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or many of us, magic can come in different forms. You have your traditional magic with the

likes of Harry Houdini and Lance Burton perfecting the craft. There’s your fabled magic with your favorites Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy laying down stories of mystifying acts for centuries. It’s safe to say the art of magic comes in many forms. Today, we unmask the magician behind a more tangible magic; a magic for the ears. The currently Budapest based music producer, remixer and radio presenter, Armand Deluxe, has had his hand over the music industry for years. In 2013, Armand would take a hold of that wand and cast his spell over the ears of listeners worldwide. With a number of web smash hits under his belt this year, next year is only bound to be bigger and better for the musical magician with the numerous projects he has in store. We had the chance to chat with Armand Deluxe to find out what exactly the future has in store for him. This time, Fourculture got to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

This year you really light a fire under the Armand Deluxe brand. How do you plan to rev it up in 2014? Any little things you have lined up that you can let us in on? Firstly, HELLO! Secondly, thank you for taking the time to interview me; it means a lot and I think this is the first ever interview I have given in 10 years! The smoke machine and strobe lights have certainly been turned up this year on the Deluxe Dancefloor, that is for sure! It has been a strange kind of year, I was going to give up music actually at the start of this year, but life always takes those unexpected turns and here I am, almost at the end of a rather amazing roller coaster ride of a year! As for 2014, I am one of those people that generally floats with the wind, so quite frankly, musically, I could end up anywhere. But don’t worry, I won’t be going rock anytime soon... Not that there is anything wrong with rock, but I am just a disco fuck-bunny at heart! A bit of Motown ‘mixed-up' could be something I would like to try! There is that ‘diva’ track I have kept hinting about lately, I am sure you will bring that up a bit later. I am also working with a girl group called Concrete Rose, managed by Lee from Steps, which is funny, but the track is HUGE and the vocal demo I have

been working with is amazing. It’s definitely quite remember, I got this ‘demo’ sent to my a track that is gonna fill a hole that Girls inbox for SIRPAUL and I was just blown Aloud left. Stay tuned for that! away! Nothing like I had heard before, nothing like I was expecting, the quality, the style, One of your biggest endeavors this year the vibe, the mood, the sex, it captured perwas taking on some new material with fectly what I had in my head, without even Fourculture favorite SIRPAUL. How did knowing it. I was seriously impressed. That you two end up “meeting”? What do you song turned out to be Touch Me. find is the most difficult aspect of working It was the most easy of processes I with someone who is overseas from you? have ever had the privilege of embarkHmmm...good question! We ended up ing on. He just gets me, no questions, no meeting by chance, or fate. Fate is probably hesitations, no wrong moves. It’s just what I more like it. I was at a dead end with mu- have in my head EVERY time. We are like sic, no singers, no song-writers, no hope... the husband and husband of music, the really stuck in a corner! I had this track that Sonny and Cher, the Pet Shop Boys, we I made on New Year’s morning of this year just gel perfectly. Before I digress anymore, and I was like, this is really good, consid- it was so easy working overseas. The only ering I made it at first still drunk, then pro- drawback being we can’t just get in a studio gressing with an epic hangover. Something when we feel like it and churn out an album about it struck something in my boom box of of tunes in a session! I am sure if we could, a heart and I just knew that something was we would! One thing we did just come up going to happen with it, I just had no idea with, over the space of a weekend, was a what! I put out a tweet asking for singers or brand new track called Digital Love and we songwriters, and after about an hour, this released it on 11.12.13...that’s the 12th of @SIRPAUL tweet arrived. I was like, ‘SIR- October for people not working with that PAUL - MAJOR EGO ALERT!’ - he doesn’t date system! It’s a BIG electro club song. I know that bit! Anyway, he said he can sing, wanted to make a track that Britney would he can write and would like to have a go. I even be jealous of, and thanks to my musiwas like ‘ok...we shall see where this goes’. cal husband, SIRPAUL, we have done just About 2 weeks later, could be earlier, I can’t that! #DigitalLove!


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