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This is Shogun

At Shogun Yachts, we don’t build yachts that blend into the crowd and leave you indifferent. We build yachts that excite and that challenge the idea of what a performance cruiser should be. With its modern design, the Shogun is bold and luxurious. It is a yacht that handles like a dream, is comfortable for all types of cruising, yet fast as cheetah. Using innovative, lightweight materials and ground-breaking technology, combined with Swedish boat building expertise, Shogun Yachts is at the forefront of modern yacht building.

Behind the Swedish brand Shogun Yachts is a core team of dedicated individuals, all sailors with different professional skillsets. By working in close collaboration together with some of Sweden’s most skilled craftsmen, the team pushes the envelope to develop the next generation of high-quality performance cruisers. As sailors, we build cruising yachts that challenge boundaries, yachts that put a smile to your face and are enjoyable to sail. Our quest for perfection makes us pay attention to every detail in the development and build process of our yachts. We hope that you appreciate the little things as much as we do.



Yacht Identity

“Even at the berth, Shogun is a beast: aggressive, but at the same time elegantly flowing lines, even the teak deck follows the contour of the hull. The extreme lightweight construction combines spectacular sailing performance with exquisite workmanship.” — Hauke Smidth, YACHT

This cruiser is ideal for doublehanded sailing, using clever solutions and modern equipment it is set up for speed without needing a crew. The lifting keel allows for easy access to beautiful natural harbours and shallow canals. Cruising the Shogun 50 hits the sweet spot between the adrenaline rush of velocity in motion and the serenity of being at sea, with all the comforts of a modern luxury cruiser captured in a high-performance yacht. The progressive design is simultaneously clean and daring, with a bold aesthetic that flows from the bow to the stern and carries into the interior.

Below deck the Scandinavian heritage becomes evident: the interior is bright and spacious; with light oak finishes and all the comforts you expect in a 50-foot cruiser. It is a yacht for those with a passion for speed, a love of comfort and taste for the good things in life.


Bold by Design

While the inverted bow creates a stunning visual impact, it is also designed to create a wider foredeck that is safer to be on, while simultaneously maintaining a narrower waterline. The inverted bow also makes the overall length become the waterline length, to maximise speed and performance. The narrow waterline and light hull make the yacht easier to manoeuvre in general, and to dock in particular.

“With the design of the Shogun 50, we wanted to eliminate the boundaries between hull and deck and bring them together in an organic form. By designing them as one unit, we have created a form that floats from the transom all the way through the negative bow and into the water.



Join the Joyride

The overall weight of the Shogun 50 is only 7 900 kg, out of which 45% is found in the keel bulb. She has a retractable keel, with a blade made of carbon, which allows the draft to decrease from 3.3 m to 2 m – by hydraulics. Due to a deep draft and large twin rudders, the Shogun 50 still feels safe to sail shorthanded, despite her light weight and narrow waterline. She is extremely steady on the helm, even in bigger breeze. Boasting the equipment and features required for high performance, she responds very well to trim and tuning. Sail management is made simple thanks to the large cockpit and a spacious 2 m3 storage locker in the bow.

Spray rails, you might wonder? They prevent the bow from diving deep into waves when surfing and keeps the yacht charging on the top of the waves. The rails act as footsteps for anyone working by the bowsprit. Finally, the spray rails push the water aside to keep the bow dry, and a dry bow means a dry boat.


Tearing up the Rulebook

One of the more significant yacht design choices for the Shogun 50 is the placement of the mast. North Sails got involved early in the process and worked alongside the Shogun Design Team to develop the ultimate sail plan and mast placement. Their calculations clearly showed that performance and balance significantly increased by placing the mast aft of the keel drum, making the foretriangle quite large. This allows Shogun to have a 100% self-tacking jib and an adaptability of headsails. The 100% self-tacking gives the Shogun 50 power to easily cruise fast. So, discard the notion that self-tacking jibs are too small to be performance oriented – not on a Shogun! This is one of many reasons the Shogun yachts can be sailed shorthanded and still simply keep good boat speed.

Changing it Up

Due to a large foretriangle, the boom is quite short, making the main sail design more like that of an airplane wing. A large foretriangle also allows for a range of choices regarding headsails. The adaptability of different headsails makes the Shogun 43 suitable for different types of sailing, depending on preference and weather conditions. Decrease or increase the power simply by the size of the headsail - and make sail management extra easy with furlers. On the other hand, when you want to push for speed, you have alternatives to maximise performance across the wind range. The self-tacking system make jib-trimming easy, and naturally, the self-tacking rail is integrated into the deck.

For easy management, the Shogun 50 can be equipped with multiple tack points for headsails and furlers: two tack points on the foredeck, both adjustable by hydraulics. Two more on the bowsprit, one inbound for codes on the on the fixed bowsprit and another for the gennakers on the extendable bowsprit. In addition, the foredeck has an inside padeye for staysails. The multiple tack points make sail exchanges easier to manage. However, every yacht is built tailored to the owner, so the tack points can be customised depending on personal preferences.


A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

The Shogun 50 is built for enjoyable cruising. Therefore, luxury comfort and quality are key for Shogun’s full interior. Thanks to a progressive build technique utilising an exclusive oak veneer finish, on top of a divinycell core sandwich structure, the interior is low weight yet simultaneously cosy and welcoming. The yacht comes with comfortable cushions clad in a luxurious fabric of your choice. All the woodwork is handcrafted by experienced Swedish carpenters at the Linjett Boatyard and the craftsmanship is evident in every little detail. Most surfaces below deck have multiple design options, allowing you to tailor the yacht to your aesthetic preferences. When you design your Shogun 50, our team is there to guide you to realize your dream interior.



Progressive Layout

The Shogun 50 comes with two main layout options. One is a traditional three cabin layout, featuring a centre salon down the companionway and with the owner’s cabin at the bow.

The other option has the salon in the bow, optimal for social sailing and weekend cruises. In this layout a large u-shaped couch wraps around the dining table and creates a space that encourages social interaction. The fully equipped galley is divided into two sections to allow multiple people to access the kitchen simultaneously. The section with the stove and sink is located at the centre of the yacht, which makes the keel drum become a back support while cooking at sea.

With both the navigation table and the heads located right down the companion way, it is easy to reach during sailing – eliminating having to walk through the entire salon in your wet weather gear. The spacious area right down the companionway is there to simplify sail management.

Both layouts feature two comfortable, double berth aft cabins with cushioned hull sides to create a relaxing and inviting environment. When the weather is gnarly and one just wants to curl up with a book in the cabin, the hull sides become your cosy reading nook. Therefore, there are no shelves along these sides. As the nightstand doubles as a coffee table the cabin becomes a lounge. Naturally, we customize the yacht to your preferences – should you want more storage like shelves and cabinets, we will build that.



Retractable Keel

To be suited for cruising - yet with high performance abilities without compromises - Shogun’s keel is constructed with a retractable system. Allowing access to the best cruising locations, channels and harbours throughout Europe and all the hidden gems in the Scandinavian archipelago. The keel retracts to 2 metres by the push of a button, designed to be easily operated by one person. The retracted keel blade gets fixed in its drum using two side bolts, when the keel is extended the same bolts lock it in. The shallow draft mode is to be used under engine, not during sailing, and can be adjusted under 2 knots of speed.

To be a fast and fun high-performance cruiser, a light displacement and high righting moment is key. This can be achieved by having a lighter but deeper keel, therefore, the Shogun 50 has full draft of 3.3 m. The keel blade is made of 100% carbon and is about 800kg lighter than a steel blade. The bulk of the weight is then located in the led bulb, decreasing the weight required to achieve the same righting moment. The keel bulb weighs 3600 kg, leaving the rest of the yacht weighing in at 4300kg with rig, full cruising interior and the retractable keel system, to have a total weight of 7900 kg. This approach to developing features that removes compromises, has made it possible to build the Shogun 50 to perform both regarding speed and cruising abilities. Yet make her a steady yacht, that feels safe and easy to cruise.


The Devil is in the Details

Shogun Yachts pay attention to every detail in the development of our yachts, we are on a quest for perfection. As sailor’s, we appreciate the little things on board that makes a difference. There is multiple well thought trough features on the Shogun yachts, one example of this is the integrated rollers into the stanchions on the Shogun 50.

Having the jib foot get caught on the stanchions is a frequent problem. There are probably as many solutions to this problem as there are sailboat owners. While some are effective, these makeshift solutions tend to be ad hoc and rarely designed for long-term durability. The design team figured out the unique and reliable solution to integrate rollers into the stanchions. Making them flat and narrow instead of round, the rolls have a strong profile and become an efficient aid to skirt the jib.



Behind the Scenes

Shogun Yachts takes a 360° approach to yacht design. Our design team works closely with the production team early-on in the development process to capture all aspects of every feature, to ensure a high-end product. The team embraces new ideas and uses innovative technologies to develop the next generation of hybrid performance cruisers.

From the drawing board to launch, the production process is made in Sweden. Our yachts are designed in a collaboration between the Swedish yacht designers Oscar Södergren and Håkan Södergren. Performance development and data is supported by North Sails Sweden. The production and management of the yachts is done by Linjett Yachts – one of Sweden’s most experienced and well-respected boatyards. Located only an hour north of Stockholm, the Linjett Boatyard is renowned for great quality builds and craftmanship. They have immense knowledge in managing custom designs with four generations of accomplished boatbuilders inhouse.


The Shogun 50 is built for enjoyable, double-handed performance cruising.

Oscar & Håkan Södergren


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