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“ Foxcrof t ha s ma d e m e a global citizen.”

“It’s about achieving the best you can achieve, meeting new people, and having an experience that is priceless.” H o l d Yo u r s el f to t h e

At FA, we believe that knowledge is

experience new things, and ultimately

H i g h e s t S ta n d a r d .

power. We foster a tradition of hard

build a strong foundation for a rewarding

work, respect, and accountability.

life—personally and professionally.

At FA, you will challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone,





“There are so many amazing opportunities. It makes you really excited to go to class everyday.”

E x pa n d yo u r H o r i zo n s .

FA’s challenging curriculum allows

curricular offerings including AP

F o l l o w y o u r Pass i o n s .

you to develop your known interests

courses, math and science, humanities,

while exploring new horizons in a safe,

visual and performing arts, technical

supportive environment. Students

education, four world language tracks,

enjoy an ever-expanding range of

and a vibrant ESL program.





“The iPad opens up a whole new world of understanding.” FA




“The iPad is like a virtual textbook, but it’s a million times better.” Ta p y o u r F u l l P o t e n t i a l .

FA is committed to preparing students

Students passionate about digital arts

Ha r n e ss t h e P o w e r

to succeed in an increasingly tech-driven

can choose from a range of courses

o f T e c h n o l o g y.

educational landscape and was the first

including filmmaking, photography,

high school in the state of Maine to

and applied media production.

provide an iPad to each and every student.





L e a r n W i t h t h e B e s t.

Faculty excellence is the core of the

supportive community of teachers,

FA experience, and the teaching does

counselors, coaches, and dorm

not stop when the day’s final bell rings.

parents will help you reach your

Regardless of where you come from or

greatest potential.

what your interests are, our highly-





“FA has given me so many opportunities. I’m never bored.”

“The students know that the community is behind them and react positively to it.”

Co m pe te to B eco m e a

FA’s commitment to excellence

than their share of state titles and

Champion. Learn the

extends beyond the classroom to

sportsmanship awards.

Va l u e o f S p o r t s m a n s h i p.

the finest playing fields in the region, where our 23 varsity athletic teams have combined to win more





J o i n a C r e at i v e Co m m u n i t y.

At FA, we place great value on creative

traveling, cheerleading, athletics, or the

E x p r e ss Yo u r s el f.

expression and help provide the necessary

great outdoors, we will challenge you to

tools for our students to explore their full

defy boundaries and expand your skills.

creative potential. Whether your passion

Academically, socially, and recreationally,

is for acting, music, fine arts, cooking,

opportunities to engage are endless.





“I feel welcome. That’s why I came to Foxcrof t.”

“I have formed amazing friendships with students from Germany, Spain, China, Korea, and so on —  it has given me so many different perspectives from all parts of the world.” D i s c o v e r W h at i t M e a n s

The FA experience unlocks the unique

least 10 countries represented in our

t o B e a G l o ba l C i t i z e n .

potential of every student, transforming

student body every year, we are proud

each one into an actively-engaged

to call ourselves a global community.

citizen with the skills to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. With at





Ma k e Y o u r s e l f at H o m e .

Our caring and dedicated residential life

acres, campus facilities blend classic with

Ma k e L i f e l o n g F r i e n d s .

staff promotes a culture of accountability,

contemporary architecture and include

independence, and self-reliance, enabling

four modern residence halls, five playing

boarding students to flourish within our

fields, four tennis courts, a basketball

beautiful campus setting. Located on 125

court, and a main academic complex.





“Maine is a really great place to find yourself.� FA




“This community has helped me grow and mature and become more connected. I feel that giving back is the right thing to do.” B elo n g to a

When you come to FA, you’re not just

giving to others and demonstrate the

T i g h t- K n i t C o m m u n i t y.

enrolling in a school—you’re joining

concept of community stewardship,

a community. Students at FA believe

ideas that are integral to the fulfillment

in giving back. Varied experiences in

of FA’s mission.

community service teach and model





E xplo re th e P ower o f

FA is situated in a picturesque region of

and Acadia National Park. From

P o ss i b i l i t y T h i n k i n g .

Maine and enjoys four distinct seasons.

hiking and ice climbing to white

Students enjoy easy access to natural

water rafting and wilderness

treasures including Baxter State Park,

excursions, the FA experience is

Moosehead Lake, Mount Borestone,

filled with activity and adventure.

“Coming from a huge city to Dover-Foxcroft has helped me understand just how beautiful the world can be.�









foxcroft aca demy 975 West Main Street, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426 USA +1 (207) 564-8351

Learn more: | | FA 34


Established in 1823, Foxcroft Academy offers a comprehensive college prep education for students from eight local communities and 12 nations...

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