 2023 – Various curtain times


May 20, 2023 – 4:00 PM


May 20, 2023 – 8:00 PM




Music and Lyrics by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez

Book by Jeff Whitty

May 2023 – Dates and Times TBA

54 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Waves Magazine | April 2023 55 www.wavesgalveston.com

M usic P rofile

T exas LYDA

It worked for Madonna, Cher, Adele and so many more - the onename, stage name thing, technically called a mononym. For Galveston-born and raised singer-songwriter, Lyda, reasons for the removal of her surname need only be justified by how good her name looks bedazzled across the back of her favorite denim jacket. Lyda thanks her mother, Gerri, who supports her daughter’s choice to drop the family name, for the crafty sparkle and fringe.

The youngest of eight children, going back seven generations on Galveston Island, Lyda got much of her musical training, like so many musicians under 30 years of age, from YouTube. Though Lyda says her father, Billy, always had a guitar in the house, he also pushed her to learn on her own. She was 17 when she began teaching herself to play the guitar and has since become a confident player, performing everywhere from Mod Coffeehouse on Post Office street in Galveston, which was her very first live performance, to Nashville’s Cabana Taps.

In January of 2023, Lyda was voted “Best Female Vocalist” by the heavily trafficked Galveston.com tourism website in Galveston but says getting back to Nashville to live permanently (or at least get a recording deal) is the goal.

“The plans are in the works, but I don’t have a specific date set yet. The plan is to relocate, collaborate with people in the industry, and hopefully shake the right hands; working and writing for other people. I’d like to grow as a songwriter and I feel like the best way to do that is to write for other people.”

In terms of other writers, Lyda says she admires OneRepublic frontman, Ryan Tedder, for his ability to write for artists in many genres. Tedder has penned hits for Adele, Carrie Underwood, and The Fray, among others.

“He has written across the board in country, rap, and pop. He’s a writer and producer that has just started his own publishing company. I started listening to him when I was 12. His vocals are amazing. He’s not just a singer, but a songwriter and creator - he’s been a big inspiration for me.”

Lyda released a 7 song EP in 2016 called “Paper Heart” (recorded in Galveston) and has continued to write, though has not released an official recording since. Her sound, much like her vibrant personality, is upbeat with pop, radio-friendly sensibilities. Her latest effort, a single titled “Fresh” , will be released on all digital platforms on April 7th. Written during a difficult period in her life, Lyda said she made a concerted effort to write a happy song.

56 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Story And Photos By Zach Tate Live/support photos by John Allen Lyda Performing at Nashville’s Cabana Taps

“I went through a breakup in 2020. During that time, the pandemic happened and my whole music career came to a halt. I was writing all these sad, depressing songs. They were more like diary entries. Then I just started writing a happy song about a feeling I hoped to have again one day. About moving on – having joy again. All the things I wasn’t feeling at the moment.”

“Fresh” features Lyda on vocals and guitar and was produced by friend and collaborator, Austin Forcier (all other instruments). The track was mixed by Dylan Evers, with harmonies provided by Elisabeth Smith.

Lyda admits her stylistic lean to pop music may have been formed at an early age.

“I was 9 years old when my mom took me to see Jessica Simpson live at the Houston Rodeo! That was my first time attending a concert and I remember seeing her performance and thinking to myself, “I want to be a singer just like that.”

With tours and shows from Galveston to Houston, Texas to Tennessee, Lyda is working hard to perform as much as she can and move her career forward but said she always appreciates returning home to Galveston.

“If I’ve been out of town for a while and I come back, I’m reminded how beautiful and serene the beach is - how accessible it is. You can just hang out on the beach or Seawall and think - it’s so peaceful, calming, and healing in a way. So that’s magic in its own sense. I always go back to the Art Walk events as there’s music everywhere, art, wine – what else can you ask for?”

Lyda will be performing on April 7th, 2023 at 7 pm at Market Station (2310 Market St.) in Galveston as part of her “Fresh” all digital platforms release.


Instagram: @Lyda.Music

Facebook: Facebook.com/lydasings

Waves Magazine | February 2023 57 www.wavesgalveston.com
You can just hang out on the beach or Seawall and think - it’s so peaceful, calming, and healing in a way. So that’s magic in its own sense.
Lyda, her music, and performance dates at:
ZachTate Waves Magazine | April 2023 57
“Fresh” Album Cover
Lyda at Whiskey Jam in Nashville

A Guide To Galveston Fishing

58 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Crista Gonzales with an 80# Broadbill Swordfish. Hand cranked from 1,700 ft. down in the Gulf Of Mexico out of Galveston.
Waves Magazine | April 2023 59 www.wavesgalveston.com FISHING TACKLE AND MARINE SWAP MEET SATURDAY, MAY 20TH 2023 Plan now to attend our annual Swap Meet at the Gulfway Plaza of La Marque. There will be many vendors here to BUY-SELL-TRADE all things fish related. Rods, Reels, Lures, Tackle, Marine Equipment. VENDOR SET UP: 6:00AM - 8:00AM EVENT TIME: 8:00AM - 5:00PM CALL OR EMAIL TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! (LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE) (409) 935-1126 EMAIL: SALES@SERIOUSTACKLE.COM 14065 DELANEY ROAD, LA MARQUE TEXAS 77568 SERIOUS TACKLE 8TH ANNUAL (409)698-7112 www.gethookedfishingcharter.com Located on Galveston's West Bay at Beautiful Harborwalk Marina Hook into a wide variety of species both INSHORE and OFFSHORE on one of our private Family Friendly fishing charters. Fishing is not just a Hobby for us BUT our Full Time Job. Trips available YearRound. CALL TODAY FOR SUMMER SPECIALS! WAVES MAGAZINE OF PUBLISHER & EDITOR Mike Burke - mburke@wavesgalveston.com 409-789-1160 G A L V E S T O N E ntertainment M agazine WAVES priceless L t’s M e G February 2022 Edition Full Entertainment & Parade Schedule Inside

Experienced Fishing Advice To Make Fishing Great Again

Serious Tackle Box The

With Chris Gonzales

Chunk It!

Chunk It!

- A phrase related to throwing something when I was a kid on Galveston Island many years ago - throwing just about anything. Today’s definition, however, is about the efficient method of attracting deep-water yellowfin tuna to an anchored or drifting boat; it’s sending out a string of hookless bait chunks, “freebies”, to draw tuna into striking distance of your hook baits.

The first step in this process is having a fish cut into chunks; a bonito or small blackfin tuna caught onsite is the freshest and best. See the illustration for chunk-cutting patterns.

Start by making cuts vertically to the bone, about one inch apart. Notice the angle cuts in the forward section, again to the bone. This produces chunks that sink with a sort of swirl motion. The lengthwise cuts shown on the rear will give the traditional square or cube chunks. Whichever pattern you choose, the next cut will be from the head to tail in a fileting motion. Carefully make this cut about one inch below the skin. This will give many chunks with skin on. Now, make another similar cut next to the backbone to get another batch of chunks without skin. Repeat the procedure on the other side of your chunk donor. Skinned, skinless, square, or diamond-shaped chunks all work well.

Naming a “designated chunker” is the best way to go, otherwise, the down-current chunk trail may be broken, defeating the purpose of chunking. Start by broadcasting a few handfuls, then throw in 6-8 chunks as the previous batch go out of sight. It will usually take a while to draw tuna into range behind the

boat. A broken chunk trail may have those following it to the boat disperse when they come to a gap. They’ll still be looking for something to eat, but not behind your boat. Handing out a few chunks at a time is critical; you want to tease them in, not overfeed them. A very important factor in chunking is that it must continue once tuna are seen, or if hookups start. If not continued, the school might lose interest and go elsewhere. Hooked chunk baits can be fished freelined or Carolina rigged. The amount of weight needed will naturally be dictated by the current and the depth of the tuna.

Circle hooks are the way to go when using chunk baits, as in the illustration, which is shown with a 5/0 to 7 /0 Owner™ Ringed Super Mutu. Other hooks that work well are Mustad™39960D in sizes 9/0 and 10/0, or Eagle Claw™L2004G, 6/0 and 7/0. Aggressive hooksets will likely result in a ghost fish; it won’t be there because the bait and hook have been

60 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com

pulled out of your tuna’s mouth. If your chunk is being drifted out and down in the current, let the tuna run a few seconds, put the reel in gear, and you should be hooked up as the line comes tight. If the reel is in gear at the take, you can point your rod tip at the line’s entry into the water, then raise your rod tip as the line comes tight; same results - hooked up.

Even at night, tuna may be leader-shy. Moonlight, lights on the boat or a production platform may make your leader visible to them from the light reflecting off the leader’s surface. Fluorocarbon leaders work - but at a price. An alternative that works well at a bargain price is what I call “Poor Man’s Fluorocarbon”.

It’s basically putting a crosshatch pattern on a mono leader’s surface using a piece of Scotch-Brite™ pad. The crosshatch surface disturbance breaks up reflected light, making mono close to invisible in the water. Either of these stealth leaders is especially effective in bright sunlight, near the surface where your leader has the highest probability of being seen.

Without getting into a lot of detail as far as tackle goes, it’s

sufficient to say that yellowfin tuna of say 70lbs. and over require the use of stand-up gear ... 5-1/2 foot to 6’ 6” 50 – 100# rods with 2-speed reels loaded with BRAIDED line, a rod belt, and harness. Don’t forget to bring your assortment of approved painkillers as you’re going to need them after the smoke has cleared. These tunas are tough customers.

Get out there and chunk a chunk, hang on, and find out for yourself. Stop by Serious Tackle and see our selection of Tuna Tackle. “Serious Tackle for Serious Fish. M.F.G.A.

If you have any questions, stop by Serious Tackle or email me at chris@serioustackle.com.

Waves Magazine | April 2023 61 www.wavesgalveston.com Pro Fishing Gear & Tackle • Baits/Lures • Custom Rods • In-House Rod/ Reel Repair • Reel Parts • Rod Components • Inshore/Offshore Tackle • Custom Rigging • Custom Splicing 14065 Delany Rd. LaMarque, Texas 77568 (In the Gulfway Plaza) (409) 935-1126
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Jimmy Burns – Waterloo Rods , Jason Paul – Stinky Pants Fishing, Michael Bosse – Down South Lures and Billy Ray Wagner – SaltWater Soul.
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CJ Reese & Isabelle Dring Photographer The Baddest Sensei Steve Fuentes Custom SDfit6 Shirts by KelsoArts tie dyes (409) 741-7738 1717 39th Street Galveston, TX 77550 @razorsedgegalvestontx Full Service Barbershop ISLE CYCLE STUDIO - GROUP CLASSES MASSAGE - WELLNESS THERAPIES THE GATHERING STUDIO RENTAL SPACE Bent on Healthy Living Wellness Center is a wellness and fitness space on Galveston Island. Bent on Healthy Living will anchor the wellness arm of the center with educational and therapeutic-based resources. The wellness center will also offer Full Body Vibration Therapy, Salt Booth Therapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Massage, and IV Therapy. Bent on Healthy Living Wellness Center will also offer educational classes on nutrition, essential oils, wellness, and fitness. Located at 2910 53rd Street - Galveston, TX Give us a call at (409) 220-3901 BENTonHealthyLiving.com 1. Hello 6. Tea 9. Awl 12. Skier 13. Ode 14. Gay 15. Tepid 16. Dispose 18. Senator 20. Pat 23. Rot 24. Peels 28.Athlete 30. Snit 31. Parade 32. Seeder 34. Ales 35. Daytona 36. Sewer 38. Ere 39. WSW 40. Realist 43. Present 46. Ohare 50. Raw 51. STA 52. Rerun 53. One 54. Ess 55. Emcee 1. HST 2. Eke 3. Lip 4. Leis 5. Ordered 6. ToDate 7. Edit 8. Aesop 9. Ago 10. Was 11. Lye 17. Preset 19. Note 20. Papas 21. AtAle 22. Threw 25. Endow 26. Liens 27. Straw 29. Laser 32. Sari 33. Eyesore 35. Deltas 37. Reese 41. Ants 42. Them 43. Pro 44. Ran 45. Ewe 47. Arc 48. Rue 49. ENE ACROSS DOWN

Recipe Of The Month

Colorful Spring in the Piney Woods

the weeds look vibrant this time of year.

The wild hogs, or rooters as I refer to them, are fattened up from the winter acorns. This is my favorite time of year to fill the freezer with fresh butchered wild pork. The sounders are large right now with tons of piglets up to 200 plus pound sows and boars, all feeding together. When I slip in and find a sounder, I follow them through the woods.

From there, I can pick out my target for the day that’s usually in the 80-125 lb. range to make bone-in chops, whole roasts, and tenders. The 50-75 lb. weight range is great to split down the middle and smoke in halves for pulled meat or street tacos finished on a bed of mixed peppers and onions.

Spring is my favorite time of year to get out and enjoy the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods along the Neches River, where we escape to hunt and relax. Overnight and mornings are usually cool for my hunts, followed by warm afternoons to finish chores or cook outside. The ample rain allows the berries and wildflowers to grow which adds so much vibrant color to the elevated acreage.

Down at the river bottom, trees are filling out making visibility to spot animals to get a clear shot a bit more challenging than when the trees were bareback in the winter.

Last week, we were able to harvest wild dewberries along the sandy logging roads and in patches near our campsite. We also hiked around locating what will be a bumper crop of wild blackberries. Vines with thousands of flowers and small green berries are plentiful this time of year and should ripen early in May. I’m hopeful for a mid-month ripening, around my birthday, so we can spend a couple of days there to harvest and freeze buckets of berries for jams, cobblers, or chutney and grill up a wild birthday dinner. Wildflowers are abundant as well, present in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Even some of

I will be sharing many of my wild hog recipes as we love to eat both wild hog meat and venison. When I get the chance to take someone out for their first hunt, then prepare a meal for them within 24 hours of what was harvested, it’s a special moment and bond that lasts forever. I encourage and challenge anyone that does not practice field to table to find a hunting relative or friend that can take you on your first hunt. It will be a life-changing experience for all involved.

Eat wild, live free!

Waves Magazine | April 2023 64 www.wavesgalveston.com
Follow Wild Bill at: Instagram@TexasSelectSeasonings Facebook@TexasSelectSeasonings
64 Waves Magazine | April 2023

Tomahawk pan fried wild pork chops & citrus waffles w/ fresh dewberry syrup


Dewberry Syrup

Fresh dewberries - 3 cups

Natural cane sugar - 1 1/4 cups

Water - 1/2 cup

Apple juice - 1/2 cup

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp

Lemon zest 1/2 tsp

Orange zest - 1 tsp

Cinnamon - 1/4 tsp

Mint - 3-4 fresh leaves

Citrus Waffles

All-purpose flour - 1 3/4 cups sifted

Baking powder - 3 tsp

Salt - 1/2 tsp

Egg whites - 2 stiffly beaten with peaks

Egg yolks - 2 beaten smooth

Milk - 1 3/4 cups

Oil - 1/2 cup

Directions - Dewberry Syrup

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan over medium-high heat until it reaches a soft boil. Hold for 2 minutes then reduce to the lowest setting for an additional 5 minutes. Set aside to cool then either use with whole berries or soft blend until smooth and pour into glass jars to refrigerate until use. NOTE: This recipe makes 24 oz of finished syrup.

Directions - Citrus Waffles

Sift together dry ingredients. Combine yolks, milk, oil, zest, and extract then stir into dry ingredients.


Directions - Tomahawk Wild Hog Chops

Cut individual bone-in chops and gently tenderize both sides with a meat mallet being careful not to separate meat from the bone. Dredge in seasoned flour, egg wash, back in flour then pan fry until golden brown. Serve with buttered citrus waffles, dewberry syrup, and extra syrup on the side to dip pork chops in.

Orange zest - 1 tsp

Lime zest - 1/2 tsp

Vanilla extract - 1/2 tsp

Tomahawk Wild Hog Chops

Bone in chops - 8-10 individual chops

TSS Texas Season Allseason both sides

Egg wash - 1 egg and 1 cup milk

Seasoned flour - 2 cups flour, course sea salt, black pepper

Vegetable oil for frying

Waves Magazine | April 2023 65
Wild Bill’s Store | 5517 FM 2004 Suite 100 | Hitchcock, Texas, 77563 | Ph: (409) 392-8199 www.texasselectseasonings.com
-William “Wild Bill” Powell
in egg whites leaving a few peaks. Follow the directions for the type of waffle iron used.

From Jams to Jesus

Whether moving from the Houston/Galveston area to Terrell, Texas, then returning home to Galveston, Stacey and John Winder always positioned God and their ministry at the forefront and have found the ideal way to include the community.

Amy Lane Gifts and Simple Pleasures, located at 2029 Strand Street, is the only Christian gift shop on the Strand. It is not only there for gifts, home goods, and motivational and inspirational products, but also serves as the Winder’s community ministry. The prayer room, located in the back of the store, is lined with walls of prayer requests left behind by locals and tourists.

“Last year alone we had 2,058 prayer requests. We pray over the requests every day”, said Stacey.

As the Winders continue to bless the community and their customers, they aim to continue pointing people to the way of God.

It all started back in Terrell when Stacey took up the hobby of canning jams.

“It became a time where I would talk with God and create the jams. It was a peaceful time for me to pray and reflect”, said Stacey.

The jams were a sensation in their town and quickly evolved into a profitable business that led to buying an existing gift storefront. Amy Lane Jams was coined after the name of the street where the Winder’s residence stood. Stacey always loved the name “Amy Lane” and utilized it for the jam brand name.

Once Covid hit and the Winders found themselves missing friends and family in the Galveston area, Amy Lane Jams made the move

66 Waves Magazine | April 2023 www.wavesgalveston.com
Amy Lane Gifts and Simple Pleasures Stacey and John Winder

to the island and found an ideal location on the Strand. After two years, Amy Lane Gifts and Simple Pleasures held their official ribbon-cutting ceremony last month to celebrate the anniversary as well as moving beyond the adversities and changes of the pandemic.

“I often say, it went from jams to Jesus”, said Stacey, as she spoke of bringing on exclusive brands and local artists to fill the store, alongside her beloved jams.

Scentchips luxury wax melts are one of those exclusive brands. Scentchips is a well-known Texas brand that originated in San Antonio and is a favorite of many because of the variety of scents, the mix-and-match abilities at the Scentchip bar, and the unique designs of melters and other products.

Crosses, jewelry, wine glass sets, Christian T-shirts, and local artist-created items can also be found in the serene atmosphere of Amy Lane’s as customers are serenaded by Christian music and the love of the Lord.

The Winders are looking forward to partnering with additional churches and groups that want to host their open house with refreshments provided, profit sharing with the group for sales that night, and private shopping. Everyone is also welcome to visit, leave a prayer request, or even pick up a free bible.

Amy Lane is open Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm.

Waves Magazine | April 2023 67 www.wavesgalveston.com Amy Lane Gifts & Simple Pleasures 2029 Strand Street Galveston, Texas 77550 409-497-4308 facebook/amylanegalveston

Jesus, I Need You in My Life

R eflections

How can an event 2,000 years ago apply to me today?

It’s not by one’s imagination or a dream, but by “faith”. If you have faith the size of a muster seed, great things can be accomplished (Matthew 17:20). When you have faith, the past can have significant meaning.

Matthew 15:29-31 At that time: Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee, went up on the mountain, and sat down there. Great crowds came to him, having with them the lame, the blind, the deformed, the mute, and many others. They placed them at his feet, and he cured them. The crowds were amazed when they saw the mute speaking, the deformed made whole, the lame walking, and the blind able to see, and they glorified the God of Israel.

Jesus on the Mountain: Jesus is the focal point of history and of all human aspirations. When he strides by the Sea of Galilee and scales up the mountain, and all humanity seeks him out. He doesn’t interrogate them about their past or condemn them for their sins. He simply gives to each what he or she needs: to the blind, sight; to the mute, the gift of speech; to the deaf, hearing. Imagine for a moment this poor mass of humanity sitting around listening to Jesus. Place yourself with them. Your turn comes, and suddenly it is as if the crowd disappears and you are alone with Jesus. He looks into your eyes with loving concern and asks what you are seeking––even though he already knows it. My Jesus, it is you that I seek. Heal me, and do not let any sin separate me from you today (Father John Doyle, LC).

Reflection: When we put ourselves amongst the crowd and seek Jesus’ healing, it may not be the physical healing we are seeking, but something more personal. Are we blinded by envy and hate? Have we hardened our hearts so much that we are deaf

to the Holy Spirit calling us to be God’s children? Do we feel vulnerable and weak, maybe a little embarrassed with fear of judgment from others in spreading the word?

Whatever it may be, ask God to heal you, make you vibrant in your Christian belief and give you strength to go into the world and profess your faith in Him and proclaim his word to the world. This is the kind of healing that will set you free. Once you are free, you can accomplish anything. Don’t be afraid. Overcome your fear and put your trust in Jesus.

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