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What’s it like being in charge? From the start, I knew I wanted Jollands to produce. As for leading, I have found there is more editing/shaping in a solo project than in a band. Most bands I've been involved with tend to have a couple of writers that bring nearly finished tracks to the practice room. There is something to be said in the feeling you get when creating from scratch, something’s that’s totally yours. I'm sure we all do this with different things and do it with pride. What put the click in your creativity to fuel you to branch off into a dancey route different than Jolands’s indie-rock universe? I was laid up at home for a few months and unable to play guitar so started writing on an old Juno with a TR 606, copying some really cheesy Casiotone dance beats.

My unsophisticated keyboard abilities seemed to fit the bill. It worked, so I wrote a few more songs. What are the songs about? I’m hearing lyrics about lies, fights, ceasefires, higher grounds, concealing, supernatural love, natural beauty in starlight, water, losing yourself in videos, escaping to where the freaks are in California, a movie ending and reality setting in, and a song about rocks and a psychiatric person. Who have you been hanging around?! Most of the lyrics I came up with on the spot without much thought process. When I hear a melody I record it to whatever device is handy. On playback, I find it’s been sung in a strange language with few discernable English words. I then go about filling in the gaps. My lyrics are a bit cheesy in places, and don’t relate to any particular ISSUE ISSUE SEVEN NINE

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