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JANUARY 2013 Volume 14, Issue 1


Local Chamber Economic OUtlook What’s Next with Health Care Reform? 2013: What’s Coming, What’s Going, What To Do About It


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happy new year!

At Coalesce, we resolve to continue to grow together with our clients, our employees, and our communities. Wishing you a prosperous 2013.

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Volume 14, Issue 1 | JANUARY 2013

Fox Cities


Chamber of Commerce & Industry

3 President’s perspective Views from Chamber President/CEO Shannon Meyer Full

14 New members 18 Accolades, Advancements, Announcements

Chairman of the Board Greg Bell, Woodward Communications, Inc. Chairman-Elect Kip Golden, Miron Construction Co., Inc. Past Chairman Linda Kennedy, Business Lending Group, Inc. Secretary/Treasurer Bruce Zak, JPMorgan Chase, N.A.

The State of Wisconsin’s Local Chambers Economic Outlook; p 4


Kevin Eismann Epiphany Law, LLC

4 The State of Wisconsin’s Local Chambers Economic Outlook

Daniel P. Ferris SECURA Insurance Companies

8 What’s Next with Health Care Reform

Sharon Hulce Employment Resource Group, Inc.

10 Business Ethics: The ‘X’ Factor of Reputation 12 Are You Ready to Market in 2013? What’s Coming, What’s Going, What To Do About It

What’s Next with Health Care Reform?; p 8

Robyn Gruner AT&T

Dennis Jochman The Bechard Group Lyssa King Venus Jewel USA John Krause Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Marty Lenss Outagamie County Regional Airport Vic Lutz McMahon John Milanowski Innovative Machining, Inc.

Highlights 15 Economic Development 17 Business of the Month 20 Department Updates 24 Save the Date

Bill Mundy West Corporation Robert Pedersen Goodwill NCW Jen Wagner Mauk Affinity Health System Monica Vomastic Landmark Staffing Resources, Inc.

2013: What’s Coming, What’s Going, What To Do About It; p 12 Publisher: Shannon Meyer Full Editor: Melody Lane Buller Design: Coalesce, Inc. Printing: Northeast Wisconsin Printing Co. Advertising Sales: Susan Vanden Heuvel, 920-734-7101

Fox Cities Chamber Business (v 259180). Published monthly by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 125 N. Superior Street, Appleton, WI 54911. PH 920-734-7101. WEB Periodical postage paid at Appleton, WI. Annual subscription fee to members for Fox Cities Chamber Business is $9 and is included in dues. Publisher: Shannon Meyer Full. Editor: Melody Lane Buller. Design: Coalesce Inc. Printing: Northeast Wisconsin Printing Co. Advertising Sales: Susan Vanden Heuvel, 920-734-7101. Postmaster: Send address changes to: Fox Cities Chamber Business, PO Box 1855, Appleton, WI 54912-1855.

president’s perspective Happy New Year to you … I am so excited for the upcoming year. In the last issue, I gave you an overview of some of the accomplishments that we had this past year, and this month, I am excited to unveil some of the new initiatives of this year. This last year, our team at the chamber made it a priority to find out from you, our members, what is most important to you and what you need from the chamber. Based on your feedback, three major initiatives will take front and center in early 2013. First – Cultivate! On January 10th from 7:30 a.m. to noon at the Holiday Inn Neenah Riverwalk, we showcase our new professional training series with a great keynote speaker, Seth Mattison. Seth will talk on the Millennials and how business can infuse new energy and ideas while bridging the generational gap. Then it will be on to 18 different breakout sessions designed to address the requests for education from our member partners. Cultivate is designed based on the feedback received from the business community who want tactical tips and techniques that they can use now. There is something for every size business and every employment level. Please mark your calendars for January 10th and sign up today. Second – The newly named, Appleton Regional Partnership (Ignite Fox Cities/Fox Cities Economic Development Corporation) will ramp up its efforts to retain our local businesses, Continued on page 16

Fox Cities


This last year, our team at the chamber made it a priority to find out from you, our members, what is most important to you and what you need from the chamber.

Seth Mattison

Chamber of Commerce & Industry

January 10, 2013 7:30 am – 12:00 pm Holiday Inn Neenah Riverwalk

Cultivate: Business Growth Series was designed to give business leaders and entrepreneurs tactical, practical tips they can implement in their businesses immediately.

Seth Mattison is an internationally renowned expert in workforce trends and his generation—the Millennials. His presentations focus on the divide between younger and older generations and how bridging the gaps can infuse new ideas and energy into organizations everywhere.

Each event will have a variety of breakout sessions highlighting new and widespread business topics. The topics will follow four main tracks: Strategic Planning, Finance & Technology, Sales & Marketing and Performance Management. The event is designed to address “pain” points of three target audiences; business owners/top executives, middle management and operations.

Neenah Riverwalk

To learn more visit our website

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


featured story

The State of Wisconsin’s Local Chambers Economic Outlook The Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Executives recently conducted an in-depth survey of all the local chambers of commerce to ascertain an idea of where Wisconsin is headed economically in 2013. We are providing that

information to our members in hopes that it will help in decision- making throughout the coming year. We would like to thank the WCCE and WMC for providing this timely information.

Economic Outlook Community Employment In the next 12 months, do you anticipate your community employment will:





0 Fall 07 Increase

Fall 08

Spring 09

No Change

Fall 09

Fall 10

Fall 11

Fall 12


Business Climate Outlook for 2013




• State has a balanced budget • State has outstanding leadership

• Need more bi-partisan cooperation on business issues • Need to pass the mining bill

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

Economic Outlook Wisconsin Economy

Economic Outlook Business Climate

How will the Wisconsin economy perform over the next 12 months?

What is the business climate going to be like in your community in 6 to 12 months?











Fall 07

Fall 07 Fall 08 Spring 09 Fall 09 Fall 10 Fall 11 Fall 12 Good Growth

Moderate Growth

Remain Flat

Fall 08 Spring 09 Fall 09

Good Growth


Moderate Growth

Fall 10

Fall 11

Remain Flat

Fall 12 Decline

Trends in Mobile Technology

2401 E. Enterprise Avenue Appleton • 920-882-4070

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Sage Hall 2239, UW Oshkosh Fee: $25

Growing to serve your needs McCarty Law LLP welcomes Attorney Janet K. Porter to its Fox Valley practice.

Smartphones are in the hands of more consumers than ever before. How is your business leveraging smartphone technology?

Jan, a resident of Appleton, received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and earned her law degree from Marquette Law School. Jan’s practice consists of advising clients in planning for the orderly transfer of property to their families and charities through gifts, wills, trusts and marital property agreements. Her practice also includes assisting clients in giving effect to those plans through the probate and trust estate settlement process.

Find out how mobile can enhance your value chain at this seminar. To register, visit:

I. Gregg Curry IV • John J. Russo • Steven J. Cerasoli • Scott C. Barr • Reg P. Wydeven • Rebecca L. Kent Kristy A. Christensen • Jennifer T. Bania • Michael W. Curry • Philip A. Munroe • Melissa R. DeVantier Of Counsel: Dennis M. Wydeven • Randall A. Haak • John A. Esler • Janet K. Porter

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


featured story Economic Outlook Where is Wisconsin headed? Is Wisconsin on the right track or heading in the wrong direction? Notice the mirror image of Fall 10 to Fall 11. 100 Right Direction Wrong Track





0 Fall 07


Fall 08

Spring 09

Fall 09

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

Fall 10

Fall 11

Fall 12

What can Wisconsin state government do to assist the business community? • •

• •

Economic Outlook State Government Thinking about the business climate in Wisconsin, would you say that state government here is:

Decrease regulation red tape. Resolve Act 10 (The 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, also known as the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, was legislation proposed by Republican Governor Scott Walker and passed by the Wisconsin Legislature to address a projected $3.6 billion budget deficit. The legislation primarily impacted the following areas: collective bargaining, compensation, retirement, health insurance and sick leave of public sector employees.) Increase access to venture capital Increase targeted training money for needed jobs in the state

National Outlook The National Outlook still has some uncertainties that can and will affect the Wisconsin business community. • • • • • •

Affordable Care Act Tax Hikes Environmental Regulation Labor Law Deficit Spending Energy Policy/ Global Warming

60 50

Very pro-business


Somewhat pro-business


Neutral on business


Somewhat anti-business

10 0

Very anti-business 2007






Economic Outlook Top Business Concerns What are the top business concerns facing your community (% mentioning): Economic Slowdown Healthcare Costs Taxes Regulation Labor Shortage 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

Competitiion Environment Energy 0

Wisconsin Business Climate Vastly Improved:

CEO Magazine Ranking of the States:

• Tax Cuts • Legal Reform • Regulatory Reforms

• In 2008 – 43rd • In 2012 – 20th • Moved up 23 spots





CNBC Ranking of the States:

Site Selection Magazine

• In 2008 – 37th • In 2012 – 17th • Moved up 20 spots

• In 2012, Wisconsin Ranked 13 • First time in 15 years Wisconsin has been in top 25

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013



featured story

What’s Next with Health Care Reform? The re-election of President Obama confirmed health care reform is here to stay. As such, some of the changes which could take place during the next couple of years are still unknown. But, with some of the decisions the Obama Administration has already been making since the election, we do have some good indications as to what individuals, business owners and health insurance companies may be able to expect. Sheila Jenkins President, Network Health

Individuals – Starting in 2014, almost every individual will have to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. To obtain insurance, individuals will have several options. If your employer or spouse’s employer doesn’t offer health insurance, you can shop around for health insurance on your own, or with assistance from an agent or others that will be trained to help. Health insurance companies and the federal government are already developing plans to make shopping for a health plan easy for everyone. In addition to health plan options, you may also be eligible for Medicaid or government subsidies, depending on your income.

Business Owners – No business owner is required to provide health insurance, but beginning in 2014, employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees who don’t provide health care coverage will have to pay a penalty (if the business has less than 50 or more full-time equivalent employees, it won’t be at risk for paying the penalty). Businesses with 50 or more employees can also face a penalty if their coverage is deemed unaffordable (defined as costing more than 9.5 percent of the employee’s household income).


Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

Insurance Companies – The federal government has issued some requirements which will impact insurance companies. One regulation describes how health plans (starting in 2014) will be prohibited from denying coverage to any individual because of a pre-existing or chronic condition (this regulation is effect now for children under the age of 19). Another regulation outlines policies and standards for coverage of essential health benefits in an effort to provide consumers consistent access to ten categories of services. The essential health benefits include ambulatory patient services, emergency services, chronic disease management, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescription drugs, habilitative services and devices, laboratory services, preventive and wellness services, and pediatric vision and dental services. Already in place is a regulation which allows young adults to remain on their parents’ plan until age 26, regardless of their employment or marital status.

While much still remains unknown regarding the ACA, I encourage you to stay informed about what is known by speaking with your health insurance provider or your advisor. You can also learn more by visiting,, which is a federal website managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

About the Author

Sheila Jenkins became president of Network Health in 2002. The health plan provides a suite of comprehensive health insurance products to more than 130,000 residents of Northeast Wisconsin. Jenkins guides Network Health’s strategic initiatives and performance, leading the organization to be ranked in the top 20 percent of the nation’s health plans. Jenkins has more than 25 years of experience

in health care administration. Most recently, she served as senior vice president of business development, marketing and planning for Affinity Health System, a role she assumed in 1999. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Marietta College and received her certified public accountant license in 1980. Personally committed to improving the health and well-being of area residents, Jenkins plays an active role in Future Neenah, Wisconsin Association of Health Plans, Health Plan Alliance and Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network.

About Network Health

Founded in 1982, Network Health offers customized commercial and Medicare health insurance services to employers, individuals and families in more than 17 counties throughout northeast Wisconsin and beyond.

Now Relieving Pain in the Fox Valley

Through its strong reputation for quality health care coverage and excellent customer service, Network Health has grown to serve more than 130,000 members. Network Health’s Medicare Advantage PPO product holds the highest possible accreditation status—“Excellent”— from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). In addition, each year since 2002, Network Health has received the “Excellent” accreditation status for its commercial HMO insurance plans. Network Health is ranked in the top 20 percent of health plans by Consumer Report. More information about Network Health is available at, and at

Advanced Pain Management is pleased to announce the opening of our new location at 2700 E. Enterprise Avenue in Appleton. At APM our goal is to relieve pain, restore function and renew hope for our patients. Offering advanced treatments for: Back & Neck Pain • Sciatica SI Joint Pain • Work & Sports Injury Joint Pain • Spinal Stenosis

Nileshkumar Patel, MD, MBA Board Certified Pain Management Board Certified Anesthesiology Cleveland Clinic Fellowship Trained Minimally Invasive Spine Specialist

Maurizio Albala, MD

Board Certified Pain Management Board Certified Anesthesiology Harvard & Tuft University Fellowship Trained

Scan the code with your smart phone to view a video or visit Need a code reader? Go to

• 888-901-PAIN (7246)

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


featured story

Business Ethics: The ‘X’ Factor of Reputation As you already know, your business has a reputation; the question then becomes how tuned in are you about its public perception?

Ryan Weyers

A business’ reputation is arguably one of its most important assets, yet it’s the easiest to lose and the most challenging to maintain.

You may be asking where does one begin when examining the core of reputation, and I would tell you that it starts by looking at business ethics. If the reputation is suffering, you may want to take a hard look at how aligned employees’ personal

and business ethics are with the company’s mission statement, particularly when interacting with customers, employees and vendors. Some may attest that only large companies need to be concerned about their employees’ ethical conduct, as they may be a more magnified brand and would be more susceptible to negative backlash. I will disagree and say that it is even more imperative for small businesses and sole proprietorships to have ethical conduct policies in place to guide themselves or their employees. According to the 2011 Appleton-Oshkosh-Neenah MSA, 93 percent of businesses that have locations in the Fox Cities area report as a “small business,” meaning they employ less than

100. This statistic makes it even more of a necessity to focus on ethics because living in this small community allows word-of-mouth experiences to travel faster. There are three important aspects that I believe serve as a solid ethical foundation:

1. Trust When I say the word “trust,” I’m essentially asking, do you deliver as promised? It is commonly said to under promise but over-deliver. If you shine when unexpected and deliver on your word, you’ll forever solidify credibility with others.

2. Honesty (Integrity)

3. Respect

No person or business is perfect, and most people or businesses do great work. But how do you respond to the few who are unhappy or say something negative? Do you ignore their phone calls? Place blame on outside circumstances for issues that arise? Or do you respond in a timely and courteous manner and do your best to make what is wrong right? Your reputation for integrity is in how your handle the negatives in your business.

You can’t demand respect in business, but rather it’s something that is earned or created and serves as the glue that holds many business (and even personal) relationships together. Basically, it comes down to “The Golden Rule,” do you treat others the way you would like to be treated?

Let the images speak for themselves P. 920.810.2616

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


featured story

Are You Ready to Market in 2013? What’s Coming, What’s Going, What To Do About It Marketing changes fast. As technology and expectations change, marketing will evolve even quicker. To help you make the most of your 2013 marketing efforts, our roundtable of experts share what’s coming, what’s going and what do about it.

Web Design & Development Erikka Hedberg, Graphic Designer of OWC

What’s Coming? Responsive websites because they automatically adjust to fit any screen. With more people browsing the web on their phones and tablets, they expect websites to look good on any device. Complex colors, fonts and images are increasingly popular because of better screen resolutions and visual appeal. What’s Going? Static websites. Forget making a website and never


updating it. Expect to frequently update your site’s blog because of increasing focus on content. What to do about it? Redesign your site to be responsive and add a blog. Then find blogs in your industry and learn by example.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

shady websites, over-use of anchor text and other trickery. What to do about it? Write for people first, search engines second, being strategic and relational with your keywords. Build your brand, remove shady links and build good ones through offering interesting content.


Erik Kielisch, Copywriter & SEO Researcher of OWC

Brandon Wentland, Creative Director of OWC

What’s Coming? Better content. Google is rewarding good content because it improves the user experience. Google is also weighting brands higher than generic sites/ services (ex.

What’s Coming? Better tracking and more iterative changes to your website. New and existing tools like Google Analytics, Google Experiments and heatmaps make it easy to track users on your site and test changes to turn more browsers into buyers.

What’s Going? Over-optimization. Search engines continue to change their algorithms to punish keyword stuffing, duplicate content, links from

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

What’s Going? Guesswork and pouring money into unproven

site changes. We are living in the information age and it’s the most valuable resource. Measure, monitor, adjust and repeat.

identifiable as possible to survive. Avoid color trends, over-coloring your brand, and using cumbersome dimensions and shadows.

Pinterest is entirely visual. Even LinkedIn and Twitter are getting more visual with banner images, photos and videos.

What to do about it? Install Google Analytics on your site. It’s free and easy. Do it today.

What to do about it? People judge you by your brand in a split second. If it doesn’t relate to who you are, change it or it’s going to hinder and hurt you. Remember, your brand has to be appropriate, distinctive and consistent. Branding is absolutely everything.

Good content. Facebook changed their Edgerank algorithm to rank good content higher. With Pinterest and Google focusing on content, blogs are very important.

Branding Jeff Amstutz, Creative Director of A2Z Design, LLC

What’s Coming? Visuals are huge. With social media becoming more visual, your brand is also becoming more important because people need to quickly recognize your company and have an emotional attachment. What’s Going? Complicated brands are deadly; it’s a crowded world. Your brand has to be as simple and

Social Media Marketing Brad Cebulski, Owner of BConnected, LLC

What’s Coming? Anything visual. Visual content is shared the most and engaged with the most. Facebook is weighting pictures higher, and

What’s Going? Social networks are getting more users, but I think a bubble burst is coming. Expect only a few to be left standing. What to do about it? On your blog and across all social networks, put out engaging content that keeps people involved like promotions, stories and high quality visuals, like photos, videos and graphics.

Make sure your insurance plan includes Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, all we do is care for kids. We provide the safest, best care for infants, children and teens, no matter how simple or complex the illness or injury. Services available in the Fox Valley Newborn intensive care • Inpatient care • Specialty care 130 Second St., Neenah, Wis.


Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


new members

We welcome new members to the Chamber Community Action for Healthy Living, Inc. Ms. Wendy Vander Zanden 109 E. 8th Street, Suite 200 Kaukauna, WI 54130-2309 920-462-4188 NON-PROFIT AGENCY

Exit One Solutions

Ms. Dina Elliot 3463 Grand Meadows Crossing Neenah, WI 54956-9657 (201) 310-3356 Sponsor: Brad Schwei MARKETING

Great Lakes Custom Tool Ms. Bonnie Wiltzius 101 N. Old Peshtigo Road Peshtigo, WI 54157-1728 (715) 582-3884 Sponsor: Mary Basil MANUFACTURER

Osorio’s Latin Fusion LLC Ms. Kimberly Finnell 1910 N. Casaloma Drive Appleton, WI 54913-7982 (920) 955-3766 Sponsor: Maria Young RESTAURANTS

Rocketship Marketing LLC Ms. Melissa Rucker P.O. Box 66 Stockbridge, WI 53088-0066 (920) 659-0321 Sponsor: Jim Marks MARKETING

Styled Accordingly Ms. Samantha Dennis Kaukauna, WI 54130-4536 (920) 931-4131 Sponsor: John Dennis EVENT PLANNING

The Entrepreneur’s Source of the Fox Valley Mr. Jeff Marmer 1339 Southfield Drive Menasha, WI 54952-9849 (920) 840-6367 Sponsor: Joanne Fischer BUSINESS CONSULTANT

Vanden Boom Verstegen Wealth Management Mr. Mike Verstegen Mr. Matt Vanden Boom 702 Eisenhower Drive, Suite A Kimberly, WI 54136-2152 (920) 560-5600 FINANCIAL PLANNERS

The Faces of Keller Customers Our Valued Customers. Without them we would be

nothing. These are the faces of our company we treasure most. The big smile on the face of someone we just helped to expand their business, remodel their office or build them a new business where they can be more productive, effective and happy. People like Tom, Jeff, Aaron and Matt Gustman, Owners of Gustman Chevrolet, who have chosen Keller for numerous new dealerships and remodels across Northeast Wisconsin. The Gustmans have faces that we love, not only because they have a big smile, but because three generations trust the Keller Design/Build Experts to put those smiles on their faces time and time again. We are Employee-Owned, Design/Build Experts. But don’t just take us at face value, call today and experience for yourself the difference that is Keller, Inc.

Tom, Jeff , Aaron a nd Matt Owners Gustman Gustman Chevrole t

Construction Excellence Since 1960

1.800.236.2534 l Offices in the Fox Cities, Madison, Milwaukee & Wausau 14

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

FACES of Keller

economic development

Of Handlebars, Sprockets and Jobs While we may be in the dead of winter, the Fox Cities Chamber and its Economic Development Corporation are currently busy planning events surrounding a summer-long bicycle event. Though it may not immediately resonate as a likely Chamber activity, we are collaborating with local employer and sponsor, Kimberly-Clark, as partners in the National Bike Challenge. The Challenge will engage employers across the country in an effort to encourage employees to ride their bikes for fun, fitness and transportation.

horizontal logo

stacked logo

Contributed by: Larry Burkhardt, CEcD

Last year’s event involved more than 30,000 bicyclists who logged over 12 million miles on their smartphones and computers in communities across the country. The intent is to grow the event even bigger this year. And Kimberly-Clark intends to do everything it can to assure that our area, which finished second in the nation last year, comes out on top in 2013. So why would it be important for local economic development to be involved in an event that promotes bicycling? It’s really not as farfetched as you might think. You see, economic developers like to think of themselves as a lot of things: facilitators, catalysts, connectors, consultants, conveners, etc. (some even bike riders). And in fact, they can legitimately claim to perform in all of those ways. Though it may not be perceived as being nearly as lofty a role as these others, the truth is one of the core functions of an economic developer is that of a salesperson.

We are indeed salespeople, and our product is the community or region that we represent. And in the same way that a car salesperson must know the horsepower, torque, turning radius and customer satisfaction rating of the autos on the showroom floor, economic developers must be able to sell the community, with its workforce, regulatory environment, cultural amenities, transportation system, educational attainment and utility rates. And the better the product, the greater the opportunity to make the sale. So for the same reasons that economic developers need to perform as salespeople, community leaders need to be engaged in product development. It’s obvious that businesses are attracted to regions for a variety of reasons. With the growing recognition that companies are more likely to gravitate toward areas where they are able to attract young professionals; communities are focusing more time, effort and money on shaping themselves to be more appealing to the under forty crowd. Cities like Austin, Boulder, Indianapolis, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are examples of cities that have re-thought and re-created themselves in such a way that they generate a buzz. Wellness, fitness, access to outdoor activities and trails; as well as trendy eateries, stores, and coffee shops; music, sports and entertainment venues; inclusion and acceptance of diverse thought; life-long learning opportunities — these are the types of things that can build a community’s reputation as one attractive to young professionals who have the skills, talents and knowledge base that provide them choices as to where they wish to establish themselves. So it certainly doesn’t hurt our case to be able to tell a site selector that our Continued on page 20

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


president’s perspective Continued From Page 3 attract new industry and promote the entrepreneurial spirit so vital to this area. Look for exciting news each month as our economic development team markets our region to the global marketplace, works with new and existing industries to help them grow and expand. Third – We also heard that networking is still vitally important to our members and that we need to diversify the opportunities for

you to participate in networking events. Therefore, we are launching a new event on the third Thursday in March. A monthly membership breakfast focused on the local issues facing our unique area will be held in various locations throughout the Fox Cities region. We will showcase new members, existing members, award the Business of the Month, enjoy a speaker on topical and timely issues, and best of all – networking time

and A HOT Breakfast!! Watch our publications for more information and sponsorship opportunities. Looking ahead, I personally want to acknowledge and thank all the businesses who continue to partner with us to invest in the business growth of the Fox Cities. 2013 will be an exciting time for all of us as we identify the challenges and discover the solutions together.


40,000 sq. ft. of Conference and Meeting Room Space 390 Guest Rooms

Home of the Legendary

Free Wireless Internet Throughout the Hotel 5 Restaurants 3 Lounges Pool and Fitness Center No matter what course your meeting takes we have everything you need.

333 West College Avenue \ Appleton, WI

920.733.8000 16

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

“Commitment to Excellence”

business of the month

Congratulations Van’s Service


Address: 901 Hyland Avenue, Kaukauna, Wisconsin 54130 Established: 1980 Telephone: (920) 766-4141

Van’s Service is a locally owned, full service automotive repair shop with a reputation for outstanding customer service. Van’s Service strives every day to make their customers happy. With new ownership in 2011, Van’s Service has continued to enhance that high level of service to the community. “Very friendly and familiar faces and a mechanical tech team

who truly care about our customers is how we continue to be successful,” says Terra Swanson. The Chamber proudly salutes David Swanson and his team for being the January 2013 Business of the Month. If you know of a Chamber member that deserves recognition, please nominate them at


in requests for donations from your company? We can help you: l l

Innovation and Trust…the two words that have defined McMAHON for the past 102 years. As thought leaders in waste-to-energy, transportation, stormwater management, sustainability and building design, McMAHON consistently creates solutions that are industry firsts that align with the long-term success of our clients. We challenge ourselves to provide unparalleled service and inspired design solutions.


MACHESNEY PARK IL 815.636.9590

Effectively evaluate donation requests. Maximize your community impact.

(920) 830-1290 NEENAH WI 920.751.4200

Focus your giving.

VALPARAISO IN 219.462.7743

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


accolades, advancements and announcements

accolades The Community First Fox Cities Marathon Presented by Kimberly-Clark recently awarded the YMCA of the Fox Cities as the 2012 Bret Younger Volunteer Organization of the Year. The award was announced on Tuesday, October 9 during the volunteer party at Waverly Beach. “The YMCA of the Fox Cities has been an integral part of the Marathon weekend of events for the past 22 years,” said Steve Zich, executive director for the Marathon. “The YMCA has been a unifying force in the Fox Valley for a very long time, and their mission matches the values and namesake of this award.” The award is named after Bret Younger, who worked for the YMCA and served as the Community First Fox Cities Marathon Presented by Kimberly-Clark race director for five years. Younger died in a car accident in 2003, and the award is named in his honor. The YMCA of the Fox Cities previously managed the Marathon weekend of events for five years. The organization continues to stay involved in many aspects of race weekend, including finish line food, media, 5K awards, finish line setup and participant shuttles. “We are honored to receive this award, as it is extra special to us due to the fact that it is named in honor of our good friend and former team member Bret Younger,” said Bill Breider, president and CEO of the YMCA of the Fox Cities. “We are proud to have been a part of Marathon weekend for so long. Just as the Y promotes youth, adult and family activities that build healthy mind and spirit, Marathon weekend also illustrates a collaborative spirit that improves quality of life in communities of the Fox Valley.” The Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau was presented with the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association’s Partnership Award, the highest award given by the association. The award recognizes a community organization that epitomizes the spirit of community service and has demonstrated the power of volunteerism to benefit park and recreation services. The award was presented at the WPRA conference on November 8 in Wisconsin Dells. “Since 1986, the Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau has awarded 81 grants totaling more than $7 million to local communities, organizations, groups and attractions,” commented Steve Thompson, president of the WPRA. “A number of these grants have directly benefitted local park and recreation departments and enhanced local recreation facilities in addition to attracting visitors to the Fox Cities.” Barb Dreger, director of College Marketing at Fox Valley Technical College, was named 2012 Communicator of the Year for District 3 of the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR). Dreger earned the award for


Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

her exemplary efforts in the marketing and public relations profession, in addition to leading FVTC’s communications strategies during its passage of a $66.5 million public referendum in April. The NCMPR is an affiliated council of the American Association of Community Colleges. It is comprised of seven districts across the United States and Canada, with District 3 including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and the province of Ontario.

advancements Faith Technologies, a full-service electrical and specialty systems contractor, recently named Eric Deering as preconstruction manager for the company. In his new role, Deering will work closely with the project managers and owners while managing the preconstruction process on larger design-build, design assist and integrated delivery projects. He will coordinate preconstruction resources for successful delivery of these projects, and will work with other groups within the preconstruction team to develop new processes and procedures to improve the efficiency and flow of projects throughout the preconstruction phase. Deering began his career as a helper for Faith Technologies in December 2001. He completed the apprenticeship program in May of 2007, before becoming an estimator/designer. In 2010, he moved on to become a senior designer for the company. Deering received his A.S. in electrical engineering and completed the technical studies journeyworker program from Fox Valley Technical College. He is also a LEED Accredited Professional BD+C and Lighting Certified (LC) with the NCQLP. Kobussen Buses, Ltd., 2012 Contractor of the Year recipient from “School Bus Fleet Magazine,” is pleased to announce several recent new hires and promotions. Richie Davis has joined Kobussen as the Terminal Manager at its New London location. Davis’ career experience has involved education, coaching, networking and marketing. He is an active member of the Fox Cities community and is currently involved in many local charitable organizations. Davis holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin in Superior. Christina Terrance, SPHR has joined Kobussen as Corporate Human Resources/Safety Director. Terrance holds her SPHR certification from SHRM and has over 25 years of human resource generalist and safety experience. Terrance has led continuous improvement of human resource initiatives while recommending changes to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness to an organization. Terrance is a current member of the Fox Valley SHRM organization and holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Lakeland College. Lisa Finger has joined Kobussen as Motorcoach dispatcher and has over 26 years of office experience. Finger has

worked in the airline industry, manufacturing, accounting, construction and higher education as an administrative assistant. In her most recent position, she handled guest house reservations and travel arrangements, as well as managing the company vehicle fleet. Megan Rollo has been promoted General Manager of Motorcoach. Rollo has worked in the transportation industry for several years starting as a driver and most recently motor coach dispatcher. Rollo holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is currently working toward an MBA. In her spare time, Rollo is an assistant to the women’s basketball coach at Lawrence University. Curtis Harrison has been promoted to Safety Director of the Bloomer, Wisconsin terminal. Harrison has worked for Kobussen as a Motorcoach driver and most recently as Motorcoach Trainer. Harrison’s professional experience and track record of success position him well for his new role. Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP (Baker Tilly) is pleased to announce Greg Sofra joined the firm as an Audit Partner. Sofra is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of the University of Dayton in Ohio. He previously worked as an Audit Senior Manager for Crowe Horwath, LLP (Crowe) in Cleveland, Ohio. Sofra has significant experience with privately held companies, including attest work, purchase accounting, due diligence, fair value measurements, consolidation of multi-location and multi-national operations, and IFRS accounting. He has presented at internal and external CPE seminars and twice received Outstanding Instructor of the Year honors at his previous firm. Sofra will reside in the Appleton, Wisconsin office. “Greg brings significant experience with larger assurance and financial advisory engagements,” said Kevin Heppner, Regional Managing Partner for Greater Wisconsin. “Greg’s experience will bring additional leadership to Baker Tilly’s Appleton office in the assurance area allowing us to bring even greater value to our clients.” Integrity Insurance has named Steve Klingemann as Vice President of Personal Lines. “I’m pleased to announce that Steve Klingemann has joined the Integrity team. We believe Steve’s blend of education, professional experience and track record of success position him well for this key leadership role,” said Joe DiMartino, President and CEO of Integrity Insurance. Prior to joining Integrity, Klingemann was with Midwest Employers Casualty Company in St. Louis, where he was responsible for the pricing unit. He spent 11 years with the Auto Club of Missouri culminating in the Director of Product Management role that spanned eight states and included both auto and homeowners insurance. He also has held actuarial management and analyst roles during his 17 years in the insurance industry.

announcements Serving multiple industries across the United States and internationally as an independent testing laboratory, Fox Cities-based IPS Testing has announced a major expansion at its Appleton headquarters as a result of continued business growth. The company – specializing in physical and analytical testing, as well as interpretive data analysis for everything from paper products to nonwovens, medical supplies and food packaging – just broke ground on a 4,000 square-foot addition, which will be constructed by building owner and developer, Romenesko Developments, Inc. The expansion will add 20 percent more physical testing and warehouse space, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Over the last three years, IPS Testing has experienced a 60 percent increase in business through existing clients who require additional testing and new ones looking for services to meet more stringent regulatory, quality and sustainability standards. The company is also set to expand into new testing services, including product flushability and toy safety tests. Miron Construction Co., Inc. was a sponsor of the 2012 Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference, presented by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council and Cool Choices. The conference took place on Friday, December 7 at American Family Insurance Headquarters in Madison. The fifth annual Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference creates opportunities for direct business-to-business exchange of sustainability experiences, challenges, tools, solutions and ideas. Miron Construction has attended the conference in the past. “It’s important for us as sustainability thought leaders to attend and support conferences such as the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Conference,” said Theresa Lehman, director of sustainable services for Miron. “The business-to-business aspect of this conference specifically allows Wisconsin businesses to share ideas, brainstorm and create solutions to environmental challenges we all face. It’s beneficial for our company and for all organizations to integrate sustainable strategies in their business practices and operations if we want to realize triple bottom line benefits.” Festival Foods has announced that another of its stores will be offering vehicle license tab renewals. As an agent for the DMV, vehicle owners can renew and receive their annual license plate stickers at the new Festival Foods grocery store located at 647 South Green Bay Road in Neenah. Renewals are available seven days per week. Please call 920-967-3300 for store hours. The process takes approximately one minute to complete and requires a small fee. This in-store option affords vehicle owners a convenient and simple alternative to the traditional license plate renewal process.

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


department updates

advocacy •

Initiated conversations with elected officials regarding a Department of Transportation proposal to postpone the 2014 start date for the upgrade of the USH’s 10/441 until 2016. DOT is looking to “straighten out the curve” along 441 heading north out of Menasha, and add two new turning movements at the intersection of USH’s 441 and 41. The Chamber prefers that the Department keep the original 2014 date for starting the improvements. A delay could increase the cost the cost of construction by $50 million. Attended the Transportation Development Association’s annual meeting in Middleton. The chief topic of conversation was the question of how to adequately fund Wisconsin’s transportation infrastructure into the future. As vehicle’s become more fuel efficient, the principle source of revenue to

support that infrastructure, the state gas tax, continues to decline. A plan to keep up with new needs, as well as the maintenance of existing facilities must be created. •

2013 edition of the Northeast Wisconsin Chambers Coalition Legislative Agenda will be ready for Chamber Board Review in December. The agenda is the product of multi-chamber conversations, and it is specifically designed to leverage the strength of that broad coalition to press for the passage of pro-business legislation.

Joined with other Chambers and individual businesses from across the state to get an update from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce at its annual Clean Air Act Update.

Planetarian Laser Rock Show on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 22, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Lunch & Learn at the Gardens of the Fox Cities. Joyce Bytof from Coldwell Banker will speak about her volunteering experience. Meet and learn about seven local non-profit organizations.

pulse •

Thursdays, January 10, February 7, March 7 and April 4, 2013 YP Bowling League at the Super Bowl in Appleton (2222 E Northland Ave, Appleton). Register in advance with Chrissi Watry at The cost is $12 per week.

economic development Continued From Page 12 communities finished second nationally in last year’s National Bike Challenge. Our active involvement can communicate several messages that could be important to prospective employers. First, opportunities like the Bike Challenge convey a strong message that this is an active, vibrant area. Second, it suggests that our employers are engaged in activities that promote the overall health and well-being of their employees; which may result in increased satisfaction, higher productivity and lower turnover. In addition, employers understand that the health of their employees has a direct relationship to the bottom line. Health issues translate into higher absentee rates, lower worker satisfaction, and ultimately, higher costs. For these reasons, prospective employers are paying greater attention to employee health than they ever have in the 20

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

past. In fact, a growing number of industrial clients are now factoring prevailing obesity rates of a state or region into their location analysis. In the end, the National Bike Challenge represents a positive activity that promotes several positive values within the community. But there’s no denying that it also serves as one more sales tool for local economic development. As the weather improves, you’ll be hearing more about the National Bike Challenge. It might be worth your while to pull that bike out of the garage and get ready to ride. In addition to promoting your own health and enjoyment of life, you may just be helping to promote job creation in our region.

EVENTS Meet Your Legislators—January Business Connection with elected officials. Averaging 300+ attendees Premier Sponsors: Contributing Sponsors: Future 15 Young Professional Awards Premier Sponsors:

$750 $500

Golf Outing—August Premier Sponsor: Golf Cart Sponsor: Golf Lunch Sponsor: Golf Reception Sponsor: All in One Sponsor: Tee or Hole Sponsors: Beverage Sponsors:

Cultivate: Business Growth Series Presenting Sponsor: $7,500 Premier Sponsor: $5,000 Contributing Sponsors: $2,500

$3,500 $2,500 $2,000 $2,000 $ 800 $ 350 $ 100

Career Fair Presenting Sponsor: Premier Sponsor: Contributing Sponsors: Small Business Sponsors:


$3,000 $1,000 $ 500 $ 250

A N N UAL S I G N AT U RE E V E NT S Economic Outlook Breakfast— February Results of the economic outlook survey are presented. Averaging 600+ attendees Presenting Sponsor: $2,500 Premier Sponsors: $1,000 Contributing Sponsors: $ 500 Octoberfest & License to Cruise Secondary Sponsor: $4,000 Stage Sponsor: $3,000 Family Fun Area Sponsor: $2,000 License to Cruise Sponsor: $2,000

Business Awards—June Presenting Sponsors: $7,500 Premier Sponsors: $1,000

NEW! Breakfast Business Connection Attendance 100. Sponsorship includes time for sponsor on stage. Presenting Sponsor: $1,000

Business Expo—June Together with the Business Awards Program. Presenting Sponsors: $2,500 Premier Sponsors: $1,500 Contributing Sponsors: $ 750

The Event—mid-October to early November Annual Meeting averaging 900 attendees Presenting Sponsor: $10,000 Premier Sponsors: $ 5,000 Contributing Sponsors: $ 2,500 Corporate Packages: $ 750

P RO G R AM S Pulse, Young Professionals Network Opportunity for Corporate Underwriters for the entire year available at different levels. Pulse monthly events $600 — $1,000 Future 15 Awards Presenting Sponsor:


Pulse CEO Breakfast Presenting Sponsor:


Leadership Fox Cities Opportunity to sponsor monthly events ($750—$1,000) LFC Retreat $2,500 LFC Graduation $1,500 LFC Executive Program $1,500 LFC Youth Program $1,500 Executive Program $1,500


Fox Cities Institute for Educators

(formerly Christa McAuliffe Academy)

Provides business/educational learning experience for K-12 teachers in the areas of math, science, technology education, literacy and professional development.

Presenting Sponsor: Premier Sponsor: Contributing Sponsors:

$2,000 $1,000 $ 500

Fox Cities F.O.C.U.S. (fostering our communities understanding of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics). A shared resource and economic system for all things related to STEM including mentoring of students. Host a tour for students Sponsor an event: $1,000 Work-Based Learning Portal A tool for students to find a: job shadow, internship and youth apprenticeship. A tool for teachers to locate a speaker, company tours and professional development opportunities.

Fox Cities Chamber Business,

the Chamber’s monthly print magazine, has 83,000 touches in the business community per issue, reaching business owners, senior level executives, managers, supervisors, sales & marketing and small business owners.

Up2Date Electronic Newsletter Sent weekly to the Chamber membership emails. $40 per edition (sold in monthly units only) Chamber Blog Daily electronic blog is read by individuals of the Fox Cities Chamber community, the cyber public and shared through internal distribution with many more. $100 per month. Member411 Bi-weekly e-newsletter consisting of information from Chamber members. Reaches 3,200 email addresses. Rates based on number of words per message.

For detailed information about a specific event or program, contact the Chamber at (920) 734-7101 or

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


out and about Fox Cities Leadership — Miron Construction

CEO Breakfast — Pulse

Groundbreaking IPS Testing Group

Ribbon Cutting Affinity Medical Group — Neenah Clinic


Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

Pulse Event — Branching Out

Ribbon Cutting Residence Inn by Marriot

Youth Leadership — Health and Wellness Day

Ribbon Cutting A&E Jewelers

Featuring All Heidelberg Equipment High quality short to mid run printing Magazines & Catalogs Sell Sheets & Brochures Specialty die cut items Pocket Folders Marketing & Mailing Services Postcards & much more 1718 E. Wisconsin Ave. Appleton, WI 54911 Phone: 920.735.6777 • Toll Free: 888.563.0400 •

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013


Please check the Chamber website for updated information about each of the event dates, times, locations and costs. You can register directly online.

Signature Events Cultivate Wednesday, 1/10/13 Holiday Inn Neenah Riverwalk 7:30 a.m.—Noon Featured Speaker: Seth Mattison

Economic Outlook Breakfast Wednesday, 2/6/13 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton 7:00-9:00 a.m. Presenting Sponsor: Appleton Group Wealth Management, LLC

Legislative Dialogue Breakfast Monday, 2/18/13 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton 7:00-9:00 a.m.

Business Trifecta Business Awards/ Business Expo/Business Connection Wednesday, 6/12/13 Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton Awards Luncheon 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. Expo 1:30–5:00 p.m. Business Connection 5:00–7:00 p.m. Awards Sponsors: First National Bank - Fox Valley Schenk

Golf Outing Monday, 8/26/2013

Fox Cities

Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Event ~ Celebrating Business November 2013 Details to be determined Presenting Sponsor: Baker Tilly Sponsorships available

Tuesday, 7/16/13 Appleton Yacht Club 1200 S. Lutz Dr., Appleton

Tuesday, 8/14/13

Business Connections 5:00-7:00 p.m.; $2 prior to the event; $4 at the door; $20/prospective member

Monday, 1/21/13 Meet Your Legislators Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave. , Appleton

Wednesday, 2/20/13 Fox Banquets Rivertyme Catering 111 E. Kimball St., Appleton

Wednesday, 3/12/13

High Cliff Restaurant, Banquets and Catering W5095 Golf Course Rd., Sherwood

Tuesday, 9/10/13 Gardens of the Fox Cities 1313 E. Witzke Blvd., Appleton

Wednesday, 10/16/13 Wednesday, 11/13/13 Tuesday, 12/3/13 Locations to be determined

Breakfast Networking Connections

Osorio’s Latin Fusion 1910 N. Casaloma Dr., Appleton

Different locations around the Fox Cities 7:30-9:00 a.m.; $15

Wednesday, 4/9/13

March 21 April 18 May 16 June 20 July 18 August 15 September 19 October — no meeting November 21 December 19

Butte des Morts Country Club 3600 W. Prospect Ave., Appleton

Wednesday, 5/21/13 Waverly Beach N8770 Firelane 1, Menasha

Wednesday, 6/12/13 Part of the Business Expo Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 333 W. College Ave., Appleton

Butte des Morts Country Club 3600 W. Prospect Ave., Appleton Sponsorships available

Please check the Pulse website for updated information about each of the event dates, times, locations and costs. You can register directly online.

Future 15

Monthly Events

Call for Nominations

Monday, 1/21/13 Riverview Gardens

Recognition Event Wednesday, 5/15/13 University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley Communication Arts Center 1478 Midway Rd., Appleton 5:00-9:00 p.m. 24

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013

CEO Breakfast October

We Thank Our Renewing Members to the Fox Cities Chamber ABR Employment Services

Energize, LLC

Pawn America Minnesota, LLC


Action Painting & Carpet Care

Evergreen Credit Union

PLS of Wisconsin, LLC

AmeriCU Mortgage

Femal’s Towing, Inc.

PortSide Builders, Inc.

UW-Oshkosh College of Business

Appleton Awning Shop, Inc.

Festival Foods


UW-Fox Valley

Appleton Downtown, Inc.

Flex Staff Temporary Services

Randall’s Auto Haus, Inc.

Vagabond Imports

Appleton Medical Center

Fox Valley Humane Association, Ltd.

Retained Earnings Company

Valley Bakers Cooperative

RLJ Dental S.C.

Valley Insurance Associates

Fox Valley Truck Service, Inc.

Roto-Rooter Sewer

Vallhaven Care Center

Bay-Lakes Council, Boy Scouts

Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

Bissing Electric, Inc.

Sara Investment Real Estate, LLC

Van Vreede TV, Appliance & Furniture

Bouwer Printing & Mailing, Inc.

Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve, Inc.

Schleicher Financial

Van’s Service


Great Harvest Bread Co.

SECURA Insurance

Convergent Marketing, Inc.

Hi-Tech Plastics, Inc.

Stevi B’s Pizza

Verus Investment Advisory Group, Inc.

Counseling Solutions

Innovative Machining, Inc.

Sure Controls, Inc.

Cross & Oberlie

Jack’s Maintenance Service, Inc.

Dan Meulemans Trucking, Inc.

Kapreli Salon Ltd.

SVA Certified Public Accountants, SC

Dell Technical Group

Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.

Syring Development Ltd.

Drucks Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc.

Levenhagen Oil Corporation


Mark Pribbenow Agency, LLC

TECC Security Systems, Inc.

Elof Hansson Fiber LLC

Nordon Business Environments

The Building for Kids

Badgerland Restoration & Remodeling

Villa Phoenix, Inc. Watermark Financial Services, Inc. Winagamie Golf Course Winch Financial WLUK-TV (Fox 11) Wolfmark Neckwear

The customized training from Fox Valley Tech really enabled us to save costs and time. Jill Rosio Curriculum Developer Miller Electric

Services for Business & Industry

Customized. Innovative. Solutions. Contact our industry experts today! Appleton (920) 996-2949 • Oshkosh (888) 458-0449

Fox Cities Chamber Business JANUARY 2013




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