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This is Shogun

At Shogun Yachts, we don’t build yachts that blend into the crowd and leave you indifferent. We build yachts that excite and that challenge the idea of what a performance cruiser should be. With its modern design, the Shogun is bold and luxurious. It is a yacht that handles like a dream, is comfortable for all types of cruising, yet fast as cheetah. Using innovative, lightweight materials and ground-breaking technology, combined with Swedish boat building expertise, Shogun Yachts is at the forefront of modern yacht building.

Behind the Swedish brand Shogun Yachts is a core team of dedicated individuals, all sailors with different professional skillsets. By working in close collaboration together with some of Sweden’s most skilled craftsmen, the team pushes the envelope to develop the next generation of high-quality performance cruisers. As sailors, we build cruising yachts that challenge boundaries, yachts that put a smile to your face and are enjoyable to sail. Our quest for perfection makes us pay attention to every detail in the development and build process of our yachts. We hope that you appreciate the little things as much as we do.



Yacht Identity

The design of the Shogun 43 boasts all the features needed in a modern sail yacht. However, we understand that the ultimate sailing experience is different for every sailor, and we work with our clients to ensure we deliver a Shogun suited to your personal sailing preferences.

The Shogun 43’s contemporary and streamlined design has been developed to suit a wide range of conditions. Built light, featuring innovative solutions that make her easy to handle, the yacht is as enjoyable during calm weather as she can provide a fun adrenaline boost in heavy breeze. Sail her on your own, with a friend or with your family – the Shogun 43 is ideal for shorthanded sailing.

“We don’t have to follow rules with this project and can therefore create our own design language,” says Shogun’s designer, Oscar Södergren. “It gave us room to find new and unique solutions to improve the boat handling, speed and the overall sailing experience. This concept of easy cruising at high speeds, is quite common in the superyacht class, but it’s rare combination for boats under 60ft.”



Sleek Lines

Yacht design is a complex process, a constant game of give and take. With Shogun 43, we created a hull that feels light and agile in the water, yet stiff whilst heeling and stable in stronger breeze. She is yacht with great downwind speed potential and plenty of upwind performance. The chine running the length of the hull creates a striking visual impact. However, it is not just a visual design element, it allows utilization of the full width of the hull, maximising hull stability, while still allowing a narrow waterline. This increases the performance span over the wind range - becoming light and agile in light air, while it’s steady heeling in stronger breeze. The hull is very light, which is key to unlock full speed potential.


Smooth Sailing

The Shogun 43 is designed to be easy and fun to sail in all conditions shorthanded. One unique exterior feature on the Shogun 43 that allows this, is the double pair of winches on the coach roof – pit winches and primary winches. Having them in the same location makes one person able to reach sheets and halyards at the same time. The halyard winches are electric, while the trim winches are manual –meaning you only need winch handles for trimming. Organisers are located on both sides to efficiently manage halyards and control lines.

Further aft in the cockpit, the main sail sheet is reachable from the helmsman position. Most of the fine-tune trimming is controlled by pushbuttons on the pedestals. The main traveller is electric, allowing the helmsman to easy adjust the traveller.


A Break from Tradition

At Shogun Yachts, we have torn up the rulebook and discarded the notion of what a sail plan should look like. True to the Shogun Yacht design philosophy, we have placed the mast further aft – behind the dining table, to get a bigger foretriangle base for headsails. This allows the Shogun 43 to have a 100% self-tacking jib, giving you enough power to cruise faster than others. So, discard the notion that self-tacking jibs are too small to be performance oriented – not on a Shogun! This is one of many reasons the Shogun yachts can be easily sailed shorthanded with good boat speed.

A large foretriangle also allows for a wide range of choices regarding headsails. The adaptability of different headsails makes the Shogun 43 suitable for different types of sailing, depending on preference. Decrease or increase the power simply by the size of the headsail and make sail management easy with furlers. The self-tacking system make jib-trimming easy, and naturally, the self-tacking rail is integrated into the deck.

To simply manage the mainsail, the Shogun 43 comes with a Park Avenue boom, it has the advantage a wide top wing platform to flake the sail on. With jackstays on, taking down the mainsail becomes easy as a breeze, perfect for shorthanded. For the choice of a square-top mainsail, we use a Gaff Lock system to make management of a square-top mainsail easy as well.


What’s Your Style?

A Shogun can be built to suit your preferences of the type of cruising you like, due two basic design concepts of the rig, keel and mainsail.

Effortless Acceleration: This rig has a regular backstay and a pinhead mainsail. This allows for the option to choose the shallower keel of 2.4 m. This option is optimal for single-handed sailing and makes the yacht fully optimal for cruising, The regular backstay requires less trimming and fewer segments in manoeuvres. This setup is for you who value larger access to marinas and natural mooring location, and want the most uncomplicated type of fun cruising.

Pure Performance: This rig option has a square top mainsail and runner, with a 2.7 m keel draft. If you enjoy having maximum performance, this is the setup that will give you the ultimate trim options. The square-top mainsail gives you more mainsail area, which adds further speed potential. This is the setup for you who enjoy detailed trimming to maximise every minute at sea.

Regardless of which option you chose, a Shogun will always be a fast cruiser. She is powerful with both setups. So, she will always have enough power to leave yachts in her wake – shorthanded. When you consider a Shogun, our team will guide you to make your Shogun be 100% suitable to your preferences.



Tailored Comfort

As sophisticated on the inside as it is on the outside, the Shogun 43’s interior is a masterclass in juxtaposition where soft meets sharp, and sporty meets exclusive.

Never judge a book by its cover, the luxurious and tactile oak surfaces hide a low weight sandwich construction with a divinycell core. The structural laminate in the interior is made of carbon for strength and rigidity. For the non-structural parts of the interior construction, we utilise flax fibres - the flax resonates a dampened sound when you touch it, making the interior feel and sound like solid wood. Which creates a relaxed atmosphere inside the yacht, both during sailing and when at the mooring.

The interior has an exclusive oak veneer finish, and the floor is made of a customisable fibre. The yacht comes with comfortable cushions clad in a luxurious fabric of your choice. Most surfaces below deck have multiple design options, allowing you to tailor the yacht to your aesthetic preferences. When you design your Shogun 43, our team is there to guide you to realize your dream interior.



Cutting Edge(s)

One of the first things you notice about the Shogun 43 is probably the aft, with its signature cut out transom and aggressive crease. While this creates an interesting profile for those spectating the yacht from afar – for example those on slower boats - it was designed primarily for the crew in the cockpit: the construction opens up the cockpit, creating the illusion of a larger more open space and blurs the line between the hull and the ocean. The intricate folds increase the structural integrity of the aft, making the yacht stiffer overall.

The hull and deck structure of the Shoguns are also unique. The hull and working deck are laminated into one, curved unit. Therefore, the seal is not traditionally at the shearline, but between the working deck and the coach roof. By doing this, the hull shape itself provides structural support, reducing material and creates the combination of a lightweight yet stiff hull. The structure also eliminates the need for a forward bulkhead, which is why the interior design has an open layout. The hull structure is of the many innovative solutions of a Shogun.


Superior Superstructure

Did you notice how the shape of the port hole aligns with the windowpanes of the coach roof? Like everything else on the Shogun 43, this is not a happy coincidence. The design of the coach roof was created to trick the eye and to make the superstructure appear smaller. To achieve this, we maximized the size of the windows in relation to the solid walls, making the roof appear to be almost floating above the deck. The large coach roof windows make the salon feel airier with ample amounts of natural light.



Behind the Scenes

Shogun Yachts takes a 360° approach to yacht design. Our design team works closely with the production team early-on in the development process to capture all aspects of every feature, to ensure a high-end product. The team embraces new ideas and uses innovative technologies to develop the next generation of hybrid performance cruisers.

From the drawing board to launch, the production process is made in Sweden. Our yachts are designed in a collaboration between the Swedish yacht designers Oscar Södergren and Håkan Södergren. Performance development and data is supported by North Sails Sweden. The production and management of the yachts is done by Linjett Yachts – one of Sweden’s most experienced and well-respected boatyards. Located only an hour north of Stockholm, the Linjett Boatyard is renowned for great quality builds and craftmanship. They have immense knowledge in managing custom designs with four generations of accomplished boatbuilders inhouse.


The Shogun 43 is a yacht for double-handed, enjoyable cruising with high performance cababilities.


YACHT DESIGNER Oscar & Håkan Södergren

LOA 13.1 m LWL 12.3 m BEAM 3.7 m BWL 2.9 m DISPLACEMENT 6100 kg BULB WEIGHT 2660 kg (42%) DRAFT 2.4 / 2.7 m MAST HEIGHT (WL) 21 m SAIL AREA (M+J) 118.8 m 2 MAIN SAIL 65 m 2 JIB 53.8 m 2 FUEL TANK 140 L WATER TANK 2 x 130 L

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